Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. Tonight, Lux Bellator faces off against Isaiah Black in the Main Event, Scarecrow, Mike Lane and Freight Train Ferguson dance in a three way and Reichous Marx defends his All-Star Championship against Marvolo.

And he’s number #1.

The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.

“I was born with the voice of a riot, a storm

Lightening the function, the form!”

Those words echo from the inside to out as we immediately switch to the ringside area. The fans aren’t quite what’s going on as Jackson Slade, Jake Jeckel, Wes Warhammer, Freight Train Ferguson, Ethan Bird, Lee and Piotor Crowley all filter out onto the stage. “March of Death” by Zack de la Rocha plays them down the entrance ramp, though barely heard over the astounding boo’s.

Once inside the ring, Jackson retrieves a microphone.

“What’s the matter?” he asks with a smug look on his face. “Didn’t you miss me?”

The boo’s answer that question.

“It’s been a tough few weeks for me, didn’t you know? Whilst you people have been here watching your beloved Old School Wrestling get taken over by the mighty RAGE, I’ve been tying up deals with the very few remaining shareholders of the company.”

Oh no? What does that mean?


“You see, I’ve been in on it from the jump. How do you think Solomon and Azrael kept finding their way in here in the first place? I mean look, I don’t expect you people to be genius level thinkers or anything but come on, if you thought for one second that I, Jackson Slade, wouldn’t be with the men I brought together for RAGE then you had to be stupid.”

He looks towards Jeckel and the few RAGE members he brought out here and shares a laugh.

“When I asked the boys here to ‘write me out’, I had only one goal mind; ownership of Old School Wrestling. I bought out your precious shareholders and now, I own a 49% stake in the business; second only to a vegetable in Errol Flint. That means that for now, we do things my way.”

“ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” interrupt the fans.

That just spurs him on though.

“Therefore at Frostbite, as I’m sure you’ve seen with our newly launched posters, Red River Jack will defend his World Championship against none other than Ring King 2015 Winner, Mike Lane. As for the most important Championship, the RAGE Championship, Lux Bellator will defend that against the number one contender, Ethan Bird. And if that didn’t ice your cake, then this will.”

The fans listen closely.

“At Frostbite, November 24th, live from The School Yard, these five men behind me will step into a full scale war with Old School Wrestling. It’ll be Jake Jeckel leading his team, consisting of Wes Warhammer, Ethan Bird, Freight Train Ferguson, Lee Crowley and Piotor in a six on six match. Their opponents? Well, let’s see how well organized this new Old School Wrestling Rebellion is, shall we? You gentlemen had better pick your team wisely..”

He pauses.

“Because if you lose, you’re FIRED.”


“March of Death” by Zack de la Rocha hits one more time as Jackson Slade and his RAGE cronies head to the backstage area. There you have it folks, Red River Jack vs. Mike Lane, Lux Bellator vs. Ethan Bird and a five on five that could see five of Old School Wrestling’s roster FIRED if they were to lose.

What the hell will happen next?


The Iron Man paces, his back full of puncture wounds from the thumb tacks at Ring King. The Real Frickin’ Deal lunges forwards and takes it to Gordon, showing that same mean streak he did against Cooter. Bruce hammering on Gordon in the corner, and he caps it off with a Stinger splash! Robert down, and Bruce goes toy shopping under the ring. He pulls out a trashcan, but Gordon with a BASEBALL SLIDE which makes him eat it! Bruce on his knees outside, and Gordon puts him in the bin! Robert pulls out a kendo stick! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Bruce crawls away and frees himself from the can.

Gordon pursues Van Chan round the corner – FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Gordon swings blindly in the resulting white haze. He doesn’t see Bruce in the mist as he DIVES OFF THE APRON WITH A DROPKICK! No countouts here, but no pinfalls either; Brucey rolls him in the ring. He fishes under the apron… stop sign! He slides under the ropes, but Gordon lies in wait. He stomps the hands and takes the sign for himself. He goes to crown Bruce with it, but VAN CHANINATOR! Gordon dropped face-first into the stop sign, and Bruce has the crossface locked in!

Robert knows this move intimately, however, and rolls them both over… CROSSFACE INTO ANOTHER CROSSFACE! Gordon with the GUILT TRIP – STOP SIGN TO THE HEAD! Bruce with expert awareness there. ONE! TWO! Gordon kicks out! BVC outside, rummaging for more goodies. He pulls out a ladder! The fans pop as Bruce balances it between the ring apron and crowd barricade, then boards the makeshift steel bridge. Gordon staggers over to meet him. KICK TO THE GUT BY GORDON… he hoists Bruce up… ROUGH JUSTICE!? Bruce lands behind him – NAP TIME! INVERTED DDT ONTO COLD STEEL! Bruce rolls Gordon back in… ONE! TWO! THREE!

Bruce Van Chan is the NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION! He celebrates as Gordon limps unassisted to the back.


When we head to the backstage area, we shoot straight into the locker room with the Old School Wrestling collective known as The Rebellion. Brent Kersh stands firm between them all, attempting to lead.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like each other but we have to come to some sort of arrangement here. RAGE is going to take over if we don’t.”

He looks around the room, receiving only silence.

Then Isaiah Black pipes up.

“Destiny sent me,” he admits as if out of no-where. Mike Lane’s ears instantly perk up. “I met with her the week before Ring King and she asked me to come put a stop to this. Let’s just say, I carried favours to be called in later.”

Mike Lane immediately stands up.

“WHAT!?” he yells furiously – still remembering when Black threatened her safety. “IF YOU EVER…”

The lights suddenly go off.

When they return, stood beside Brent Kersh is none other than The Scarecrow.

“I have taken Azrael, Kersh,” he says ominously, interrupting Mike Lane mid rant. “And now I seek my next victim. Put me on your team for Frostbite, where I shall add to my collection.”

The ominous and scary tone of Scarecrow brings only a nod from Kersh. Lane meanwhile scoffs angrily and storms off, exiting the room in a huff and quickly accompanied by a grinning Red River Jack.

“Well then I suppose that makes two of us, ‘Crow.” says Kersh as the scene comes to a close.


The match begins with Willie Manson charging “The Missionary” only to be caught with a VICIOUS palm strike to the chest followed by an elbow smash to the jaw. Manson stumbles back a few feet with a grin before charging again. This time BLOCKING a spinning heel kick from Ahad and BRINGING a knee up into his midsection. With Ahad bent over in agony, Manson seizes the opportunity and LANDS a DDT. Immediately, he leaps to his feet and heads to the corner. Climbing the turnbuckles in an effort to retrieve the flag attached to the pole raised above.

“The Missionary” will have none of it, sending a double axe handle into the lower back of Manson as he tops the middle turnbuckle. Manson turns and receives another elbow to his gut before being thrown off the turnbuckle with a body slam. Now it’s Ahad ascending the ropes. To the middle turnbuckle and now to the top turnbuckle. AHAD REACHES OUT FOR THE FLAG, BUT MANSON IS THERE WITH A RUNNING DROP KICK TO THE FEET OF AHAD AND “THE MISSIONARY” FALLS TO THE CANVAS BELOW!

