In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“It has always been said that Justice is blind.”

“No matter what you look like, how you appear to the outside world, she does not judge based on what she sees.”

“Rather, Justice focuses on what you have done, what you have said and how you’ve said it. She doesn’t rely on seeing you to tell if you deserve to be behind bars, but only on the knowledge of your supposed crimes.”

“I used to question that notion, you know.”

“Plenty of times in my career I went after someone because they looked like my perp and let my preconceived notions rule my mind.”

“Even last week I nearly drew my sidearm on Narcissa and Artemis because, in my eyes, they looked like those responsible behind the destruction of the Red Light District and the death of TEC.”

“But, thankfully, they got me to step back and listen to their words.”

“And they explained exactly what I needed to know that they were innocent.”

“Vision, to most of Arcadia you appear to be nothing more than a blind old man who spouts the words of his cult. Some might even view you as harmless at first, nothing more than an unhinged preacher walking through the levels.”

“But I know what you really are, Vincent.”

“See, once you sit back and listen, you become all too aware of just what someone is guilty of. I could spend all day watching you talk to your cult and brawling with Grimskull, but once I took a moment to really listen and hear what you were saying, I became all too aware of just how deranged you really are.”

“Both you and your former friend.”

“The lives of the people who looked to you as a savior and confidant were thrown away in your little blood feud. Remember Eric dying to your negligence? Or the members of your clergy who found themselves eviscerated simply to get a reaction out of you? All of them, their lives becoming nothing more bodies in the pile driven by your unwavering need for blood to spill.”

“For a blind man, you don’t seem to be able to hear their cries, Vision. You claim to look with only your third eye yet you find yourself deaf to their pleas! Because you don’t listen to anyone but yourself.”

“And you refuse to see the faces of those you kill on your path to vengeance.”

“But thankfully for them, I choose to hear them out.”

“I can hear every unhinged, vicious word that falls from your lips, Vincent.”

“And I think I’ve heard enough.”

“Justice has done its job, and now it’s time for the Law to put you in your place.”

“I have all the evidence I need to take you down.”

“So get down on your knees, place your hands behind your head.”

“Because nobody, not even a blind, deranged man like you is above the Law.”

“And I am the Law!”