Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. Tonight, Red River Jack defends his World Championship against Robert Gordon in the Main Event, Mike Lane battles an undefeated in five Ethan Bird, whilst Rain and Hannibal Corvin battle in the Showcase of all Showcases.

The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters ‘OSW’ and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists.

As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he manoeuvres his way around the ring and retrieves a microphone.

“What can I say?” he says to cheers from this fiercely loyal crowd. “I messed up.”

“WE LOVE YOU KERSH!” shouts an anxious kid from the front row.

“Thanks kid, but I have to take this one on the chin. Last week, RAGE made it look like Scarecrow was the turncoat. They knew it would drive a wedge between me and him ahead of Frostbite. After everything we’ve been through, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to imagine him turning on me.”

He pauses to soak up the sympathy.

“Scarecrow, I think we need to talk, face to face, man to monster. Would you please come out here and allow me to explain myself?”

Brent lowers his microphone and awaits the darkness, only it doesn’t come.

“Why do I call myself a Juggalo?

Cause we be bangin’ the Wicked Shit and swimmin’ off in the blood of mosh pits!”

“RAW DEAL” by Twizted instead interrupts the cheers for Scarecrow with heavy boo’s, bringing out The Juggalo onto the stage. He makes a quick walk to the ring with a smirk, sliding under the bottom rope and standing face to face with The Enforcer.

“What’s the matter bub?” Jeckel mocks, having been a part of the plan to divide The Rebellion “Did ickle ol’ RAGE put you and The Scarecrow back at odds?” he says laughing out loud. The crowd boo as he begins to pace, smiling the entire time. “Can you blame us? It was such an easy target. Just like this company has been since the minute I signed on the dotted line. You’ve got a lot to learn, like for example, despite your experience and that wealth of knowledge you claim to have, you don’t apparently know when someone has been keeping your attention-“



This mugging is a disgrace! Kersh was only out here to apologize and RAGE have turned it into a 2 on 1 assault. But wait! REICHOUS MARX!! MARX IS MAKING A B-LINE FOR THE RING!!

He slides straight in and nails Jeckel with a Clothesline, forcing him to roll to the outside. Warhammer tries to get on the offensive as well, but Marx nails him with a right hand that takes him to the canvas as well. He escapes, leaving Marx fuming inside the ring.

The Luminary Sage reaches down and grabs one of the fallen microphones.

“It is only by your own ignorance that you think the Rebellion will fall so easily. With or without Scarecrow, we will defeat you at Frostbite and save our jobs, and this federation. Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut!”

He throws the microphone down and walks over to Kersh, checking on him as we head to a commercial break.

The two men stare each other down, Isaiah looking to continue his war against RAGE, he lunges forward with all his usual intensity and vigor. Crowley evades him, ducking a punch, side-stepping an attempted clothesline. He appears to be mimicking Isaiah, mirroring his movements with that smile of his. But Isaiah is not a man to be played with, and unbeknownst to Crowley, Black has methodically backed him into a corner. Crowley realizes this too late, his eyes widen with alarm, but Black is on him in an instant. A barrage of forearms take him into the turnbuckle, where Black proceeds to assault the midsection of Smiley with a series of shoulder thrusts, knees and swinging hooks.

Crowley can only handle so much, before collapsing on to Black, who drags him from the corner and plants him in the middle of the ring with a brutal suplex. He opts to mount his downed opponent instead of pinning him and delivers another series of strikes that bloody the face of Crowley. Black drags him to his feet once again, this time planting him with a cracking DDT and going for the pin. 1…2.. kickout. Crowley may be bloodied but it will take more than that to keep him down. Something Black soon comes to realize when he brings him back to his feet, whips him into the ropes and is greeted with a CHELSEA GRIN on the return. Both men collapse to the mat.

The referee gets his count close to seven as the two men climb to their feet. Black is the first to initiate the attack, but Crowley shows his speed, and this time he isn’t playing around. He swarms the former champ, punches coming from several angles that allow Crowley to level him with a snap DDT of his own, followed by a Flapjack, and a German Suplex that leaves Black in a heap. The pin comes, but Black gets his hand up before the third count. Crowley attempts to lock up THE GLASGOW SMILE, but Black powers through it, power bombing Lee onto the mat after dragging himself up through sheer grit and determination, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Crowley pops back up to his feet and Black looks to level him with a LARIAT, but Crowley ducks, bounces off the ropes and nails Black with the SHOCK THERAPY. Quick pin, 1..2..3! And just like that, this one is over, Lee Crowley picks up a huge victory!

