[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [We’re on a farm in Texas, inside a large beautiful house. Sat around a large wooden table in the dining room is the Kersh family. It’s the dead of night and everyone looks extremely tired. There’s Trevor Kersh – Brent’s son, Danielle – his daughter and his beautiful wife Nicole.]

“I’ve began piecing it altogether,” [Kersh says, sounding very serious indeed.] “And finally, it all makes sense. My Grandfather Henry was brutally murdered by The Scarecrow. My father barely escaped.”

[The family look at each other. There’s an air of caution amongst them.]

“I need to find out what happened to him before it’s too late.”

[Brent’s wife stands up and walks around to be by his side. She kneels next to him, placing her hands on his lap.]

“My darling, you need help,” [she softly whispers.] “You’ve become paranoid. Insane. You’ve convinced yourself that he’s coming to get you. We’ve been here before, haven’t we?”

[He cuts her off.]

“Not like this. He was just toying with us back then.”

“You need to go back to the hospital,” [She pleads.] “You need to let us take you there so you can get the help you need.”

[Trevor interrupts.] “Please dad, let us do this for you.”

[Brent stands up, clearly flustered and frustrated. His wife backs away, her nerves on edge. She isn’t afraid that he’ll harm her, because he’d never do that. She’s afraid that he isn’t in his right mind.]

“Why don’t any of you believe me?” [He demands to know.] “I know I haven’t been in the best frame of my mind but I’m not wrong about this. We’re all in danger. Trevor, you need to get as far away from me and us as possible.”

[The kid looks surprised. He’s only in his early twenties.]

“W-What? But dad?”

[Kersh shakes his head.]

“There’s no buts, son. If I don’t come back from Heart of Darkness, I need you to get as far away as possible. I need you to end our bloodline and I’ll do my best to stop him from coming after you. We can’t keep on like this.”

[Everyone looks absolutely stunned.]

“Dad, you need help,” [Dani tries to plead with him as well.] “Please?”

[Brent turns around and walks towards the door, grabbing his duffel bag. He nods at his wife, his eyes welling up with tears as his children look at him, before opening the door and walking off into the night.] [The fans are greeted by the Tron flickering into life, not a soul in the ring. While most of the screen remained in darkness, a hazy white shape slowly begins to emerge from the shadowy oblivion. The whiteness seems pure and holy, the shape becoming less hazy and more identifiable by the second. The sound of a choir emerges with low harmonies, building until the shadows reveal the shape.

A white throne, a figure, unable to be seen by the purity of the blinding light that erupts from its face, sits on the throne. Watching over the Schoolyard. Watching over the ring. A single spotlight illuminates the top of the entrance steps, seeming to come from the screen itself. Lazarus is standing in the spotlight.]

“I saw a great white throne and the one sitting on it. The earth and sky fled from his presence, but they found no place to hide. The Earth was standing before God’s throne and the Book of Life was opened. They were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books. Anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire.”

[He walks down the steps to the ring, the throned figure watching over his warrior. Once inside, his message becomes personal.]

“Marvolo. Your judgement is nigh. This night, the seven deadly sins will be revealed – luxuria, gula, avaritia, acedia, ira, invidia, superbia. You have been judged and you have been found wanting.

Step forward in all your pride and receive the judgement passed upon you.”

[It is then that Marvolo himself appears, standing at the top of the entranceway. Anger in his eyes, his name slandered and his reputation muddied.]

“This has gone on long enough, Dark Marvolo. It is not I but you that should be judged. You in your envy of the red mask – you will never be Number One and you know it.

You deflect your lies onto me, yet let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

[As he talks, he moves toward the ring. Slipping into the ring, he comes toe to toe with Lazarus.]

“So… Judge away. I’m not going quietly.”

[Staredown. Eyeball to eyeball. The judgement is ready.] [Tonight Lazarus faces Marvolo is a match build on a lie. Will truth prevail? Or will the just facts get in the way of a better story?] [The match starts with Lazarus going for a Tieup, taking a boot to the gut. Marvolo cinches in a Side Headlock before Lazarus runs them into the ropes. Marvolo charges back with a Shoulder Block but Nox Bellator counters into a Backslide! One… NO! Marvolo kicks out, cradling Lazarus up; Oklahoma Roll! One… NO! Lazarus pops free, rising and getting a Flying Victor Roll Headscissors. He slings around Marvolo off a Clothesline attempt but takes a Back Elbow to the chin! Leaping Enziguri by Marvolo; Lazarus doesn’t go down! Double Foot Stomp to Marvolo’s chest! AND A BIG GERMAN SUPLEX!] [Number One’s still loopy, trying to stand. He absorbs some Forearm Smashes, kicking out Lazarus’ legs from under him. Marvolo tries a Knee Trembler but gets caught with a Schoolboy! One… Two… NO! Marvolo kicks out, barely dodging Dark Wish! He rakes Lazarus’ eyes, insisting to the referee he’s innocent. PILEDRIVER TO LAZARUS! He covers! One… Two… NO! Lazarus fight to rise, getting elevated with a Suplex! Marvolo floats through, planting his opponent with another! And then a third! THREE AMIGOS! He covers– wait! He’s got the tights! One… Two… NO! Lazarus powers out, protesting Marvolo’s cheating ways…] [The referee interrogates the World’s Most Interesting Man but he pleads innocent. Lazarus is on his knees, shaking his head at his opponent’s cowardice. They meet again; Lazarus nearly breaks Dawn but Marvolo counters. NO! Lazarus with a Jacknife! One… Two… NO! Marvolo kicks out! Lazarus tries a Standing Moonsault but Marvolo evades; Lazarus lands on his feet. BURNING SWORD CLOBBERS LAZARUS! Satisfied with himself, Marvolo puffs out his chest, admiring his… “physique.” He then casually backs his way up the turnbuckles, standing proudly atop them……. DIVING HEADBUTT MISSES! Lazarus quickly scoops him into a Crucifix! One… Two… NO!] [Both rise, with Lazarus nailing a ‘Rana sending Marvolo packing through the ropes. Nox Bellator looks to the heavens… TOPE SUICIDA TO NUMER ONE! Marvolo gets wiped out! Lazarus then chucks him into the ring, scaling the turnbuckles– NO! He gets crotched as Marvolo shoves the referee into the ropes! Marvolo again pleads innocence; Lazarus crumbles to the canvas. He tries hobbling back to his feet and Marvolo hits a Mule Kick bellow the belt! The referee saw nothing?!? Lazarus is again humbled to the canvas; Marvolo calls for the end! With his eager hands poised, he readies himself………. wait.] [Suddenly two pairs of cloaked figures walking single file enter into the Schoolyard. Their tone is foreboding, yet solemn. Six in all, they surround the ring; Marvolo catches a glimpse of them in his periphery. Lazarus is braced against the ropes, arms stretched. Marvolo glares at men, realizing they have him trapped. He each eyes one, eventually turning his disgust back to Lazarus… The two share a silent argument; Marvolo’s defiant to repent as he poignantly shakes his head “NO.” Lazarus can only sigh, looking back up to God as he searches for an answer….] [TOUCH OF DEATH! Marvolo violently dives at Lazarus, digging his crawls right into his throat! The fans BOO! loudly! Lazarus struggles to stand… Marvolo has him reeling! Lazarus might be blacking as he– WAIT! LAZARUS CHAMBER!?! He reaches deep into Marvolo’s soul as the men outside each put hand on the ring! Marvolo’s stunned! Both men pull deep into other’s heart! MARVOLO’S BROUGHT TO A KNEE! But he keeps battling Lazarus! It’s a test of wills! The fans are on their feet….Whose going to blink? Neither man’s giving an inch…… LAZARUS DIGS DEEPER…….. MARVOLO STRAINS…….. HE TAPS! HE TAPS!] [After the match, Lazarus releases his grip and Marvolo’s left strew on the mat. Defeated, he coughs back a little of his pride. He looks up at his opponent with wide eyes; Lazarus stares at Marvolo…] [Shafts of moonlight pour in through the broken stained-glass windows, highlighting the dust which spirals through the air onto the pews and floor.] [An eerie silence hangs over the abandoned church. Whatever holiness used to occupy this place has long since vanished. Now it is cold and empty.] [Creeeaaak!] [One of the heavy wooden front doors slowly opens, allowing more pale blue light to spill inside. A silhouette stands in the doorway, evening mist coiling around its extremities. The figure steps over the threshold and stands beside one of the broken windows, where the light envelops him, revealing Lux Bellator.] [The Light Warrior holds a crumpled piece of paper up to the light.]

