Mean Girls

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People love their cliques.

And there’s always one gaggle of cunts who do nothing but bash those who aren’t in their club.

Mean Girls.

When you’re a Mean Girl, you live your life by your own code. No one who’s not in the group gets it. But that doesn’t matter. You think everyone wants to be like you.

Mean Girls go to war with any other group that pokes their head above the maelstrom of clique life. They will tear them apart; clawing, screaming, and maybe even killing to show that they are the dominant clique.

But here’s the thing about being a Mean Girl: None of that other shit matters when someone jumps into your clique. All of a sudden, your former enemy is your best friend. You all verbally fellate each other about how you’re thick as thieves, but everyone knows that your words are wind.

They don’t mean shit.

See, I look at Jet Set Radio, and I see a pair of Mean Girls.

They broke into the scene as a trio of tricks who waged war on anyone who wasn’t on their team. It was them, and their boss Simon, against the whole damn world.

They lived by their own code, and you bet your ass no one else got it. Tag thinks he has some sort of kinship with people like Starboy cause they both like bussy, but Starboy doesn’t give a fuck about a guy who’d kill at will.

Vayikra. Rainbow Party. You go right after them, trying to tear them apart. All you want to do is show that you’re still on top. Even if you never were. Even when we tried to serve up bMf to you on a silver platter, you still got your ass kicked.

It’s a special thing to lose when you’ve got a spy on the other side.

But what makes you Mean Girls is the way you turned all that shit off when I walked through the door. We went to literal war. Y’all killed what’s-his-name. Now I can’t get your tongues out my ass the minute I sit down.

The second Hubby decides y’all ain’t worth the payroll, then we all know that all that goes out the window.

So this week, you all get a preview of what happens when you decide to Mean Girl us.

Because the one thing you got right is that this is a clique game, but OSW is only ruled by one clique.

The Blackhearts.

When you came into the fold, you got access to the best there is. When you look at the World Champ and the Commish, you see the pinnacle of what it means to be in OSW.

Everyone wants what we have. Power and Prestige. Without us, you have none of that.

No one is capable of stepping up to us.

So I guess that makes Simon and I Mean Girls?

Nah, I ain’t a Mean Girl.

I’m a Bad Bitch. The Baddest, in fact.

You pledge fealty, but your words are wind.

Just like you, they don’t mean shit!