Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Frostbite. Tonight, Old School Wrestling and RAGE face off in a huge showdown that could result in six very important OSW wrestlers leaving the company. Lux Bellator defends his title against Ethan Bird and Red River Jack defends his World Championship against Mike Lane.

The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.


We’re suddenly thrust into the backstage area where Brent Kersh is making a purposeful walk towards the boiler room. He paces himself for a moment, before opening the door and stepping inside. He walks down the long dark steps, getting deeper into the guts of the arena.

“Scarecrow?” he calls out to no avail.

Kersh finally hits the bottom and walks towards the boilers, looking for the Scarecrow.

“Look man, I know we’ve had our differences and I’m sorry. I just need to know whether or not we can count on you tonight?”

Again, silence. The Scarecrow isn’t here. Brent waits for a few moments and heads back up the stairs, exiting the boiler room. As soon as he hits the hallway, he bumps straight into a waiting Reichous Marx.

“No such luck?” Marx asks with a shrug of his shoulders. “You need to focus your energies on the match tonight. A fearful heart and a wandering mind will leave you open to defeat.”

Kersh reluctantly agrees. “I just needed to know if he had our back tonight or not. That’s all. Thanks for having mine last week, it was.. surprising.”

“This is an all out war, Brent. We’re on the same team. Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut.”

Both men nod in agreement and make their way into the depths of the building, as we head elsewhere inside The School Yard

The scene cuts backstage where we find Abdul Ahad preparing himself for his match later in the night against Matthew Cories. Ahad is wrapping his wrists when suddenly Matthew Cories enters the locker room.

“Enough is enough Aziz!” Cories blurts out, much to the displeasure of Ahad who immediately cuts him off.

“No!” Ahad barks back. “I’ve had enough of YOU!” he says placing his index finger in Cories’ chest. “You believe me a terrorist; some radical jihadist hell bent on destruction, but I am just a man who wishes to live his life and live it in the eyes of Allah. If you think for one minute I’ve done anything to the contrary, you’re mistaken but soon it won’t matter because this will be finished.”

Cories smiles. “I knew it!”

“Knew what?” Ahad asks.

“That you’ve had a master plan all along!” he replies, completely missing the point of Ahad’s words. “And I’ll stop you. I’ll defeat you! And when I’ve done so, the word can sleep better knowing your plan for world domination has been stopped!”

Ahad clenches his fists and shakes one at Cories. “The only plan for domination I have is in that ring tonight, and when we’re finished you’ll see the real Abdul Ahad.”



“Your name is Aziz, don’t –“

“ENOUGH!” Ahad barks, finally giving way to his anger and shoves past Matthew Cories, leaving one half of the tag team champions smiling in anticipation of the match this night.

Outside in the parking lot we see a car slowly pull into a parking spot. Out jumps Nigel Royal he quickly pops the trunk open and removes his bag. As he shuts the trunk, Luther can be seen standing just beside the car.

“Aye, what the hell do you want?”

Luther lifts his hands up defensively and looks around, signifying to Nigel that he is alone.

“I just came here for a quick chat.” Luther says moving closer to Nigel, who reluctantly seems willing to listen.

“You’re a smart guy Nigel, don’t you find it a bit odd that Axel showed up out of nowhere to help you last week?”

Nigel steps back slowly, a confused look upon his face.

“He just wants to take the fight to RAGE, mate.” Nigel replies, adjusting his bag and heading into the building.

“Nigel, anyone could be under that mask! I seem to remember RAGE having another flamboyant, popular star that has yet to show his face….” Nigel opens the door and enters the building, paying no mind to Luthers comments.

“Cannon…” He mutters under his breath as the door closes behind him.

Outside in the parking lot, Luther pulls out his cell phone and makes a phone call.

“It’s done, make sure he sees it.”

Matthew Cories and Abdul Ahad stand across from each other as Cories begins looking at Abdul up and down. Abdul looks confused at the perplexed expression upon the face of Cories. “Something’s wrong. You don’t look like him.” Cories grabs ahold of the burka and begins to tug. The eyes of Abdul turn to fury as he connects with a palm strike to the chest followed quickly by a roundhouse sending Cories back against the ropes. Abdul nails a lariat sending Cories over the top rope and to the floor!

Abdul climbs out of the ring, grabs Cories, and whips him into the steel steps! They slide away as Cories is clutching at his shoulder. Abdul yells something that is foreign before lifting up Cories and rolling him into the ring. Abdul slides into the ring and rolls Cories onto his belly before wrapping his hands around the chin to clench in the camel clutch! DU’A! Cories is in a world of pain as The Missionary is delivering punishment upon punishment. He begins to fade away but the crowd begins cheering him on! His arms begin to vibrate as Abdul is shaking his head.

Ahad tries to sink it in tighter, but Cories gets a hand in there and flings Ahad over! Abdul Ahad turns around quickly but he’s lifted up and driven firmly into the mat with a spinebuster. That 90’s Guy lifts him up before hitting a double knee armbreaker! Abdul hits the ground and Cories wraps the arm of Abdul into a Lady of the Lake! Abdul is in pain but finds his way into the ropes. Cories releases the hold and moves to the corner of the ring. Ahad slowly gets to his feet. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!”

Superkick to the chin as Ahad hits the floor hard! Matthew Cories climbs to the top but his climb is slowed by his injured shoulder. He finally gets to the top and leaps for a Swanton! MARCH OF THE DRA-NO! Ahad gets his knees up and catches the back of Cories as he comes down hard! Cories falls forward clutching his shoulder. Ahad staggers to his feet in the corner as Cories is using the turnbuckle to pick himself up. The Mercenary sees his opportunity as he rushes across the ring and connects with two knees to the spine of Matthew Cories!

ISHA! Ahad pins him to the mat. ONE…TWO…THR-NO! Cories powers out. Ahad looks irritated, but he isn’t finished. He stands over Cories mumbling under his breath. Cories begins to crawl up Ahad as Abdul just glares at him. Ahad slaps Cories! Cories’s face begins to turn read. Ahad slaps him again! And again! Cories is now standing as Ahad strikes him with slaps! Ahad reaches back for another, but That 90’s Guy grabs his hand! Ahad looks mildly surprised but Cories slaps him back! Slaps back and forth! Cories gets the upperhand and whips Ahad into the corner before following it with a Stinger splash!

Ahad staggers out of the corner as Cories kicks him in the gut before grabbing both arms of Ahad. “LIFE’S TOUGH!” He’s about to hit but Ahad fights out and hits a Pele kick to the shoulder! Cories backs into the corner in pain. Ahad rises to his feet and Cories comes back towards him only to receive a forearm smash followed by… MASHA ALLAH! ONE…TWO…NO! Cories kicks out with vigor! Ahad looks frustrated. Ahad picks up Cories, but Cories fires back with a punch. He kicks him in the gut, hooks the arms… “LIFE’S TOUGH!” Double Arm DDT! GET A HELMET! Cories hooks the leg! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Cories slides out of the ring with a big smile upon his face as the referee raises his hand into the air.

We head out to the parking garage where we find Yuki Shiroi stood alone. She seems to be keeping an eye out for something… or, someone. Just than an expensive looking car rolls up and Yuki steps forward to get a better look. As the car slows to a stop the window begins to roll down and Yuki peers inside.

