Final Destination

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Traveling through Arcadia is a messy affair, to say the least.

One wrong turn, and you’re all on your own against the dangers that await.

That’s why you don’t wanna travel alone!

On the most arduous journey, you need just the right companion by your side.

Someone that can make sure you have the equipment and supplies you need.

Make sure you keep to the paths laid out…or at least, that the shortcuts won’t kill you.

It’s the sort of mate you can depend on in the toughest parts of the trek.

But above all, it’s someone you can trust.

A little trust goes a long way, after all.

Without it, that companion becomes less of an aid, and more of a threat.

You don’t want your travel buddy leading you down the wrong path.

Taking you through uncharted shortcuts where you dare not go.

Knowing full well that there’s no turning back from where you’re headed.

The final destination.

And all for the express purpose of collecting whatever they fancy.

Taking all you hold dear.

Leaving you with absolutely nothing to defend you from the dangers lurking nearby.

Just as dead as if you’d been alone.

Because trust is a hot commodity, isn’t it Drewitt?

An explorer like you knows all about needing the right companion for the journey.

That’s where the dog with the best name in the world came from, ain’t it?

Just a shame you seem to keep putting faith in far less trustworthy travel buddies.

Letting yourself get abandoned time and again by men who want nothing to do with your trek across Arcadia.

Just whatever they can take from you, in the end.

And how far off the beaten path they can send you to get there.

Lost and confused at a final destination you never asked for, but one you seem to deserve.

Funny how a ferryman–a courier, even–is the latest in the line.

Oh, I’m sure he’ll get you where you think you’re going…and then he’ll collect.

Just like Teddy O’ Toole. Just like Drexl.

Leaving you alone, barren, left to suffer.

Shame you can’t have a travel buddy like Narcy-doll.

Someone that I can put my trust in.

The way we’ve hit it off, I can tell we’re walking the same path.

She and I are off on a grand ol’ journey.

The guide markers are clear as day to us, and they run right through you and Tombstone.

When the Ferryman inevitably leaves you high and dry, it’ll be us that collects.

We’ll collect on a nice little notch in the win column for the new power couple.

We’ll take the credits we deserve for a job well done.

And then we’ll move on in our quest.

To our final destination.

A place where we can be happy.

Just me and my Narcy, living the dream.

A man and his beloved.

And maybe a dog, too.

Because that’s something the people can strive to achieve.

The Arcadian Dream.