Miles of Magic

In Promo by Magical Miles

The sound of applause shakes the scene alive, whistling and enthusiastic shouts of support ring through the auditorium of the Paradox Hotel as we see flashes come from the stage. Then the sound of a rotating blade cuts through it all as gasps of shock and awe replace the whistling. On stage we see the one leading it all.

Magical Miles!

He’s performing one of his many magic tricks on the stage, a youth prodigy in magic. But while he is performing his illusions without missing a beat, the look on his face is one of confusion. Miles seems lost, but performing his tricks perfectly, like he know this isn’t something that has ever happened before.

“And for my next trick!”

A graveyard set magically appears behind him, and the look on his face grows even more shocked. The gravestone to appear reads:

Chunky Moses

“What? What is this?”

Magical Miles looks at the stone confused.

“You did this to us, Miles!”

The Magician of the Forever Friends stands up to locate the source of the voice, but doesn’t see one.

“This is all your fault!”

Still, Miles looks around, finally looking to his hands and seeing his fingers transformed into the visage of another Forever Friend.

Sherman Dewey

A scream escapes the stage bound magician as he frantically shakes his hands, as more and more fingers turn into Sherman Dewey.

“This is what your magic tricks caused!”

Magical Miles spins around and the audience has disappeared, all of them replaced by the last of the remaining Forever Friends.

Ultimo America

“We said we’d be friends forever!”

Magical Miles runs to the left of the stage, but the door there is locked and won’t open.

“Why are you running away, Miles?”

The voice from his handy Sherman Dewey mocks him as he runs to the other side of the stage.


The ever memorable battle cry of Moses rises from the grave as the rotten corpse of Chunky rises out of the graveyard set piece. Miles reaches the other side of the stage, tears streaming down his face in terror.

“I never meant for this to happen! It was just meant to be a game of Dungeons and Dragons! What is going on?!”

The door on the other side of the stage is also preventing an easy escape. Miles runs back to the centre of the stage, jumping over Chunky Moses’ lumbering corpse, only to be stopped at the front of the stage by Ultimo America.

“Don’t leave us, Miles! Don’t leave us ever again!”

Suddenly, Magical Miles shoots up straight in his bed, sweat pouring down his face as he looks around. He’s back in his hotel room as he looks around. He grabs his keycard that reads “Paradox Hotel Room 1408”.

Miles shakes his head and walks into the washroom. A flash of lightning lights up the exterior of the hotel room, where the forms of 3 friends stand looking through the room. One grabs a a bunny shape out of his pocket and brings it to his mouth.