“You’re like a fucking zit, you know that!?!” Brandon Garcia yells from within the car. “You even look like one! And no matter how many times I pop you, you just won’t go away!”

Somehow Yuki manages to maintain a clam demeanor, despite the insults.

“Can you even understand me ya’ “Bio-Shock Little Sister” looking mother fucker!?!”

“I was actually hanging around to see if you showed tonight!” Yuki yells above Brandon’s exhaust. “Obviously your balls are bigger than everyone says they are.”

Garcia mutters something under his breath.

“One doesn’t need balls to fight an albino ewok!” Brandon makes himself chuckle. “I tell ya’ what… you want to be useful, kid? Go find me some penicillin… I banged a dirty looking hoe in the gutter this weekend and she reminded me that my fist touched your mouth last week.”

Garcia zooms off laughing, screeching tires, the whole bit. Yuki remains where she is, unimpressed.

“Have your fun, little boy, because punishment time is coming… you don’t insult me, trash my bar and punch me in the face without getting your comeuppance… that’s not how it works in the Lion’s Den. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

We head to commercial, leaving Yuki where she is as Brandon parks up.

Before the bell can even ring, Brandon Garcia charges across the ring and nails… HAIL MARY! The Busaiku Knee Attack floors Yuki Shiroi! She’s seemingly out as Brandon is demanding the referee count her down. Unfortunately for him, the referee has yet to ring the bell. The referee begins pulling back on Santelmo who is pissed off and rearing to go. He spits on Yuki as the referee pulls him away to allow The Bouncer to get to her feet. Yuki slowly wipes the spit off of her face, looks at her hand, and then flares her nostrils as her crimson eyes seemingly come ablaze in fury!

As she gets to her feet, the referee finally rings the bell to start this. Brandon comes out like a bullet only Yuki catches him offguard by dodging out of the way just in time as Brandon’s finish won’t connect for a second time. Yuki pulls up Brandon and quickly pulls him into a gorilla press before falling into a Samoan drop! DRUNKEN DROP is hit expertly as she quickly covers him. ONE…TWO… NO! Santelmo is able to get a shoulder up.

As she goes to pull him up again, Santelmo hits a dropkick to the knee in lightning fast fashion! As she falls to a knee, Garcia hits the ropes before charging back and taking her to the mat with a shining wizard. He isn’t finished as he climbs the turnbuckle… slowly. He looks down at his foe with disdain before leaping for a diving headbutt! Yuki rolls out of the way and gets to her feet. He begins to get up, but she wraps the head for a snap DDT! But she doesn’t relinquish the hold! She hooks the neck and wraps her legs around to apply the guillotine choke!

BLACK OUT DRUNK! Santelmo seems to be in pain as he’s relentlessly trying to get out of the hold! The referee is in position to call it as Santelmo gets his feet in the ropes. The referee begins to count but Yuki isn’t hearing it as the anger has seemingly consumed her! As he’s about to disqualify her, he decides against it in favor of ripping her off of Santelmo! She relinquishes the hold only to move away onto the apron. She glares at Santelmo as she prepares for another devastating maneuver. Santelmo gets to his feet as she springboards off the top rope…

YOUR BEER-NO! Santelmo denies the order as he connects with a spinning heel kick to the face! Yuki is down and Santelmo is barely able to stand as he leans in the corner. “You dumb bitch!” Santelmo yells at her. He picks her up and whips her into the corner. As she arrives, he quickly follows with STAY DOWN! The Yakuza kick floors Yuki as he rolls her up onto her shoulders. ONE…TWO…NO! She kicks out! Brandon looks at her with confusion as he gets to his feet. He goes to the opposite corner and begins slapping his knee. This could be over soon!

She stands. He charges. BOOM! No dodging this one! ROSARY TO THE FACE! HAIL MARY! Whatever you want to call it! Yuki is down and seemingly out! Santelmo places his boot on her chest as he knows this one’s over. ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Yuki seemingly got her foot on the rope just in time. Garcia lays down and pins her. ONE…TWO…NO! She kicks out again! Garcia is livid as he gets to his feet. He can’t believe it! He quickly pulls her to her feet… He hooks her hand between her legs and flips her over him! She hits the mat hard as GAMBLER’S FALLACY is hit to execution. Santelmo covers, making sure to check her legs and arms this time. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Santelmo wins a huge match-up as he stands over his rival. He stomps on her profusely for a second before being pulled away by the referee.

In the locker room, Axel the shark has just arrived. He appears to be getting situated.

Slowly, the door to the locker-room swings open. Axel turns his head and immediately begins to prepare himself for a fight by dropping his bag as Pig and James Hunter enter.

“We come in peace.” Hunter says as the two men slowly approach Axel.

“You know, in RAGE, its tradition to wish your opponent well before a match.” Hunter smirks.

“What can I say, I’m one for tradition.” He says again with a smile.

Axel isn’t buying any of this.

“Get out of here!” He shouts as the Solution take a step back. Slowly, Pig bends down and picks up the athletic bag Axel dropped earlier, he hands it to Axel and snarls.

“Good luck tonight!” Hunter says loudly as he exits the locker room and begins walking down the hallway.

As the camera pans in the other direction, we see the head of Nigel Royal peering from the other end of the hallway. Nigel storms quickly down the hallway and into the locker-room.
“What the hell was that, Mate!?” Axel looks shocked as he stands now only in a towel and his mask about to enter the shower.

“I have no idea, they just showed up here, probably some mind game or something.” Axel quips back before jumping into the shower.

“You shower with your mask on, lad?” Nigel asks, with a suspicious look on his face. After a few seconds he shakes the look and pulls up a chair, beginning to ready, but something catches his eye. He reaches into the athletic bag and slowly pulls out a card.

PIRANHA NIGHTCLUB – Las Vegas Finest Gay NightClub

Nigel stands in disbelief, staring at the card.

“So how’s this gonna work?” Neville Sheldon asks as he walks down the long back hallway towards the ringside area. “Do we tag or is this handicap rules?”

“I think our goal is to not become handicapped.” Quips Cayci Spires, who walks maskless beside the geek. The red fabric hangs down in her hand.

“Comforting.” Neville replies, the Geek popping his neck to get it loose.

The pair walks down the hallway before they stop in their tracks. The lights begin to flicker above them, and Sheldon’s demeanor instantly changes.

“He’s here.” Sheldon whispers.

The duo both turn around behind them, but there is no one there. When they whirl around, mist begins to flood out of the ground of the room.


The Beast stands at the end of the hallway, between them and the ring. Cayci turns back around, but Neville grabs her hand, making her face him.

“I’m done running.” Neville says.

Looking back into Neville’s eyes, Spires winks.

“I’m not.”

With that, she breaks his grasp, and runs STRAIGHT AT LEGION!


Cayci leaps into the air, and nails Legion in the face with her mask covered hand, and the Beast is staggered. Cayci drops the mask on the ground, revealing her hand wrapped in a steel chain.

Before the duo can follow up, Legion grabs Cayci around the throat and tosses her through the curtain behind them. Neville is right there with rights and lefts for the Beast, overwhelming him with superior speed, but Legion nails him in the face, knocking his glasses off.


Legion stomps on the glasses. Neville looks back at him with a look on his face that we’ve not seen in many years. He charges forward with a spear, pushing Legion through the curtain to ringside.