When we return from a commercial break, Lee Crowley is stood inside the ring with Piotor, being booed immensely. He tries to pay them no attention, grabbing himself a microphone from Paloma Ruiz.

“Hangman!” he screams. “Do you think you can take apart my family and get away with it? Do you think there will be no repercussions for the things you’ve done? In one week’s time at Frostbite, you will join the Rebellion and you will take what’s coming to you.”

Suddenly the arena lights flash on, then off, then on to reveal The Hangman in the middle of the ring with a microphone of his own. The fans cheer, anxious to hear The Manslayer speak.

“One by one, I have been dismantling your family, just like RAGE has been dismantling Old School Wrestling. It is not by your command that I join forces with The Rebellion at Frostbite, but by my own.”

Suddenly Piotor attacks, slamming him to the canvas with a massive Clothesline! CROWLEY CLOTHESLINE!! The Hangman didn’t see it coming! Just then, Tobias and Damien slide into the ring! The men he hung are here and by God, they want some vengeance! All four men start stomping away at The Hangman, beating the holy hell out of him!

But wait a minute! Here comes the REBELLION CAVALRY!! BRENT KERSH, REICHOUS MARX and VINNIE LANE MAKE A RUN TOWARDS THE RING! They slide in and the Crowley Family escape, leaving The Hangman to be brought back to his feet by Kersh. Jesus, this war is going to get bloodier before it’s over!

The bell rings but the hostility between these two quickly erupts as they collide in the center of the ring with a flurry of strikes! Marcus strikes with rights as Chase returns them with equal vigor. Marcus leaps into the air and grabs onto the head of Chase, attempting to hit his finish early! Chase flings him off before connecting with a dropkick! Marcus staggers backwards into the ropes but stays there. Chase pursues but X isn’t deterred as he catches him with a clothesline! Chase immediately pops back up and Marcus hits another! Chase is up once more but Marcus wraps him up for a T-Bone suplex. It connects! Marcus rolls over and tries to grab the hands to lock in SEGREGATION!

But Chase has other plans! Chase grabs his hands and pulls him in quickly for an eye poke! Marcus staggers backwards clutching at his eye, and, as if on cue, Chase begins feigning an injury to his eye as well! The referee seems confused at what to do. X swings at Chase who drops the charade to leap into the air and drive X’s head into the mat for a jumping DDT! He goes for the cover, but Marcus instantly kicks out in anger.

Chase pulls X to his feet and onto his shoulders. He flings him forward and connects with his CLOUD NINE signature move! He goes for the arrogant cover by laying his shoulders against X. ONE… TWO…NO! X got his foot on the rope. Chase rolls his eyes as he goes to get up. Chase goes to get up, but his arms are trapped by the TIMES OF CHANGE! The Tazzmission is expertly applied, but Chase rolls into the ropes to get the referee to pull him back. The referee begins counting so X releases. Chase staggers to his feet as Marcus leaps into the air and drives him facefirst into the mat! THE BLACKOUT! Marcus goes for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE! Marcus rolls to his feet still holding his eye with his hand as he rolls out of the ring. Not even waiting on the referee to raise his hand.

Freight Train Ferguson – with a mouth the size of his ego, is surprisingly humble when approaching Isaiah Black backstage. He steps straight up to him, unafraid and offers a handshake.

“Freight Train Ferguson would like to apologize for offending you,” the man says to a surprising ‘OOOHHH’ from the crowd. “The Freight Train understands that he took it a little too far and last week, you paid him what was due.”

Isaiah accepts the handshake with a smirk.

“And let Freight Train tell you this..”




FTF bends down and slaps him around the head for good measure, wrapping the chain around his neck and strangling him with a foot in his back for good measure. The Freight Train is absolutely vicious and relentless here tonight, stomping Black face first into the concrete when he’s done.


He storms off down the corridor, leaving our former World Champion in dire straits.

The Question and The Shark circle one another. Axel moves in and asks Hunter to lock up. They do for about a half a second until The Question shoves The Kid’s Champ all the way across the ring. Axel looks shocked and impressed at the same time. He rushes and tries a double leg takedown on the Question, who responds with a HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE. Axel falls to his back. One….Two…T……Kick out! Hunter is to his feet and pulls Axel up by the mask. STALLING VERTICAL SUPLEX!! Axel is vertical for almost five full seconds before slamming to the mat! One… Two… Thr….Kickout!

