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In Jash Khan, Promo by Jash Khan

[Indian music plays softly in the background as Jash Khan sits opposite a man with a laptop. The man clicks away at the keyboard as Jash muses.]

“Everybody in Arcadia wants to be rich, innit?”

[He looks around his room, adorned with golden statues and fanciful things.]

“But wealth only favours the few, bruva. Some of us have been on a grind for those big stacks. It ain’t come easy, no no, you gotta do the ting.”

[His attention turns to the man on the laptop.]

“You found this Hoax yet, yute?”

[The man shakes his head.]

“How do you find the invincible? How does a roadman go about findin’ someone who doesn’t want to be found? Hoax is a master of anonymity, hidin’ in the shadows and ting. He ain’t about that bein’ found life. If you wanna find Jash Khan, you come to my Kingdom and truss, you’ll find me.”

[Khan doesn’t look impressed.]

“And here I am wonderin’ why a man that likes to hide his face, his intentions and himself from everybody else is steppin’ foot inside my ring to face me.”

[Khan shrugs.]

“That’s puttin’ yourself out there, innit?”

“For someone who prefers to lurk in the shadows, you’re goin’ full war-man and tings. You puttin’ yourself right in the public eye and everyone knows about mandem Barty, bruva. Everyone knows how you puttin’ the pliers to that boy for some credits, innit.”

“So if anyone wants to find Hoax, people need to know where you gonna be. Now if you ask me, I’m just a simple roadman, but I reckon that might be the key to beatin’ a waste-man like you.”

[The man on the laptop finishes, spinning it around with a smile. Jash looks at it for a while, a slow smile creeping across his face too.]

“Now, I don’t know where you at bruv. No-one does. My mandem here couldn’t find you and if he can’t find you, you’re well hidden.”

“Cept on Monday at NXT Level.”

“When you step outta those protective shadows and step to Jash Khan.”

[Khan shows us the laptop.] [On it is a big poster created by Khan’s boy, advertising the location of Hoax this coming Monday night at NXT Level. It has been posted out on the web for everyone to see.]

“Everyone knows where you gonna be now, bruv.”

“Everyone who you have ever tormented knows you’re gonna be stood opposite me on Monday and if they wanna know where to come lookin’, they know it’s in Olympus, you get me?”

“Barty gonna know too, brudduh.”

“Now if ya ask me, that means you’re no longer protected by that shadow. You won’t be protected by that laptop. You won’t be sat behind a screen inflictin’ bad tings on anyone. Nah.”

“It’ll be us inflictin’ them on you.”

“Cause I’ve got the wrath of khan for you, innit.”

“So does everyone who ever fucked with, brudduh.”