Greatest Hits

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[The Gallery.]

[Jasper Redgrave sits in a high backed chair surrounded by many of his artworks.]

[Sitting next to him is a small table with a radio sitting on it. Jasper turns the radio on and begins sifting through the channels.]

“Arcadia’s music industry is quite similar to Old School Wrestling.”

“The artist topping the charts is never safe.”

“Just like we walk into that arena week in and week out, there’s always a handful of competition. Everyone is jockying for position on the charts.”

[Jasper stops for a moment on a radio station and tilts his head slightly.]

“Sometimes, an artist is able to produce a number one hit. A catchy little tune that will forever be a song that gets stuck in the back of one’s mind.”

“But even when those songs top the charts, it’s hard for most artists to produce the same result on a consistent basis.”

“We call them one hit wonders.”

“And that’s exactly what El Mariachi Muerte is.. nothing more than a one hit wonder.”

“Many day cycles ago, you were once the hottest musical artist that walked the halls of Olympus.”

“You managed to turn your simple song into something for the ages. You managed to write beautiful lyrics that would be echoed throughout Arcadia by your fans.”

[Jasper continues searching through the radio stations with a faint smirk on his face.]

“You’ve had your one hit wonder. You’ve stood atop of Mount Olympus, but like the many musicians that have came before you, you haven’t been able to replicate what you once produced.”

“That one hit of yours turned out to be plated in gold. You gave the fans of OSW an absolutely beautiful song.”

“But that’s all you had.”

“You didn’t have another hit in the works. You didn’t know how you could ever top your first track.”

“Another artist emerged. Their song was just a little bit more catchy. The Luchadoc’s lyrics hit just a little bit harder, and that song that he produced sent you tumbling down the charts. But you wouldn’t give up there.”

“You took that hit of yours and you remixed it slightly. You gave people a new set of lyrics to the same song.. and it worked for a moment. But once again, Dr. Death had another chart-topper up his sleeve.”

“And for the second time, you were defeated. Your golden plaque was ripped from you, leaving you without hope.”

“Since then, you’ve been clamoring for a new song. You’ve been racking your brain trying to piece together a new song to top the charts with. You’ve even joined arms with Apokalypsis in hopes of producing a collab.”

“But you’re just that, Muerte.”

“You’re a one hit wonder.”

“And you’ll never see the top of the billboard again.”

[Jasper stops searching the radio on a classical station. He taps his foot in rhythm to the piano.]

“But me? I’m well on my way to composing a whole discography of chart toppers.”

“Some may even say that I’m the hottest uprising artist.”

“And at Invasion, I pen my next greatest hit.”

[Jasper raises the volume to a deafening tone.]