Fire and Blood

In Promo by Solomon Rhodes

We all have a sword.

Mine was that of war, of fire and blood.

And I wielded it well. For many years, there was not a Templar that did not fear the name of Solomon Rhodes. For my reputation was well earned by the blood of my enemies, by screams met with unrepentant fury.

With fire and blood.

During a time of peace, when I wandered aimlessly across this earth, my sword was put down. I found peace, contentment, and even love all in the arms of one person.


Through her, I drew a different sword.

The fire was that of our passion, the love that brought us together.

The blood was that produced by our union, our two wonderful sons.

And I wielded that sword well.

Until the day I was called to draw the sword of war once more, when I was called to serve Yahweh himself in the Judgement Day.

And in coming to OSW to fight that war, I brought fire and blood once more. I burned down the wheel of torment afflicting the world, I shed the blood of my foes, and I led the charge to defeat Noah and his minions.

Once I freed Lucas from his cage, I put down that sword of war once more.

Living in domestic bliss, Diane brought me something that none of my adventures ever had.

Happiness. Contentment.

Each and every day by her side, watching our boys grow into men, was truly a blessing. Even the death of Yahweh and the other gods could not disturb the peaceful life I’d accumulated.

Or so I had thought.

When Diane grew ill, I tried to draw a new sword, together with my family. Fire to burn out the sickness, and blood to replenish her body.

But we failed.

All that I had built was burning down around me, and who could I pray to but a dead god?

Unfortunately, the only living god, Death, heard my pleas. When he came to me, I saw it there in his hand.

My sword.

To bring back my wife, and now my son, I must once again bring fire and blood to those who stand in my god’s way.

To Lux Bellator, who owns the fire in my heart. My brother, the only man who has ever truly looked at me and seen more than a monster. We have been through literally hell together at each other’s side, but I cannot let him snuff out my flames.

He will understand once it’s over.

To Renault, my blood. My eldest, the boy who made me into a father, who changed my whole life. It was for him and his brother that I did this, did all of this. To make his life whole once more, to restore to him what he has lost.

And he too, will understand once it’s over.

Because when it’s over, I will pray to the resurrected Yahweh for forgiveness for what I’m going to do to my brother and son.

But until then, the sword is all I have.

And I will wield it well.

Fire and Blood.