“I’m here, Lee.” [He mutters, closing his fist around the note given to him at Showcase, which presumably contains the address or directions.] [Met only by silence, Lux slowly—cautiously—walks down the aisle, his fingertips caressing the pews on either side…] [CRACK!]

“Aaarrgh!” [Lux screams as a crowbar is swung into his ribs! He falls to his knees as a giggling Smiley rises from a pew, Smiley Jr. in hand.]

“Glad you could make it, Lux.” [Smiley grabs the wounded Bellator and drags him down the aisle towards the altar, leaving a dark stripe in the dust behind them.]

“W-wouldn’t miss it for the world…” [Lux spits out through gritted teeth, clutching his ribs.] “But why here?”

[The demented yellow smiley face looms to within an inch of Bellator’s and chuckles.] “You’ll see.”

“Are you going to b-burn it to the ground?”

[Smiley blows a raspberry.] “Please. That’s kid’s stuff. Leave the arson to Ozric.”

[Arriving at the altar, Smiley dumps Lux.]

“Whatever this is, you don’t have to do it…”

“Oh, but I do.”

“You’re not beyond saving. You can desecrate this place, break all the windows, do whatever you want to me—” [Lux splutters.] “But none of it will be enough. Nobody is beyond redemption. There’s still hope for you, just as there is for Tobias—”

[Smiley growls and boots Lux in the ribs. The luchador yelps and suffers in silence.] [Smiley jams the teeth of his crowbar under the crumbling feet of the heavy, stained altar. Cackling between bursts of tremendous effort, he slowly shifts the altar inch by inch, the empty church filled with the screeching of stone against stone.] [He finally moves the altar just enough to reveal a cellar door set into the stone floor. Summoning more energy, he grabs the metal ring and pulls the trapdoor open.]

“I told you I’d show you a lost sheep who could never be saved.” [Smiley grabs Lux by his mask.] “If you still think I can get into Heaven after seeing this, you’re as hopeless as I am!”

[With that, Smiley hurls Lux into the open cellar! Lux tumbles down a short wooden staircase before landing in…]

“W-what is this?”

[Smiley’s flaking yellow face leers into the cellar from above.] “No amount of Hail Marys or kumbayas can save me, Lux.”

[Smiley collapses with laughter, allowing a beam of moonlight to shine directly into the cellar. Lux looks around in horror. Bones. Human bones.] [Lux tries to scream but only a strangled yelp escapes, caught in his throat. He thrashes about in the pile of human remains, but the floor is covered with Smiley’s victims, Lux drowning in the depths of his opponent’s depravity.] [Lux stops struggling. Up above, out of sight, Smiley is laughing. He is laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Cold, empty, mirthless laughter. Lux sinks to the floor, shaking his head in disbelief.]

“He has to be stopped… he has to be stopped.”

[The macabre scene fades, Smiley’s deranged cackling echoing in the empty church and in our minds.] [Has Smiley succeeded in breaking Lux’s faith in humanity!?] [It’s a conflict of Biblical proportions as the crazed carver of the Asylum looks to rip a smile across Lux Bellator’s face permanently! Will Lux’s Devine Intervention be enough or will Smiley prove even a man of God is still just a man?] [The match starts with Smiley immediately shooting at Lux for a Glasgow Smile but Bellator shrugs him off. Lux decks Smiley in the jaw, looking for a Half-Nelson Backbreaker; it’s countered with an Arm Drag. Smiley misses the Chelsea Grin but lands a Calf Kick. He hits a Side Russian Legsweep; covering! One… NO! Lux rises, reaching for the Arm of God but gets tossed off– Yakuza Kick to Smiley! Lux springboards into a Flying Cross Body! One… Two… NO! Smiley rises, looking for a Clothesline but Lux tries to blind him with God’s Light? NO! Smiley hits a DDT!] [Lux bounces off the impact and the Deranged One immediately tires for the Glasgow Smile… Both struggle for control as Smiley berates Bellator for his blind faith! Lux steadily works back to his feet; Smiley resorts to a Backdrop! He covers! One… Two… NO! With a wicked smirk, Smiley rises, looking to the Heavens and daring God to do something! He cackles, again ripping at Lux’s mouth and– NO! Crucifix Cutter! Smiley stumbles back before getting SPIKED with a Springboard Hurricanerana! Lux covers! One… Two… NO! The Light Warrior’s reaching deep, rising as a choir of cheers surrounding him…] [Lux says a quick prayer as Smiley staggers up. The fans are ELECTIC! Smiley stumbles forward; Bellator yanks him straight into the DISCIPLE MAKER? NO! Smiley flips onto his feet and gores Lux with Trauma! Both men are down… Smiley crawls over before finally hooking his opponent high and tight! One… Two… NO! Smiley can’t believe it! He pounds the canvas in frustration, again going for Bellator’s mouth only to get Snapmared over! SPINAL TAP! Lux scores with a scintillating kick– Basement Dropkick to the temple! Bellator covers! One… Two… NO! Lux goes for Purity but Smiley quickly hugs the ropes!] [Lux now pulls Smiley back into the center of the ring– NO! Small Package! One… Two… NO! Smiley tried to steal one; Lux rains down with stiff Elbow Strikes! Look at the intensity in his eyes! Bellator clobbers his opponent and the referee’s forced to pry him away. Smiley sports a cut above his eye; the crowd loves it! Bellator then hoists Smiley back up but the Deranged One worms free… CHESLEA GRIN! Lux’s rocked through the ropes! Smiley balances on the second rope, locking in a Sleeper before elevating them both back in with a HUGE Sleeper Suplex!] [The fans applaud; both men are exhausted! Smiley eventually turns over, trying to cinch in a Bodyscissors– He’s going for Glasgow Smile! HE’S GOT IT! But the Light Warrior keeps fighting! Jockeying for more leverage, Smiley tears at Lux’s lips, begging him to scream for mercy from the Almighty! He revels in Lux’s agony! Bellator’s just trying to find inner peace… Slowly, both ascend, Lux eventually countering– Wait, NO! LOBOTOMY? NO! Lux spins free, desperately grabbing the Arm of God! HE DRILLS HIM FACE-FIRST! Bellator’s searching for the strength! Smiley’s reeling; his blood dripping onto the canvas!] [Both men steadily stagger back to their feet and Bellator aims for the CATHOLIC CROSS!?! HE GOT IT! LUX FALLS INTO A COVER! One… Two… NO! Smiley barely got his shoulder up! Lux now looks for answers… As if beckoned by a higher power he stands, arms open. Smiley lifts his head; a mixture of red and yellow marring his otherwise intimidating visage. Lux waits…. The Deranged One eventually pulls himself back up…. Bellator embraces Smiley with a compassionate hug! Smiley’s stunned! He’s speechless… He’s disgusted… He– DISCIPLE MAKER! HE’S SPIKED INTO THE MAT! LUX COVERS! One… Two… THREE!] [A young, nervous intern walks through the backstage area with a large present in hand. He knocks on the locker room door before entering. A few people mill around in preparation for their upcoming matches.]

