I Grimskull: Chapter 1

In Grimskull, Promo by Grimskull

  1. In the darkest days of Arcadia, Grimskull spoke to his disciples in the Slums, proclaiming the wisdom of the kaleidoscope, the mirror of existence, the testament to the transformative power of pain.
  2. Consider Stubbins Doom,” Grimskull said. “His world is a kaleidoscope of madness, his new creations born of suffering. Yet, he is not the master of this pain, but its puppet. He dances on the strings of his torment, his inventions but echoes of his chaos as he screams for scissors to cut him free.
  3. He continued, “Behold Jinx. Her reality is a kaleidoscope of information, a stream of ones and zeros. Her pain is mental, her battlefield, the mind. Yet, she is not the master of her agony, but its prisoner, her victories but fleeting moments of respite.
  4. Turning to Blacktooth, Grimskull declared, “His world is a kaleidoscope of violence, his pain visceral and animalistic. Through his physical torment, he endures, yet he is not the master of his suffering, but its prey. His life is a cycle of hunt and kill, his survival but a testament to his brutality.
  5. These lost souls, though they live in the kaleidoscope of pain, are not its masters. They are tossed by its whims, lost in its patterns, enthralled by its colors.
  6. Verily, verily, I say unto you, the kaleidoscope of pain is not a curse, but a blessing,” proclaimed Grimskull. “Through the crucible of suffering, we are reborn, we are transformed.
  7. I stand before you, having danced in the fire of agony. I emerged not as a victim, but a victor. I have seen the raw, unfiltered truth. Truth melts away the old self, leaving no falsehood.
  8. Do not fear the pain, as others do,” Grimskull charged. “Fear is the blinding light wielded by those who lack the vision to see beyond its prism.
  9. For Doom is not the hand that turns the kaleidoscope, but the shard of glass tossed by its whims.
  10. Jinx is not the eye that perceives the patterns of the kaleidoscope, but the observer lost in its labyrinth.
  11. Blacktooth is not the mind that comprehends the beauty of the kaleidoscope, but the beast enthralled by its colors.
  12. They do not command the power of pain, but are commanded by it.
  13. But we, my brethren, are different. We do not fear the pain, but welcome it. We are not the shards of glass within the kaleidoscope, but the hands that twist and turn it.
  14. We are the eyes that perceive its patterns, the minds that comprehend its beauty,” Grimskull declared. “We are the architects of our own suffering, the sculptors of our own agony.
  15. When life twists and turns, when the patterns shift and the colors bleed, do not fear. Embrace it. For it is through the kaleidoscope of pain that we find the truth.
  16. We are not the victims of our pain, but the victors. We are not broken by the storm, we are the storm.
  17. And so, the words of Grimskull echoed through the slums of Arcadia, a testament to the truth of the kaleidoscope.