In The Shadows

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

It’s funny what you sometimes see in the shadows.

As a boy I was terrified of them, flinching at the very sight as my mind went wild with the possibilities of the evil that lay just beyond my vision.

As a teenager I ran through them, trying to fight the monsters within believing a single man could make a difference the right way.

And as a man, I see a connection. I see something that unites that dark, broken macabre of a world together because the Pool always enlightens.

As Blaze emerged, that slight tingle of remorse and worry flooded through me as I could tell how different this being was to my father.

He wasn’t quite what I imagined and for a second I thought I’d made a mistake but as we walked away, I saw a glint of something in the shadows.

The residual scorch of venom and vile, the poison that runs throughout every single cell of the dark.

The whisper of pride and sin, the actions of lust and decadence, the callus decimation of innocent lives gone in an explosive instance.

Every single unholy thing that has happened in Arcadia leads not to Zeus or the Elders but to one decrepit, malevolent would be god.

Every single thing leads back to you Gemini and I finally know I am on the right path to your destruction.

It’s funny, ever since your rebirth, you’ve been obsessed with regaining your power. Of picking up the strings and showing how you’re puppeting everyone to your own vile will.

Just like the Red Light District, the Pool was one of yours. An ancient well that can corrupt the innocent and turn them into dark, broken versions of themselves seems right up your alley Nergal.

So a little whisper here, a little manipulation there to the good Doctor and you watch as he turns a pure loving soul into a psychotic monster. Watch as he becomes an even more sociopathic version of himself.

Watch as he dips the purest hero and seemingly blackens his heart. Watch as a grieving widower becomes obssessed with vengeance.

But the one mistake you made is believing no one can resist your call. Because deep within that pool we all heard it. The Siren Song that twists and manipulates your soul.

You just never realised that one of us could resist your charms. Because one of us wasn’t changed by the pool but by our own volition.

See a boy thinks he change the world by his own terms. A man realises in order to do so, you sometimes have to sink to depths that sicken you.

So I’m coming for you Nergal, I’m bringing an army you created and we will hunt you to the ends of Arcadia to show everyone a God can die.

Because when the Pools Boys rip you from limb to limb, the darkness will finally fade away.

It’s funny what you sometimes see in the shadows, I see a glimmer of hope.

At least that’s what I have to keep telling myself.