Manson pulls his opponent to his feet and he’ll send him to the ropes with an irish whip. MANSON CHARGING BUT “THE MISSIONARY” CATCHES HIM WITH A BIG BOOT!! A RUNNING big boot at that and Manson is staggering. Irish whip now from Ahad that SENDS Manson into the turnbuckles HARD! AHAD FOLLOWS UP WITH “THE ISHA” AND MANSON GOES DOWN! Manson goes down and Ahad GOES UP! He’s climbing the turnbuckles. He’s going for the flag. Ahad to the middle turnbuckle AND NOW TO THE TOP!! Abdul Ahad reaching out for the flag! HE GOT IT! HE GOT IT! Abdul Ahad pulls out the victory here on the first edition of Showcase!!


HAtE and the Mansons are discussing Willie’s inauguration into the Awakening backstage.

“I’m gonna make you proud to call me part of the Awakening.” Willie says.

“Yeah, I’m sure you will, now that you’ve woken up.” David says. HAtE just looks uninterested.

“I ain’t gonna let you down, I can promise you that!”

“That’s good, man.” HAtE replies.

Suddenly, voices come from off camera, then three of OSW’s newest talents come into view from the left. It’s the Young Lions! Chase Stratus, dressed in a fine suit, is the first to speak.

“Well, well, well! What do we have here? It looks like the three of you got lost on the way to the barber!” The other two laugh.

The Mansons and HAtE do not look amused. HAtE steps up to Stratus and says, “Have you every felt the wrath of a real man…..boy? Cause after Ring King, your bones are just aching to be broken.”

Michael Attila steps in and ever so slightly pushes HAtE back. “Why don’t you take a step back before we make you and your crazy friends regret ever waking up from that beating we gave-”

“I’m not CRAZY!!!!” Willie Manson screams and rushes at Attila. HAtE puts an arm out to stop Willie, and David Manson says, “Why don’t you guys walk away while you still can? If you think Ring King will go unanswered, you have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

A.J. Wilson steps forward, a behemoth of a man. He says, “It’s you who doesn’t know who you are dealing with.”

The scene fades with tensions so thick you can almost see it.


Jondo looks slightly confused about how to attack Yuki. He circles her, rushes, and she rolls out of the way. She’s back to her feet, and Jondo rushes again and is met with a SPINNING BACKFIST to the stomach! He doubles over and Yuki hits a DROPKICK TO HIS KNEE; Jondo is down. She starts stomping his head into the mat over and over again until the ref makes her stop. Jondo gets to his knees and shakes the cobwebs out. While still on his knees, Yuki approaches. Jondo puts both hands out in front of him and begs Yuki not to attack! Then, LOW BLOW!

Yuki’s never been touched there by a man, and she drops! Jondo gets to his feet and taps his temple like he is the smartest guy in town. He struts across the ring and yells, “WOOOOO!” The crowd goes wild! Jondo pulls Yuki up and BODY SLAM! He adjusts his shorts. He pulls her up again, and she counters with kick to Jondo’s knee and SNAP DDT! Yuki is up but so is Jondo! He marches across the ring, leans over standing on one leg, and FALLS TO HIS FACE. Yuki looks at the ref confused. She covers 1….2…kick out!

Yuki pulls Jondo up but he counters with A POKE TO THE EYES! The ref warns him, and he gives Yuki a KNIFE EDGE CHOP! WOOOO! AGAIN! WOOOO! AGAIN! WOOOO! Yuki is rocked on her feet. Jondo jogs to the ropes and runs back but Yuki counters! BACK BODY DROP! Jondo lands awkwardly on one side of his back! Yuki walks over to Jondo, who trips her and locks in THE FIGURE FOUR!! The ref doesn’t see Jondo grab the ropes for leverage and Yuki taps! Flai….I mean Jondo has done it!


Backstage, Lee and Piotor of the Crowley Family are discussing their up and coming match here tonight. They face off in an Ambulance Match and whilst everyone is expecting a bloodbath, many have begun to wonder how their fight will affect their relationship.

“It’s welcome to the family rules, Piotor,” Lee says as they stand outside their locker room. “Anything goes. By the end of this match, you’ll know what it’s like to be accepted as one of us.”

Piotor agrees. “Dlya sem’i.”

“For the family.” Lee concurs in English.

Crowley pushes open the locker room door and is immediately started. Both men rush in to find poor Tobias hung from the rafters. Piotor grabs his legs, supporting his body weight and stopping him from struggling as Lee scales the lockers with a knife.

Then the whispers.

“One by one…”

Lee stops dead in his tracks, looking down at Piotor.

“One by one…”

Smiley finally reaches out and cuts the rope, watching as the lifeless body of Tobias falls into the arms of the awaiting Piotor. He lays him down and checks his pulse, sending a sigh of relief over him.

“He’s breathing, just unconscious.”

The scene comes to a close with The Crowley Family somewhat concerned, Tobias unconscious and Damien no-where to be seen. The Hangman is coming for em’ and they had better watch out.


These two men come out ready to compete, and Garcia comes out swinging. He fires off multiple kicks to the beast that is The Hangman, but the big man shrugs them off, and nails a big chop to take control. A Powerbomb follows out of nowhere, and Garcia looks like he’s fallen out of a plane as he grimaces on the mat. Hangman goes to pick him up, and gets a cocky headbutt as a response. Garcia chops as hard as he can, trying to back Hangman into the nearest corner. Backed into the corner, Hangman grabs the hand of Santelmo and throws him to the middle of the ring.

Garcia charges in, and is quickly grabbed into a Full Nelson Face Drop. Instead of going for the win, Hangman picks up Garcia, who uses the sharp part of his elbow to grind into the back of Hangman’s knee, bringing him down to a knee. STAY DOWN! Garcia nails it, but Hangman falls back into the corner. Santelmo goes in to hit another one, but he gets grabbed around the neck by Hangman, who rises to his feet. Garcia gets out of it with a kick to the solar plexus. He charges in and follows up with the Wrath o’Richmond!

Hangman almost vaults Garcia off of him as he rises to his feet. Santelmo lands on his feet, and rushes in, leaping up for the Hail Mary. Instead, Hangman grabs him around the neck, and goes for the Chokeslam. GARCIA HOLDS ON! ARM DRAG!! The momentum carried Hangman over, and now the big man is up and pissed. Garcia quickly ducks a huge clothesline from Hangman, and on the rebound… HAIL MARY! THE BIG MAN IS DOWN AND OUT! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Garcia leaps up to his feet, acting as if the big victory is just another notch on his belt, almost not letting the ref raise his hand.


“I’m On My Way to Freedom Land” hits and the Vegas crowd let X have it.


Marcus struts out with the US Championship around his waist and his Brotherhood at his flank. Once inside the ring, a member of his Brotherhood hands him a microphone.

“I come before you today…” Marcus speaks slowly and confidently. “…still, your OSW United, States, Champion!”

The crowd don’t seem as enthused as he does.

“And you know, I never expected Hawkes to hand over his Medal… when I beat his bigoted ass at Ring King! But hey, I never wanted the damn thing to begin with… I just wanted to take it from Roy-Boy.”

X smirks – his Brotherhood chuckle.

