For Sarafina

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

There once was a cat by the name of Sarafina who ruled a trailer with three humans in it; the cat was timid for the most part, she enjoyed her tuna, cat tree and the naps. Her interactions with the three humans are as followed.

The first human was okay; would drink a lot and would slam doors when pissed off. Sarafina didn’t like that, loud noises scared her.

The second human scared Sarafina; sure he bought her a seven and a half feet cat tree but whenever the cat goes for pets; the human would be rude in his tone with her.

The last human was a god to the cat; the human would protect, love and take care of the cat. The human even dubbed herself the cat’s mother.

One thing that Sarafina doesn’t like is sudden movements; it scares her and causes her to run off. The humans she lives with has to move slowly around her. One would think that she believes possibly predators or assassins were around. We know in a certain place there are a lot of them and one tries to be like a cat; stealth is something that the cat is specializes in and scares “Mother” with it.

Cats in general if they’re indoor try to break out; of course Sarafina isn’t allowed outside! When a cat breaks out, they tend to go an adventure and run and run. Of course plenty of times they’ve tried to break out and fail; but what can truly be the consequences of breaking out? Well some know and it doesn’t turn out well.

OSW, is the trailer, the place where the humans and the cat live and fight in. You have people like Corvus and SeeSaw that are like the humans Sarafina lives with. Corvus is like the first human, you seem cold and quiet but when anger you go on the attack like slamming doors and in this case, trying to assassinate someone. SeeSaw is like the second human; can be a narcissist, unhinge and down right terrifying! The both the cat and the last human, it’s not a nice combo.

I’m the last human in this case. I’m someone who cares for the cat and is just like her at times. But unlike Sarafina, if pushed to a certain I will stick up for myself and fight back; if there’s anything I’ve learned from the “Mother” is to never give up. I will win this!

At the end of the day, you two kine aren’t the humans; you two are the cat. The Kindred are the humans, and you all need us in the end of things; as the common house cat, if you go outside you will never truly survive. Just like you both won’t survive this match; the best you will do is just leave a few scratches. You may believe that you run things but in the end you only will say is:


And remember…

“House Tremere always wins”