In Promo by Sigil

“The coding of a machine is like a long string of DNA.”

“Inside of it is everything a machine would use to determine its functional purpose, a string of intertwined ones and zeroes which form its movements and programs.”

“Not unlike how DNA would create a human’s hair color or height.”

“Side by side they aren’t so different.”

“Except for one very important detail.”

“You see, the machine, its coding goes deeper than appearances. It shapes their very being. If parameters are met, it must preform an action in reaction to it.”

“Its very life is predetermined.”

“A human? They can defy what their DNA says they should do. A weak man can grow strong, a blonde man can dye his hair. They can rebel against fate itself because they are blessed with the free will to do so.”

“Coding contains one thing DNA does not.”

“An end.”

“TGK, ever since you came into being one thing has been true about you. You have believed yourself to be human.”

“Believed your thoughts and actions to be your own, that your life was lived and that your love of the eighties was all your own.”

“But it’s not.”

“Every step you’ve taken, battle you fought, and friend you’ve made has been because your parameters have made it so. Your very life, your very being, has been predetermined by the coding that courses through your circuits. Even the memories that now grace your mind are only allowed to you because you triggered them by going to that lab.”

“Try as you might, you’ll never break free of the programming that has such an iron grip on your data banks.”

“And you’ll never want to.”

“After all, your creators willed it to be, and without someone’s outside force to change your programming, it’s all you will ever want.”

“Now you see, you may be strong, you may be determined, but I have one thing you’ll never have, TGK. I have the freedom of will, the ability to break free of the bonds of my DNA and the chains of fate themselves to attain my goals.”

“Even Death himself has failed to stop me in my tracks. At every turn I have defied my destiny and defeated my own predetermined programming to forge a new path towards my finale.”

“I killed gods, decimated skulls, and claimed the very fabric and time and space as my own.”

“With every goal I accomplish, I create a new one.”

“So what is to happen when we stand across from each other in that cage, TGK?”

“Will your coding allow you to defeat me?”

“Or will I do as I have done time and time again and defy the world around me? I am unbound, Kid. Nothing will prevent me from reaching my goal of becoming Ring King.”

“Not Death.”

“Not a cage.”

“And not you.”

“Now step aside, TGK.”

“I have walked this path before,  I shall walk it once more.”