In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

Have you ever seen a blister from a burn fester, it’s disgusting.  

It will eventually pop and ooze fluids in a vain attempt to clean itself. 

While in the open air of Arcadia it can become a maggot infested mess. 

Becoming more necrotic as the skin dies and sloths off the muscle. 

Now, you can wrap the wound in rags in a futile attempt from letting the outside in. 

But that’s just the word futile, the outside will get in and the infection will get in, it will spread, and it will kill you.  

Now with proper treatment, skin grafts, and the like this can be stopped. 

But that can be prohibitively expensive, and I know our good Doctor Death seldom works pro Bono. 

So, most with grievous bodily injuries either have to get a loan from the seedier parts of Arcadia or they must come to beg Zeus to open his coffers. 

This has been the life of the Sole Survivor though he’s Arcadia’s walking, festering blister. 

He has attempted to keep himself clean doing the “right thing” trying to find those that’ve left him in his current state. 

But all he’s done is attract maggots like Black Tooth, Kapvio, and Stubbins Doom. 

And the Charred One’s life just grows more necrotic and worn with each passing week, as he tries to balance protecting Destructo Boy and training him. 

But much like his outward mummified visage, his world is held together by metaphorical bandages designed to keep everyone out until what?   

Until James is ready to be the hero we need? 

The Arcadian Mummy himself needs to get a clue, his wrappings and trappings will fail. 

And what will happen is the infection that’s TBM will seep into Arcadia and his failings will continue to mount… 

It started with his family… 

But eventually he’ll get James and himself killed. 

Now he could try to appeal to the underbelly of Arcadia for protection, but they hate him and he’s essentially raising their adversary. 

Or he could look to Zeus to open his resources to them… 

But here’s the thing Burned Man, the big guy’s resources aren’t unlimited in fact they’re very finite. 

And you, and the infection you’re spreading is something that he can’t afford to divert resources from, with the Uprising threat at hand. 

So, he’s charged me to be the penicillin for Arcadia and my pen will be the mechanism that delivers that antibacterial load deep into your flesh. 

To reach down at a molecular level and uproot you and your maggot infested rags from the very Arcadian landscape. 

And after I’ve injected you with that shot of penicillin. 

I’ll follow it up with a searing dose of alcohol to make sure your infection can’t take hold again. 

Because that is the power my title carries. 

It’s the very stroke I possess over the landscape of OSW and Arcadia as a whole. 

You may have infected this land, but my pen is always going to be mightier than any infection, because with one single stroke it can end your very existence. 

And Burned Man, I’ll truly have all the stroke at War Forged.