In Promo by The Impaler

Have you ever stared down a face that has experienced true loss. 

We have, whether it was a brother asking to speak to a sibling that had passed or mother looking for one last day with their progeny. 

It’s truly heartbreaking to say the least. 

However, you have those who will attempt to move literal heaven and hell to see those they love.  

Those who will attempt to upset the natural order of life to get that one more moment they so cravenly desire. 

They can make themselves believe they’ve been called to rectify what they believe is a transgression in the world. 

They can make themselves think that making deals that violate both the laws of lord and man are noble. 

Following “roads” that will lead them to damnation through what they perceive as the most magnanimous actions. 

Right now, OSW is beset by such men. 

They believe that HE has called them to reset the scales. 

And HE called to make deals with the heartless. 

And HE called to violate the sixth commandment. 

And HE called to resurrect that which is already passed. 

However, the one who calls is a Rhodes that is leading them to ruin. 

But the Warrior and the Chosen seem to think that this is the path that will lead them back to the resurrection of their beloved faith. 

We have stared down the faces of true loss, we have seen the twisted visages of true pain that will never again get to lay eyes or feel the embrace of their love’s form. 

We have steeled ourselves to see it once more… 

Because Vayikra, we have been called to be your disappointment. 

We have been called to deliver heartbreak. 

We have been called to reveal the false prophet that you follow in Solomon Rhodes. 

We want you to understand that yes part of this calling is pure calculated vengeance, while we have never enjoyed another’s suffering because of their loss, and we’ve never enjoyed the continued lament of heartache.  

Pain, yes, we’ve enjoyed every bit of physical pain we have inflicted because we get to choose when it felt. 

But every soul within us screams the moment that it sees someone crying at headstone because they feel that heartache too. 

However, we’re all in agreement, your misery, your despair of loss will be the first we enjoy implicitly. 

By now you realize that while the false prophet who call you is Solomon Rhodes, and it is too late realize you’ve been led astray. 

The one who calls us is Legion and we can do more than cast our faith in this prophet because he is we and we are he. 

We can believe in ourselves. 

We can tear down the walls of Jericho that Vayikra has erected around those Tag Team Championships and we can claim them for our own. 

Because we are Legion for, we are going to break your faith.