In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“A butcher has come to lead the lambs to the slaughter.”

“He gathered a wide variety of sheep from all across Arcadia. They’re all lined up to be cut down for their flesh and organs, with the butcher ready to sell them for the right price.”

“The first lambs to be mutilated are the ones with the attractive wool coats and aloof attitudes, like Gemini and Narcissa.”

“They believe that they’re too beautiful and innocent to be torn up and sold for food. In actuality, their looks and apparent innocence are precisely why the butcher wants to carve them.”

“Their gorgeous looks translate to exquisite cuts of mutton to the butcher. Their all too trusting nature makes it easier for him to maim. He simply can’t wait to chop them up and see if their meat is just as pretty as their exterior.”

“They’re simply either too arrogant or unaware of the butcher’s knife until it has already slit their throats.”

“The next ones on the chopping block are the older and uglier lambs, ones that have seen some shit and experienced it too. I’m talking about lambs like Drewitt, Kpavio, and Mannfred Curze.”

“These sheep believe the butcher wouldn’t want their meat because they’re too seasoned. They also aren’t as attractive as the prettier lambs so their insides surely won’t be as delectable as theirs.”

“On the contrary, the more aged the lamb, the tastier the meat becomes. Their experiences in life entice the butcher into wanting a taste of what they have to offer.”

“Even though they’re more aware of the danger the butcher possesses, they’re too worn down and exhausted from the wear and tear of their lives to fight back or make an attempt at escape.”

“That’s when the butcher strikes them and makes them the newest products for his shop.”

“And then there are the young ones like Felix Foley and Destructo Boy.”

“Lambs like them aren’t harming anybody and haven’t had the chance to grow meat on their bones. Why would the butcher target them when there are more filling cuts of meat around?”

“Well, the butcher isn’t in his profession for nothing. He knows how to mark up that meat for a profit. He knows how to cut it to make the customer happy and fulfilled.”

“Since the babies haven’t developed enough to outrun the butcher, they’re soon easily dispatched by his hand.”

“At the end of the day, The butcher will kill all of the lambs and have his fill.”

“Except one.”


“You see, I’m not a pretty lamb, a well seasoned lamb, or a young lamb.”

“I’m one that’s already been cooked at three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not blue or medium rare; I’m well done.”

“While the rest of the lambs are led to the butcher to be slaughtered, only one lamb will be left standing by the end of it all.”

“The one that will break your teeth if you dare try to eat it.”