Mary’s Faith

In Promo by Sir Bellator

God’s plans often work in mysterious ways. The path is often paved with controversy.

Sometimes, in order for His plans to come fully to fruition, one must step out in faith, take the risk to act in ways that others fear.

Mary had such faith.

That is why God chose her.

She was spoken to, her path became clear and she knew what she must do. Despite the fallout that would come her way from being an unwed girl, pregnant with child in a society that forgave nothing.

She was risking life by accepting her fate. She was risking being disowned from her parents, cast out from society and risking being left alone by a husband she was not yet married to.

She took a hell of a faith risk.

She said yes.

And the rest is history.

God chose Mary to interrupt the brokenness of the world, to act in a way that went against the grain.

Because when God makes a plan, he needs the faith of Mary to pull it off.

Where is your faith, Father?

You’ve always professed to be the Warrior of Light.

You’ve always spoken of God’s plans, of the way and the word.

Accipe Lumen Et Imperti – to receive the light and pass it on.

But your light was extinguished long ago, by your own hand.

You are the reason that extreme measures are needed. And despite the need for a drastic plan, your faith is so small that you cannot see the path ahead. The time has come for risks to be taken and for the faithful disciples to take up their crosses.

A leap of faith is required, of Mary sized proportions. For Yahweh to ascend, risks must be taken. Unlikely alliances must be formed.

We must act against the grain.

For God’s plans often work in mysterious ways, we must be willing to do as Mary did and say yes when the faithless tell us no.

Once again, father, you have been found wanting. Believing your way is best and refusing to see the light shone in your eyes. Once more, you have been deafened to the true calling, and can only see the dangers involved.

Never the reward at the end of the tunnel.

We are mere moments away from the ascension, a moment that will define humanity like none other.

The faithful will be rewarded, and those that stand in the way will face the wrath of their choices.

You are that roadblock, Father. You stand, directly in the path of our saviour’s return. I am everything you wished you could be, once upon a time.

The son that fixes the father’s messes. I stand with faith like Mary’s, entrusted with a plan that must be carried through.

The one to restore life in this mess you have made.

Just stand aside and let Sigil fall.

Let me do what must be done.

I will destroy you to complete the mission, if that is what is required of me.

Risky faith requires risky actions, do not stand in the way of mine.