House Keeping

In Mr. Kleen, Promo by Mr. Kleen

Mr. Kleen was tidying up the halls of the Arcadian Censorship Authority building when he got a request from a disheveled and pale employee.

“Would you kindly clean my home?” the weird man asked in monotone. “I’ll reward you handsomely if you manage to cleanse it to my liking.”

The janitor was going to refuse and report this strange looking employee to the chairman, but he was tempted by this mysterious “reward”.

“Sure,” said the custodian, “lead the way.” With a wicked grin, the stranger grabbed Mr. Kleen’s hand and lead him down to the Groves.

Deep within the trees lied a cottage that was in a state of disrepair. The windows were shattered, the door was off its hinges, and the whole thing looked like it was about to fall apart.

Kleen looked completely dumbfounded at the condition of the building. He turns to his left to ask the ghastly looking fellow what the [CENSORED] he expects him to do with a place as abhorrent of shape as this, but he isn’t there.

In fact, he’s nowhere to be found.

Creeped out, but still enticed by that “reward”, the masked custodian stepped inside the building.

The interior looked just as filthy as the exterior. The furniture is covered in dust, there’s cobwebs hanging off the roof, and junk is scattered about everywhere. The janitor takes a deep breath before pulling down on his gloves, getting ready to work.

He swept away the cobwebs with a feather duster, sweeping every inch of every nook and cranny inside the cottage.

He wiped down the furniture with a cleaning cloth, making sure everything was spotless, shiny, and free of dust.

Lastly, he picked up every piece of what he deemed to be junk and placed it in a trash bag.

Upon finishing, he looks at his handiwork with a nod and gets ready to leave and claim his payment. Once reaching the doorway, he hears a loud thud, causing him to turn around and witness something that causes his eyes to bulge out of his head.

The cottage became even messier than before. More cobwebs, more junk, more dust, and now animal corpses are strewn throughout.

He goes back to cleaning immediately. Sweeping the webs, cleaning the furniture, and picking up the junk and corpses.

He gets ready to leave again, only to hear an even louder thud.

Even more trash inhabits the house now. This time he’s ankle deep in waste and corpses.

He cleans it all up again and prepares to leave.


The garbage reaches his shins now.

Mr. Kleen screams out of frustration at this point. He tries to say [CENSORED] it and leave anyways, but he finds the previously unhinged door has now shut him inside and is locked from the outside.

Worse yet, the filth is starting to rise ever higher.

A haunting laughter is heard echoing throughout the cottage as the janitor begins to drown in the mess. As it completely covers the camera, the last thing we hear is the custodian yelling for help.