Hunter’s not happy as he pulls Axel up again. He whips the Shark the far ropes and goes for RELAX but Axel ducks and counters with a SHARK BITE TO THE QUESTION’S BUTT!! Hunter is not amused and turns to attack, but Axel springboards from the bottom rope! TORNADO DDT!!! The Question is down! Axel doesn’t cover but instead says, “Remember, Sharkheads, always eat all of the food on your plate if you want to grow up into a big, strong shark!”……….he finishes, and looks surprised he wasn’t attack mid-speech! The Question is recovering on one knee and SUSHI KICK!!! One…. Two…. Thr….KICKOUT!

The Question is up almost as fast as The Shark and they trade punches. Using his size, Hunter drives the Shark back to the corner. He whips him to the far turnbuckle but follows closely behind and RELAX!! Axel stumbles from the corner and Hunter hits THE IRONY!!! The third suplex flings Axel across the ring! Hunter follows Axel and lifts him for POETIC JUSTICE, but Axel wiggles free! HURRICANRANA! Axel to the top! SHARK DIVE!!! One… Two… THREE!!! Axel with a huge, unexpected victory!

Despite both having the night off, there are a pair of curious visitors to Monday Night Showcase.

Cayci Spires and Neville Sheldon.

The former Tag Team Champs have been beaten down by Legion, but there are in the house on this Monday evening.

“Legion, you’ve come back to wrestling to end me. You hold a grudge against me for something that happened years ago in the IWF.” Neville begins, a rare air of seriousness about him.

“I may be a Geek, but I refuse to stand around and let you take liberties with myself and my partner. We are going to end this, Legion.”

Cayci takes the microphone.

“Frostbite is the place. You’re too much for us to deal with individually, so we are going to take you out of the game. Your continued existence is a blight on OSW, and we’re just the pair to remove it.”

Sheldon definitely doesn’t believe the younger woman’s words, but he backs her up nonetheless.

“There’s only way we can beat the Beast.” Neville states, looking to Cayci.

“Together.” Her reply shows this pairing has worked out their issues.

“We finish this…” Neville begins.

“Or die trying.” Cayci finishes.

Suddenly the lights dip out. When they come up, Beauty and the Geek are laying on the ground, unconscious. In their place stands the Beast himself, Synn by his side.

“You have chosen death.”

With that the lights turn out again, and when they come back on, the Beast is gone.

Even two on one, Beauty and the Geek are sure underdogs.

The bell rings and Abdul Ahad and Brandon Garcia rush at each other and begin hammering each other with big right hands. Royston Ridgewell Hawkes slips out of the ring and stands on the outside to watch. Santelmo gets the upper hand and drives the Missionary into the corner. He whips Ahad into the far turnbuckles and follows with FLYING FOREARM followed by a HALF-HITCH SUPLEX!! One…Two…Thr…..NO! Hawkes breaks the pin, and slides right back out of the ring. Santelmo screams at The Gold Standard from the corner and ISHA!! Ahad takes advantage! One…Two… Thre…NO! Hawkes again with the break!!

This time Hawkes stays in the ring and sends repeated stomps to both downed opponents! He pulls up Ahad and HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX!! He ignores Ahad because Santelmo is to his feet and FISHERMAN SUPLEX from Hawkes! One…Two…Th…Kickout! All three men are on their feet. Ahad and Garcia looks at each other, then at Hawkes. They both attack the Gold Standard! Hammering blows from both drive Royston into the corner! Santelmo backs off, and beckons for Ahad to whip Hawkes to him. He does and Santelmo hits a SPINNING HEEL KICK!

Ahad takes advantage of Garcia’s back turned again and MASHA ALLAH! The backstabber! One…Two…Thre….KICKOUT!! Royston Hawkes KICKS AHAD IN THE HEAD just after the kickout! He pulls up the Missionary and THE RECORD BREAKER!! Ahad is in trouble and about to tap! Garcia out of nowhere to break the hold! Hawkes gets to his knees but is met with STAY DOWN!! The Gold Standard is leveled and rolls from the ring! Ahad is stirring, and Garcia waits for him to arise. HAIL MARY!!! One… Two… THREE!!!! Santelmo pulls off a hard fought victory and runs his record to 5-0!

