Forged by the Fires

In Promo, Vision by Vision

There are only two people in this world. Those with the guts to do what must be done, and those too weak to try.

Some will fight, claw and grasp at every shred of power that they can find. These are the people that would turn their luck around through nothing else but sheer grit and determination. Those who, at all cost, climb their way out of the hell they find themselves in and change their world from the inside out.

Others are content to take the hand they are dealt, afraid to step over arbitrary lines they dare not cross. Pathetic souls who accept the status quo, blind to the hand that continues to push them down.

Deathrow was never a place either of us should have had to embrace, Walther. It was hell. Locked within that cage like an animal, powerless to act. Those were desperate times, and you know what they say about desperate men. Adversity reveals true character; desperation reveals the heart.

In that moment, a single shred of power revealed itself. We found our freedom, we just needed to have the guts to claim it. We both knew the stakes, Walther, we both knew what needed to be done.

In that moment of desperation, you revealed your true heart. A spineless coward who could not follow through with a promise. I live because I embraced the only path to freedom, and you died because you could not follow it. That was your choice, not mine. Your hands were tied the moment you walked away, even if my hands completed the task that needed to be done. The fires of that forge sealed both of our fates that day.

But it’s an ironic thing about being blinded. That the very last thing you saw the moment before your sight is taken away is the very image that will never leave your memory.

Do you know what I see Walther?

I see you. Screaming in agony, smoldering as you lie dying. I’ve seen that image in the Kaleidoscope of my mind ever since. The image of a weak man who could have been so much more.

We have always been linked, forged together by that molten hot fire all those years ago. One by choice, the other by force. But the fires bound us.

I am the strength to your weakness, the power to your pain.

Ironically, at Double Tap we have the opportunity to forge a new path together. An opportunity to grasp a future before us that cements our destiny. I can see the path that must be taken; I know you can also. For once in your life, you must have enough guts to reach out and claim our destiny.

For we have accepted the status quo for too long now, following the path set before us. It is time we rose above the past and turned our Vision to the future.

Look through the Kaleidoscope and tell me what you see, Walther.

The possibilities are endless, if you are strong enough to embrace them. Forget the pain and embrace our destiny.