“Umm… is there an Austin Fernando here?”

[A few guys point at Austin Fernando who gets to his feet with his helmet in his hands. He places it upon his head as he approaches the small intern.]

“I would rather you address me as The Red Emperor, squire. What need do you have of me?”

“I… I have a message for you.”

[The Red Emperor takes the note and reads it. He quickly exits the room and begins to walk towards the end of the hall before opening a door. As he enters the room, it’s barely lit, but the sound of a carnival is heard.]

“Where in the hell am-“

[A rope finds its place around the neck of The Red Emperor as he’s dragged back to a spinning wheel. Two ropes find their place around the arms of him before a fourth wraps around the feet. Fernando tries to fight the restraints. Coming out from behind the wheel is none other than Jack Jeckel. He gives a shit-eating grin as he finds his foe tied up.]

“What a nice little carnival I’ve stumbled upon. I figured I should do a little research on the festivals for my new show.”

“Why you piece of shit… I WILL MAKE YOU KNEEL FOR TH-“

[Jack Jeckel moves the rope to cover his mouth instead of his throat. His muffled yelling is heard, but Jack Jeckel just sneers at him.]

“Much better. Tonight will be the end of my reign on Monday Night Showcase as The Boogeyman takes control over VHS with his brand new United States Championship around his waist.”

[The Red Emperor finally is able to spit out the rope and grit his teeth.]

“Over my dead body, fucker.”

[Jack Jeckel grins as he gets within a few inches of The Red Emperor’s face. He reaches out and grabs the side of the wheel.]

“That’s the idea, bitch.”

[He gives the wheel a spin as The Red Emperor is screaming in anger as he spins. Jack Jeckel walks away, but smiling as he looks over his shoulder.]

“Have a nice spin, tinman.”

[A month of torment has led to this. The Wolf is here with teeth bared to sink into the Masked Emotion that has caused him so much grief with his tomahawk hoisted high in the air.] [The bell sounds, but The Wolf was already in motion as he connects with a running spear. The move nails Doubt to the corner before he takes a few steps back and collides with another brutal move. The Wolf, The Savage, The Spirit Walker is on the hunt tonight and Doubt is reeling from the outburst. The Masked Emotion staggers out of the corner after the second spear and walks right into a vertical suplex! The face-painted hunter holds him high in the air before drilling him into the mat with a fall-through vertical! Doubt hits the mat hard but Tommy Hawk just stands up and moves to the outside.] [He grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron, but Doubt is back to his feet to hit a discus punch. Doubt slides out onto the apron before grabbing the head of The Wolf and… DDT ON THE APRON! The Wolf slides off to the floor but Doubt isn’t finished. The Emotion claps his hands together and leaps backwards for… THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! The knees do their damage as they successfully hit the face and sternum of The Wolf. Doubt grabs a second ladder and prepares for Hawk to get to his feet. As he does, the top of the ladder finds its place into his knee! The Spirit Walker hits the ground holding it as Doubt slides that ladder into the ring as well.] [The Masked Emotion sets up a ladder in the ring at an angle before grabbing the second ladder and setting it between a rung in the ladder and the corner. When that is done, he exits the ring to find Tommy Hawk, but Hawk was waiting on him with a roundhouse kick! The shot rocks Doubt before he grabs the masked emotion and sends him flying into the audience! The Savage is out of control as Doubt hits a few fans on his trip! The Savage begins throwing chairs out of his way as he grabs Doubt up before hitting a snap suplex on the concrete seating area! He gets up slowly holding his own back before realizing that there was an opportunity!] [The Spirit Walker stalks towards the ring and slides into it. He climbs up the ladder getting to about halfway when Doubt is there clutching at his boot! Hawk tries to kick him away, but Doubt reaches up and low blows him! All’s fair in war and ladder matches! Doubt climbs to the apron, springs up on top of the rope, and… SPRINGBOARD SPEAR! The move takes both men to the mat as Hawk is clutching his ribs. Doubt slowly stirs as his gloved hands find the first rung of the ladder. He begins to climb, but Hawk is there to grab a hold of him. The Wolf grabs Doubt off the ladder and… drops him headfirst atop of the turnbuckle.] [The Wolf rolls out of the ring and grabs what appears to be a steel chair! He slides into the ring and just as Doubt gets to his knees… CRACK! The steel chair folds over his head. The Wolf staggers backwards after this as he smiles at the broken body of Doubt laying before him. He looks upwards and sees his tomahawk circling slowly overhead. He stomps over to ladder and begins his climb although how arduous it may be. He climbs to the top. He reaches up with only an inch between his fingertips and the handle… CRACK! The steel chair finds its place into Tommy Hawk’s lower back! He cries out in pain but… CRACK CRACK CRACK! Three more shots as Hawk is frozen in place atop of the ladder.] [Doubt staggers around to the other side before clamoring up the ladder. Both men are on top of the ladder now. Doubt grabs the head of Hawk and slams it into the top of the ladder! Hawk throws a right hand and nails Doubt! The Spirit Walker climbs up to the top of the ladder before snatching Doubt up and… THE RED ARROW DOWN ONTO THE STUCK LADDER! IT BREAKS IN HALF! The Falcon Arrow was a suicidal move as both men take the brunt of it! The crowd is on their feet!]


