Ingredients For A Bloody Good Bad Day 

In Promo, Scissors by Scissors

“We all love a good feast, don’t we?”

“But no meal is edible without the right ingredients.”

“First, we start with the fresh meat. Luther Grim looks like a tasty morsel, does he not? I could feast upon his misery for hours. You need to strip the tender meat from the bone and I can do that. With a snip snip here and a snip snip there, we have our delicious protein.”

“The delectable taste of iron must remain.”

“We do love the red stuff.”

“But that’s just the beginning of our meal.”

“We need a stock to baste our steak. A nice red sauce. I bet Harold Attano is a taste to savor. He’s a chef in his own right, isn’t he? What an ingredient he would be. It’s like fattening a pig for a slaughter. All that tasty violence and destruction – how filling.”

“Next comes the vegetables. Vision looks like he’s nearing vegetable status, doesn’t he? That’s a salad prime for the picking. With the eyes already removed, it would be easy pluckings. He would make a tasty accompaniment to our delicious rare Jackson Cade steak. Yummy.

“And no meal is near complete without a carbohydrate. Something that makes the energy rush to your veins – a little Jinx might just make that happen. She’s an adorable little cunt, isn’t she? Feisty, no doubt. I bet she can get a rise out of any man. Let’s use that for a little energy boost side dish to our ample portion of meat and veg.”

“We put all this together and we’ve started to make a lovely feast.”

Double Tap has set the table.

“It’s a one stop shop for all things tasty.”

“From the aged fine wine of violence that is Harold Attano to the variety of thick, tough meats like Luther Grim or Drewitt – there’s no shortage of the right ingredients to make the perfect meal.”

“And I’ve been given a shopping cart, a shopping list and full supermarket sweep privileges.”

I can go wild in the aisles!

“That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

“Double Tap has all the ingredients for a bloody good bad day and I can’t wait to throw them all together and make a delicious feast.”

“With a little dash of Jackson Cade’s girlish screams.”

“A smidgen of Grimskull’s herbs and spices, all that rage boiled over into molten joy.”

“And the sound of El Mariachi Muerte’s music, dancing in our ears like the screams of Damien Wolfe.”

“I’m going to eat bloody well.”

Suck my fingers dry.”

Lick my plate clean.

“And send my regards to the chef.”

“You people are the ingredients to a cacophony of violence and one hell of a delicious feast. Yum, yum. At Double Tap, I’m going to take my scissors, place them above your head…”

And cut the strings.

Ashes, ashes, they all fall down.”

“Then I’m going to enjoy your pain, suffering and annihilation like a tasty dish prepared for yours truly.”

“The Ingredients For A Bloody Good Bad Day.”