“And I did! And every time you look down at that Medal, Roy, you’ll know. It’s not yours anymore… it’s MINE!”

Accompanied by nothing but Coach trying to stop him, Hawkes appears stage-right, B-lineing it right for Marcus. Despite the Brotherhood at his side, Royston slides into the ring and snatches the microphone from X.

“You dare degrade my Medal!” Royston shouts.

That’s all he can say before it’s a four on one beat down! Coach jumps in to defend Hawkes, but the numbers game is just too much for them.


The crowd goes wild as Marcus X snatches Royston’s Gold Medal off his limp neck and holds it up with a smirk… before spitting on it! And slamming it against Royston’s skull! Only to discard it like trash! The crowd shows their disapproval as the Brotherhood saunter off backstage, leaving Marcus to fight in a Trio’s Match without one of his partners.

That’s up next!


First-ever trios match here on the newly-branded Showcase. Young Lions pick AJ as their captain. Marcus goes to nominate himself, but a blackeyed, medal-less Hawkes beats him to it. The muscled AJ immediately overpowers Hawkes with clubbing blows. He lifts him like a feather for a gorilla press, but Hawkes wriggles out and bails to the floor. Axel springboards himself into the match – no tags necessary here – with a BIG DROPKICK… WHICH DOES NOTHING! Axel strokes his chin, and AJ LEVELS HIM with a PUMPHANDLE SLAM! ONE… TWO… Shoulder up! AJ grinds his heel into Axel’s face, then tags in Chase.

Chase immediately lifts Axel onto his shoulders, looking for CLOUD NINE – but Axel drops down and BITES HIM ON THE ASS! The Lions protest angrily as Marcus howls with laughter – Roy still looking foggy. The referee breaks it, and Axel dives to tag in The Freedom Fighter! BIG CLOTHESLINE to Chase, who powders out. AJ back in – Marcus DUCKS the discus lariat – a dropkick sends AJ packing! Attila – the fresh man – enters the fray… SLINGBLADE TO X! Attila calls that the Know Your Place! ONE… TWO… SHARK DIVE! Axel with the top-rope senton! He shoves Marcus out to take his place.

AJ, however, pulls Attila out. He scoops Axel up – OVERLOAD POWERBOMB! ONE… TWO… THREE! Axel is on the sidelines now, it’s Hawkes and X against all 3 Lions. AJ tags Chase in again. Hawkes goes to get in, but Marcus TRIPS HIM! X races in… right into a MONEY SHOT SUPERKICK – BUT MARCUS GRABS THE LEG! He spins Chase round… BLACKOUT! ONE… TWO… THREE! 2 VERSUS 2! AJ climbs back in. Marcus tells him to “bring it!”, but HAWKES CLOTHESLINES X! Referee says it’s a tag! AJ rushes Hawkes, but he pulls the rope down – AJ OUTSIDE! Roy mouths off at him – KING’S STRIKE OUT OF NOWHERE BY ATTILA! ONE… TWO… THREE! Attila just pinned the captain! IT’S OVER!

The Young Lions celebrate an impressive debut. Axel helps Roy up, while Marcus seethes over Hawkes costing them all.


In the locker room, Cayci Spires does repeated squats. Her mask lays draped over the nearest bench.

“Cayci!” Neville Sheldon exclaims as the locker room door opens. “I need to…”

He trails off as he has caught her in mid squat. His eyes drop to the logical area, and he seems to be at a loss for words. Cayci doesn’t seem to notice as she stands up, walking over to grab her mask.

“I didn’t think you’d be here tonight, Neville. When most people get the night off, they take it.” She admonishes him with a smirk. “What’s up?”

His voice having returned, Neville Sheldon doesn’t seem his usual happy-go-lucky self.

“Listen Cayci, I don’t want you to think I don’t believe in you, but I’m not sure you know what you’re getting into here with Legion.”

Sheldon looks down at the ground, and looks up with conviction.

“He and I have history, and I feel like he’s come back for me. You don’t have to…”

She cuts him off quickly, a bit of anger rising in her voice.

“Don’t have to what? He came after me too, Neville. We’re partners. I can take care of myself.”

He shakes his head.

“That’s the point, Cayci. We’re partners, so you don’t have to.”

Cayci merely pulls on her mask, becoming Darkwish. She looks at Neville for a moment, and walks past him out the door, leaving the Geek staring at the ground.


The opening bell sounds and Lee Crowley immediately slides out of the ring and grabs Smiley Jr from ringside. He motions for Piotor to follow him towards the Ambulance, parked at the top of the runway, and Piotor does… receiving a crowbar skull shot from Lee when he gets there! Smiley swings his crowbar again but Piotor uses the metal on his arms to block… HUGE UPPERCUT! Lee flies back into the ambulance with a smirk. Koloss charges with a Double Axe Handle, but Lee dodges! And Piotor leaves a huge dent in the side of the ambulance!

Koloss spins around… SHOCK THERAPY! Lee Spears Piotor into the passenger door of the ambulance and the back of Koloss’ head cracks the window! He flops to the ground, unmoving. Looking smug, Lee hoists Piotor up and starts dragging him towards the back. Huge Knee! Koloss catches Lee square in the chest! Then, using the tire of the ambulance as a jump off point… WARBOUND! Busaiku Knee right to Lee’s jaw! Smiley drops like a sack of bricks and now it’s Piotor dragging HIM towards the back of the ambulance. When they get there, Koloss launces Lee into the back door, hard!

CHELSEA GRIN! Koloss was going for the door but Lee caught him with that Spinning Hook Kick out of nowhere. Now it’s Lee opening up the back doors of the ambulance, not Piotor. He turns around and grabs a chair before charging back at Piotor… STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL! Koloss is out! And Lee uses the opportunity to climb on top of the ambulance! With the crowd going crazy, Smiley leaps… TRAUMA! Off the top of the ambulance! And Lee is dragging Piotor towards the ambulance… and shoving him inside! He’s won it! Lee Crowley has defeated Piotor!


The OSW Tag Team Champions, Pig and James Hunter are inside the ring. Standing in between them is Luther, microphone in hand.

“Hahaha, I told you all! I warned you all of the violence we would bring!”

A pause as Luther laughs to himself, the OSW fans booing him relentlessly.

“Your approval doesn’t matter to us!!” He yells into the microphone and the fans boo louder now.

“Look at us… we took your heroes and we destroyed them and in the process BECAME THE OSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!”

Pig and James Hunter simultaneously lift their championship belts into the air….. Suddenly and without warning, ‘The Anthem’ blasts over the PA system and a shocked Pig and Hunter spin to face the entrance area.

Emerging from behind the curtain are King Konstantine and Nigel Royal and they’re making their way down to the ring! The two OSW superstars come face to face with Hunter and Pig as Luther scurries outside the ring.

“O S DUB” “O S DUB” “O S DUB” The fans chant in unison as Nigel Royal lifts the microphone up to his lips. He pauses for a second, grinning as the fans continue chant. When suddenly, he drops the microphone AND DROPS PIG WITH RIGHT HOOK TO THE JAW sending him spilling to the floor! Konstantine charges forward and clotheslines Hunter right over the top rope!

