Lifetime of Pain

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx



Jinx sits within The Hive.

But it’s dark. Pitch black.

“I’ve experienced my fair share of pain within my lifetime.”

Her eyes are fixed to the last known picture of her brother Thomas that she had hastily taped to the wall in front of her.

“From a very young age, I’ve been subjected to some of the worst misery a young girl could imagine.”

“Memories of my parents death have haunted me since I was just a child.”

“I’ve lost everything. I’ve broken bones. I’ve taken beatings.”

“But one thing always remained true.”

Jinx sits up in her chair, her eyes locked on Thomas’ face in the photograph.

“You were always there to pick me up and dust me off. You were always there to reassure me that whatever didn’t kill me, would only make me stronger.”

A single tear streams down her cheek.

“Until you wasn’t. The day you were taken from me was the day I experienced the worst pain I’ve ever had to deal with. Knowing that you would no longer be in my corner when I needed you most tore me down. It left me broken in shambles.”

“It left me in absolute misery.”

She sighs and wipes the tear from her face.

“But then I heard your voice.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger.”

“And that was the day I became the strongest I’ve ever been.”

“Luther Grim may have caused me a miserable pain, but in return he gave me motivation.”

“That’s where Grimskull’s philosophy falls short.”

“It’s not the pain that unlocks some higher power, it’s the motivation.”

“It’s having a reason to fight.”

“It’s having a reason to prove yourself to be the best inside that ring.”

Jinx grabs the NXT Level Championship from the desk next to her and leans back in her chair, draping the title across her lap/

“And I’ve got all the reason in the world to prove my worth.”

Her eyes change focus as she shoots a dangerous glare into the camera.


“There isn’t a bone that you can break, not a wound that you can inflict, NOTHING.”

“There’s nothing that you can do to me that I haven’t been through before.”

“A lifetime of pain lays behind me.”

“And it’s a lifetime of punishment that I have left to unleash.”

“There’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind.”

“Everyone wants to know, who does Jinx want to be?”

“But they’re asking the wrong question. It’s not who do I want to be..”

Jinx hoists the NXT Level Championship off her lap and up for the camera to see.

It’s who I already am.”

“An insurmountable pain awaits you this week, Grimskull.”

“It’s time you pay for those lives of innocent people you’ve led to the Underworld.”

“And it’s time that I made a name for myself.”

“One that Tommy would be proud of.”

Jinx stands up and poses once more with the title.

“You’re playing a game that I’ve already mastered, Grimmy.”

Game Over.”

She leers into the camera as the visual fades.