In Promo by Tag

“Let me tell you about a little something called gooning.”

“It’s like edging but usually done alone in front of a computer.”

“See, people who goon? They take pleasure not in cumming, but in building up to that point.”

“They’ll sit in front of their PC screen scrolling from video to video jerking their cock, challenging every single video to make them blow their load.”

“But time after time, they’ll refrain from busting that super nut because they know once they do the fun is over.”

“They lose the little game they’re playing.”

“Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? They want to hold onto what they have. No matter how exciting it is to challenge those videos over and over again, getting kinker and wilder, it all ends when they blow.”

“That cock spit flings from their tip and splatters the screen in a gooey show of defeat as they can’t hold on anymore.”

“Ya know, Zero. You’ve been death gripping that pencil dick of yours for months now, haven’t you?”

“With Pyre flicking that bean by your side the two of you have made it your goal to hold onto your orgasms for as long as possible.”

“To keep those titles strapped around your waists until you just can’t hold on anymore.”

“Match after match, video after video you scroll through tabs like Wiz blows through joints.”

“It started off nice and mundane, right? Some nice missionary with the Forever Friends that caught your fancy?”

“A little threesome action with two halves of Two-Face and a little Simon on your mind?”

“But it gets wilder after that, doesn’t it?”

“You get into the kinky shit.”

“Grimwolf and Gable invading asses and plundering booty with hardcore fisting makes way for prison sex scenes with Shaw or biting and blood with Knightlord.”

“Sweat on your brow you wipe it away and keep jerkin’ that gherkin while you click the next video. It gets harder to hold onto the titles each time, your mind growing numb to the videos as your cock aches in your hand.”

“You can’t hold back forever.”


“Because now you have the most hardcore video coming across your screen.”

“I’m talking a hardcore melongrabbing food fucking asshole prolapsing gangbang hosted by yours truly with Ether on the side.”

“Jet Set Radio is the porno you’ve been waiting for, man. We’re taking over your PC screen and taking over your lives.”

“We’ve been on your minds all month, right? My massive fuckin’ cock sliding in and out of your mind as you stop from clicking on our vids. You keep wanting to come at us…”

“But every time you do you end up all wet with pre-cum dripping from your dick.”

“Bad Attitude is coming and so are you.”

“You’re going to explode all over the screen looking at my cute white ass.”

“Ether and I are gonna blow your fucking minds.”

“And once those titles are in our hands? You’re gonna blow your loads.”

“So put your head between my legs and kiss your titles goodbye.”