Backstage we notice Nigel Royal, he appears to be talking to someone on his cell phone. He turns glancing down the hall, noticing Pig, Luther and James Hunter heading his way. He quickly drops the cell phone and sprints off down the hallway.

“GET THAT LITTLE BITCH!” Luther yells pointing in the direction of Nigel.

The two men immediately begin chasing, the OSW cameras follow in hot pursuit but struggle to keep up. After a chase that leads all through the OSW backstage area, Nigel finally ducks behind a wall down a small corridor with a door at the end of it and awaits the arrival of the two Rage superstars.

Exhausted and gasping for air the two men slowly approach the small hallway that Nigel is hiding in.

“He’s like a Kenyan…” Hunter blurts out between deep breathes right as they turn the corner and stand face to face with Nigel.

The two men pause for a second in front of Nigel still taking deep breathes. Nigel laughs to himself and unloads a right hand on James Hunter knocking him to the ground. But Pig quickly attacks throwing Nigel up against the wall and raining down blows. Hunter staggers back to his feet and joins the assault. It looks as though the numbers game will do in Nigel again.



Nigel quickly bounces to his feet and shakes the outstretched fin/hand of Axel, thanking him for that.

“That worked out better than I expected,” Nigel admits. “You’ll be just fine as my partner for Frostbite.”

“It’s time that RAGE GOT BIT!”

Both men high five and take their leave, leaving Pig and Hunter to wonder what in the hell just happened.

As the bell sounds, Michael Attila is hopping in the center of the ring, waiting for an opponent, but BVC and Marvolo can’t seem to decide who’ll go first… Finally, it looks like Marvolo is going to start. He enters the ring and rushes at Attila, but gets swept over in an armdrag for his trouble! Attila keeps the arm trapped and applies a deep shoulder wrench to the now-seated Marvolo… Marvolo manages to stand and get the pressure off with an Irish whip to the ropes! Reversed! Marvolo bounces back off the ropes and Attila jumps into the air to leapfrog him… Marvolo stops dead in his tracks and stands face to face with Attila when he lands… LOW BLOW!

The ref is admonishing Marvolo and BVC looks livid at the potential DQ, pounding the turnbuckle and screaming at Marvolo! Attila’s crawled over and is sitting in his corner yelling about a poster in a doctor’s office… but here comes Marvolo with a cannonball!

NO! AJ Wilson tagged in while Marvolo had his back turned and just caught him with a massive big boot! Marvolo flops all the way across the ring and makes a tag, and the crowd pops for Bruce as he enters the ring and locks up with the big man. After hitting a devastating short-arm clothesline, Wilson muscles Bruce up into a suplex, but BVC wriggles free and drops down clutching Wilson’s head… NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! Just like THAT! BVC jumps up into his corner to set up the finish, but as he stands and points at himself Marvolo tags himself back in! Marvolo hits a hilo as BVC has to watch while Marvolo steals the pin! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! HE GOT IT!

BVC and Marvolo are the winners, but they certainly didn’t do it as a team!

After the match, BVC and Marvolo head towards the back. Attila and Wilson are still in the ring. Suddenly, the lights go black. When the lights come back on, HAtE and the Manson’s are surrounding AJ Wilson and Michael Attila on the apron. The two Lions look back and forth among their besiegers.

The Awakening storms into the ring! HAtE goes after Atilla and the two battle it out in the corner. Both Manson’s take it to the behemoth that is AJ Wilson. Both Young Lions are holding their ground until the Manson’s throw Wilson into the ropes. He rebounds and is BACK BODY DROPPED OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!! The Awakening can now focus on Michael Attila. They stomp him down in the corner, but…

…”More Human Than Human” hits and Chase Stratus sprints towards the ring. He slides in and MONEY SHOT to David Manson!! He goes over the top rope and out of the ring! Wilson is reentering the ring and the numbers have evened. Wilson takes on HAtE, and Status attacks Willie Manson. Wilson grabs HAtE and THE OVERLOAD OUT OF THE RING!! David Manson tries to catch HAtE as he falls, but both men are down with a crash!! Willie is the last man standing as Attila climbs to his feet. Willie rushes Attila, but KING’S STRIKE!! Manson drops and rolls from the ring, joining the Awakening on the outside!

