In Promo, Tec by TEC

Based on my experiences with the people of Arcadia, deals are usually brokered when both parties have something to gain from the other.

They are made when one party cannot satisfy a certain desire or acquire a certain good, needing the assistance of the other person in order to retrieve what they need.

Say that a person cut a deal with a robber to steal ten thousand credits from a wealthy individual for a promise of an even split. When the rich person is mugged, they return with the credits and get paid their fair share.

It’s like coding a set of instructions into yours truly. You input exactly what you want into my program and I’ll fulfill that request to the letter. As long as what you’re requesting is legal and doesn’t involve taking innocent lives, it will be done.

Keep that in mind as I discuss why people tend to break deals off.

People tend to break off deals when they either can’t fulfill their end of the bargain or they never intended to do so in the first place. In some cases, people tend to exploit loopholes in the deal they made in order to back out of paying or rewarding the other party.

For example, the robber successfully robbed the wealthy individual, but gets shot by the other party because they didn’t want to split the reward.

Like the fabricated man in my example, Drexl exploited the code in my programming to break off a deal he never intended to complete. The deal we agreed upon is that I was to collect the debts owed to him by the debtors and he’d provide me with the answers I sought.

Not once did he say that the debts needed to be paid in full in order to achieve said answers. He used a loophole in our verbal agreement to render our deal null and void.

What makes you believe that using me for free labor is going to prevent me from getting the answers you promised me? While the deal might be off, that doesn’t mean that I won’t get the answers that I seek from you via other means.

My memories are filled with gaps that I cannot fill myself. My programming, should it call for it, requires me to fill in those holes by any means necessary.

My instructions were to collect all debts, and you’re indebted to me now, Drexl. I require the answers that I seek by Odyssey or else I will be required to use violent force to receive them. The deal being broken doesn’t make these instructions null and void. You exposing a loophole just means that I have to resort to this method in order to receive the answers I seek.

You are indebted to me, and I was instructed to claim all debts that are owed. No acts of good faith will be accepted here. Either give me the answers I desire or be arrested for extortion. The choice is yours.