Fateful Ascension

In Promo by Chronoa

The ghostly voice echoing out stopping you from walking into the path of absolute danger.

The sudden downpour that has you clambouring for shelter and meeting the one person who changes your life forever.

The flip of the coin that makes or breaks your very existence.

A thousand different coincidences. Stroke of luck, a bout of misfortune, happenstence that causes you to question the very nature of the universe.

All a series of calculated events that ensure the end is exactly as it’s planned.

But what if that wasn’t the case?

If you could change a single choice, fix one broken moment, would it matter in the end?

If you walked left instead of right, would everything you know be a lie or would it be a futile attempt to alter destiny?

Take for example the great Jesus of Nazareth.

A story everyone knows. A pure man destined to bring the miracle of hope to the souls who had none

Destined to be loved and betrayed and ultimately sacrificed for the good of many.

But what if you changed an aspect of the story? What if you altered the path he walked on?

What if Pontious gave him the parden? What if his disciples protected him? What if Judas valued love over greed?

Could there be a path that changes everything or is it all simply predetermined in the end?

All questions asked by naive fools.

For though reality has a million paths of possibility that change and fragment

They all converge into one final exit divined by fate itself.

In the end, everything happens for a reason.

Jesus had to be betrayed, he had to falter, he had to fall.

A greater sacrifice for the betterment of humanity.

And a template that you seem to be destined to follow Renault.

You sacrificed your body and your blood to an ancient evil to protect mankind.

You saved a righteous soul from purest darkness and indoctrinated him into the Templars.

Gained power and control all the while you justify the darkness that clouds your soul.

Sanctus has been lead astray and Gable fears for his very life so what is your justification for the path you have followed Renault?

A godless fool who has introduced pain and hypocricy to the world around you.

So blinded by your quest to fix the world you’d sell your soul to the devil himself.

And now you stand, walking the same path that has failed you time and time again and where has that lead you?

Back to me. Back to the woman you empowered all so long ago.

You gave me a monster when you unlocked fear in Legion.

You gave me power when you weakened these temple walls through your righteous tyranny.

and now you will give your life for my ascension to the throne.

In the end, you will save the world Renault, just not how you believed.

For I may not be a god

but when I use your bones to carve my crown,

I’ll have the power to do what he refused

And bring this temple to its fated end.