The two men go flying out of the curtain into the School Yard. The crowd is on fire as there is no entrance music, no pageantry. Cayci has recovered, and she begins to stomp down on Legion as an official runs down from the ring, and asks the competitors to make their way to the ring, but there is no listening here. Legion is more of a Beast than a man, and he continues to counter the double teaming from Beauty and the Geek, constantly fighting off their strikes and attempts to gain a control over him.

Legion begins to trudge towards the ring, constantly finding ways to batter both Spires and Sheldon back off of him before the former Tag Champs back off. They seem to be game planning as Legion walks down to the ring. Not because the official told him to, but because he wants to. When Legion turns around, he sees Neville Sheldon on all fours not too far in front of him. Cayci runs and leaps off of Sheldon’s back right at the Beast himself, a roar in the air from her energy.

The roar dies quickly as Legion catches her and heaves her from the floor all the way to the middle of the ring over the top rope. The Beast turns right into another huge spear from Sheldon, impacting his lower back on the apron. Almost simultaneously, Cayci Spires baseball slides into the back of Legion’s head, staggering the Beast on the floor outside the ring. Cayci hits the opposite ropes to perform a dive, but Neville rushes in and holds her back. He nods to the official, and it seems that Neville wants this issue finished in the middle of the ring.

Legion calmly gets into the ring, casually stepping over the top rope and almost daring his quarry to engage him. The bell finally rings and the official merely gets out of the way. This issue will be settled tonight, one way or the other. Beauty and the Geek take up opposite sides of Legion as the Beast walks to the center of the ring. A moment passes before both heroes charge in, getting grabbed around the neck by Legion. That seemed to be in the plan though, as both of them leap up before he can lift them, executing a weird drop kick double team, bringing down the Beast.

Beauty and the Geek quickly hit the ropes, keeping their momentum up, but the Beast isn’t to be stopped. He plucks Cayci out of the air, and tosses her into the nearest corner. Before she can charge out, he grabs Neville around the neck, really getting a strong grip around the Geek’s neck. He taunts him in Latin as Cayci approaches. THWACK! Legion backhands her with his freehand, enraging Neville Sheldon . THWACK! He does it again, and Cayci is rising weaker each time. He goes to backhand her a final time, but a guttural sound rises out of the throat of Neville Sheldon and the Geek powers up!

Neville somehow overpowers Legion and begins hitting him with every ounce of fiber and energy he has in him. As Cayci joins in, the duo nails a plethora of punches and kicks to the midsection and head of Legion, bringing the Beast to his knees. The crowd is on fire with every shot to the weakened Beast. Finally, the both back up to nail a final blow. BUT LEGION GRABS THEIR FACES IN HIS HANDS, SQUEEZING THEM LIKE MELONS! Bloody finger nail tracks begin to form in their faces as Legion growls and MASHES THEIR HEADS TOGETHER! The bleeding remains of Beauty and the Geek are stacked as Legion places his foot over them. One… Two… Three… It’s academic.

The lights flash off once and come back up dimmed red as Synn has joined Legion in the ring, staring down at the defeated warriors. If nothing else, Legion has accomplished what he returned to do in destroying Neville Sheldon and all those who stand with him.

God help whomever Legion decides to target next.

Marvolo and Raquel are crossing the parking lot with their luggage in tow as Marvolo is wearing a hat on top of his mask with sunglasses to boot. “Number One” shakes his head back and forth as he massages his temple.

“Where did you learn to drive?! Thank God we put the rental in Bruce’s name. They really believed it was him beneath this mask!”

Marvolo hands the luggage off to Raquel who is now dragging two bags as smoke fills the night air behind them from the dented and scraped rental.

The two of them arrive at the back entrance where a large, muscular man is standing in a black shirt, two-sizes too small, with his arms crossed.


“Name?! Name?! I’m Marvolo! The Number One name on that list!”

The door’s guardian looks down at his list, looks up at Marvolo, and then shakes his head.

“No Marvolo here. See?”

The man shows the list showing Bruce Van Chan written in at Number 1 with eraser marks on it. Bruce is also listed as number 7.

“What?! Look again, you overgrown monkey kaka!”

“What did you call me?”

The big man steps forward with fists clenched. Marvolo stays strong but looks at Raquel.

“Maneuver 47, Raquel!”

“Marvolo es-“

“I don’t care if it’s your last! Do it!”

Raquel reaches into her bag and sprays the big man in the eyes with hairspray! He bends down and they slip in behind him. Bruce walks up with a smile on his face.

“Rule Number One: Don’t get distracted. Good luck, Marvolo.”

Bruce disappears into the arena.

Hunter wants to start for The Solution, but Pig refuses, looking blankly at his partner. James tells Luther to make the Monster leave, but Luther tells Hunter to get on the bench instead. Hunter reluctantly obliges. Nigel, meanwhile, claps Axel on the back, telling him “you’ve got this!” while looking doubtful behind his back. The bell rings and Axel circles Pig, ducking around and trying to psych him out… doesn’t work. Axel looks to Nigel for guidance, who gives him a thumbs-up. Axel moves in – BIG BOOT BY PIG, nearly KO’ing Axel off the bat! Nigel winces at that one.

Pig picks Axel up and tosses him with a fallaway slam. Luther cheers for the beast, who lifts Axel into a MILITARY PRESS SLAM! Axel crawls away, but Pig squashes him with an elbow! ONE… TW – kick out! Question looks impatient as he holds his hand out; Luther grudgingly tells Pig to tag him in. Pig scoops Axel into a POWERBOMB, and Hunter SPIKES IT for added impact! Staying on him, James picks Axel up in a waistlock… GERMAN SUPLEX! He holds on… ANOTHER GERMAN! Hunter pulls him up again… OH, THE IRONY! ONE… TWO… TH – shoulder up!

Hunter peels the Kid’s Champion up and threatens to rip his mask off – but Axel is shaking his fists! The fans stamps their feet faster and faster, like the build to the Jaws crescendo! “NOOO!” screams Luther, as James doles out a right, left, and another right… AXEL TURNS AND POINTS AT HIM DRAMATICALLY! YOOUUU! Hunter looks bewildered as Axel wags his finger, BUT WINDS UP FOR THE RELAX CLOTHESLINE – AXEL DUCKS! Big right hands by Axel – OOSH! OOSH! OOSH! Axel sends him into the ropes, where he feints a big boot – but instead ducks behind him and BITES HIM ON THE ASS!

The crowd go wild as the referee separates both men. Axel DIVES across the ring – hand held up like a fin – to TAG IN ROYAL! Nigel hops the ropes and dropkicks Hunter! Pig storms in and walks right into an arm drag by the longest-reigning Hardcore Champion! The Solution take turns trying to wipe out The Bloodline, but Nigel sends them packing at every turn! Pig and Hunter regroup on the outside as Luther pulls his goatee out in frustration. WAIT A MINUTE – FIN-NISH THEM SUICIDE DIVE! HOLY SHIT! Axel and Royal take The Solution out with stereo shark-fin headbutts!