The Young Lions yell from inside the ring as the Awakening call back, walking backwards up the ramp.

That 90’s Guy and The Koloss begin to fight one another as they exchange lefts and rights. Manson see’s Shiroi, drinking from her flask as he nears her and SPITS IT IN THE FACE OF WILLIE! As he is blinded, Yuki begins kicking and punching Manson followed by a loud haymaker that sends Willie Manson stumbling towards the ring ropes. Crowley is taking care of business on the opposite side of the ring, landing some vicious strikes across the face of the fan favorite, Matthew Cories.

Crowley looks to nail the final blow, gearing up his metalic hand but Cories moves out of the way and kicks Piotor to the gut and irish whips Crowley to the opposite corner of the ring. STINGER SPLASH! Piotor moves out of the way … CROWLEY CLOTHESLINE! That sends The Fresh Prince of Wrestling inside out as Crowley goes for the cover. One! Two! Shiroi dropkicks Piotor to break the pinfall. Yuki looks like she’s going for a DDT of some sort but Piotor spears The Bouncer into the corner of the ring, almost knocking her out in the process.

As Yuki sits down in the corner, Piotor goes after Manson, grabbing his hair and lands a couple of European uppercuts followed by a knee. WARBOUND! Manson moves and FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX INTO A PIN! ONE! TWO! THR – NO! Yuki with the save! She breaks up the count as she continusly kicks the midsection of Manson, bringing him up to his feet. SNAP DDT! Cories is up. ORDER UP! FLYING CLOTHESLINE THAT NAILS CORIES FLUSH!

It could be Shiroi’s time to shine but Crowley catches Yuki and has her in a suplex position. She punches her way out free as then she begins clobbering Piotor with right jabs to the face followed by a hard spinning backfist to the face that sends Crowley to a knee. Out of nowhere you can hear ‘IT’S MORHPIN TIME!’ as almost out of instinct Yuki moves out of the way as a loud thunderous superkick nails Crowley, sending him stumbling to the outside. She ducks another superkick, kicking Cories to the stomach. BAR FIGHT SPECIAL! She grabs her flask as she warrily drops on Cories, drinking. One! Two! THREE! Well I’ll be … The Drunken Bouncer squeaks out with a win and a rather impressive one at that.

We cut backstage to find Marcus X pounding on Royston Hawkes locker room door. No one answers immediately and so X checks the knob… locked. After kicking the bottom of the door X is about to walk away when we hear a noise from within.

“I can hear you, Roy!” X yells at the door. “Have some respect for yourself and open this door!” No answer. “Hawkes!”

X again pounds on the door again and this time it opens… but it’s not Royston, it’s Kensington.

“Where is he!?!”

“He’s not here.” Coach steps out into the hall and shuts the door behind him. “Please leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere…” X takes a breath. “…until I get my hands on Hawkes.”

“Well that isn’t going to happen outside of the squared circle… so, are you saying you want a match with Mr. Hawkes?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

“Perfect.” Kensington smirks. “At Frostbite than.”

“Fine.” X gets in Coach’s face.

Feeling satisfied, Marcus turns to walk off.

“Oh, and, one more thing…” Kensington stops X in his tracks. “…it has to be for that United States Championship.”

X spins on his heels.

“Over my dead body!” X steps back in on Coach. “What if I was to take you to my Brotherhood instead… hurt you… make Royston give me the match…”

“You know Hawkes, X…” Coach sighs. “…that would never work.”

The look on Marcus’ face tells you X agrees.

“Fine…” Marcus, clearly unhappy, looks confident as ever. “…for the US title.”

X walks off to leave Kensington smiling.

DEAD slowly circles Pig, who stands frozen to the spot, awaiting command. DEAD goes in with a waistlock, but he’s unable to lift Pig for a German. Pig does nothing to fight the hold off, perturbing DEAD, who backs off. He yells at Luther to make his Monster do something, but the old man just smiles. DEAD has had enough, and he goes shopping under the ring. HE PULLS OUT A SHOVEL! He turns around RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM PIG. The Monster picks his victim up and RAMS him into the barricade, then into the post, all to the delight of Luther.