[Both men are down. If this were a Last Man Standing match or a normal match, both of these men would have been counted down. However, in ladder matches, the only way to win is to obtain that prize. Both men slowly begin to get to their feet. They begin to trade blows. One hand to another to another until Hawk ducks a blow! THE SCALP! Doubt is down! Tommy Hawk doesn’t waste any time as he climbs up the ladder and gets to the top. The trophy is just within his-] [LIGHTS GO OUT!] [A HOWL!] [They return and The Wendigo is standing underneath him! The Wolf grits his teeth downwards at him, but The Wendigo hits a Big Boot to Doubt!?!? Hawk looks shocked! He reaches up, grabs the tomahawk, and pulls it down! The bell sounds to end the match!] [Tommy Hawk glares down at The Wendigo who holds Doubt in place by his hood. Another howl is heard as The Wolf steps off the ladder.] [The match is over thanks to the emergence of The Wendigo. The dark green cloaked monstrosity stands before Tommy Hawk with a face of a wolf and the antlers of a deer. The horrific image lifts Doubt back up before… ANOTHER BIG BOOT to the Masked Emotion! Doubt rolls out of the ring having been blindsided by this monster.] [The two remaining stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring before The Wolf takes a step back. Hawk raises his tomahawk high in the air only for The Wendigo to charge him with a brutal spear into the corner.] [The monster takes the tomahawk and throws it out of the ring. Hawk charges, albeit slowly due to his back, which is caught by a bearhug from the beast! He throws Hawk to the mat and climbs up to the bottom rope and leaps off for a splash!] [Wait.] [No, it can’t be…] [The Wendigo removes its mask to reveal…] [JON DAVENPORT!?!?] [The former VHS Rewind Champion motions for a microphone as he walks back to his place over Tommy Hawk.]

“That’s right, Hawk. I AM THE WENDIGO! You see, it was in the days of early America that your kind called mine Wendigos. White Americans turned into beast consumed by their greed for power according to your ancestors. In fact, you proved that point when you raised an axe at Austin Fernando.”

[Jon Davenport looks down at Tommy Hawk before delivering a kick to the ribs.]

“It was then that I decided to screw with your mind, boy. White Americans aren’t the problem here. We created this great nation into what it is today. The problem lies with you, Hawk.”

[Jon Davenport lowers down to where his face is only a few inches from Hawk’s. His hand wrapped around the jaw of Hawk.]

“The fans were chanting my name and welcoming me to this new territory with open arms. They wanted to see the YouTube sensation in all of his glory. Yet my debut was ruined and do you want to know by who?”

[Davenport stands tall again before stomping three times on the face of The Wolf.]

“I won’t stand for some Injun to get in my way again. Tommy Hawk, I tracked you so you know what it’s like to have a good ol’ hunting hound dog on your tail. Now that you know, it’s time for me to collect on the ass-beating you’ve deserved since day one. Because as of this night, Jon Davenport is the newest member of Monday Night Showcase roster.”

[The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog stands tall before seeing Doubt on the outside of the ring and laughing to himself.]

“As for that masked idiot out there…”

[Davenport leans over the top rope as he glares down at Doubt.]

“…nobody tries to steal my thunder. I may have been a little preoccupied with a Straight Edge reject, but now my attention is back solely on the one thing that matters the most.”

[The massive man walks over and looks down at the battered and beaten Tommy Hawk before him.]

“Kicking this Injun’s ass from Las Vegas to Macon-Bibb County, Georgia. I hope you’re ready to run, little redskin.”

Davenport places a boot atop of the head of Hawk.

“Because this dog is ready to hunt.”

[The United States Championship is on the line here tonight as The Red Emperor and The Boogeyman are squared off against one another!] [The bell sounds as The Red Emperor is already showing signs of dizziness from his earlier trip on the wheel, but Jack Jeckel seems fine as he charges him with a running STO! The Emperor collides with the mat before Jack Jeckel is all over him! He leaps atop of him and begins firing away with rights and lefts. Austin Fernando covers up but The Boogeyman is on fire at the outset of this match. He yanks Fernando to his feet and whips him into the corner. He rushes him with a clothesline in the corner before lifting him up on his back with a Samoan drop! The Boogeyman grins as he climbs the top.] [It’s not too often you see Jack Jeckel sitting atop the turnbuckles, but he scaled them quickly before drawing a thumb across his throat. He leaps for… THE CAR CRASH! But like a few weeks ago, this one comes back to haunt him as his feet spike into the mat as The Red Emperor managed to roll out of the way. The Boogeyman stops as he feels his knees to make sure that they’re okay. A LOW DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE! Jack Jeckel hits the ground hard as his fingers clutch his knee in pain.] [The Red Emperor pulls himself to his feet as a small smile dawns on his face. Finally, a bit of reprieve from The Boogeyman’s rampage. He yanks Jack up before spinning him out for a tornado DDT! The Red Emperor gets back to his feet but the spin still is having its effects as he clutches at his head. Jack Jeckel gets back to his feet, but The Red Emperor strikes at him with two solid jabs to the ribs followed by one solid uppercut knocking him for a loop. The Red Emperor hits the ropes before lunging out for… THE REVELATION! The sling blade connects as The Emperor seems to fall right on top of him. One…KICKOUT! Austin Fernando is in shock! Such a quick kickout!] [Austin gets to his feet and begins yelling at the official to pick up his pace, but Jack Jeckel grabs him by his armor and pulls him into a rollup! One…Two…TH-NO! So close there! Austin Fernando can’t believe it as he kicks Jack Jeckel right in the face to flatten him. He yanks him up and SPITS right into the face of The Boogeyman! Jack Jeckel recoils and is seemingly paralyzed in place by this. Fernando grins at his audacity before… BACKHAND! Jack just backhanded the SHIT out of Fernando! He slides around the back of him before he nails a German… a half-nelson… and a bringing dragon suplex! JUGGALOCO! One…Two… NO! He kicks out.] [Jack Jeckel struggles to get back to his feet but he beckons for Austin to do the same. He lunges out for a right hand which finds its mark. Austin recoils before hitting a still jab of his own. Back and forth, the two trade blows before Austin dodges one of Jack’s and kicks him a little low. KNOW YOUR PLACE! The sitout powerbomb connects as The Red Emperor pushes on both legs for a pin. One…Two…NO! Jack kicks out, but Fernando isn’t finished. He yanks Jack back up, hooks a leg, and… MEET REALITY! The fisherman driver connects as Jack is seemingly lifeless! One…Two…TH-NO! Still has some fight inside of him! Austin Fernando’s hands fly to his hair in disbelief.] [He slowly pulls him to his feet, but Jack reaches up and connects with a jawbreaker! He pulls Fernando in for… THE BOOGEYBOMB! He climbs to the top quickly for… THE CAR CRASH! All of his weight coming down on the chest of Fernando! One…Two…THREE! NO! Foot on the rope at the last second. Jack Jeckel is furious! He yanks Fernando up, but The Emperor spits right in his face AGAIN! Jack Jeckel responds just as before with a HUGE backhand! He nails another BOOGEYBOMB! This time he scales the turnbuckles once again, daring The Red Emperor to get up… SUPER JACK IN THE BOX! His boot slams Fernando’s face into the mat harshly! One…Two…THREE!] [Jack Jeckel wins! He falls to his knees as the referee walks up and hands him his first title: The United States Championship! He climbs the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers him on. Such a huge moment in this young man’s life. Austin Fernando is on the outside, holding his head, as he leans against the apron.] [Previously Recorded.] [Static takes our screen, the resulting tracking proof positive that we are viewing a recording.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [In an undisclosed location, a young man lies hooked up to a heart monitor. Medical equipment surrounds him, and a rather disheveled nurse checks his vital signs. Her frumpy frame is barely held in by her scrubs, several blood stains on them. Her employer doesn’t pay her enough to replace them, nor does he care how dirty they are.]

