Harsh Truth

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

Before I walked the halls of Olympus, before I was a pain in the ass of a grumpy old fart wrapped in bandages, I was a blue eyed innocent kid who thought he could change Arcadia with nothing but a pure heart and a sense of justice.

I took stupid risks, faced down monsters way out of my league and should’ve died a thousand times.

The only reason I didn’t was because of her.

She was the real deal. Strong, brave, beautiful and perpetually pissed at having to save this annoying kid time and time again but at one point, I finally began to win her over.

My first real mentor, someone who showed me how to really be a hero. Someone who made my world a better place.

Until the day she tried to rip it apart.

This killer had been stalking the lower levels, making it his plaything for months. He’d kidnapped his latest victim and we’d tracked him down just in the nick of time.

I saw the blade to the girls throat, heard the scream in her voice and then I saw nothing but darkness. Next thing I knew the blade was on mine.

The victim was her sister and I was the exchange. The sacrificial lamb who’d walked right into the slaughter and the only reason my blood didn’t stain the concrete was because the killer changed his mind.

I saw flashes of white, felt the blade lift from my throat and was told to run like a good little birdie, run and never look back.

Mizuki was my first love, she made me a better person, I would’ve walked into the abyss for her without question and in the moment she broke my heart, she also taught me the most valuable lesson of all.

The greatest test of a hero isn’t the villains they face, the hardships they endure or the darkness they have to navigate.

It’s the realization that some people just can’t be saved.

And Gemini, I need to know you realize that because just like Mizuki should’ve been mine,

Kpavio will be the death of you.

It’s a hard truth that I don’t take pleasure in giving. You’re an innocent pure creature who frankly is one of the few good people I have met in Olympus. And if this world was better, I’d never have to.

Because he’d never intentionally hurt you, hell I don’t even think he’s that bad of a guy but he’s so focused on vengeance there’ll come a moment he won’t care who he hurts to get it.

And you’ll become the mistake that’ll haunt him forever.

I know he’s your friend but all he’s doing is holding you back.

Because your Garden of Innocence can and will change this world but it can’t bloom trapped inside his eternal darkness.

Unless you stand on your own two feet and walk away.

Because it may hurt and you may regret it every day but have Faith when I say

It’s better then learning the truth the hard way.