Home Invasion

In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“Home is where the heart is, the place one feels safest in Arcadia.”

“A haven away from the evils of the world around it.”

“Until the day that home gets invaded.”

“I once responded to a breaking and entering, five men attempting to smash in the doors, shatter the windows, and force their way inside of a home that was not their own.”

“All five with a different reason for their invasion of this home’s sanctity.”

“One had walked in with the hopes of stealing the art from its walls, ransacking beauty from this horrible tragedy.”

“Another wanted to simply dig his fingers into the jewels and credits, caring more for his own wealth rather than the innocence of the owner.”

“Two of them simply wished to assault the owners with their words, to foist inane ramblings into their minds until they went numb from their lectures.”

“And lastly, perhaps the most egregious, one man simply wished to end the life of those inside the house, their screams merely music to his ears as they lay dead upon the floorboards.”

“These men fought one another, brawling for the right to plunder this home and take what was theirs.”

“And in their selfish fighting for the right to bust down those doors? To invade? A member of Arcadia’s finest arrived on the scene.”

“Grimskull, Jasper, Vision, Death, Muerte.”

“All five of you step into Olympus for one reason, to fight for the right to invade its halls. To take that briefcase hanging above the ring and plunder the home we call OSW. To kick in the doors and take what does not belong to you, what you selfishly believe to be yours.”

“Whether Jasper wants to invade and create his horrible art.”

“Or Death wanting to smash in the windows to line his pockets with championship gold.”

“Grimskull and Vision using the top of the ladder as their soapbox to preach to the captive audience of Arcadia’s people.”

“Or Muerte invading on the poor soul with the title to bring about his end.”

“All of you are looking to force your way into a place where you do not belong so you can rob it of things you do not deserve. Once that briefcase is in hand you’ve earned the right to splinter the wood and terrify the inhabitants of OSW all for your own selfish gain.”

“But you never expected Arcadia’s finest to be hot on your trail.”

“Specialist Jackson Cade is on the scene and I have five perps in my sight.”

“One by one I’ll take you down, dragging you away in cuffs to keep OSW safe, to keep the home of Arcadia’s entertainment secure.”

“Because unlike you, I’m not an invader.”

“I’m a protector.”

“And when I claim that briefcase, it won’t be so I can invade Arcadia and steal from its residents.”

“It’ll be a warrant in my hands that will allow me to do what I do best.”

“Protect and serve.”

“Eagles soar!”