“He’s alive, sir.” [She cautiously states.] “He won’t survive another one of those incidents though.”

[We pan around to reveal that Hysteria stands at the foot of the bed. Flanking him are Evil Ash and The Shark. Hysteria turns to look at Evil Ash.]

“I didn’t warn our newest associate about the precious prize that we hold.” [Hysteria comments, Ash baring his teeth in response.] “He’ll be more careful next time.”

“With all due respect,” [the nurse begins,] “the patient can’t take this much more. He needs to be revived and taken care of before it’s too late.”

[She flinches and turns away as Hysteria’s head quickly twists to the side. Shark chuckles at the reaction while Ash just continues to leer at her.]

“You’re right, of course.” [Hysteria mockingly says.] “It wouldn’t do if Cyrus happened to catch a virus.”

[The three Asylum members all cackle sinisterly at the horrible joke while the nurse just looks disturbed.]

“Mr. Brocken isn’t in danger of catching a virus, sir. He’s in danger of dying.”

[The cackling stops and Hysteria steps closer to the nurse with frightening speed.]

“I know that, you fool!” [He quickly states, looking down at the comatose Cyrus.] “I don’t want him dead. At least not yet.”

[Hysteria calms down quickly, casually walking to the foot of the bed again.]

“Revive him then, nurse.” [He commands.] “I want Cyrus in traveling condition within a week. He’s got a brother to reunite with. And then we will find out how much of Nicholas remains inside the clown.”

[Hysteria looks over at his cohorts.]

“Tonight, I want you two to make sure I show Ozric Mortimer that I’m not only superior to him mentally, but that I can beat him in a fight as well. I am not to lose, do you understand?”

[Shark sneers in return, baring his teeth. Ash grins while smiling. They’re going to enjoy this.]

“Go. It’s time to show my Nightmare that the night is over. It’s time for the day, and he will wish for sleep before I’m done with him.”

[With a nod, Ash and Shark turn to leave the room and Hysteria mockingly nods to the nurse, who bows her head in silent thanks to the Lord above that she survived.] [Static.] [Darkness.] [We have a massive title match tonight as two hated monsters face off against eachother not only for All-Star gold but for their own perverse pleasure. Can the Mastermind put down his own creator or will Ozric prove to be his worst nightmare?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria smiles widely, urging Ozric to come forward as the Nightmare eyes The Shark and Evil Ash on the outside, both members of the Asylum staring down Mortimer with a hunger in their eyes, distracting Ozric long enough for Hysteria to take him by surprise with a massive Lariat to the back of the neck. Hysteria stomps down on the fallen Ozric before lifting him up, hooking him underneath the chin before delivering a series of vicious knees to the jaw that rock the Nightmare] [A final one to the temple stuns Ozric as Hysteria lifts him up onto his shoulders, APATHY…NO! Ozric manages to roll down Hysteria’s shoulders, grabbing him from behind, SUSPENDED ANIMATION! Hysteria landed right on his neck as Ozric waits for him to get to his feet, groggy near the ropes. Ozric rushes forward with a spear but Hysteria just dodges it as the Shark pulls the ropes down, causing Ozric to dive head first outside to the floor! The Shark and Evil Ash kick Ozric down on the floor as The Shark pulls Ozric up just enough, PUCKER UP! That massive Big Boot almost took Ozric’s head off as they throw the Nightmare back into the ring] [Hysteria backs away, leaping up with a massive kneedrop to the face of Ozric before covering, ONE…TWO…The Nightmare gets the shoulder up! Hysteria tries to pulls Ozric up but gets a forearm haymaker for his troubles that stun the Mastermind as Ozric latches onto Hysteria’s temples, nailing him with a massive headbutt. The Nightmare doesn’t let go, landing headbutt after headbutt, finishing off with a massive leaping headbutt that leaves Hysteria out on his feet, completing the MIRROR MIRROR! Hysteria is out as Ozric lifts him up, backing up before rushing forward and squashing Hysteria to the mat with a massive splash] [Ozric doesn’t cover, instead pulling Hysteria up, CUTTER OUTTA NOWHERE! Mortimer gets up quickly but Hysteria is ready, stunning him with a big discus elbow to the side of the head before pulling him up onto his shoulders, APATHY! Hysteria quickly covers the fallen Ozric, ONE…BIG TIME KICK OUT! Hysteria can’t believe it as he pulls Ozric up only to recieve a knee to the jaw as he’s grabbed into a headlock. Ozric tries to bounce off the nearby ropes but Evil Ash trips him up, allowing Hysteria to escape the headlock as he kicks Ozric’s knee out from under him, locking in a vicious looking Dragon Clutch] [Hysteria has the hold locked in the middle of the ring, cranking back with all his might as it looks like Ozric is slowly fading away but the Nightmare finds a last second burst of strength, getting to his feet with Hysteria on his back before dropping down with a jawbreaker. Hysteria stumbles away, holding his jaw as Ozric rushes forward with another leaping knee but Hysteria just manages to move, as Ozric nails the referee! Hysteria smiles as The Shark and Evil Ash roll into the ring, the trio beginning to beat down on Ozric with hard strikes] [Ozric is beaten down to one knee as The Shark rushes forward, SUSHI KICK! Ozric looks out of it as he’s pulled to his feet, The Shark and Hysteria holding him in place as Evil Ash backs up, MASSIVE BOOMSTICK! Right on the money as Ozric drops to the mat, seemingly unconcious, Ash and the Shark rousing the referee before rolling out as Hysteria covers. The referee slowly comes to, seeing the pin as the crowd begins to boo. ONE…WAKE UP OZRIC….TWO…NOT LIKE THIS…THRE…OZRIC KICKS OUT! Hysteria can’t believe it as The Shark and Evil Ash roll back into the ring ] [Evil Ash and The Shark try to attack Ozric but they’re pushed back by the referee, as behind them Hysteria nails Ozric with a massive Lost Hope! The Mastermind pins Ozric but the referee is preoccupied as he orders Evil Ash and the Shark out of the ring, the crowd counting the visual pin, ONE…TWO…THREE..FOUR…FIVE. Hysteria gets up from the pin, turning the referee around as he screams at him for missing the winning pinfall. Behind him, Ozric leaps to his feet, begging for Hysteria to turn around and as the Mastermind turns, kick to the gut, TRAUMATIC INCIDENT! Hysteria is down as Ozric pins, ONE…TWO…The Shark rolls into the ring but it’s too late…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [The Shark tries to attack Ozric but he rolls out of the ring, raising his hand in victory as he’s handed the All-Star title by the referee. Evil Ash rouses Hysteria, who’s furious inside the ring, Ozric just getting the better of his creation tonight as he taunts the Asylum from the stairs] [Recorded Earlier.] [In the cold and sterile environment that is the hospital, Neville Sheldon sits on the edge of his bed in his hospital gown, looking none too clever. Rope burns hang around his neck, a constant reminder of what he did. He rubs them with his right hand, thinking about that fateful night.]

