In Promo by Luke Storm

Building a house is useless without a good firm foundation.

So what makes a good foundation?

First and foremost, I’d say it’s important to be stuck firmly into the ground. You can’t build a house on loose ground, because it won’t be able to brave the elements. It’ll all come crumbling down at the first sign of stress.

Secondly, the foundation has to be level, all on the same level. If the blocks aren’t level, then they’re not holding their own weight. The foundation becomes wobbly, uneven, as certain blocks are stressed more than others.

And when they finally break, there goes your house.

Lastly, there has to be something holding the foundation together. Whatever glue you want to use, it has to hold, has to bring the individual pieces together into a whole. Because if the foundation is united, then each piece will go wherever they will.

But having a firm foundation isn’t just important for building houses, it’s important for building relationships.

That’s why the Bad Mother Fuckers are who we are. We have a firm foundation.

See, we’re stuck firmly into the ground. There ain’t a lick of fake in bMf. Good, bad, and beautiful, we are exactly who we say we are. Batter us with whatever you want, but we won’t crumble to any outside influence.

We’re not like Vayikra, men who say they’re firmly rooted in their faith, but follow the hypocritical orders of their disgraced commander. Every time Sir Vant barks and they jump, their foundation crumbles more and more into the fine dust of religious hypocrisy.

And when it comes to bMf, there ain’t no pecking order. We’re equal in this shit. Each of us carry our own weight. We win and lose as a team. That’s why we helped Pyre even the odds at Invasion, but we didn’t stick around and help her win.

So when I look at Jet Set Radio, or even the loose Vayikra again, all I can see are two trios that don’t think their members can handle their own shit. They fight so hard to stand out, that they destroy all they’ve fought for.

And these other teams? What’s the glue holding them together?

Why would Simon work with Sigil, or Corvus with SeeSaw? All they see is some sort of gain, but they build their house on individual blocks, each one destined to fail when that gain slips from their grasp.

But the Bad Mother Fuckers are held together by something more than personal gain. We’re held together by a bond of brotherhood so deep that it won’t be shattered by mortal men. When the shit starts, we know we’re all there, side by side, arm in arm.

So bring your finest tools, bring all you got, and build you a house.

It won’t last the night. Because all y’all are building houses on infirm foundations, ones that will break when stressed.

And rest assured, we’re going to stress it.

When all the smoke is cleared, the only house left standing will be the one with the firm foundation.

The House of the Bad Mother Fuckers.