The two men stand in the center of the OSW ring, listening to the crowd going crazy. Nigel and the King spin around realizing Hunter and Pig had lost their belts in the skirmish, they pick the title belts and pose with them as Hunter, Pig and Luther retreat to the entranceway screaming for their belts back. Reluctantly the King and Nigel toss them to them in the entranceway!

“WE’RE COMING FOR THOSE!” Nigel yells.

Luther is doing everything he can to hold back James Hunter and Pig, who are furious and screaming at the two men inside the ring.

“Paybacks a Bitch!” Hunter yells repeatedly as Luther continues pushing the two men towards the backstage area. As the three men reach the top of the ramp, they look back in disgust as the pair of OSW stars continue to celebrate with their fans.

The camera moves in closer to the three men as they move backstage “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Luther whispers as the three men disappear backstage.

Meanwhile, Nigel Royal and King Konstantine remain ringside, because they face the Awakening..



Royal and David Manson get us underway, the two men go straight after each other with an early exchange of right and left hands. Royal begins to get the upper hand with two unanswered rights. Seizing his opportunity, he grabs The Street Rat by the scruff of the neck and begins to pull him to his corner. The fans may hate Konstantine, but they are desperate to see him back in action. Just before the tag is about to be made, David reaches up and rakes the eyes of the Bloodline to Greatness. A stern word from the ref, but Manson isn’t listening.

With Nigel seemingly temporarily blinded in one eye, Manson really goes to work. A dropkick to the knee is followed by Manson again whipping Nigel off the ropes, setting him up for a back body drop… LEAPING DDT FROM ROYAL, from nowhere. Both men are down. Slowly but surely they make way to the respective corners. THEY MAKE THE TAG AT THE SAME TIME. Konstantine and HAtE charge at each other.

OFF WITH YOUR HEAD… HAtE ducked at the last moment and Konstantine carried on running. HAtE carrying on toward the Kingdom’s corner leaps, forearm smashing Royal, who was on the apron, down to the floor. Meanwhile Konstantine, still galloping, extends his arm once more OFF WITH YOUR HEAD to Manson, who was also on the apron, to the outside. Turning at the same time, they lock eyes, a brief stare-down is followed by the two animals charging and colliding. Smack bang in the middle. Konstantine goes for the upper cut, HAtE blocks with ferocity, such force Konstantine 360‘s. HAtE goes for an uppercut of his own, ALSO BLOCKED and ALSO CAUSING A 360. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD. PIN ONE… TWO…. THREE!

Nigel Royal and King Konstantine celebrate a fantastic victory here tonight!


We cut backstage to find Brandon Garcia recovering from his grueling match with Hangman when all of a sudden; Yuki Shiroi grabs him from behind and drives him head first into the wall! Garcia falls to the ground and Yuki hoists him up by the back of his pants and tosses him down the hallway. She grabs his latest mink coat, hung off a stack of turnbuckles leant against the wall and charges after him.

A group of people gather around Garcia to see if he’s alright but Yuki easily forces her way past them and grabs Brandon by the neck! Garcia, who’s barely with it now, comes to enough to push his body down the hall with his legs to counteract the stress Shiroi is putting on his Adams apple. After a while of this Yuki gets restless and hoists Garcia up on her shoulder, muscling him down the hall and towards a side exit. WHACK! Yuki tosses Garcia into the door! The impact causing the door to bust open and Garcia to go flying out it and into the streets of the city!

“And stay out!” Yuki screams as she tosses Brandon’s mink coat out after him.

Tourists passing by on the street point and stare at the scene. With a smirk on her face Yuki slams the door shut on Garcia and locks it closed. Shiroi obviously still upset about Garcia embarrassing her at Ring King.


This match begins with a stare down, Jack mocking Dead as he steps up to the plate. Dead fires off the first shot, and RRJ gets backed down into the corner, a smirk on his face. The Dead stomps a hole in a smiling Jack as the crowd gets behind him. Dead lets him up, and Jack ducks a shot, taking control with a swinging neckbreaker. Red River Jack talks trash and goes for a suplex, but Dead slides out and grabs Jack’s arm for the Death Rattle. Jack doesn’t let one arm get hooked, and he slaps Dead in the face until Dead finally is able to hook the arm.

There are no headbutts to RRJ as he was able to get his foot on the ropes, causing a break. Jack slaps Dead across the face to mock him once again, and this time Dead grabs him and pulls him into the middle of the ring. DEATH RATTLE!! REPEATED HEADBUTTS!! Both men are staggered when Dead releases the hold and winds up the bullhammer elbow. Jack quickly grabs the ropes to break the momentum of Dead, and slaps him across the face again as he launches out of the corner on the attack.

The two wrestlers are locked in a tie up, jockeying for position, almost dancing around the ring. The Dead has brought the hurting to Red River Jack, who is carefully easing Dead into some kind of position. Dead takes the advantage though, grabbing Jack once again for the Death Rattle. This time, Jack SPITS IN THE FACE OF THE DEAD!! Rage enters Dead’s eyes and he releases the hold. SPARTAN KICK FROM JACK!!! INTO THE CORNER!! Jack charges in, butDEAD IS READY!! FINAL BREATH! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Dead rises in victory, silently wiping the spit from his face. He may not feel pain, but he has avenged his pride.


The Enforcer is backstage, working on the one man wrecking ball that is Isaiah Black. They’re walking down the corridor, Brent doing his best to try and talk Isaiah into jumping on Team Old School Wrestling at Frostbite.

“You need to get along with Lane and get on the same page, Isaiah,” Brent says almost worn out from trying to talk sense into the man. “It’s us against them and we need you on our team.”

Isaiah scoffs. “I’ll do whatever the hell I please-“

“Well if it isn’t the fucktard reaper himself. Freight Train Ferguson supposes you thought you had the monopoly on being the big black dick in charge, huh? Well, news flash asshole, Freight Train Ferguson is bigger, badder and has a much bigger blacker dick, mother fucker.”

“You-..” Isaiah mumbles as he attempts to lunge for the big man, Brent Kersh somehow managing to pull him back.

“What’s the matter cockmonkey? Your granddad ain’t gonna let you fight? Probably a good idea since Freight Train Ferguson would happily knock your nappy headed ass back into your momma’s cunt.”

Freight Train points and laughs, heading off in the opposite direction with the biggest shit eating grin on his face.

Fuming, Black turns to Kersh. “If breaking his fucking legs means not baiting Mike Lane, I’m in. But if you ever stop me from kicking someone’s ass again, I’ll be coming for your throat, old man.”

Black barges past him, making an official addition to Team OSW come Frostbite. Kersh looks on nervously, knowing that our entire unit relies on the coming together of so many abrupt and difficult personalities.


The two men of RAGE aren’t here to fight fair in this tag team title match. As soon as the bell rings and Ash Williams and James Hunter lock up, Pig drops from the apron at the behest of Luther. He jumps Cories from behind, grabbing him and throwing him on the guard rail surrounding the ring. Ash attempts to intercede, but Hunter grabs him in a choke behind the referee’s back. The official has no control over this match, but turns his attention to the legal men in the ring, where Hunter nails a German Suplex to take control.

