Magnifying Glass

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“My soul doth magnify His word.”

Light is all around us.

Incandescent, white light that we take for granted yet is essential for life.

Invisible to the naked eye, yet we feel the presence of that light in everything.

Without it, we are nothing.

But pass that light through the form of a prism such as a magnifying glass, and we glimpse that which has captivated myth and legend since the beginning of time. The rainbow.

Beautiful and mysterious. Yet the rainbow in itself is a lie, merely trickery of the eye. White light shone through the prism of a magnifying glass, which separates the light into the spectrum of colours of the rainbow.

Red, blue, yellow and all colours in between. That which was all encompassing now separated into different hues.

Yet every piece of the rainbow is only one piece, incomplete and in itself a trickery to the eye.

In the world of Old School Wrestling, the word of the Lord has been the omnipotent constant. It has touched the folds of history that have shaped this place, yet most take that invisible guiding light for granted.

That light has passed through the prism of sin and its beams have separated into the rainbow we find before us. The Rainbow Party.

Vigour, the blue and violet hues of the galaxy vast. The eternal search, a sinners quest to taste the gluttonous delights denied him in his youth. Yet blind to the sin he has fallen into.

The Generation Kid, youthful yellow and orange hues of the impressionable mind. Yet with each step he follows, the snare of sin chokes his future a little more.

Starboy, red and indigo hues of the hedonist’s sin. It is his voice that casts the group into sin, and the rest of the rainbow merely follows suit.

Like all rainbows, the individual hues interact but are ultimately separate. That separation leaves them blind, the rainbow a mysterious symbol of the sin that separates them from the white light of the Lord’s righteousness.

In that sin they bask in the light of darkness.

Yet a magnifying glass not only allows light to pass through it as a prism. The magnifying glass in the right hands, takes that white light that penetrates it and intensifies it, focuses it.

Through this, you can set things on fire.

Vayikra is that fire. Last week we were set alight, rising to the pinnacle. Standing atop that ladder, the righteous truly did inherit the earth.

And no weapon formed against us may prosper.

Sir Vant is the magnifying glass that intensifies our light, burning white hot. Yet YOUR light is simply twisted lies turned upon each other that formulates your rainbow of falsities.

Your light that burned Heritage Village. Burning red with anger, orange with your sin.

Our light burns white with purity, magnified through the lens of the Lord’s word.

It is all around you, but Sir Vant focuses that light. He weaponised it through Vayikra.

You’re simply bugs underneath the magnifying glass waiting to be burned.