Both men celebrate, BUT LUTHER HITS NIGEL FROM BEHIND … Nigel turns around to look for the fly that landed on him! Luther seethes with anger but seems to back down… CRASH! HUNTER THROWS AXEL INTO THE STAIRS! Royal races over to Hunter with vicious rights and rolls him in the ring. Royal stalks him… DUNGEONS OF LONDON! “YOU IDIOT!” yells Luther as Royal snares Question with the crossface, “you’re gonna cost me!”. Nigel wrenches back as James desperately claws the air… PIG BREAKS IT UP! He rolls back out. Hunter comes

“Can’t you do anything RIGHT!?” screams Luther. Hunter looks at Pig, then to Luther, and shrugs. RELAX TO LUTHER! WHAT THE SHIT!? Pig’s manager hits the apron and falls to the floor, out cold. Everyone looks at Pig uncertainly, who looks at Hunter with a blank expression… THEY CLASH! Both big men rip each other apart – Pig inadvertently tagging in – RELAX! NO! MARCH OF THE PIGS TO HUNTER! Nigel on all fours as Pig turns around – Axel vaults off but Pig sees it coming… AXEL AND PIG CRACK SKULLS! MARCH OF THE SHARKS!? Axel is out of it, but Pig is still up! Nigel grabs the arm to lead Pig to the Dungeons, but Pig throws him into the ropes – MARCH OF THE PIGS! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Pig doesn’t celebrate; scooping his fallen father into his arms, he comes the closest to showing emotion we’ve ever seen. He burns a hole through Hunter, who clutches his ribs as he walks to the back. Nigel and Axel hobble away from the ring to fight another day.

The DEAD stands in the middle of the ring before his match, holding the faux necronomicon in hand as he looks to address the audience. He lifts the microphone to his lips only for him to be cut off prematurely.

“Carry on my wayward son!”

The crowd gives mixed reactions as Ashley Williams comes out onto the stage, belt over his shoulder, chainsaw waving in the air as he walks down the ramp. He slides into the ring and stares down DEAD, chainsaw still running.

“Shut your mouth, Deadite! You don’t get to speak to the people and corrupt them! Now drop the book and you’ll be the Deadite who lived.”

DEAD glares at Ash, looking, obviously annoyed that he didn’t even have a chance to get a word in.

“Listen here, Ash. I am not a DEADITE! Now you tell me, if I am a monster, then what does that make you? You run around looking for a fictional book and believing you’re from an 80s movie. I won’t stand back while you torment people on your delusional quest.”

Ash stares a hole through The DEAD, leaving DEAD to silently look on as he looks to his belt then his chainsaw. He drops the belt and runs forward, SLASHING AT THE DEAD WITH THE CHAINSAW! The DEAD holds the faux book up, letting the chainsaw rip it to shreds as DEAD runs around the ring avoiding Ash’s chainsaw rampage, the crowd riled up and chanting.



Ash is eventually held back by the referee, being forced to remove his chainsaw and screw in his metal hand as he walks to his corner across from the now terrified DEAD.

Ash picks up a fistful of the shredded DIY Necronomicon, shaking with rage as blue smoke lingers from his chainsaw. The bell rings and he blitzes Dead, grabbing his raven mane and hurling him over the ropes. Dead tries to gather himself, but Ash clubs him from behind, sending Dead up the aisle. Dead spins round with a back elbow, but Ash tackles him. The Chosen One drags Dead towards the stage, where a grassy mound has been erected, complete with a weathered log cabin. Parked outside is a rusted old station wagon with steam billowing out, and thick vines and roots creep across the ground.

Ash pulls Dead’s head back for a POINT-BLANK BOOMSTICK, BUT DEAD DUCKS IT! ASH PUNCHES OUT THE CAR WINDOW! Dead spins him round and SPEARS HIM INTO THE SIDE OF THE CAR! The rusted steel warps under the impact, and Ash sinks to his knees. Dead headbutts him and goes to pull him up, but Ash drills him in the gut. Dead feels no pain, but it’s enough to wind him. Ash grabs Dead by the hair, spins him round and SMASHES HIM HEADFIRST THROUGH THE PASSENGER WINDOW! GLASS FLIES EVERYWHERE!

Dead falls to his back, shards of glass caught in his hair. Blood oozes from his hairline and down his temples. Ash drags Dead across the dirt towards the cabin. The Chosen One picks up a dusty old shovel. THWACK! Even Dead feels the sheer force behind that swing. Ash pelts him again. SMACK! CRACK! Dead crawls away slowly. Ash spins him over and raises the shovel above his head. DEAD GRABS THE SHOVEL! Both men wrestle for it, but DEAD USES HIS LEGS TO FLING ASH RIGHT OVER HIM! Dust rises up as Ash lands flat on his back.

Dead grabs Ash by the head and snatches one of the knotted vines which crisscross on the ground. HE WRAPS THE VINE AROUND HIS THROAT AND STARTS CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM! Ash’s eyes bulge in their sockets, his lips turning blue as he tries to dig his fingers between the vine and his windpipe! The referee asks if he wants to quit. “We’re – all – DOOMED… if I q-quit!” splutters the Chosen One. Ash throws himself forwards, hitting an improvised snapmare on Dead to free himself. The vines almost seem to slither away as Ash catches his breath.

Both men rise to their feet — DEAD CHARGES AT ASH… ASH SIDE-STEPS HIM, AND DEAD CRASHES THROUGH THE CABIN DOOR, RIPPING IT OFF ITS HINGES! Ash ducks inside the musty cabin, and the camera chases after them in a perfect recreation of the iconic Evil Dead shot. Inside the cabin, ASH DUCKS AS A DINNER PLATE SMASHES AGAINST THE WALL! Dead runs into an adjoining room and Ash pursues him. DEER HEAD TO THE… HEAD! Ash goes down as Dead clocks him with the game trophy, having ripped it off the wall. Speaking of clock – DEAD TIPS A GRANDFATHER CLOCK ON ASH!

Dead tears back a square rug, revealing a bolted cellar door. He drags Ash over and positions his head… he unbolts the door and FLINGS IT OPEN — ASH BARELY ROLLS AWAY IN TIME! The heavy wooden door hits the floor with a THUNK! Ash and Dead tie-up, raining blows on each other right over the open cellar door – FINAL BREATH! Dead elbows Ash in the throat, and ASH FALLS HEADFIRST DOWN THE CELLAR STEPS! Dead goes down after him, finding Ash in a heap at the foot of the stairs. He covers him. ONE… TWO… THREE!

The would-be Deadite has slain The Chosen One! The referee holds his hand up as the fans outside cheer, and he heads back up the stairs. Ash comes to and looks at the radio equipment and empty book holder at the far end of the cellar. He groans and shakes his head in dismay…

“Come on boys, where’s the singing!?!” Royston smirks as he and his Coach approach Marcus X and the Brotherhood backstage. “When you were slaves, you sang like birds!”

The Brotherhood appears to be on the verge of attack but one quick motion of his hand by X settles them down.

“Go on, how ‘bout a good ole’ Nigger work song?”

Even X looks like he’s about to pounce this time, but he doesn’t; showing an awful lot of restraint.

“He pushes buttons…” X speaks of Hawkes to his Brotherhood. “…in hopes that one will give him what he wants.” With a smile on his face Marcus turns back to Royston. “But there’s no button you can push that’ll give you this United States Championship.”

Marcus slaps a hand against his belt and Royston’s face turns sour.

“So says you!” Coach shouts.

Royston reins Kensington in, letting him know its ok, he can remain silent.

“He’s just afraid, Coach.” Hawkes turns back to Marcus. “Isn’t that right, X? You’re afraid the Olympian is going to take from you the only thing that makes you great… because let’s face it, without that, all you are is a lazy good for nothing ni…”

Marcus drowns Royston out with a shout, shutting him down in his tracks.