On the outside, Luther hands Pig the OSW Tag Title belt, and Cories feels a face of Championship, ringing his bell. Pig quickly runs back around to get tagged into the match. Pig goes to work on Ash, with a power only he can muster. A quick tag back to Hunter frees Pig back up to run around the ring and go back after Cories, who has begun to stir, still in his letter jacket. The Question mocks the crowd with Ash in another hold of questionable legality. As Pig gets to Cories, the Fresh Prince somehow is able to grab Pig and throw him into the guard rail.

Cories climbs up on the apron, and calls for the tag from Ash. Feeling the crowd behind him, Williams nails a few sharp elbows to the gut of the Question, and tries to push Hunter into the ropes. It’s a no go, owing to Hunter’s superior size and strength. Instead, Ash stomps on Hunter’s foot to get released from his grasp. He leaps for his corner, but PIG PULLS CORIES BACK DOWN!! Hunter sneers as he goes to pick up Ash, who seems exhausted. BUT THERE’S NIGEL ROYAL!! ROYAL HOPS THE BARRICADE AND DISTRACTS HUNTER… Ash pushes off Hunter with the distraction. BOOMSTICK!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

Cories and Ash escape the floor to grab their belts in celebration, while Luther tries to calm down Pig and James Hunter in the ring.


Axel the Shark is once again talking to some young Sharkheads.

“Remember, Fin Fans, I am a trained professional. At no point should you ever try to recreate what I do in the ring! You could be seriously injured!”

They claps and murmur excitedly. Just then, Jondo walks by with his baseball bat in hand. The kids “ooh” and “ahh” at the sight of him.

“Oh, that’s Jondo. Great guy, terrible memory from my understanding!”

“Can we meet him?” one of the children asks.

“Uh, maybe. I’ll ask!” Axel the Shark answers. “Jondo! Jondo!”

Jondo turns, “What’s up?”

“These wrestling fans would love to meet you! Do you have a second?!”

Jondo looks slightly annoyed, but answers, “Sure, I have a couple of minutes.”

He walks over and Axel introduces him. “Boys and girls, this is Jondo! He doesn’t know anything about himself! Not about who he is, his name, if he has any family, or anyone that cares about him at all! You see, kids, he’s what I don’t want you to grow up to be! He has a rough life and cavorts with the lowest of scum!”

Jondo is not pleased, “What the hell, man?! You have me come over here to insult me?!”

“No! Not at all! I was just teaching the kids a life lesson!”

Jondo looks like he is using every ounce of self control, “You know what Axel, you are some kind of dumb.” Jondo turns and walks away, leaving Axel behind and confused.


The bell rings as Legion glares menacingly down at Cayci, who rushes forward without fear with a clothesline that bounces off the Beast. Undetermined, Cayci tries again, bouncing off the ropes with a Spinwheel kick but Legion catches her in mid-air, tossing her across the ring with the greatest of ease. Cayci braces herself on the mat, staring down the Beast before rushing forward a third time. She ducks under a clothesline attempt as she springboards off the ropes, landing a big time roundhouse that seems to daze the Beast. Cayci doesn’t let up, springing off the other side with a big knee that has enough force to send the Beast down to one knee.

The crowd begins to roar as Cayci climbs the top rope, motioning for Legion to get to his feet, Missile Drop..NO! Legion reaches up high, grabbing Cayci by the throat in mid-air before nearly slamming her through the mat with a massive Chokeslam. Legion doesn’t cover, instead pulling the hurting Darkwish up by the scruff of her neck and powering her across the ring before nearly shattering her nose with a Big Boot. Legion drops down, covering for the sure win. ONE…TWO…Cayci kicks out!

Legion pulls the almost limp Cayci up to her feet, who begins to fight back with rights and lefts, ducking under a right hand by Legion before a roundhouse stuns the Beast. Cayci rushes to the ropes, springboarding off, CURTAIN CALL and the Beast is down! Cacyi signals for the end, as Legion slowly gets to her feet but a powerful right out of nowhere puts Cayci down and out. The Beast signals for the end, lifting the limp Cayci up, placing her on his shoulders and utterly destroying her with the Mark of the Beast. Legion covers Cayci but it’s a foregone conclusion at the moment as the referee quickly counts. ONE…TWO..THREE!

The Beast puts Cayci down here tonight!


When we return from a short break, the entire ring has been decked out somewhat. There’s a large red carpet rolled out from the ramp way towards the ring, up the ring steps and inside, where it covers the canvas. Atop that is a large throne, awaiting it’s King.

Paloma steps up with a microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, the 2015 Ring King Winner… MIKE…. LANE!”

A very royal orchestral theme begins to filter throughout the arena as Mike Lane steps out onto the entrance ramp, flanked by Red River Jack, David Manson, Hate and Willie. All four proceed down the entrance ramp and make their own ways into the ring.

Once there, Mike steps forward and has the crown placed upon his head by Paloma. She attempts to drape the royal cape over his shoulders but Red River Jack stops her, waiving her away and taking her microphone.

“Hold on a second, man.” he says as the fans rip into him with boo’s. Jack just ignores them, waiving his finger at Mike. “None of this would of happened if it wasn’t for me. I woke you up, man. I held your hand through the darkness and brought you to the light, to the truth, to the one unwavering fact of all; Nothing is what it seems.”

He adjusts his World Championship and nods at The Awakening members that surround them. All three retrieve the cape and place it on the shoulders of our World Champion as Mike looks on.

“This crown, this cape, this title you so dream of holding, it’s all a part of their plan, man. It ain’t a part of ours. You see Mike, I’m not done teaching you, I’m not through awakening you and if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that you’re… you’re… not ready yet.”

The crowd boo so loudly that even Hate and both Manson’s turn around to see what’s going on. Jack smiles and places his hand on the shoulder of Lane, nodding at him.

“KICK HIS ASS!” chant the fans, demanding a response from their Ring King. “KICK HIS ASS!”

Mike though nods back, sending the crowd further into a frenzy of boo’s.

“To get to you” shortly hits and The Awakening exit, the entire audience having turned on Mike Lane – their once choice, believing him to be a lost cause.

And maybe, just maybe, they’re right.


The bell rings as the two Rage teammates tear into one another, lefts and rights flying from both men as neither seem to be backing down. Wes gets the advantage with a big knee to the gut as he throws Jake into the corner before rushing forward and crushing the Juggalo with a running knee. Jake gets punished with shots to the ribs, each blow slamming his back into the turnbuckles before Wes grabs him by the shoulder, throwing him across the ring with a T-Bone Suplex. Wes rushes forward and drops a leg across the chest of Jake before hooking the leg. ONE…TWO..Jake kicks out

Wes pulls Jake up to his feet but gets a poke to the eyes for his troubles. Wes staggers back as Jake rushes forward, almost taking his head off with a huge Bicycle Kick. Wes is pulled up off the mat and thrown across the ring before being driven into the mat with a Powerslam. Jake goes to pull Wes up once more but Wes kicks him away. Wes rushes Jake, trying for a clothesline but Jake has it scouted, grabbing Wes by the throat, PONY DOWN! Wes crumples to the mat, holding his back in pain as Jake hooks his leg for the cover. ONE…TWO..KICKOUT!

