For My Brother

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


Jinx sits on the floor of a dimly lit room. In her hands she holds the picture of the hunters who claimed her brother as a trophy.

“My brother was a great man.”

“He was there for me when no one else was. He made sure that nothing happened to me in the darkest alleys of Arcadia.”

“Here in Arcadia, there’s no such thing as friends. There’s no such thing as trust. But with him, I could trust in knowing that no matter what happened, I would be unscathed.”

She presses a fingertip on the face of the man in the picture that we now know to be her brother.

“But that security, it was ripped away from me on that day.”

Jinx fights back a tear as she remembers her brother.

“The cats out of the bag. It’s no secret why I’ve come to OSW.”

“I’m not here for fame.”

“I’m not here to pad my wallet with credits.”

“Championships don’t interest me.”

“The only thing that I want is the head of the man responsible for my brother’s death.”

She places the photo on the ground in front of her.

“And it seems Narcissa knew that.”

“For the past few months, her and I have worked together in tandem to use the automaton to find information that would prove to be beneficial to both of us.”

“Throughout that stint, I’ve been there through each of Narcissa defenses of the VHS Championship. I have been there to divert the attention off of her and onto me. I was there ensuring that Narcissa walked out each week with that title in hand.”

“But now, I have the information I needed. Now, she’s as worthless to me as that automaton was.”

“This week is Wrestling Gold, and once again I am there alongside Narcissa in a VHS Championship match.”

“Only this time, I have no use for her. I care not what happens or the outcome of this match.”

“I’m no longer there to ensure she remains Champion.”

“Narcissa, the way I see it, you’re just another body standing in the way of my redemption.”

“While our time together served fruitful, it seems that time has expired.”

“This week, I will not be there as your insurance plan, but instead, I will be coming straight for your throat.”

“While I may not be interested in Championships and fame, one thing that I am interested in is the approval of my brother from above.”

“And the road to that redemption, it seems like it’s quite shorter if it’s dawned in gold.”

She smirks.

“I’m done playing the knight in your little game of chess, Narcissa.”

“And I’m done playing second-fiddle to you as well.”

“This week at Wrestling Gold, I will put an end to this wretched chapter and begin anew. A new chapter fit for a Champion.”

She picks up the photo of her brother and the hunters once again. With one hand, she carresses the photo.

“For my brother.”

Fade. [/terminal]