With DEAD laid out, Pig’s eyes lay upon the shovel, Picking it up, eerily Luther’s evil grin seems to be projected onto Pig’s face. Raising the shovel high above his head, he brings it crashing down…. BUT ACTUALLY NO, DEAD GRABBING THE SHOVEL by the stem before impact. A struggle ensues, DEAD is overpowering Pig, much to the horror of Luther. Both men end up in a standing position, one quick thrust though and Pig has the weapon free.

Spurred on by his mentor, from the outside, Pig begins swinging, two shots connect and both rock the core of DEAD. One more crashing blow of the shovel, almost chops DEADS cranium in half. Pig wraps his arms around his opponent, looks like he is going for a bear hug. A quick shuffle of his arms though and IT IS IN FACT DEAD WHO HAS HIS OPPONENT LOCKED IN. Head butt, and another ……. DEATH RATTLE. Pig has went limp, releasing his death like grip, Pig drops to the floor, DEAD covers. One, Two, THREE!! You can’t escape the Death Rattle, this man is on a role.

Marvolo heads through the backstage area after his match while wiping the sweat from his brow with his cape. He drops it to return to his normal pompous state. As he’s walking down the hall, his power-stroll is halted by a pencil-drawn sign that reads ‘The Real Freakin’ Number One, Bruce Van Chan’ on a door as if to indicate his locker room.

“Number ONE?! There can only be ONE NUMBER ONE! He wrestles in one match that I carry him in and suddenly he has an ego? Hmph!”

Marvolo whips the door open and steps inside. Several bodies are shown within as the door begins to close behind him.

“Where are you fools hiding that blasphemous scum?!”

As it shuts, a whistling Bruce Van Chan walks up and leans beside the door. He takes down the sign and balls it up to reveal RAGE written on a plaque on the door. The sound of a scuffle is heard in the room. The door opens, and Marvolo is thrown out against the far wall. He hits the ground with proverbial birdies circling around his head.

Bruce squats down beside Marvolo as he holds his title up to show him.

“With all of your ‘infinite’ knowledge, let this be a reminder of who THE REAL FREAKIN’ DEAL IS. And at Frostbite? I’ll show you who the real number one is.”

With that, Bruce stands up and walks away. It’s at this moment that Raquel walks up reading a magazine. Marvolo focuses long enough to see her.

“Raquel? Why you no help?”

“Numbahh wahn?”

Marvolo groans as he passes out.

It’s The Juggalo and The Hangman starting things off. As The Manslayer turns around, Jake Jeckel begins his attack with punches and kicks but Hangman slings Jeckel across the ring. Jake gets up quickly and decides to slap Warhammer’s shoulder, leaving the ring. Wes is up for the challenge, charging Hangman but receives a huge clothesline that takes him down to his feet. As The Cajun Crucifix gets back up, he hits nailed by a big boot to the face!

Hangman brings Wes to his feet … GUZZLE! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! NO! Rake to The Manslayer’s eyes as he drops down and tags in The Juggalo who clips the leg of The Hangman, having him go down to a knee. Hard kick to his leg as Jake grabs his leg … RIDDLEBOX! It’s locked in! Barely as The Luminary Sage enters the ring and kicks the face of Mr. RAGE, breaking the hold. Jake crawls back to his corner and tags in Warhammer as the referee is trying to get Marx back to his corner.

Double stomp to Hangman’s groin! Both men pick up the Manslayer as they irish whip Hangman to the ring ropes … DOUBLE SPEAR BY THE HANGMAN! Marx is at his corner. TAG! Marx is in for the first time. Warhammer swings at Marx but he ducks. Chinbuster! Marx then sidesteps The Juggalo … GORDIAN KNOT! Both men are down as Jake is losing consiousness fast but The Juggalo is not the legal man. Warhammer then kicks Marx and brings him to his feet. THE WES WINDS! Marx ducks … BIG BOOT BY THE HANGMAN! He turns around from the impact. HELTER SKELTER! Marx covers. One! Two! THREE! What an incredible win by the team of Marx and Hangman!

Ash Williams holds his title close as he makes his way to his dressing room, likely going to watch the fatal four way from the back. He suddenly stops and looks around, paranoid.

“I’m smelling Deadite scum around here. And don’t try to hide, I’ll be unloading boomstick to your face if you try to avoid me. I want the Nercronomicon!”

The DEAD reveals Ash’s paranoia to be true as he walks from the shadows. He holds up a book, one that at first sight is obviously a fake prop, a loose party store style latex plastered onto an old book. Though this seems to be enough for Ash to leap at The DEAD, narrowly missing a tackle as DEAD moves out of the way.