Jake backs up a little, before rushing up and crushing Wes with a big time Faygo Splash. Jake pulls Wes up to his feet but Warhammer begins to fight back, staggering Jake with a heavy right before throwing him across the ring. Jake ducks under the clothesline attempt, spinning Wes around before grabbing him by the head and spiking him into the mat with a Jumping DDT. The Juggalo signals for the end as he pulls the limp Wes up to his head, hoisting him up onto his shoulders, THE HATCHET! Wes is down and out as Jake hooks his leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!


The DEAD walks through the backstage, passing by schoolyard employees on the way to the lockers. He walks into the labeled room to find his locker smashed open, his few items strewn across the room, DEAD’s few tea cups smashed in a against a far wall as though they had been tossed over someone’s shoulder from his locker. He walks forward to investigate the mess when he’s interrupted by a shout to get his attention.


Ash Williams catches The DEAD off guard with a hard boot that sends him sprawling backwards, hitting the wall hard, though not reacting to the pain. He dodges a hard right from Ash and rushes to the door, backing out of it as he stares down Ashley Williams.

“What are you talking about? I’m no deadite. I don’t even know what a deadite is!”

Ash stares down The DEAD, straightening up and curling his lip.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You’re stinkin’ up my federation! I know you know where the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis is, now tell me and just maybe I won’t have to drop you. And believe me, I’d love to drop you.”

The DEAD stares on in disbelief, almost unsure whether Ash is joking or not. He tries to just back up a bit more but Ash advances on him, pressing him for answers.

“Are you crazy? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Ash shrugs at the response then smiles.

“Groovy. Boomsticks away!”

He leaps forward and lands a hard superman punch to The DEAD’s temple, knocking him out cold and allowing Ash to keep searching the locker room.


The scene quickly jolts to the backstage area where we’re told a massive fight has broken out between The Solution and King Konstantine. After Nigel Royal cost the former Tag Team Champions their belts tonight, they’ve decided to take it out on the King.

Right hands are swinging, axe handles and boots flying too as Pig and Hunter launch Guard after Guard out of the way.

“GET HIM!” Luther screams, his plan from earlier coming to fruition. The King tries to run away but Hunter is quickly after him, tackling him to the ground. They get back to their feet and launch him into the nearby bin, denting it with the ferocity of which they threw him.

Pig runs up as fast as he can, driving his knee straight into his head for good measure.

“THROW THAT PIECE OF TRASH IN THE BIN!” Luther directs, watching as Pig pulls him back to his feet and Hunter opens the bin lid. They toss him inside, slamming down the lid and walking away. “Coming for us, Nigel? Is that it?” he fumes. “Well, let’s see how you do when you don’t have all the King’s horses or all The King’s men!”

“Or the King!”Hunter says with a scoff.

All three men walk away, leaving the camera to focus on the bin where King Konstantine lies battered and bruised. Nigel Royal is now all alone.


Classic case of OSW vs. Rage here, Bird playing the part and rushing Kersh before the bell, reigning Kidney shots down on the Enforcer. The crowd not liking this, that is until Kersh blocks one. The first lock up and The veteran begins to gain the upper hand. Before we know it Ethan Bird is down on his knees, DDT from Kersh. The first cover is stopped at a one count, as Bird’s leg easily reaches the ropes. Kersh allowing his opponent up, he may regret that as a Low Blow on his way up sends Kersh to his knees.

That low blow must of hurt in more ways than one, bringing back Ring King memories. Capitilizing on his injured opponent, he whips Brent of the ropes and delivers a huge SAMOAN DROP on the way back. Grin across his face, he tries to lock in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF.. It’s in. Slightly off centre ring, surely Mr. OSW wont tap? Surprised we aren’t seeing claw marks in the mat, such is the strength Kersh has mustered to get himself to them ropes, HE’S MADE IT. Bird wont release though. LET GO OF THE DAMN HOLD!! Letting go on the count of four, Bird narrowly avoids the DQ.

Having The Enforcer where he wants him, he pulls him to an upright position, whips his man off the ropes, the two men extend arms. They BOTH CLOTHESLINE EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME. Both down, the count begins, by two Ethan is moving, this sparks off a Kersh chant, can they rally the hero? IT WORKS. By five Ethan is basically standing and Brent isn’t far behind. Eight and they are up, Kersh has the measure, scoops him up, SOUTHERN DISCOM…..NO At the height of Kersh setting him up WORLDS END. Hate Bird as much as you like, but that was phenomenal, to the disgust of those in attendance. Pin… One…. Two.. THREE!

Ethan Bird picks up a huge win here against Brent Kersh!


Brent Kersh slowly gets back to his feet and immediately puts his hands in the air, receiving a rapturous ovation from the crowd – despite his loss. He stumbles towards the corner and ascends the turnbuckle, pointing at members of the audience and appreciating their support.

Only Ethan Bird has other ideas!

With a clubbing double axe handle, he crashes into the back of an unsuspecting Kersh, doubling him over. He drags him off the middle turnbuckle and into a right hand, laying him out!

Suddenly though, a man leaps over the barricade!

Who the hell is that?

He slides straight into the ring with a Championship belt in his hands, the face plate blurred out. Who? What the fuck? CHAMPIONSHIP ACROSS THE SKULL OF ETHAN BIRD!! What the fuck is going on?

The man slaps the title back on his shoulder and bends over, grabbing Bird by the hair.

“Remember me?” he yells, screaming at him. “Well, you will!”

He slams his head down on the canvas and walks over to a getting up Brent Kersh, talking with him off microphone. We don’t quite hear what he’s saying but both guys head to the backstage together, talking amongst themselves.


The scene cuts backstage where we find newcomer Abdul Ahad meandering about the backstage area, his face covered as he walks with inquisitive eyes, looking at the area with disdain. He rounds the corner and hears a voice ahead, peaking his curiosity he continues on and stops at an opened locker room door where we find Matthew Cories stood inside speaking to someone.

“You’re just as beautiful as ever, you know that?” he says with a glimmer in his eye and a twinkle from his teeth.

Curious as to what he’s referring, Ahad enters and what he sees disgusts him.

“What are you doing?!” Ahad barks as the camera pans around to reveal that Cories was talking to a 1990s cutout of Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. “This is not right! Cover her up!”

“Cover who – oh, Pamela? Why would I do that? I just got her!”

“No woman should been seen in such a manner,” Ahad remarks, disgusted that a woman – albeit a cardboard one – would have anything revealing being worn.

“I’m sorry buddy, I don’t know who you are but that’s exactly how Pamela should be seen; she’s the biggest actress in Hollywood, don’t you know?”

Maybe in the 90s….

Ahad scoffs. “This is a disgrace! You will pay for your sins,” he says scolding him with an outstretched finger. “I asked you politely, and will not ask again. Cover her up!”

“No!” Cories replies immediately.

Ahad swiftly delivers a superkick to the cutout, effectively chopping it in half and having it fold up on one another, hiding the obscenity of a scantily clad 1990s bombshell.

Cories rushes to Pamela’s aid. “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!”

“I do what I must,” Ahad replies and then exits before Cories can respond, leaving him to his fallen pinup gal.


