Follow Up

In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Narcissa walks into a doctor’s office and heads to the front desk.

She speaks to the secretary.

“Hello, I’m here for my follow up appointment.”

“Name please?”

“Narcissa Balenciaga.”

People in the waiting room have different reactions, some lower their heads, others shift their eyes looking at other people, and others stare to see what is going to happen.

“Yes, I see, you’re quite a bit early but I’ll see if the doctor is ready.”

“Good, he should be, he has more experience with repeat patients than most.”

“Just be patient, Ms. Balenciaga, this a doctor’s office, not Olympus.”

“Patients are for doctors. Patience is not for me but I’ll sit and we’ll all see what happens if it takes too long.”

15 minutes pass and Narcissa looks toward the front desk, the secretary glances away not trying to lock eyes with her.

Nurse Nikki comes out and calls for another patient to come in.

Narcissa seethes quietly.

30 minutes pass and her legs are shaking with restlessness.

Another patient is called in.

45 minutes pass and the waiting room looks almost empty. The few who remain are staring at the visibly angry Narcissa.

Another patient is called in.

An hour has passed now and the waiting room is completely empty now and Narcissa gets up to talk to the secretary.

She looks terrified.

“Can… can I help you, Ms. Balenciaga?”

“Yes you can and we both know what I want. I’ve been more patient here than I usually am because people who are ill will never be the ones I attack but there’s no innocents here anymore so your next words better be the doctor will see you now or I swear to my ex husband I will tear this whole place apart starting with you.”

“I’ll see… see if he is available.’

“Do it now and be glad there’s a front desk between us.”

The secretary scampers off and tries to find Dr. Death but he’s been long gone.

The secretary comes back to the front desk.

“Well, what did he say?”

“He’s, he’s not here…”

Narcissa lets out a loud sigh and starts to walk herself out.

The secretary breathes out a heavy sigh of relief.

Narcissa grabs a chair and throws it at the secretary!

She’s knocked out cold!

“I told her I’d start with her, unlike others, I don’t break promises or flee when problems arise.”

She grabs another chair and tosses it at a window!

She repeats the process until they’re all shattered.

She leaps over the front desk but every other worker has ran out besides the secretary.

Narcissa slaps her awake and the secretary is stirring.

“I told you I’d start with you and since you’re the only one here, I’ll end with you. Give this message to Dr. Death. If he’s so afraid of follow up appointments, he shouldn’t make them. He shouldn’t have made all of them with El Mariachi Muerte and he definitely shouldn’t have made one with me.”

“He made sure I’ll be the last patient he ever has.”

“I gave him enough time here, I won’t give him any more seconds on this earth.”