“You try to get in my head, honkey, but that isn’t an easy task… it’s not over inflated and big like yours. And you’ll know that when I defend this US title against you… again.”

Hawkes growls and the two parties separate with eyes on each other as they go.

BVC stands in the ring. Marvolo is nowhere to be seen. The bell rings. Where is Marvolo?! Suddenly a car horn blares! A limousine pulls out onto the stage! The door opens and out steps Marvolo! He has a microphone, “Vegas Limousine Service may not be as quick as Bruce is with Paige, but they’re a close second!” He runs to the ring and slides in. Bruce wastes no time and starts stomping Marvolo before he can even get his cape off. VAN CHANINATOR!! Marvolo is struggling, but he is too close to the ropes!

BVC jumps to his feet and pulls Marvolo up. He whips Number One into the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop, but Marvolo SOARS OVER FOR A SUNSET FLIP, CAPE RIPPLING IN THE WIND!! One… Two… Kick out! Marvolo pulls off his cape and CHOKES BRUCE WITH THE CAPE!! Bruce is fading, butBACK HEADBUTTS MARVOLO IN THE FOREHEAD! Bruce is free and whips Marvolo to the ropes. HE FLIES UP AND OVER TO THE FLOOR! Bruce to one knee to catch his breath! Marvolo is recovering outside.

Bruce is to his feet and runs to the ropes. Marvolo digs under the ring and pulls out a lacrosse stick! Bruce with a SUICIDE DIVE!!! But Marvolo HAMMERS BRUCE IN THE FACE WITH THE STICK!!…….. “Lacrosse Stick to the FACE!!!” He finally got one right!!! Marvolo hits Bruce with the stick until it breaks! Marvolo digs under the ring again for a stop sign. He turns towards Bruce, but DESPERATION ENZIGURI!! Both are down! Raquel checks on Marvolo, Paige on Bruce. RAQUEL SHOVES PAIGE!! What is she thinking!?! They trade punches!!! Paige gets the upper hand and WHIPS RAQUEL INTO THE BARRIER!!!

Marvolo’s up and can’t believe what he just saw! He swings on Paige, who ducks! He swung so hard his momentum brought him all the way around andDROPKICK!!! Marvolo is down!! Bruce reaches under the ring and pulls out a table!! He sets it up outside of the ring. He turns and CHOP FROM MARVOLO!!ANOTHER!! ANOTHER!! DROPKICK!! Bruce is down this time! Marvolo has had enough! He grabs Raquel by the hand and walks up the ramp. They are almost to the back when Bruce catches up! HE THROWS MARVOLO RIGHT INTO THE DOOR OF THE LIMO!!

Marvolo collapses as Raquel screams! Paige returns and the two fight all the way to the back leaving Bruce and Marvolo alone. Bruce turns to the crowd and thumbs “BRUCE…. VAN…. CHAN!” The crowd pops! He turns around and Marvolo has climbed on top of the limo! Bruce follows him until Marvolo rolls himself up into a tiny ball with his hand sticking out. Bruce doesn’t know what to do, so he grabs the hand! MYSTERY BOX! Marvolo pulls Bruce down and locks him into the CROSSFACE!!! Bruce won’t give and fights his way out. Marvolo is ready and TIGER DRIVER!! PIN ON THE LIMO!! One… Two… Three!

NO!! Bruce kicked out! He’s getting up quickly and Marvolo can’t believe it!!! Marvolo turns tail again and runs to the ring! Bruce follows behind him closely! Marvolo slides into the ring before Bruce and starts delivering MACHINE GUN CHOPS! He whips Bruce to the ropes. Bruce grabs them and stops. Marvolo charges and BACK BODY DROP! Bruce sent him out of the ring!!!

SUICIDE DIVE FROM BRUCE, but Marvolo moves as Bruce slams into the barrier! Marvolo lays Bruce on the table from earlier and slides into the ring. HILO FROM INSIDE THE RING TO BRUCE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! THEY CRASH THROUGH THE TABLE!! One… Two… THREE!!!! Marvolo has won the Hardcore Championship!!!

In the office and locker room of RAGE backstage, Jackson Slade stands surrounded by his seated troops. Tonight, these men go to war with OSW and if they win, some of the OSW’s top wrestlers will find themselves unemployed.

“Now listen up,” Slade says with authority, his hands raised. “We’re this close from finishing this. I’m told the litigation to own a controlling stake in Old School Wrestling should come to an end by next Monday. This means that if we defeat The Rebellion tonight, the numbers that oppose us are minimal.”

Wes Warhammer stands up.

“It’s about taking control now. It’s about sending those six men home and making sure they never come back. There’s no-one out there that can stop us once they’ve been defeated. Mike Lane, Red River Jack, Nigel Royal – they all have their own selfish reasons for taking part and they won’t dare stop us once we have complete control.”

Jake agrees, standing up alongside Wes and putting an arm around his shoulder.

“Old School Wrestling ends tonight,” Jake says confidently. “It ends with us in this very room. When we invaded it was to cause a rebirth of RAGE. It was to bring the very company we created back. We do that tonight. We do that together.”

Everyone cheers inside the room, absolutely delighted by the idea that tonight, they end OSW once and for all.

The two trade words before blows, mouthing off at each other as they both circle the ring. The crowd cheer and jeer the interaction alike, with the Brotherhoods words of encouragement from ringside lost amongst the reaction of the OSW fans. The breaking point comes when Hawkes says the one word that was guaranteed to get a reaction, and Marcus slugs him in the jaw. The two men begin teeing off on each other, forgetting their grappling credentials and preferring to just beat the other with whatever limb presents itself. The referee separates them momentarily, in the hope that it would bring some control to the bout, but they instantly return to trading fists to the face.

This time though, Hawkes has other plans, ducking a wild hook from Marcus, Hawkes takes him to the mat with the a double leg takedown. Once they both get to the mat, the game changes, Marcus is quick to look to counter the momentum of the move, but Hawkes shows his Olympic calibre technique and keeps himself in the guard of Marcus. He drops a few nasty elbows to the forehead of his rival, but X shows his grappling skill too with a triangle choke out of nowhere. The ref checks on Hawkes, who thrashes and gurgles in the hold, but breaks free after lifting and slamming Marcus to the mat.

X knew it was coming and rolled quickly to his feet. The two men lock up, with Hawkes out-muscling X and twisting him into a hammer-lock before shifting it into a hammer-lock suplex, bridging into it for the PIN!… 1… 2… kickout. Marcus slips a shoulder free and breaks the pin. He rolls on to his belly and tackles Hawkes from behind, slamming his head into the mat with a running bulldog. As the Olympian stumbles to his feet, X drops him with a clothesline, followed by a a running elbow to the face, Hawkes falls to one knee, but X is relentless in his attack and plants him with a DDT! A sickening thud gets a reaction from the crowd.

PIN!…1…2..kickout. Hawkes shows he is still conscious and throws up a shoulder. He is still in trouble though, and Marcus looks as though he has got a taste of blood. He boots Royston, not once, but three times to the head, but on the fourth vicious attempt, Hawkes catches the ankle. leg sweeps X and reverses it into a Single Leg Boston Crab. Rosyton sits down on it to torque up the pressure, but Marcus grits his teeth, turns and boots Hawkes away, the momentum sending him tumbling through the ropes and to the outside.

