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“The word of the Father spoke everything into being.”

Word is power.

The word of the father showed his plan, from beginning to end. For the father’s word carries an authority that His faithful children follow. In that following, we find faith.

In that faith, following the father’s word, we see his will come to fruition.

It was not the father, but the prodigal son that wandered away. He squandered his inheritance while the father continued to toil faithfully, patiently waiting for the son to realise his mistake.

And when the son did return, the father did not punish him for being led astray, but embraced him. He reserved him a spot at the table and lavished upon him a feast.

The food upon that table belonged not to the son, but the father. The father provided, rejoiced in the fact that his son had returned. Finally, the forces of darkness had been pushed back so that the light may return to his life.

Do you not see, Sanctus?

We all walk that path, thinking that we have found the answer but ultimately leading ourselves astray. The difference between yourself and I is that my father was not stretching out his hand to bring me back to the straight and narrow.

But I am.

I’ve walked your path before, I’ve felt that passion I see in you. I know all too well where it ends.

But, like the father, I must watch as the prodigal son squanders his inheritance in all the wrong places. I must watch as his uncle leads him further from the word he once followed so diligently. I must continue to toil the fields, waiting for the day that I may embrace my son upon his return to the path of light.

The day that I can sit him down at the table and rejoice in his return. The day he will listen to my word.

I taught you the way of Yahweh, not Solomon.

I spoke the words of power over your life, not him.

The food at this table belongs to me.

Try as you might, all you and your misguided friends will bring about by continuing your quest is more pain, more agony.

More death.

No good comes from forcing your will upon the natural order of things, I learnt that the hard way. No souls are saved through pain and suffering, for that is not the way of the light you preach.

Deep down, you know that.

I see it in you.

Because, son, deep down you’re every bit the better man that I never was. But hell is filled with good men who were led into bad situations.

The time is nigh, and it is almost too late for you to turn away from this path. I am left with but one choice.

Tough love.

Come back, son. Come back to the father.

For I am all that is left of the light you seek.

The father, standing in his field with his arms outstretched.

Waiting for his son to listen.