Holy Trinity

In Promo by Vigour

Humans have a saying, right, that good things come in threes. But they also have a saying that bad things come in threes. So does everything come in fucking threes? That doesn’t make any sense! But this is the human race after all. This is a race who believe in the archaic notion of the bible.

It’s clear that there have been gods. We’ve seen the gods here in OSW. But what is also clear is this fucking ridiculous pastiche some monk scribbled on papyrus or what the fuck ever is a load of shit.

God is a triad too, according to the Good Book. Three parts to make a whole – the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

Sir Renault is represented by The Father, as he was the first of Vayikra to arrive on the scene, leading his own damaging brand of bigotry and zealotry. He leads by example – unfortunately the example is how to be a fucking moron. Because he does not know how best to lead, he fails the first part of the trinity.

Sir Bellator is represented by The Son, as he has spent his life in the shadow of his own earthly father, who achieved so much before him. Sir Bellator feels intimidated by the pressure passed down from father to son and instead follows an alternative father figure in Renault to avoid the need to confront his religious Daddy issues. Because he has become lost and only knows how to blindly follow, he fails the second part of the trinity.

Sir Gable is represented by The Holy Spirit, as his olympic spirit carried over into his new perspective. He shows his mettle whenever anything challenges him, including the recent news of his impending death. But the Holy Spirit needs to be channelled to be effective, and Sir Gable is unable to do that alone. Because he cannot channel the spirit in the right direction, he fails the final part of the trinity.

But the problem with the Holy Trinity is that it’s fucking boring. Fuck that, and come over to the dark side. Let me introduce you to the Unholy Trinity.

TGK is represented by curiosity, willing to challenge the status quo despite his small stature, and even if he makes enemies

Starboy represents expression, willing to be himself in the face of all adversity, even if people call him names and spit at him.

And Vigour represents the unknown, willing to show himself to the world against all common sense, even if people will never understand him.

And that motherfucking trinity is the real deal. Imagine a group of friends – no, brothers – who are curious about the world around them, willing to express who they really are, and unafraid of exploring something new and exciting. And that is exactly why The Rainbow Party hold the advantage. Because we’re curious we see things you cannot. Because we’re expressive we’re not afraid to try things that might fail. And because we’re unknown, you really have no fucking idea how to control us, do you?

So let’s do it now and do it loud!