Coach Kensington is quick to rush to the aid of Hawkes, but backs away when members of the Brotherhood show up. Marcus barks orders at them, and they also back away, it is clear that the champion wants Hawkes all to himself here. X climbs through the ropes and drops an elbow into the face of Hawkes as he struggles to his feet. He rams him head first into the barricade and then throws him over and into the crowd, he quickly rolls back in to the ring to restart the referees count and heads back over to his fallen foe. X hops on to the guard rail, but Hawkes is on his feet, he kicks out on the rail and X’s legs go out from under him and his groin slams into the metal. Hawkes sees his chance, and… THE GOLD RUSH! ONTO THE CONCRETE!

Hawkes is the first to his feet, climbing into the ring, he looks as though he is about to celebrate, before realising he can’t win the title with a count-out. He quickly dives out of the ring, and drags the semi-conscious X back through the ropes. Lifting him onto a shoulder, Hawkes places him on a turnbuckle, looking to repeat his finishing move.

He climbs to the second rope, motioning for the title, but X is not ready to give it up yet. He cracks Hawkes in the jaw with several hard punches, before booting him from the ropes. Hawkes turns his back on X, spitting blood from his mouth, and Marcus is quick to react. He leaps from the ropes onto the back of Hawkes and locks in the TIMES OF CHANGE!! The Olympian struggles, and stumbles and eventually falls to the mat. The referee checks on him, raising his arm once… twice… he’s OUT! Hawkes passed out and Marcus X retains his United States Championship!)

“O Come Emmanuel / All the World is Mad (Medley)” by Enya & Thrice begins to play as Father Pedro and the RAGE Champion, Lux Bellator make their way out into the School Yard and head to the ring just before Lux’s title defense against Ethan Bird. Once in the ring, The Emanuel has his microphone and is ready to preach his words to the crowd.

“Let us not stand on ceremony, ladies and gentlemen,” Pedro begins abruptly and decisively. “We are here, now, to not only witness this Warrior of Light defend his championship against a scoundrel, but also LEAD the RAGE revolution to victory against OSW on this night. We all knew this time would come; an era of domination by reigned in not by a Juggalo, not by a homeless man, but rather by a man of God and followed by the others. The time is now, the time has come, and you all will bear witness.”

Suddenly, the sounds of the streets begin to play over the loudspeakers and through the crowd comes Ethan Bird, his backpack slung over his shoulder and microphone in hand. “Lead?” Bird questions. “You really think HE is fit to lead?”

“Of course he is,” Pedro says definitively.

“If he’s such a leader, than why the hell does he follow you so blindly?” Bird questions as Pedro snarls. “Let’s face it, Padre, your boy is no leader and it wasn’t until I showed up that this revolution began to take a turn for the better. People got angry. People turned up the heat. And it’s not a surprise that it happened when I came to town, so if you want to call someone a leader – look no further – and when I take that belt off of Lux in just a few minutes, you’ll see that realization materialize.”

Lux steps forward in the ring and grabs the microphone from Father Pedro and points at Bird. “Then let us see if you speak the truth, Ethan, or if you’re just filling the minds of these people with lies.”

Ethan smirks. “It’d be my pleasure.”

Before he can make a move though, “I Wana Rock” by Twisted Sister hits the speakers and out comes Vinnie Lane and his [BLEEP] Championship Belt.

“Well, well, well,” he says with a devilish smirk. “Looks like this got heated in a hurry, I wonder why that happened?” Lane says with a chuckle. “You both say you’re leaders, but neither of you will ever be a ME – so while I enjoyed listening to your little spat – and throwing gasoline on the fire when I blasted that Priest with a bag of pennies – I want to watch Ethan Bird get his ass handed to him.”

Bird growls. “Get your ass out of here, you wannabe.”

“The only thing I wannabe is RAGE Champion, so you either do your part or you get your ass beat and out of my way; either way, I’ll be satisfied.”

He sniggers.

“So let’s get this party started!”


The bell rings as Ethan Bird rushes forward, trying for a clothesline, Lux ducking under it as he lands a spinning backfist that stuns the God. Bellator takes advantage, slamming Bird into the mat before mounting him and raining down elbows to the temple. Bird wiggles away but Lux pulls him up into a kick of the gut before throwing him into the air and landing a big Tilt-A Whirl Backbreaker. Bellator signals for the end, as he pulls Ethan to his feet, trying to pull him forward for the Disciple Maker but Bird swings wildly, landing a right hook that staggers Lux

Bellator falls into the ropes and as he bounces back, he’s grabbed by Bird, who hooks him by the mask and begins to land savage jabs and hooks to the unprotected face of the Rage Champion before a trio of uppercuts nearly knock Lux out cold. Lux is nearly out on his feet but he attempts to fight back with a wild left that is caught by Bird as he’s dragged down into a Crossface. Lux screams in pain as he wildly tries to scramble towards the ropes, Bird pulling back with all his strength as Lux slowly crawls to the ropes, his fingertips just scraping the bottom rope before he’s pulled back into the centre of the ring.

Bird is wrenching back viciously as Lux rears his hand back as if to tap out when he bridges back, putting Ethan’s shoulders on the mat as the referee begins to count ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Bird lets go of the submission as he pulls Lux up to his feet as Lex pushes him away, hooking him by the legs and flipping him over into a lighting fast Deum Lucem. Bird finds himself on his back once more as the referee counts One…Two…Bird gets the shoulder up as he kicks Lux away from him, a furious look in his eyes.

He rushes Lux again, landing a few savage hooks to the side of the head before hoisting him up onto his shoulder, trying for a Running Powerslam. but Lux wiggles free, leaping up and twisting around Bird with a headscissors, turning it into a single arm ddt, before floating over and finishing the Arm of God. Bird screams in pain as Lux rears back with the Fujiwara, trying his best to damage Bird’s right arm as The God slowly pulls himself up, Lux still hanging onto his right arm with the Fujiwara before Bird slams Lux down with a modified Powerbomb, breaking the hold

The damage is done however as Bird shakes out his right arm, trying to get the feeling back into it as he lands a right hook that does as much damage to him as it does to Lux. Lux takes advantage, landing a spinning backfist that puts Bird down to one knee as Lux rushes to the ropes, trying for a Bicycle Kick but Ethan ducks, grabbing Lux from behind and hoisting him up into the air once more, delivering the Running Powerslam but the pain in his right arm is too much as he drops to the mat himself

As both men lie prone on the canvas, the crowd begin to slightly cheer as the cocky new star Vinnie Lane jumps the guardrail, taunting both men with his ‘Real’ world championship. Ethan slowly gets to his feet and seeing Vinnie, yells down at him, daring him to enter the ring as Lux attacks him from behind. Bellator lands a few knees to the ribs before throwing him across the ring as Vinnie gets up onto the apron. Ethan reverses the irish whip at the last second as Vinnie trips up Lux instead, as the Rage Champion stumbles right into a kick to the gut, WORLD’S END! Lux is drilled into the mat with a ring shaking DDT as Ethan covers, ONE…TWO….THREE!! We have a new Rage Champion!

The referee hands the belt to Bird who looks astonished, eyeballing Vinnie who makes his way up the entrance ramp. What the hell is Lane doing?

We head to the locker room of Mike Lane and the Awakening, where our challenger tonight sits on a stool, a television flashing with static in front of him. He has a tape in his hand, one that had only just been delivered. He takes it out of the box and puts it into the VCR.

