Fight For Freedom Part 2

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

What is Arcadia? Is it a bounty full of glory and gold to those who truly fight for it? Is it a cespool of corruption and decadence that needs to be torn from the very roots to be cleansed? Or is it a purgatory where strength is king and the weak and defenseless do their very best to live out a meagre existence?

It’s all these and more wrapped inside a brutal living that none of us deserve. My friends, Arcadia is a prison and for too long, we have allowed men no better then us to lock us away and throw away the key. Mortal narcissists masquerading as deceased deities from up high in their ivory towers, using fake ideologies and stolen power to suppress the masses and this so called Uprising, well they’re no different. 

How many people lost someone in the bombing? How many of your loved ones were just workers, doing a job, in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Red Light District fell? Your soul drained, your heart broken because of a war you never asked for.  And then the ACA swoop in while you’re at your very worst and offer a better way. How many believed in them? How many people took it?

I’m not here to condemn because I get it. Most of us have never know a better existence then what the gods have given us, so the very moment someone lifts the boot enough to breath,  any sane person would worship them like divinity. A little freedom is worth losing for a better life.

But it only ever starts with a little.

Soon it becomes your every word, your every action, your very soul, the idea of free will itself owned by Sebastian Boswick and the ACA.  Because he may have taken the shackles off your left hand, but you didn’t feel the razor sharp barbs as he attached it to your right. A new jailer throwing you back inside the same old shabby cell.

Because ultimately, it’s Arcadia, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 


I don’t know about you but I am tired of being caged. I am tired of settling for the lesser evil just to sleep at night. I am tired of being afraid and I AM TIRED of being told you cannot change Arcadia.

Because you always could.

Zeus did, and since then men like him have always been afraid we’d rise up and do the same thing. And the ACA isn’t the answer, a false shepherd cut from the same broken cloth. This world needs heroes and we’re going to give it to them.

With two championship belts, we will craft a master key that will annihilate the shackles that men like Zeus and Sebastian Boswick craft forever. We will give you all a second chance to make your own destinies, not those manipulated by cancerous fools who believe they know better.

We are Burning Justice and they will forever remember the day two lone heroes stood up against tyranny for the real greater good

A truly free Arcadia.