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Have you ever wanted something so much that you’re willing to do ANYTHING to get it?

Most are guilty of the sin of greed, but for some, greed controls them and will ultimately lead to their downfall.

Gehazi was a servant of the prophet Elisha. He watched Yahweh work great miracles through Elisha, including the healing of a man afflicted with leprocy, named Naaman. The miracle was worked, and Naaman was so overjoyed that he wished to give great gifts of gold, silver and fine clothes to Elisha. But the prophet would not take anything in return for God’s work.

Gehazi, on the other hand, very much wanted what Naaman had to offer. His greed took over and he tricked his way to getting Naaman to give him gifts of great wealth, claiming to be asking in the name of his master.

Greed will always be punished in the end. Gehazi was punished for his greed by having Naaman’s own leprocy passed onto him. Outcast, and marred by the shame of his affliction. That which was the subject of Elisha’s greatest miracle became the very symbol of Gehazi’s greed.

A constant reminder of the punishment that awaits those with greedy hearts.

Hearts like yours, Sigil.

From the moment you first graced these hallowed halls, we knew your heart. Your eyes so bright with greed that we can almost see them shining through that mask of yours.

You have always looked out for yourself, no matter the cost.

What you want, you have always taken. No matter who stands in your way.

Those stones, your power.

Your endless quest for the crystals. It is your greed for them that controls you, and blinds you to all else.

You’ve betrayed, stabbed allies in the back. You’ve so much as murdered for your quest.

And you still find yourself staring at this last crystal like Gehazi coveting Naaman’s gifts. Licking your lips, eagerly awaiting your moment that you can trick your way into possessing it. Weaselling your way to your advantage.


It has seen you find yourself in your fair share of hot water, and you’ve made far more enemies than friends. Enemies with power far greater than you’ll find in any of your portals. For you’ve made an enemy of death itself. You’ve made an enemy of those that ally with death.

It is your greedy quest that has put the wheels in motion for my father’s return.

For you could not simply let sleeping dog’s lie, you had to lust after that crystal.

And now all the blood that will be shed in this war will be on your hands.

Greed will always be punished in the end.

It has long since been apparent that your greed will one day become your downfall. But as you stare down the barrel of Vayirka’s might, that day draws ever nearer.

We are not pawns, we are the weapon of your downfall, greedy Collector.

Your crystal quest will become the crowning jewel in the revival of our Lord.

Fiat. Let it be done.