In Promo by Deathnote

“When it comes to getting my hands dirty, I’m no stranger.”

“Many moons ago, a man came to me to make a deal.”

“He wasn’t the greatest of men. In fact, he was an average drug dealer looking for his rise to street fame.”

“But he was willing to sell me his soul in order to get the information he was seeking.”

“They had captured the right hand man of the local kingpin. They had him tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse and had been interrogating him for days trying to figure out where the next shipment would be, to no avail.”

“Time was running out, and so they came to me for help.”

“I entered a small, windowless room through the only way in or out. The man who had been tied up looked at me and smiled, his arrogance not yet broken.”

“I inquired about the information I needed, but received only a smark remark in return. But I hadn’t come to play around. Immediately I struck forward and broke this guy’s nose.”

“He screamed vulgarities at me, but they fell upon deaf ears.”

“You see, I’m only going to ask nicely once, after that I will continue to beat the ever living piss out of a man until he forfeits the information I want on his own accord.”

“It took only a few minutes for the man to be covered in blood and willing to disclose such information.”

“And the same will happen to you this week, Wiz.”

“You may be going around, telling everyone that you don’t know the whereabouts of Viper Roberts, but I don’t trust any damn snake to be spitting the truth.”

“I think you know. I think you’ve been knowing where the Head Snake has wandered off to, and he has something very valuable that belongs to me.”

“This week, there’s no where to run. Once you find your way down that ramp, you’ll enter the ring just as helpless as the man who was bound to the chair that night.”

“Maybe you’ve yet to have your arrogance broken, you may even have a few smark remarks in store for me when I ask you where this piece of shit has slithered away to, but I need you to realize only one thing..”

“I will only ask nicely one fucking time.”

“And then your blood will begin to spill. Your bones will begin to break and I will beat the answers I seek out of you. I will leave you within inches of your last breath in order to obtained this information. Your life is as meaningless to me as it was to Viper Roberts, and I will stop at nothing to retain what is mine.”

“And if you truly have no idea where he is, then.. I guess you’ll find yourself one step ahead of Bootsy towards the grave.”

“You WILL kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or you will die for a man who barely gave a fuck about you from the very beginning.”