In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

Growing up, I’d watch the kids play outside of Alexander palace; I never once joined them since I didn’t feel that accepted, I knew from day one I was different. I kept to myself and only interacted with my twin Brother; being the children of a Baron, we had to study a lot; Lucien and I when we had free time would do different pretend things.

Anything from reading, to playing pretend to even music.

As I grew up after being embraced, I’ve found some many imaginary geniuses. Like George Miller and Byron Kennedy, the ones who created “Mad Max”, you’d think the wasteland isn’t a place for imagination but that’s wrong.

You have people like Judas Priest, the metal gods creating music and playing a part in the British Invasion.

People like Van Gogh painting with feelings and still being displayed around the world.

For me, my imaginary as a child was innocent, fun and filled with unlimited possibility.

Sadly though since the embrace, my imagination is a double edge sword; when used for good, I can accomplish my goals and dreams; but when used against me, it shows me that night and from that I have PTSD and nightmares.

Somedays I wish I could just give the memory away.

Alas, I can’t and I have to deal with it. When I’m not wrestling or on a mission, I do a lot of reading; I get lost in my imagination, but does my opponent get lost in his a little too much?

Does the man know where the line should be drawn?

You see I know OSW can be a world with many imaginary possibilities, goals and ideas.

But here’s the thing.

This isn’t some make-believe world where it’s always rainbow and sunshine. We can’t party all the time here either. We have businesses, emotions, lives and jobs. The world is hard, it’s sad, we lose people we love and some of us have it harder than others.

Some even have to wear a mask to hide how they truly feel.

You know, this match won’t be imaginary, it’s going to be real. It is going to be where the fans enjoy it and that it’ll filled with red.

Yes, the colour of blood. I do have a dark side to my imagination and I don’t hide that. I see my imagination as an extent of my abilities as my two jobs and Kindred.

As much as I’d like to play imaginary, I won’t go out and be someone I’m not. After being embraced, I had to abandon my imaginary to survive. I’ve been alive for ages and this world can be stone cold. Vigour, you know what it’s like.

You come from a place where, imagination isn’t a thing or allowed; kinda like that book “The Giver”. This match, I won’t be giving, I’ll be taking that win, even if it means making your rainbow world, monotone in the end.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”