“You need to remember who you are…” says a voice on the tape.

Desmond spins him around, scoops him up and AMAZING GRACE! F-5-NO!! LANE DROPS DOWN! Cross turns straight after him and SHADOW KICK!! LEAPING SUPERKICK THAT ALMOST TOOK DESMOND CROSS’ HEAD CLEAN OFF! GO ON LANE, COVER THE BASTARD! The People’s Champion drops down into the cover, knowing that he can go some way to ending this if he walks away with the belt. The fans go wild, chanting the count.






“This is Mike Lane. This is The People’s Choice. You aren’t like them, you’re different. You’re capable of so much more.”


The footage suddenly stops, leaving Mike confused and disturbed. He sits there, looking at the static, a furrowed brow and some thoughts to consider. Meanwhile, our cameras spin around to reveal a crack in the door, Red River Jack having stood there and watched the whole thing. He grimaces, backing away into the shadows as the scene fades out.

The bell rings with “The Champ” and “The King” standing eye to eye, nose to nose in the center of the squared circle. There’s a conversation ensuing and it doesn’t look pleasant. Things are heating up AND JACK strikes first with a big right hand, BUT LANE comes right back with a fist of his own. Back and forth they go. Lefts and rights everywhere as the crowd explodes with excitement. KNEE lift from Jack and into an irish whip, BUT IT’S REVERSED BY LANE and Jack hits the ropes… “SHADOW KICK”!! NO!! Red River Jack slides to the outside!!

Jack anticipated the leaping super kick from Mike Lane and he guessed correctly. The match could have been over in a hurry right there. Instead it’s RRJ on the outside letting the fans know how smart he is. Maybe not smart enough though because “The Shadow King” is in hot pursuit. Jack doesn’t see him and it’s a GERMAN SUPLEX! A RELEASE german suplex and Red River Jack eats the padded concrete floor. The official has begun a ten count as Lane pulls the champion to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He knows he has to win there!

Lane slides in after, but RRJ is up early and he DRIVES a boot down into the back of the head of Lane. AND another. ANOTHER! RED RIVER JACK STOMPING THE LIVING HELL OUT OF LANE! He’s not going to give momentum back up that easy!! Our Ring King staggers to his feet as Jack hits the ropes and LEAPING CLOTHESLINE puts Lane flat on his back. RRJ crawls to a cover. ONE… TWO… THAT’S all he gets. He’s smiling now. What the hell is he… Jack… headed to the corner!! HE’S CLIMBING TO THE TOP!

Mike Lane has already started to his feet and Jack is there. RRJ is on top. Waiting! WATCHING! Lane turns. DIVING SPEAR!! AND LANE’S HEAD SNAPS AGAINST THE CANVAS WITH A THUD! THIS MIGHT BE IT! JACK WITH THE COVER! ONE… TWO… NO!!! Our Ring King kicks out again and Red River Jack still looks amused. He hops to his feet and now he’s just standing over Lane’s broken body! He’s standing there screaming at Lane! “GET UP KING”!! “GET UP BE A LEADER”!! Jack screaming at Lane non stop. Coaxing him to his feet… all the while measuring him. Waiting! LOOK OUT!

SPARTAN KICK FROM JACK, BUT LANE DODGES. JACK TURNS. DEGENERATION! DEGENERATION FROM MIKE LANE! And he falls on top for a cover. ONE… TWO… NO!! Jack kicks out and I’m not sure Lane is completely conscious at this point. Neither man willing to give in though as they both fight to their feet. Jack up first AND LANE catches him with an elbow to the gut. AND ANOTHER! He’s on his feet with an elbow to the face! A FLURRY OF ELBOWS NOW CATCHING RED RIVER JACK OFF GUARD!! KNEE to the midsection and SNAP SUPLEX from Lane.

He makes a cover. ONE… TWO… NO! AGAIN! Jack kicks out. Lane still laboring, but in control. He’ll pulls Jack to his feet and he’ll send him to the ropes with an irish whip. On the return and DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men go down! Both men look nearly spent!!! Slowly climbing to their feet. Both men staggering. Jack pulls it together and reaches out for Lane! LOOK OUT! SHADOW KICK! SHADOW KICK FROM LANE AND JACK TIMBERS TO THE CANVAS! Lane moves in for the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE! MIKE LANE GETS THE WIN! HE HAS BECOME OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING’S FIRST TIME MULTI-TIME WORLD CHAMPION!!!!

The referee grabs the World Championship and brings it over to Mike Lane as he gets back to his feet. First he wins Ring King, now he wins the World Heavyweight Championship and the fans have risen to applaud him.

“PEOPLE’S CHOICE! PEOPLE’S CHOICE! PEOPLE’S CHOICE!” they chant whilst giving him a standing ovation. They want him to know that they still support him.

Lane stands over Jack, holding his newly won belt as the former Champion gets back to his feet.

Red is soon stood opposite him, looking at the title, looking at Lane and making his mind up. Finally he smirks, embracing the World Champion!


The fans can’t believe it! They were sure that Jack would turn on him. Mike hugs back and thanks him for opening his eyes, raising his and Jack’s arms to the boo’s that surround them.

Both men head towards the exit, leaving the ring and leaving the disgusted fans behind. How much longer will they wait for Mike Lane to come to his senses? Will he ever get out from underneath the thumb of Red River Jack?

He might be Champion, but one can only imagine that Red is still pulling his strings.

Lee Crowley bravely walks the backstage area. He knows that tonight, it’s his chance to end The Hangman once and for all. He heads down the hallway, watching as the lights above his head flicker.

“I know you’re there, Hangman!” Crowley shouts with a chuckle. “I know you’re watching me.”

Suddenly The Hangman appears, a noose in his hand. With the light flicker, he’s gone again.

“It’s almost over between us, isn’t it?”

Again, another flash and another Hangman with a noose.

“Does that scare you? Huh? I told you, all you had to do was become family. All you had to do was join us and everything would of been okay. I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to end you, but I will. Why do you think I hung you, huh? I wanted you to see the real you, Jack. I wanted you to understand that only family help you see what truly lies behind the mask.”

Another flash, only this time, there’s no Hangman to be seen.

“Have it your way,” Crowley succumbs. “You’re either family, or an enemy and it’s clear which one you want to be. I’ll see you in the ring tonight, where all the games, they stop.”

He walks off down the hall, leaving the Hangman now stood behind him in the distance, noose in hand.

It’s that time. It’s the Frostbite Main Event!

RAGE line up across the ring from The Old School Wrestling faithful, Jackson Slade watching from the outside as Brent Kersh realizes that The Scarecrow has yet to make an appearance. He talks it over with Isaiah Black as Jake Jeckel attacks from behind! The bell sounds and this match is already on the downward spiral for Old School Wrestling. Jeckel drags Brent away from the corner and into a Clothesline, dropping him to the canvas. He quickly grabs The Enforcer by his legs and drags him across the ring to his corner, tagging in Lee Crowley.

Crowley grabs the leg and starts dropping Elbows on it, driving his elbow into the knee for good measure. He pops up and slams back down twice more before rolling into the cover.. One…. Two… Kick Out! Kersh kicks out with authority. Lee gets back to his feet and pulls him up, only Kersh backs him into the ropes with a right hand. He sends him across the ring and swings with a Clothesline, only Crowley wisely goes under and attacks the knee with a chopping block, sending him straight back to the canvas! Lee covers again, hooking the injured leg.. One… Two… Kick Out!

