Hot Blue

In Promo by Vigour

This universe is bigger than you could ever fucking know. And I should know, given I’m a fucking alien.

I’ve seen some of it – and even the small parts I’ve seen would blow a human’s tiny little mind.

Take the stars, for example. There are so many stars in the Universe. Nobody will ever be able to count them all, but the best minds estimate 200 sextillion of the fuckers. In other words imagine a trillion stars – a huge amount right. Well a sextillion is a billion trillions, so they think there are 200 billion trillion stars out there.

Just imagine that.

Now, human’s like to rationalise things, so to them those stars are all the same. They all do the same thing, and they all emit light in the same way, but that’s not true at all. There are lots of different types of stars. There are almost an infinite amount of variations of star. But I want to talk to you about a couple of them.

First, let’s talk about the sun. The main star that earthlings know about. Solar-type stars like the earths sun fuse hydrogen into helium at their core. The end result is the familiar yellow-ish glow that characterises many of the stars we see in the sky, and a long-lived, stable star with a lifetime of billions of years. That’s how humans quantify things. Earth should in theory last until the heat-death of the sun.

How about hot blue stars, then? You’ve probably not heard of these little bastards. These are stars which are much more massive than earth’s sun and burn hotter but for much less time, living and dying within a few million years. Similarly to how a hot flame like on a gas hob might burn blue, these stars show a bright blue light and because they’re so bright, you can see a lot of them from the earth.

The problem is, as exotic as the hot blue stars are, they’re fucking unpredictable, right. They remind me of Starboy – they burns hot and fast, living their life at a hundred miles per hour, but their energy and verve will surely lead to his inevitable collapse. I love the guy but if there’s ever anyone destined for an early grave it’s them. Starboy is like the hot blue stars because they’ll burn brighter than anyone else in the room, but they’re much more likely to crash and burn.

Me? I love life and all the colour and sounds it holds, but I love to savour them all – take my time. I’m like the sun, that familiar glow on your cheek in the evening. The first dew at sunrise. And I’m in it for the long run – you can rely on me. Although I love my Rainbow Party friends, the truth of the matter is that they are burning bright right now, but they’ll be snuffed long before I am. Nobody can extinguish my light – I’ve still got a long time in front of me in this ring, but Starboy? They’re cooking on fumes, unfortunately, and the hot blue star is ready to implode.