I Can

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

[Stood in front of Felix, who has his head lowered shamefully.]

“No-one has ever dared tell me I can’t.”

[The VHS screen flashes.]

[A younger Doom, winning a science prize.]

“You can do it, son!”

[Stood inside a large laboratory, an apprentice by his side as he shoots electricity into a large hulking figure that lays on the table.]

“You can do it! You can breathe life into him, Doctor!”

[Victor Doom awakens.]

[Mount Olympus.]

Can he do it? Can Stubbins Doom eliminate Colt Ramsey and become the OSW World Champion?”

[Doom dumps him over the top rope.]

“He can! He can!

[The present.]

[The footage on the VHS player turns to static.]

“All my life it hasn’t mattered what the futile maggots have said or done; I can and I have. I will.”

“The Arcadian Censorship Authority dare to stand before Doom and tell him that he can’t?” [Chuckle.] “Can’t what, gentlemen?”

“Can’t win the OSW World Heavyweight Championship?”

“Can’t kill, maim and destroy my way to any goal that I see fit?”

“Can’t retain the Tag Team Championships at your expense?”

“But I can.

[Doom looks down at Foley and lifts his chin with a gloved hand.]

We can.”

[Foley smiles.]

“Men who believe in can’t aren’t successful. Men who surround themselves with those who believe they can’t, achieve nothing. That is you, Sebastian Boswick. There are two worlds you can live in, one in which you can and one in which you can’t. You’ve chosen the latter and you’ve surrounded yourself with likeminded men and women who believe that same philosophy.”

“You encourage the word can’t as if it’s a mantra to be obeyed.”

“And your people live in that world, disgusting, vile, and pathetic. The word can’t becomes a feeble excuse for your lack of success. It becomes a crutch for failure. You can’t, therefore you don’t. You can’t, therefore you won’t. You can’t, therefore others mustn’t.

“But we don’t subscribe to it.”

“Because we know that Scandium Sulphur can.”

[Felix Foley stands to meet Doom.]

“We can retain our Tag Team Championships. We can kill, main and destroy anything or anyone that gets in our way and nothing can stop us.”

“We can beat you to within an inch of your life and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

[Foley shakes his head profusely.]

[That part isn’t for him.]

“We can plunder, pillage and rule the entire world.”

“We can take it all.”

[Felix steps a little further away.]

“And next week when you dare to stand before us and think for a single second that we’ll listen when you tell us we can’t…”

“That’ll end with both of you kneeling before Doom.”

[Doom looks at Felix.]

“And him, I suppose.”

[Felix nods.]

That appears… true.

“Because we… unlike you… can