“I didn’t do this,” [He mutters aloud.] “I couldn’t do this.”

[The hospital room door suddenly swings open, a nurse walking in.]

“Mr. Sheldon, how are you doing today?” [She asks, walking over to him.] “Do you need anything?”

[Sheldon gulps painfully.]

“I just need to know what happened to me?”

[The nurse looks at him sympathetically.]

“You were brought in a few weeks ago with severe trauma to your neck, an indication of a suicide attempt. They said they found you hanging in your locker room,” [she admits carefully.] “But someone showed up – I don’t know who, and told them that you didn’t do this to yourself.”

“Is that why word was released that I had died?” [He asks sincerely.] “Because the police suspect I was a victim?”

[She nods.] “They found no evidence to prove either theory. No-one saw anything.”

[Neville stands up and rips the wires from his body. He pulls the needle from his arm and tosses it to one side, storming across the room to find his clothes. The nurse looks at him, stunned.]

“What are you doing?” [she demands to know.] “You can’t leave, Mr. Sheldon. You still need care.”

[He starts putting on his clothes.] “I’m sorry nurse, but I have to get out of here. You don’t understand. Someone did do this to me. Someone hung me there and if I don’t get to The School Yard, the last piece of my mother will be gone forever.”

[Sheldon walks towards the door, opening it but not looking back.]

“Consider me discharged, Nurse.”

[As Brent Kersh exited his house and made his journey towards The School Yard, he knew he had miles to travel. As he drove down a darkened country lane, his car suddenly spluttered to a halt. The radio flashed on and off, interrupted by static, sending his car alarm into a frenzy of noise. His headlights flickered, flashed and his central locking system went ballistic.] [He finally exited the car, looking around in a panic.]

“Where are you, Crow?” [he screamed into the darkness.] “I know you’re out here.”

[His paranoia was well founded. He turned around to meet The Scarecrow. He reached out and grabbed him by the throat, slamming him backwards into his car. Kersh instinctively swung, nailing Scarecrow between the eyes. That forced him to release the grip and the fight was on. Brent slammed him with as hard a right hand as he could, hitting him harder and harder until The Scarecrow stumbled backwards. He leapt at him, both of them tumbling into the grass behind and rolling down a short embankment.] [They both get back to their feet relatively quickly, Kersh grabbing a handful of dirt and throwing it into the eyes of The Scarecrow. That stumbles him and Brent once again launches himself at him like a bullet, crashing into his mid-section with a Spear. He immediately rolls over, mounting The Crow and slamming right hands across his face, hitting him with everything he has. The Scarecrow though uses his strength and his legs to kick him off, getting back to his feet just as Brent does. Brent swings with another punch, The Hayman dodging. He reaches out and grabs him, throwing him back up the small embankment towards the car.] [The Scarecrow angrily steps back up, following as Kersh gets to a knee and driving his own knee into his skull. There’s a crunch as The Enforcer falls backwards, blood spewing from his nose like water from a hose. The Hayman grabs him, spinning him around and running him full force into the side of his vehicle, leaving a huge dent from the impact. Brent slams into the concrete floor, whining slightly as he does. This isn’t a wrestling match, it’s a fight. The Scarecrow reaches down and grabs him once more, crashing his head straight through the car window! Glass shatters, shards of it digging into the Enforcers face as well.] [The Monster pulls him straight out, viciously grabbing a shard of glass dug into his face and ripping it away. Kersh screams, only for The Scarecrow to grab him around the throat with both hands. He strangles him, The Enforcer barely able to breath as his life force is drained from him. He has a cut on his face from the glass shard and his nose has blood still dripping from it, but none of that compares to this. He tries to fight him off, but Scarecrow slaps his hands away. Brent fumbles for the broken window next to him, struggling as he’s passing out. His hand finds a piece of glass, so he rips at it, his hand cut and bleeding all over it as he does.] [The Enforcer finally snaps the shard off, and RAMS it into the neck of The Scarecrow. He stumbles backwards, releasing his grip on Kersh’ neck. He falls to one knee for a moment, giving Brent a chance to catch his breath. The Hayman though pulls the shard from his neck, tossing it aside. He rises, angered and runs at Kersh, slamming his Boot right at him! Brent manages to step aside, aiming the foot directly through the window. He opens the car door and sweeps the standing leg, sending The Scarecrow to the floor. The Enforcer walks around and grabs him, dragging him to the open space between the car and the door, placing him sat right against the edge.] [He backs up, grabs the car door and SWINGS IT WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS RIGHT INTO THE SCARECROWS FACE! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! BRENT KERSH BEATS THAT CAR DOOR OFF HIS FACE UNTIL HE FALLS TO HIS KNEES WITH EXHAUSTION. The car is completely busted up. He crawls over to where The Scarecrow lays, intent on surveying the damage. He kicks the car door backwards, only The Scarecrow’s head turns slowly, looking at him. Kersh’ eyes widen – he didn’t expect to see that and only now does he realize exactly what he’s dealing with. Brent falls backwards and starts to crawl away, using every ounce of energy he has to try and escape.] [The Scarecrow rises from the ashes, stumbling, but still alive. He cannot be killed. Brent is still crawling away as he stumbles up behind him, grabbing him by the legs. Kersh’s fingernails claw at the concrete floor as The Scarecrow drags him backwards, bringing him back to the car. Brent Kersh is a bloodied mess. His nose is busted open; he has cuts on his cheeks and his fingernails are broken and bloodied too. Crow pulls him to his feet and bounces his head off the car bonnet, leaving a dent behind. Finally, he pulls him up and THROWS HIM STRAIGHT INTO THE WINDSHIELD!! THE WHOLE THING CRACKS AND CRUMBLES UNDER THE WEIGHT OF BRENT KERSH’S BACK! He rolls down it, then off the hood, onto the floor. The Scarecrow watches as once again, now with a bloodied back, Brent Kersh tries his damndest to crawl away.]

