Good Intentions

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

Inside the cemetery, Tombstone walks the narrow gritted pathway between the gravestones, looking left and right. 

“This cemetery is full of people with good intentions.”

“People who wished to do good things. People who spent their lives giving to the poor, traversing the lower levels and helping deliver aid to those who needed it.”

“People who lived good lives and made happy sincere memories.”

He stops at one grave.

“This woman saved the lives of sick children.”

He moves to the next, a few graves on.

“This man raised credits for the truly in need.”

He moves to one more.

“And this man helped save lives of those unfairly accused of crimes they didn’t commit.”

Tombstone stops and sighs.

“All of them not only had good intentions but followed through on their promises to do good. They received nothing in return; no prize, no credits, no recognition, or fame.”

“They all were ferried to the final destination.”

“The difference between you and them, Felix, is that they were good people. They were caring, honest and decent folk who did their very best to make life better for others. They were selfless. There was no façade or pretence.”

“Whilst one woman saved the lives of sick children, you were privy to the kidnapping of one. You eventually released him, but you were privy to his capture long before you did.”

“You murdered a man in cold blood.”

“You killed a man, Felix.”

“That is not a man of good intentions or actions. You hang around Doom like some kind of sick puppy in desperate need of a father figure, allowing him to behave however he wants as long as he keeps a tight hold upon your leash.”

“That’s not how a good man behaves.”

“You see, you’re full of good intentions but very little action. You like the world to believe you’re some beacon of good and right, yet you suffer fools in Doom to make yourself happy.”

“None of these people suffered fools, Foley.”

“None of these people were selfish enough to live the way you live and none of them claimed to have good intentions or be a good person. They simply were a good person. There’s a lot for you to learn about what it takes to truly be good because in my experience, you’re quite some way off the standard.”

“Next week you’ll be stood in the ring with someone that cares not for what your intentions are. I don’t decide where you go and I have no consideration for what’s good, right or wrong. I just send you on your way.”

“That’s where you and they are alike, Foley.”

“You may not share good intentions, but in the end, you all go the same way.”

“And you should never fear the end.”

“The end is where we meet.”

“And I will send you on your way.”