Ash goes back towards The DEAD, only to stop dead in his tracks as DEAD opens up the obviously cheap prop.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll start reading, Ash. You know what will happen if I do. Now sit back and listen.”

Williams snares and straightens up, holding his fists closed and ready to attack at any moment.

“You want this book so bad, then how about this. Stop trying to attack me and give me a match at Frostbite, A Fear The Evil Dead Match. Hardcore, anything goes. Either way, you’ll get this book but you must leave me alone after. Deal?”

Ash glares at DEAD but realizes he doesn’t have much a choice.


He turns and walks away, leaving DEAD dumbfounded that Ash actually believed his prop was real.

The referee goes to take Vinnie’s REDACTED Championship off, but the Loverboy lopes away like a skittish deer. The referee shrugs and gets things started. Vinnie looks right at Freight Train and flicks his hair at him, mocking his mangled fro. Freight SCREAMS in rage and charges Lane down, but the rockstar ducks the clothesline. Dropkick to the knee by Lane, and he slaps a sleeper hold on Train. The big man soldiers to his feet and tries to pancake Lane in the corner, but Vinnie CRAWLS BETWEEN HIS LEGS! Train winds himself and Vinnie pours salt in the wound with a SLAP!

Train looks ready to bust a blood vessel as he guns for Vinnie, who hits the deck. Train leapfrogs over, hits the ropes again, another leapfrog – NO, HE JUMPS RIGHT ON LANE’S BACK! Vinnie’s pixelated belt comes off and he almost burps his organs up as the behemoth basketball player eventually steps off. “I EAT YOU MOTHERFUCKIN’ LANES FOR BREAKFAST!” screams Ferguson, who hits the ropes and comes back with a BIG SPLASH TO THE BACK OF VINNIE! He rolls him over. ONE! TWO! Shoulder up! Train grinds his elbow into Vinnie’s head before the referee pulls him off.

Vinnie struggles to his knees and looks at Train. “YOU LOOK LIKE A FURBY!” yells Lane. Ferguson runs at him with the BIGGEST CHUCK BOOT YOU’VE EVER SEEN – CHOPBLOCK! Ferguson spins out as Vinnie crawls to the corner. The Phenom pulls himself up with the ropes and turns around – MOONSAULT… BITCH MADE! Train swats Lane harder than a Youtuber, and Vinnie’s spine compresses like a slinky! Train peels him off the mat and perches him on the top turnbuckle. VINNIE KICKS THE KNEE OUT! Train stumbles, and Vinnie uses the ropes to heave Ferguson up… HEARTBREAKER STYLES CLASH OFF THE TURNBUCKLE! Lane collapses on top of him. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Vinnie picks up his REDACTED title and celebrates groggily, while Train cusses out everyone in a ten-metre radius.

In the backstage area, Mike Lane has a purpose. He’s walking down the halls with Hate and Manson in tow, looking for the World Champion who just so happens to be sitting in their locker room.

“Jack, we need to talk.”

Mike says, flanked by the rest of the Awakening. Red stands up, looking slightly perturbed.

“This has to stop. I won Ring King, I earned a shot at your title and having learned my lessons, I’m entitled to take my chances at leadership. You can’t hold me back because you’re afraid that I might win.”

“Afraid?” Jack scoffs. He looks at Manson and Hate, shaking his head. “Is that why you brought these guys? Because I’m afraid? You allowed me to take your crown, your cape and wear them as if I was King. You allowed me to refuse you a match for this title,” he says holding up the belt. “How can you propose to be ready, man?”

Another lesson learned.

“Wait, what?” Mike stutters.

“When I blackmailed you into joining The Awakening, I did it for your own good. I did it to open your eyes to the real world around you. You think you’ve been awoken from your slumber, man, but you’re still dreaming. You’re dreaming if you think you can beat me and you’re dreaming if you think that I stopped you from getting what it is you deserve. You did that, man.”

Mike Lane thinks about it, realizing that he’s let Red River Jack have his way with it. He produces the contract and a pen, slamming it the Champions hands.

“Sign it!” Lane barks, reaching his hands out. “And give me back my crown and cape.”

Red smirks, signing the paperwork that makes their match for Frostbite official. He takes off the crown and the cape and hands them back to their rightful owner, smirking as he does.

