In Felix Foley, Promo by Felix Foley

[In the middle of the woods, Felix Foley sits under a large tree with a massive bag on the ground.]

[Felix Foley] There was a long kept tradition in my family. My grandfather used to take my father hunting. They’d trek out into the Groves and find a place to camp.

[He sighs.]

[Felix Foley] Before my pop changed, we did that once.

[Felix Foley] And when the beatings became too much, I would run away from home and this is where I came.

[Foley begins opening the bag and taking out supplies.]

[Felix Foley] At least I had a place to go when things got tough. Could you imagine the kind of man I might’ve turned into had I stayed?

[Felix Foley] This became my Sanctuary. It helped shape me. It was a reprieve from the pain and punishment, both mental and physical. The woods were my home away from home. I learned to camp, to hunt, to survive on my own.

[Within a few moments, Felix has the tent setup and a campfire on the go.]

[Felix Foley] To survive out here, there’re many different things you need. You need a source of water, a source of heat and somewhere dry to setup camp. You need to eat. You need to drink. You have to know when to give up and go home.

[Felix Foley] You know this all too well, don’t you Luther?

[Foley makes himself a drink of water in small flask.]

[Felix Foley] Unfortunately, surviving out here is much like surviving out there.

[Felix Foley] You need a special set of tools, Luther. Tools that I’m afraid you don’t possess. You’ve spent so long in the wilderness, a wild untamed animal of prey that in a world away from this carnage, you have no idea how to behave.

[Felix Foley] For example… people aren’t food.

[Felix Foley] You can’t hunt them.

[He stands up and empties the remnants of his cup.]

[Felix Foley] Not every question is answered with unabashed violence. Not every moment needs force. Sometimes, you need to think before you act. Out here, actions need to be fast and in the moment. But when you’re in the real world, you should be considered and thoughtful. Sometimes, as I showed my good friend Doom, inaction can be just as powerful as action in the right circumstances.

[Felix Foley] You may have beaten, bloodied and eaten your way to becoming NXT Level Champion, but I’m not a little girl who’s brother you brutally killed. I don’t have that kind of skin in the game. You’re not inside my head. You’re not tracking my every move.

[Felix Foley]I know how to be a hunter…

[He shrugs.]

[Felix Foley] But I also know how to be a man.

[Felix Foley] And in the jungle of our world, it doesn’t matter what kind of predator you are – if you can’t think and act accordingly, you’ll be beaten by someone who can.

[Felix Foley] For the kids.