In The Labs

In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

The levels of Arcadia are vast and unknowable. But one thing I know is that there are people of all types here. People who sing for a livin’. People who kill for a livin’. People who scheme for a livin’.

But one of the most underrated parts of Arcadia is the abundance of science. Arcadia has a whole suite of laboratories scattered throughout. They’re a treat for sure. Were aliens to invade our walls and ask for our proudest achievement, well they’d be up there.

We have labs for drugs, both medicinal and otherwise. The scientists behind those aim to use chemicals to cure what those of Arcadia deem to be their illnesses. These labs pump out product at a speed of knots in order to meet the demand of the population.

We have labs for food. The brightest minds look for ways to enhance and expand Arcadias food resources and replenish the hunger of its inhabitants.

And we have labs for innovation. Where scientific research is at the forefront of achievement. Where we discover things about the world we could never dream of discoverin’.

And all of these things are just as equally vital to the survival of Arcadia. Without these things, Arcadia will never thrive as it can do with them.

There is only one issue. These labs all create vulnerabilities. They’re open to abuse by those with ulterior motives.

Although the drug labs can cure ailments and put our residents back on their feet – they can also cause addiction and knock our residents down to their rock bottom.

Although the food labs can engineer great advances in food production, they can also make our youth obese, and create an addition even stronger and more silent than the drug addictions.

Although the innovation labs are pivotal in moving Arcadia forward, they’re also influential in holdin’ us back. The inventions that are put forth can control the population as easily as free it.

That’s why the labs can never succeed without a steady hand to guide them. A hand that is experienced in all of Arcadia. A hand that has explored the far reaches.

The guidin’ hand that can ensure Drexl’s drug labs sink while the labs trying to cure cancer shine.

The guidin’ hand that can ensure Teddy O’Toole’s confectionery labs collapse whilst those promoting prosperity come through strong.

The guidin’ hand that can ensure that Stubbins Doom’s reckless mad scientist ideas fail, whilst those driving Arcadia to new and undiscovered heights are free to do so.

That guidin’ hand is ol’ Drewitt. And each of your precious laboratories will be shut down for the good of Arcadia, never again to curse the residents into eternal damnation. Never again to allow addiction, obesity, and utter control to run rampant through our levels.

The hand that guides will be the hand that feeds. And in the great laboratory of life, only Drewitt knows the winnin’ formula for just the perfect chemical reaction.

And that chemical reaction creates pure GOLD.