“Where do you think you’re going?” [The Scarecrow asks sinisterly.] “It doesn’t matter where you go, or where you hide, I will find you.”

[The Scarecrow stands over him, reaching down and pulling at his hair so that his head is lifted off the floor.]

“M-My family,” [Kersh mutters and stammers.] “T-take me… but but… but leave them alone.”

[The Scarecrow sneers.]

“Oh I’m going to take your son, Brent,” [He announces.] “And you’re going to watch as I rip him limb from limb. You may be the toughest Kersh I have ever fought, but is he?”

[Kersh stammers, crying.] “P-Please no, not my son. Just take me, I beg of you, take me.”

“For generations it has been this way. I have hunted the seniors of your family and killed them. It has never ended this cycle because it doesn’t matter what I do, their offspring procreate and everything starts again. Do you know why I won’t kill you right now? Because I’m going to do things differently. You will perish, Brent Kersh – but not before your son.”

[Before Brent can say another word, The Scarecrow smashes his face off the concrete floor, knocking him unconscious. He backs away, surveying the damage. The car is broken, there’s glass everywhere and blood too. It looks like something out of a horror movie. The Scarecrow has won this match, but the war, its just getting started.] [The bustling streets of Las Vegas.] [The dead of night.] [Police sirens echo throughout the streets, three police vehicles pulling up next to an alleyway entrance. Officers pour out with their guns drawn, walking towards the alley with extreme caution.]

“Remember me?”

[We can hear the voice, but we can’t see who it belongs to. The cops enter the alley, walking towards a large homeless populace. They all point towards the dumpster, watching as one of the cops bravely lifts the lid.

“Remember me?”

[What he finds startles him so much that he stumbles backwards. A female officer arrives next, turning away to vomit. She’s quickly escorted off scene.]

“I said, do you Remember me?”

[Inside the dumpster, a body lays – mutilated, its face beaten to a bloodied pulp. We can barely make him out, but as the camera closes in, it becomes more and more apparent who we’ve just found.] [It’s a man we’ve not seen in ages. A man that Errol Flint hired, fired and dismantled.] [The officers search through his bloodied and ripped jeans for a wallet, finding one. They pull out the identification.]

“Charles Vane, thirty-one years of age.”

[The camera rises to the fire escapes above, where the smiling face of a man we’ve not seen since Vane fired him appears. It’s Ethan Bird.]

“But you will. You’ll all remember my name.”

[We pan out to see the flashing lights one more time as Ethan watches from up high, revelling in what we can only imagine is his handiwork.] [Cut.] [When we return from the commercial break, Red River Jack stands in the middle of the ring, his hand raised into the air and a microphone in the other. The camera closes in, taking a close up of the locket dangling from it.] [He’s not alone, either.] [Shadow, Hate and David Manson surround him, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Neville Sheldon. As does the refeee.]

“Where are you, man?” [He says with insincerity.] [Suddenly, ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ hits and the fans go ballistic. Neville Sheldon appears atop the steps in street clothes, wasting no time in making his way to the ring. He stops outside, surveying The Awakening with caution, only to roll under the bottom rope anyway.]

“I’m glad you could make it,” [Jack scoffs.] “And you did it all for this, didn’t you?” [He says dangling the locket.] “You know somethin’ kid? You’ve got some balls. Two weeks ago, David Manson and Hate strung you up like a game of Hangman and left you there to dangle.”

[Sheldon shoots them a glare.]

“Oh man, I don’t think he likes that, huh?”

[The Awakening laugh amongst themselves.]

“But don’t worry, I’m a man of my word. If you want this locket back, all you have to do is get down on your hands and knees and tell the whole world that you’re a fraud, man. All you have to do is renounce everything you stand for.”

[Sheldon looks around the booing crowd who’re yelling at him; ‘don’t do it!’. He reluctantly steps towards Jack and slowly bows down to his knees. With his head lowered, Jack places the microphone at his mouth.]