It‘s OSW vs. The Awakening vs. Rage here. Lane and Ferguson form an unlikely alliance from the off and the two men throw blows down on Hayman, forcing the beast onto his knees. With Scarecrow literally pounded into the ground, the Ring King Semi-Finalist opponents share a quick staredown, before unleashing on each other. Utilizing his strength, The Almighty launches Lane from inside the ring to outside, with one smooth Airplane Spin. A sickening thud as Lane crashes onto the schoolyard floor. Turning his attention to Scarecrow, a sick grin comes over Ferguson’s face, he bends down to pick him up.

BUT A HAND SHOOTS OUT, Scarecrow grabs The Phenom around the neck, the life looks to be draining away from Freight Train. Hoisting him high up into the air, THE HARVESTER!! Huge choke slam from Scarecrow, this one is over. ONE…. TWO…… FROM OUT OF CAMERA SHOT, TOP ROPE LEG DROP FROM THE FORGOTTEN ABOUT MIKE LANE TO BREAK UP THE PIN. Most men would be dead, but Scarecrow is not most men, he is on his knees. The newly crowned Ring King, tried to put him down for good. ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE. Lane covers, One…. Two…

Freight Train, last second, breaking up the pin with a boot to Lane’s face, whilst FtF was still flat out on the mat himself, nothing but awareness from the Phenom. Ferguson is the first one up, all three men are broken. Ferguson sets his Scarecrow, he scoops him up, RUNNING POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE. Backing away Freight Train is not done, he returns with a thunderous running knee to the slumped Scarecrow, if this man was human he would be dead by now. Mouthing off to the crowd, Ferguson turns around to give the other side of the arena a bit abuse….. SHADOW KICK!! Scarecrow is out, FtF is now out. The King of OSW Make the cover. One… Two…. THREE!!!

The Ring King picks up another huge win on the road to Frostbite! What if he is ready after all?


It’s just moments before Reichous Marx steps into the ring with Marvolo and defends his All-Star Championship. The Luminary Sage paces through the backstage area when the lights suddenly flicker. He turns around to see Wes Warhammer, standing ominously behind him.

“Have you ever wondered where monsters like me fit into your luminary wisdom?” Warhammer remarks with a wry smile. “Did your spirit ghosts tell you about monsters like me?”

Marx folds his arms, ever stoic. “They told me I can free you from the confines of your own mind.”

Wes smiles and it’s right on cue, because from behind comes Jake Jeckel with a STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL! Marx immediately hits the concrete, blood spilling from the wound on his forehead.

Jake throws the chair down and looks him over. “I think I prefer him eyes wide shut, don’t you?”

The Cajun Crucifix immediately drops down over Marx, smelling his sweet sweet blood. Jake watches on, slightly perturbed himself, as Wes tastes the wound. With blood around his mouth, he lifts his head up and sneers.

“Mortal, mere mortal,” Wes hisses. “And you’re either the diner or the dinner and let me tell you, you taste like food to me.”

Before he can feast further, Jake grabs him by the arm, pulling him to his feet. “Not yet Warhammer, not yet.”

They both agree, heading off down the corridor with apt smiles on their faces as Marx begins to stir, realizing that he was busted wide open by the Juggalo and his accomplice.


It’s only been a short time since Brent Kersh was attacked and saved in the middle of the ring. Right now, he enters the backstage OSW locker room alongside the man who saved his ass.

“Who the hell is this guy?” he asks the room, shaking his head.

“What kind of a welcome is that, huh? If it wasn’t for me then Ethan Bird might’ve had his way with you, gramps.”

“I know who he is,” suddenly interrupts the voice of Mike Lane. “Vinnie, it’s been a while, man.”

“Vinnie? You know this guy?” Brent questions with a raised brow.

Mike stands up and walks over to him, the resemblance only somewhat there.

“This is my cousin, Vinnie Lane. The last I heard, he wasn’t doing so well. Decided to wake up, get yourself some gold and join the land of the living, eh?”

Vinnie laughs, patting his Championship. “This old thing? [Beep] won’t miss it. I’ve come for Ethan Bird. He entered my house, cost me my [beep] Championship and left before I could even so much as kick his ass.”

“Coma, I heard?” Mike says with a shake of the head.

“That’s history, cousin. Besides, from what I can see, you’re hardly the man I once knew either. Something tells me that he,” he says pointing to Jack. “Isn’t exactly sending you down the right path.”

Jack stands up and with his OSW Championship, walks over to Lane. Brent once again and for the second time tonight, places his arm out to stop any brawl.

“Alright, enough. If you want on the team Vinnie, you’ve got it,” Kersh says with a nod. “But this, this is going to have to wait, alright?”

Vinnie reluctantly nods, taking a seat as Mike and Red head back to the opposite side of the locker room.


Reichous Marx makes his way to the ring, looking a bit worse for wear after that attack backstage. When there, he looks ashamed even to be in the same ring with Marvolo. Number One reaches his hand out for a peaknuckles, and Marx obliges. The two men tie up and Marvolo immediately drops to his knees. Marx uses his power to yank the smaller man up and TOSSES HIM ACROSS THE RING! Marvolo is stunned and Marx approaches. Marvolo grabs the ropes before the Luminary Sage can grab him and the referee backs Marx away. Marvolo is quickly to his feet and rushes Marx while he is distracted. BULLDOG! 1….2…Marx kicks out!

Marvolo is up first and throws Marx into the ropes. Marx returns and is met with TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Number one climbs to the middle turnbuckle, yells “BACKBREAKER TO THE FACE!” and comes down with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP to Marx! Marvolo is looking thrilled! He covers: 1….2…Kick out! Marvolo can’t believe it! He pulls Marx up, goes for a POWERBOMB, but Marx counters with a BACK BODY DROP! Marvolo is flailing around, and Marx wastes no time. He pulls Marvolo to his feet and EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! And ANOTHER! He throws Marvolo to the ropes and catches him for a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! One…Two…Kickout!

Marx immediately pulls Marvolo up, but Marvolo drops to the ground and tie himself up in a ball, it’s the MYSTERY BOX! Marx rolls Marvolo over with his foot. Marvolo sticks out a hand and Marx grabs it. Marvolo yanks Marx to the ground and covers: 1…KICKOUT WITH FORCE! Marvolo can’t believe the Marx kicked out, and Marx is not amused. He immediately is to his feet and kicks Marvolo to the stomach, slides in beside him, and MARVOLO DUCKS TO THE OUTSIDE! HE ESCAPES THE RING! He grabs Raquel by the hand and drags her up the entrance ramp. Where the hell is he going? “Feminine Emergency? Are you kidding me?” he yells as the referee has no choice but to call for the bell. What the hell is Marvolo doing?


We cut backstage where we find the RAGE Champion, Lux Bellator simultaneously throwing his championship belt over his shoulder and exiting his locker room to head toward the arena for his match. The roar of the crowd is apparent as he makes his way in that direction and rounds the corner before bumping into a man who may be a friend or a foe – possibly both – in Ethan Bird.

“Excuse me,” Lux says immediately.

Bird shrugs.

“Are you alright? I saw what happened earlier,” Lux remarks, referencing the attack on Bird earlier in the night.

Bird winces a bit but responds coldly, “I’m fine; I have only two things I’m concerned with, and that piece of trash isn’t one of them.”

