Final Chapter

In Promo by Deathnote

“Allow me to tell you one of the greatest stories ever told..”

“Let me to take you back two years ago..”

“A man walks through the doors of a well established company and enters a seven night tournament ready to begin his journey.”

“On the second night of the tournament, he would make his debut. He would fight valiantly, but inevitably, he would fall short of victory.”

“But that loss only fueled a fire that burned deep in the pit of his stomach.”

“Fast forward one month later. Another opportunity had presented itself. On this night, ten men would put everything on the line to become Rewind Champion.”

“The man who walked out of Wrestle Heroes with a chip on his shoulder stood against nine other men that night and walked out victorious.”

“For the next six and a half months, he reigned supreme, becoming one of the longest reigning Champions in Old School Wrestling history. Absolutely decimating any sort of challenger who stepped forth.”

Exactly one hundred and ninety seven days.”

“That’s how long I held that Rewind Championship. Any man or woman who wanted a shot got one and in the end, I became one of the most decorated Champions in the history of this organization.”

“Two years later, here we find ourselves down the road quite a bit. Here we find ourselves just moments away from taking the throne which has rightfully been mine since the moment I entered The Slaughterhouse.”

“When I lost that Rewind Championship.. that chip on my shoulder returned. That nagging feeling that I must become better than I was the night previous returned. And so, I set my sights on a prize of higher value..”

“Months have passed. Many of you have been chess pieces moved cleverly throughout the board of life.”

“In one fell swoop, I will dispose of the three thorns in my families side. I will prove myself dominant. I will prove myself a God amongst peasants.”

“Bellator, Simon, Sigil. The three of you have been pieces at my disposal this entire time. You see, the plan was always for it to come to this. The plan that everyone has been racking their brains to figure out always came down to this moment.”

“At Ring King, the final chapter to this novel we’ve written begins.”

“The final chapter to these past two years begins. The Prince of the Underworld will finally ascend to the throne that has been awaiting him. Before me, those chess pieces that I’ve used to get here will kneel, acknowledging me as their new King.”

“So take this time to pray to Yahweh and tell your loved ones how much you’ve enjoyed pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and give them one last kiss. Take this time to set your bag of crystals out in the moonlight to charge.”

“No matter your coping mechanism, the inevitable has fallen upon us.”

“Kneel before your Ring King..”

The future of OSW.”

The King of Death.”