Let’s Make A Deal

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[A dark room.]

[Lit only by a small end table lamp that sat next to the chair Jasper Redgrave sits in.]

“Censorship has always been a double-edged sword.”

“While used as a vehicle to provide a sense of security amongst the masses, a lot of the times, censorship will take away from certain aspects of life.”

“Sometimes, you’re denied the luxuries of certain things, because they’ve been censored.”

[Jasper throws a stack of pictures on the table in front of him as he leans forward. He spreads them out in front of him.]

[They’re pictures of his past works of art. Except, they’re censored.]

“Sometimes, the world is denied the beauty of someone’s life-long work simply because some smug asshole deems it unfit.”

“This is the Arcadia that the ACA wants us to live in.”

“They want to chain us behind the censorship, but that’s not what Arcadia has ever been, is it?”

[Jasper throws another stack of pictures down on the table, spreading them out.]

[This time it’s pictures of all the chaos that Arcadia has come to know.]

[Visuals of Olympus on fire, and pictures of what used to be the Red Light District.]

“Arcadia has always been about chaos. Destruction, despair.”

“These are the things that have molded Arcadia into what we know today as home.”

“Arcadia doesn’t need to slap censorship bandaids on the bleeding wounds that have gutted our community for the past year.”

“They need an Uprising.”

[Jasper smiles smugly as he sits back in his chair.]

“They need me.”

“Zeus has grown soft in his old age. He’s resorted to the likes of Scott Sterling and the Arcadian Censorship Authority to smooth things over. To sugarcoat the chaos.”

“Sebastian Boswick and his goons use the serrated edge of censorship to cut through the reality of Arcadia and present them with the Arcadia that Zeus wants them to see, but that’s not what Arcadia needs.”

“The Uprising is that block of stone that cannot be cut through so easily by the double-edge sword that is censorship.”

“The Uprising is not here to mislead the people of Arcadia with a bunch of smoke and mirrors.”

“We’re not here to lick the old wounds and apply temporary bandages to bleeding wounds.”

“We’re here to do what Arcadia has always done, embrace the chaos.”

“It’s time to stop following the likes of Zeus and his censorship party. It’s time to stop living in the fear that he’s brought upon all of us with is inability to control the havoc.”

“It’s time that Arcadia returns to what it used to be.”

“And it all starts with The Uprising.”

[A third flop of photos onto the table in front of him. This time, when he spreads them out.. they are the same pictures as before.. only this time, they’re uncensored.]

[Displaying all the brutality and violence that he is capable of.]

[A twisted smirk appears on his face as he looks cold into the camera.]

“So, who’s ready to make a deal with the devil?”