Marx tries banging on the turnbuckle, trying to rally Kersh for a tag but Crowley has once again pulled him to his corner and tags in Ferguson. Ferguson enters the ring but is immediately cut off by ISAIAH BLACK! ISAIAH STORMS IN WITH A CLOTHESLINE THAT STUMBLES THE BIG MAN. He backs off into the ropes for another but the referee stops him, allowing Train and Crowley to double team Kersh to great effect! Finally Black exits and the referee turns around, only Crowley has gone and Ferguson has Kersh in the corner. He slams him with a Shoulder Barge, only Brent slams both forearms down across his back, followed up by a large knee to the face. Freight Train hits the deck and Brent Kersh leaps across the ring, TAGGING IN ISAIAH BLACK!

Black storms after Ferguson and starts beating down on him with left and right hands that hit like bricks. He doesn’t stop, even as the referee tries to pull him away and HE SWINGS AT THE REFEREE, TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A RIGHT HAND! Black quickly goes back to pummelling Ferguson as the referee gets back off the canvas and calls for the bell! Wait a minute!! He’s disqualifying Isaiah Black! Slade calls out to the back and here come security, dragging Isaiah from the ring! “BOOOOOOOO!” scream the fans as The Grim is unbelievably removed from the action. Brent Kersh comes back in though and stomps away at Ferguson, dragging him over to the OSW corner and tagging in Reichous Marx.

OSW is down to four now and Marx knows it. He comes in quickly, grabbing Ferguson and slamming him down to the canvas with a Suplex. He floats over into the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! Reichous gets back to his feet and pulls FTF up with him, only Ferguson clocks him with a right hand that stumbles him, running forward with a Big Boot to take him down to the canvas. The Almighty stumbles back to his corner and tags in Wes Warhammer. Warhammer stalks Marx as he gets back to his feet, popping in behind him and connecting with a Back Drop. He backs away and demands that Marx get up, storming forward and THE WARHAMMER! GIANT BIG BOOT! NO! REICHOUS DUCKS UNDER… THE FLATLINER!! HELTER SKELTER!! MARX IS ABOUT TO TAKE RAGE DOWN A NUMBER… HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! JAKE JECKEL MAKES THE SAVE! WHAT THE HELL!?

The referee quickly warns him but Jake just smirks, heading back to his corner. Marx tries to follow but the referee stops him, allowing Warhammer to roll him up from behind. One…. Two…. KICK OUT! Marx kicks out! The fans cheer a sigh of relief as Reichous barely escapes that fall. Wes heads over to the corner and tags in Piotor, who rushes forward with a CROWLEY CLOTHESLINE! THAT ALMOST TOOK HIS HEAD OFF! He points to Hangman, telling The Manslayer that he wants a piece of him. Marx crawls over and makes the tag, allowing The Hangman into the action. They immediately set to each other with right hands, both men powering down on one another in the middle of the ring.

The ring shakes as these two beasts brawl, Piotor though grabs Hangman and hoists him up into the air for a Suplex, holding him there for a few moments until The Hangman DROPS DOWN THE OTHER SIDE! He quickly grabs Crowley and pulls him into THE NOOSE! THE NOOSE IS LOCKED IN TIGHT! PIOTOR TRIES TO BREAK FREE BUT HE CAN’T! HE CAN’T ESCAPE! HE TAPS OUT! PIOTOR CROWLEY TAPS OUT! AND HERE COMES LEE! LEE HAS STORMED THE RING TO TAKE HIS PLACE! He kicks The Hangman in the head hard until he lets go. The Hangman slowly gets back to his feet and here comes Smiley with a kick to the gut and A TWIST OF FATE!! PSYCHOTHERAPY!! He covers… One….. Two… Three!! The Hangman has been eliminated!

That all happened so fast! It’s three vs. five now and The Scarecrow has still not shown up. Vinnie Lane makes his way into the match next and he wants Ethan Bird. Crowley tags him in and both men go nose to nose in the middle of the ring. The atmosphere is building and THERE THEY GO! RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS! They brawl straight to the ropes, Vinnie throwing Ethan over the top and to the outside. The referee tries to regain some law and order here but Vinnie slams Bird into the barricade and starts kicking away at him. Ethan though isn’t just going to take that and grabs Lane by the head, RUNNING HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! THERE’S CARNAGE NOW! MEANWHILE IN THE RING, MARX IS BEING ATTACKED BY JECKEL AND WARHAMMER WHILST KERSH SUFFERS FERGUSON AND CROWLEY! Ethan grabs a steel chair from the announce table as Vinnie Lane grabs a steel pipe from under the ring and WHAAAAAAAAAACKKKK!! STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL OF VINNIE LANE! STEEL FUCKING PIPE TO THE HEAD OF ETHAN BIRD! THE REFEREE DISQUALIFIES ETHAN AND VINNIE THERE AND THEN, HE THROWS THEM OUT AS JACKSON SLADE LOOKS ON IN DISBELIEF!!

Both men barely had a fucking say in this match before their hatred for one another saw them both eliminated! The referee turns around to see Reichous Marx – the legal man, thrown into a HATCHET BY JAKE JECKEL!! Lee Crowley quickly rushes over, also legal and LOCKS HIM IN THE GLASGOW SMILE!! THE NUMBERS GAME HAS PLAYED OUT NOW!! MARX TAPS… MARX TAPS OUT!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! BRENT KERSH.. POOR BRENT KERSH IS ALONE WITH LEE CROWLEY, WES WARHAMMER, JAKE JECKEL AND FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!! Ferguson throws Kersh into Crowley but SPEAR!! SPEAR BY BRENT KERSH!! WHAT THE FUCK!? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!! The referee warns RAGE as Kersh locks in the LONESTAR!! LONESTAR!!! CROWLEY… HE HAS TO TAP… HE HAS TO TAP AND RAGE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT OR RISK A DISQUALIFICATION!! HE TAPS! HE TAPS OUT!

Kersh releases the hold but realizes quickly that it’s a three on one. He demands the next competitor and Jake Jeckel steps in. The Juggalo ducks a Clothesline attempt and scoops him straight up.. THE HATCHET! NO!! BRENT DROPS DOWN! HE SPINS JECKEL AND SCOOPS HIM UP, ONLY JAKE DROPS OUT.. HE WAS GOING FOR THE SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! JAKE THOUGH AGAIN, HE SCOOPS HIM.. THE HATCHET! THE HATCHET!! HOLY FUCK IT’S THE HATCHET!! HE COVERS… ONE…… TWO… NOT LIKE THIS… NO… OSW WILL LOSE ITS REBELLION…. THREE!! ITS OVER! ITS OVER! FOR FUCK SAKE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

Jackson Slade jumps up and down on the outside, the Rebellion have been fired and in phenomenal fashion!!

Then the lights go off!



Jackson Slade rolls into the ring and embraces Kersh and Ferguson, who gets back to his feet and helps hold his arms high into the air. Old School Wrestling has gone through hell and tonight, Scarecrow, Isaiah Black, Reichous Marx, The Hangman and Vinnie Lane find themselves without a job, in a battle that Brent Kersh led them to.

Old School Wrestling may as well be over.

Brent Kersh killed it.

He fucking killed it.