Lamb to Lion

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I once read a book that told of a far away world, with blue skies above and green grass to be walked upon. The type of world that could only exist in books, the type of world where one could move around freely, space was rampant and the winds would always be upon your back.

The book told of a Holy place, visited by only the purest, only the worthiest. They called this place, Jerusalem.

The story from this point becomes a little fabled, but there were many who took this writing as Gospel. For there was a child, born unto a Virgin, an immaculate conception. They say this child was the called the Lamb of God.

These writings made the followers worship and adore lambs, because of this they painted murals of them. Erected statues of them in their places of Worship.

The writings made the lambs more then just that which was to be sacrificed. They represented suffering, perseverance, and finally triumph. A parallel of which can be drawn with Lambs to the Slaughter. For the ‘lamb’ who stands victorious will certainly have suffered, they will definitely have been forced to persevere and they will absolutely stand triumphant.

Euphoria will pour over them, showering them like rain from the heavens above.

And he who entered a Lamb, shall exit a Lion.

I once knew a young child, the strongest person I had ever met in my life. This child was not born of privilege, not born into money and when he fell ill his misfortunes only continued to multiply. The child was forced to fight this illness alone and from his bed in his family’s tiny home rather then under the proper medical care. He cried, his parents cried, his friends cried.

Until one day a Doctor came to the door and the family felt euphoria. They felt as though their prayers had somehow been answered, the young child would be saved. The Doctor reached out to extend his hand, only instead of embrace, this Doctor was seeking money, he offered to preform the surgery but at a rate a family could not afford.

A crooked man who prayed upon opportunity and desperation. So, I sore to myself I would save this child, I would personally find a way to pay this Doctor.

When the Doctor arrived one morning after being away, he was greeted by the family who had been blessed with a large amount of credits overnight. The Doctor went to work saving the boy, as he should have already done. And that boy, whom once lay in his bed like a lamb ready for sacrifice, came out the other side. He suffered, persevered and now stands triumphant no longer a lamb but a Lion.

It is said when the Doctor returned home, he found his home had been ransacked and his safe had been emptied. A large amount of credits were missing…

You see Vengeance, does not always mean Violence but it does mean Victory and at Lambs to the Slaughter everyone will know…

The True Face of Vengeance is the Skull!