In Promo by Cody Williams

There once were these two teenagers that were best friends.

They were the neighborhood punks who had a reputation for always seemingly getting into no good.

Everywhere they went, terror was sure to follow.

One day during a night of fun, they decided to go running through the fields and see what kind of mischief they could get themselves into.

They started to run amok, destroying everything in their path.

They even, ruthless killed a helpless field mouse… bludgeoning it and smashing it repeatedly into the ground, before decapitating it for their sick pleasure.

When their night seemed to be coming to a close, a crow shot down from out of nowhere and the sheer speed and velocity of its attack killed one of them.

The other vowed that he would avenge his friends death, and kill that fucking crow.

You and I were friends Tyler.


Back in IWF, we may not have been the best of friends, or even acquaintances.

But there was a mutual bond between us and it was over one word:


I respected what you’ve done and accomplished, and the feeling was reciprocated.

That common thread was what brought us together to The Slaughterhouse to defend the name of IWF against OSW

We were inseparable, we made a sudden impact and we ran roughshod within the walls of The Slaughterhouse as the Terror Squad.

We were bound by blood.

The bond between us was solidified when we maimed and cut someone’s lifeline Chort.

It was all fun and games for Terror Squad until Corvus swooped down from the heavens and took you out in one fell swoop.

From that day forward, I made a promise to you, a vow that I would seek revenge and make sure the name of Tyler Brooks wasn’t forgotten.

I even went as far as utilizing your own move as a callback.

You helped resurge my career, you gave me that grit, that bit of aggression that I needed.

I vowed to avenge your death and almost made it my life’s work to catch that damn Crow and rip its head off.

And you know what?

I caught it and ripped Corvus’s goddamn head off.

I damn near lost my life for you on several occasions.


You thankless, ungrateful piece of shit!

At Forever, it will be two years in the making.

Everything will come full circle and will make all the sense in the world.

I spent the last two years keeping your legacy alive so one day I could put you out of your misery my own damn self.

You did this Tyler.

You were full of shit back in IWF and you’re still full of shit now.

This time I can see through it.

Forever is how long I’ve been waiting to finally put an end to this chapter.

And if it’s the last thing I do, then it’ll have been worth the wait.

I’ve been waiting for this for a lonnnnggg time.

And my fist has your name written all over it.

That’s not a threat.

That’s not a promise….

It’s your foretold FUCKING destiny!