Lux clutches his belt upon his shoulder as Bird eyes it and says, “Let’s just remember what we’re here to do; we’re at war, Ethan.”

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten, Lux,” Bird responds immediately. “But I know in order to win a war we need a leader; we need someone to hold that belt of yours and lead by example and you’ve failed to do that thus far. It’s almost like you’re not a part of this revolution.”

Lux steps forward. “I’ll lead us to the light,” he responds placing a finger in Bird’s chest. “And you’d be wise to follow.”

Bird smirks. “I’ve never been one for towing the line,” he replies. “But you can bet your ass I’ll lead by example, or push you so hard you’re forced to do the same. Either way, we’ll win the war, but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind winning some gold as well.”

Bird chuckles and slaps Lux on the shoulder.

“Good luck out there.”

And with that, Bird walks past Lux and leaves the Champion wondering if Bird is planning on sticking a knife in his back or if he’ll be a man of his word and fight with the rest of RAGE behind Lux as the Champion.


‘The Real Freakin’ Deal’ Bruce Van Chan walks down the narrow hallways of The Schoolyard’s backstage area. He rounds the corner and Marvolo is standing with his chest puffed out as Raquel standings with her hands on her hips – just inside their locker room with the door open.

“Marvolo es numbah wahhn.”

“What the bloody hell is your problem? I CAN’T BELIEVE you just made Marvolo leave his ALL-STAR Championship opportunity because you had a feminine emergency!“


Marvolo whips around seemingly frightened by the new voice. His lip quivers in anger.

“Don’t you ever knock before entering? Sheesh.”

“I think you’re one to talk when it comes to surprises, eh? After what happened at Ring King when we teamed up to dispose of Angelos and you attacked me. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that Marvolo doesn’t team with men who hardly know their own identity, Bruce. What are you, Chinese? Japanese? American? Americhinapanese? I can tell you what you’re not and that’s NUMBER ONE.”

Bruce stops and looks at Marvolo, his rage increasing.

“That-” Bruce stops, trying to control himself. “That doesn’t make any sense!”


Suddenly, Marvolo slaps Bruce around the face, shocking not only the Real Fricken Deal but everyone else inside the School Yard as well.

“Don’t you ever talk back to Number One!”

Bruce quickly tries to strike but Marvolo – the coward he is, throws Raquel straight into his path and runs towards the exit. Van Chan, held up by the woman in Marvolo’s life, struggles to pass her and watches as the Marvelous One escapes.


Isaiah Black’s return to action saw him saunter to the ring for a match with Lux Bellator. The RAGE Champion though didn’t come out alone, flanked by Jake Jeckel, Lee Crowley, Wes Warhammer and Freight Train Ferguson. The match started with a lock up, Black taking Bellator into a side Headlock and dropping to his knees. He bounces back up again only for Lux to launch him off into the ropes. Black trundles back, ducking a Clothesline and lunging forward with a Headbutt. The Grim pulls him close and into a quick DDT, pinning immediately. One….. Kick out! Isaiah pops back to his feet and grabs Bellator by the mask, slapping him around the face with a taunt, telling him “This is my house!” before throwing him into the corner.

He quickly runs in with a Spear but Lux moves! Isaiah gets nothing but turnbuckle! He pulls himself out in agony, only to be caught with a Leaping Armbreaker, crashing his arm across the RAGE Champions knee. The Light Warrior is already setting up for his finisher, getting back to his feet and stomping away at the arm, eventually pulling Black up and twisting him into a Hammerlock. Lux is being methodical here tonight, only he runs Black straight into the ropes and throws him to the outside – right where the wolves await. The RAGE Champion immediately steps backwards with his hands in the air, keeping the referee distracted whilst the assault begins.

Crowley, Jeckel and Warhammer grab him by his arms, holding him as Ferguson comes RUNNING WITH A GIANT KNEE TO THE FACE!! WHAT A SHOT! They grab his limp body and roll him straight back into Bellator who covers… One….. Two…. Kick Out! He kicked out! Lux grabs him by the hair and speaks to him. “This is the house of God, Isaiah.” he taunts, slamming his head back onto the canvas. He reaches down and pulls him back to his feet, nailing him with a kick to the mid-section and a Scoop Powerslam. This time he kicks him over to the ropes, stomping him to the outside and once again, distracting the referee.

RAGE are quickly back on the offensive, the fans booing as they stomp a mudhole in Isaiah Black! Just then, the fans boo’s break into cheers because running down the entrance ramp is Reichous Marx, The Hangman and Vinnie Lane! They quickly jump into the melee and a massive brawl has broken out at ringside. Black somehow pulls himself back to his feet and slides into the ring – only Lux Bellator is waiting for him. Lux grabs him only to be tossed into the referee! The Grim realizes it’s time and when Bellator turns around… SLINGBLADE!! BEAUTIFUL DEATH!! BUT THE REFEREE IS OUT COLD!!

The Grim doesn’t even cover. He gets back to his feet and THERE’S FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON! BIG BOOT! HOLY FUCK ALMIGHTY WHAT A BIG BOOT! Ferguson scoops him from the canvas with a hand around his throat and heads to the corner. OH NO! BUT WAIT!! THE HANGMAN IS ON THE RING APRON AND SLAPS HIS ROPE AROUND THE THROAT OF THE FUCK ALMIGHTY!! Isaiah slams his forearm down across Ferguson and forces him to let go. The Hangman though can’t act as Jeckel and Warhammer drag him off the ring apron. The Almighty drops down and… BEAUTIFUL DEATH!! SLINGBLADE TO FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!!

Lux Bellator though is back to his feet, kick to the gut… CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!! HE RUNS… NO!! ISAIAH BLACK WITH THE FACE BUSTER!! HE REVERSED IT!! Black gets back to his feet as Lux pops up to his knees… THE GRAAAANNDDD LEEVEELLLLEERRRRR!!!


He quickly rolls to the outside and regroups with Team OSW, who in unison, start making their way to the backstage area as RAGE looks on…


The Titantron suddenly crackles and splits in two, interrupting both sets of men as they make their exits. Many of them stop, looking up at the screen as Jackson Slade appears, surrounded by darkness, looking rather ominous.

“Do you understand what you’re suggesting?” We catch Jackson say as the scene opens up. “You’re suggesting that you turn your back on everything you’ve accomplished, everything you represent. You’ll be turning your back on Old School Wrestling.”

Ringside, Isaiah Black, Reichous Marx, The Hangman and Vinnie Lane watch on in discussion with each other.

The figure in the darkness simply nods. We can’t see much, only an outline of his appearance.

“Is this what you really want? Is it?” he asks.

Again, the figure nods.

Jackson smiles and extends his hand. “Then welcome to RAGE. In three weeks time at Frostbite, I’ll have the final few percentage of control I need to change everything around here for good. You’ve chosen the right side, believe you me, you’ve chosen the right side.”

The figure extends a gloved hand, shaking with Jackson Slade as Monday Night Showcase goes off the air.

Who’s meeting with RAGE? Who wasn’t in the ring?

Brent Kersh, Mike Lane, Scarecrow, Red River Jack? It could be anyone.