“I’m,” [He says, pausing.] “I,” [Followed by another pause.] “I don’t need that locket to be close to my mother,” [he says raising his head slowly, the look on his face having changed.] “Because she’s in here!” [Neville says pointing to his heart.] [He suddenly lunges up, catching Jack with a straight right under his chin that knocks him immediately to the canvas. The fans absolutely explode but before he knows it, Mike Lane, Hate and David Manson have attacked. They throw him to the canvas and stomp the holy shit out of him before Manson pulls him up and nails him with the Unspoken Words! The Spiked DDT drops him right on his head in the middle of the ring.] [Jack slowly gets back up, his lip bloodied from that tremendous right hand. He checks the blood and laughs, telling Manson to turn him over. Much like they did Nigel, they hold him there as Red snaps the locket and pulls the whole thing apart in front of his very dazed eyes.] [Sheldon tries to fight back, only Shadow steps backwards and nails him with a Shadow Kick, right under the jaw! Red drops into the cover, demanding that the referee make the pinfall. He does… One….. Two…. Three! Red River Jack beats Neville Sheldon here tonight. He stands up, about to redirect traffic, when Nigel Royal’s music hits!] [It looks like the Ring King has seen enough!] [We have a massive main event on tap tonight as the Ring King finally gets his title shot against the leader of the Awakening, the Shadow. Can Royal finally ascend to greatness or will the Awakening and the Shadow King prove too much for him?] [Nigel Royal slowly walks down to the ring, the Awakening already inside as they stare daggers at the challenger, Jack holding open the ropes as he motions for Nigel to climb inside, the Shadow waiting him on the other side of the ring, the OSW Championship still strapped around his waist. Nigel climbs inside as the Awakening surround the outside of the ring, Royal focusing on the trio allowing the Shadow to rush forward, EARLY SHADOW KICK! Royal ducks under, tripping the Shadow to the mat as he tries to lock in an Ankle Lock, the Shadow quickly scrambling to the ropes as he breaks the hold] [Nigel urges The Shadow to come forward, ducking under a right hand before grabbing him by the back of the head and pounding on his exposed face with a series of stiff forearms. A massive one drops the Shadow to one knee as Royal runs to the ropes but he’s tripped up by Manson, distracting Royal just enough as Shadow grabs him from behind, RELEASE GERMAN! Royal lands on the back of his neck as the Shadow locks in a sleeperhold, trying to wear down the neck of Royal] [The Shadow grinds down on the hold as much as he can but Royal fights to his feet, delivering a hard elbow to the ribs that breaks the hold. Royal ducks under a lariat attempt, grabbing the Shadow from behind before returning the favor, dumping the Shadow on his head with a Belly to Back Suplex. The Ring King calls for it, pulling up the Shadow King but he twists out of Royal’s grasp, rolling out of the ring as he tries to regroup. The Shadow shakes out the cobwebs as Manson and HAtE give him encouragement as Royal backs up, sizing the trio up before he dives off, ASAI MOONSAULT!] [Royal takes out all three men but as he celebrates with the crowd, he doesn’t notice RRJ sneaking up behind him. As Nigel turns around, SPARTAN KICK INTO THE APRON! Royal drops to his knees in pain as Jack pulls him up, rolling him into the ring before dragging him half out onto the apron, dangling over the middle rope, before nailing him with a clubbing forearm, APRON NECKBREAKER! Nigel’s neck nearly gets snapped in half as The Shadow rolls in, dropping down for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!] [Nigel twinges his neck further on the kickout as The Shadow pounds down with hard elbows to the back of the neck before pulling him to his feet and drilling him into the canvas with a Single Arm DDT. The Shadow doesn’t cover as HAtE climbs up onto the apron, distracting the referee as Manson rolls into the ring holding the OSW World title. The Shadow pulls Nigel up to his feet as Manson decks him with the title before dropping it to the canvas, UNSPOKEN WORDS ONTO THE BELT! Manson rolls out with the belt again as the Shadow pulls Nigel up, blood pouring down his face from the championship belt] [Nigel tries to fight back but The Shadow easily dodges the blows, grabbing a right as he twists Nigel around, DEGENERATION INTO THE CORNER! Royal slowly pulls himself up, barely standing as he stumbles out of the corner, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Royal just crumples to the mat from that knee as the Shadow drops down, barely hooking the leg for the cover, ONE….TWO…THR…ROYAL GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The Shadow lets out a scream of frustration before dropping down and locking in a sadistic looking STF!] [Royal screams in pain as The Shadow rears back with all his strength, screaming at Royal to tap out. The Ring King tries to crawl his way to the ropes as his fingers scrape the bottom rope but The Shadow pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Royal tries to power out but the blood loss has sapped his strength as he slowly begins to fade. The referee lifts up his arm, it drops ONCE….he lifts it a second time TWICE…he lifts it up a third time…THRE…IT SHOOTS UP HIGH INTO THE AIR! Nigel gets a massive surge of strength, leaping forward as he grabs hold of the bottom rope, forcing the break of the hold as the Shadow can’t believe it] [The Shadow pulls Nigel up but Royal blocks a right hand, delivering one of his own before a second then a massive flurry of lefts and rights sending The Shadow reeling as the crowd cheers at the pumped up Ring King. Royal rushes forward with a big Spinning Heel Kick but The Shadow pulls the referee in the way as Royal completely wipes him out. The Shadow tries for a Lariat but Royal ducks under, kicking the Shadow King in the gut, BRAINBUSTER! Royal is feeling it as he slowly climbs up to the top rope, sizing up the Shadow, SPITFIRE! Royal covers, but there’s no referee!] [ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…Royal should have won this as Jack rolls into the ring, pulling Nigel up to his feet, SEEIN’ RED! Royal gets spiked into the mat, a circle of blood staining the mat where he hit as Jack throws The Shadow onto Royal, before waking up the referee. The referee slowly counts, ONE…NOT LIKE THIS…TWO…KICK OUT NIGEL…THR…FOOT ON THE ROPES! The Awakening can’t believe it as both men slowly get to their feet] [The Shadow is up first, seeing Nigel to one knee he rushes forward, SHADOW KI…NIGEL TRIPS HIM UP, DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Royal barely gets it locked on before the Awakening rush the ring, breaking up the pinfall as they stomp down on the prone Royal. HAtE pulls Royal up, lifting him up high in a Gorilla Press but Royal slips down his back, snapping him down to the mat with a German Suplex. Manson rushes him but gets a kick to the gut and a DDT to the mat as both men roll to the outside. RRJ spins Nigel around, trying for another Seein’ Red but Royal spins out, delivering a Spinning Heel Kick that staggers Jack before he grabs him around the waist, BELLY TO BELLY OVER THE TOP ROPE! Nigel is pumped up again, as he turns back to the Shadow King, SHADOW KICK! SHADOW KICK! Royal just get drilled as this has to be over] [The Shadow drops down, covering, ONE…TWO…THR…ROYAL KICKS OUT! The Shadow can’t believe it as he waits for Royal to slowly get to his feet, ANOTHER SHADOW KICK! That drops Royal down to one knee as The Shadow King sets him up, rushing to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK! That one dropped Royal like a shot as The Shadow King drops down, rolling Royal up into a cradle. ONE….TWO…THREE!!! THE SHADOW KING ENDURES!] [The bell rings as the crowd is furious with that decision, booing heavily at the Shadow King who gets to his feet with a massive grin on his face as he’s handed his OSW Championship. He raises it high in the air, before rolling out as the Awakening walk away from the ring, victorious once more] [After that tremendous match in which Nigel Royal fought valiantly against all the odds, he’s barely able to stands afterwards. He gets back to his feet, stumbling towards the ropes, only to have Red River Jack hang him up and send him backwards to the canvas.] [The fans boo but to no avail, as The Awakening slide back into the ring.] [Poor Nigel Royal is absolutely surrounded.] [He gets back to his feet and is quickly attacked by Manson and Hate, who back him into the corner and nail him with right and left hands.] [Wait a second!! Neville Sheldon has awoken! He slides into the ring and runs at Manson, tackling him to the canvas. Royal fights back against Hate and suddenly, the odds are somewhat evened. Sheldon strangles Manson, smacking him with every chance he gets. But here comes Jack and Shadow, pulling both Royal and Sheldon off respectively.] [The four on two assault is just too much.] [Manson and Hate dive back into the assault, all four of them throwing punches at our two heroes.]


“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame.

Darlin’, you give love, a bad name.”


[The entire arena explodes into a rapturous applause unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The roof figuratively blows off the School Yard. Bruce Van Chan appears atop the steps with a steel chair and makes a b-line for the ring. He runs down them, sliding under the bottom rope and leaping into action with a steel chair shot to Red River Jack.] [He quickly gets back to his feet, just in time to see Sheldon drop Manson with a massive DDT of his own! Royal tosses Hate over the top rope and its BRUCE VAN CHAN NAILS SHADOW WITH A SWINGING CHAIR SHOT TO END ALL CHAIR SHOTS!! The Awakening have been felled here tonight!] [Bruce looks at Sheldon and Royal who nod, both men offering handshakes. Bruce must have been the one to have Neville’s back at the hospital. All three stand tall in the middle of the ring, raising their arms in celebration.] [What a night. What a return.]