“That’s much more like it, man.”

The match gets underway as Vinnie Lane joins the announcer’s table. Ethan Bird doesn’t seem phased as he starts the action with a vicious knee to the midsection of the Two Thousand Fifteen Ring King. THERE’S a double axe handle, FOLLOWED UP with a head-butt. AND AGAIN! Bird is really bringin’ the fight to Lane here early. An irish whip sends Lane to the ropes and on the return TO MEET UP with a dropkick from his opponent. Bird goes for a cover. ONE… TWO… AND Lane is able to slip away at the last second, but Bird will not be deterred.

The RAGE representative hooking both legs of Lane and he’s going for a boston crab, but LANE lands a big boot to the jaw of Bird and Vinnie looks happy about that. ANOTHER kick, this time to the gut of his opponent and Mike Lane with a nip-up to bring him to his feet AND HE CONNECTS with an elbow to the forehead of Bird. AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! A flurry of elbows from Lane and Ethan is staggering. Lane circles around and he’ll… SEND a streak up pain up Bird’s spine with a perfectly executed atomic drop!

Bird is still on his feet, though. Lane moves in. Cinches up and IT’S A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX that puts Bird to the canvas. Vinnie rises to his feet as Lane makes the cover. ONE… TWO… NO! It won’t be enough as Bird is able to power his way out. Both men up now. Bird a bit slower than Lane. And Lane is there. Waiting! “SHADOW KICK”! NO! Bird ducks it and turns WITH a boot to Lane’s sternum! Lane hurt and… “WORLDS END DDT”!! HE GOT IT! Bird with the pin! ONE… TWO… THREE! I DON’T BELIEVE IT AND NEITHER DOES VINNIE LANE! WHAT A WIN FOR ETHAN BIRD!!

Ethan rolls straight to the outside as Vinnie slides into the ring, checking on his little cousin as his nemesis storms off up the entrance ramp with a grin on his face.

“Breathless” hits and the crowd pops for Yuki Shiroi’s entrance. Once between the ropes, Yuki grabs a microphone and begins.

“All week I’ve been looking forward to tonight. All week, head in the clouds over what I was going to do to Santelmo when we found ourselves under the same roof.” The crowd pops. “All the while knowing… I’m better than that.” A portion of the crowd boo. “I’m better than you, Brandon.”

All of a sudden two men we recognize from the footage of Yuki’s bar begin to cart something down the runway.

“And that’s all this is about, isn’t it Brandon? You thinking you’re better than me… me knowing I’m better than you.” Yuki smirks and bats her blood red eye’s. “So let’s put this to rest, shall we?”

The two men cart the object into the ring and it’s now clear it’s an arm wrestling table.

“Come on out Garcia… またはあなたは鶏です?”

“Werewolf’s of London” hits and the crowd turns. Yuki has a seat at the arm wrestling table as Santelmo storms the ring. He takes off his fur and begins to pump himself up… it looks like this challenge has been accepted…


The crowd goes wild as Santelmo knocks over the table and slugs Yuki in the face. Shiroi’s employee’s attempt to pull Garcia away but he knocks free and charges Yuki… Rosary to the face! And Garcia slides out of the ring with a smirk as Yuki’s staff check to see if she’s ok.

This one is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better!

As these two top tier athletes circle each other, Kersh seems to keep careful watch of where he is. Bellator is a very accomplished high flier. The Enforcer will need to keep him grounded. In fact, they immediately lock up, and the two men immediately launch into back and forth chain wrestling. Almost too quick to keep track of, the two men spend the first minutes of the match reversing move after move, trying to jockey for position in a battle that will surely not be an easy victory. The chain wrestling is ended by Lux Bellator quickly, who gets into position and nails a very impressive enziguri to the Enforcer.

As Kersh gets up, they end up trading a few more holds, this time Kersh getting his famous backslide pin. Lux immediately gets his shoulder up, but as soon as he gets to his feet the Enforcer is there with a pair of stiff elbows to the temple. In his efforts to keep the RAGE Champion grounded, Kersh immediately goes to an armbar to control the pace of the match. Lux Bellator attempts several times to roll through to some kind of pinfall, but Kersh refuses to let go of the hold, rolling through everything with Lux.

Finally, Bellator seems to be done with it, nailing a hard uppercut to the squared jaw of the Enforcer, getting the hold to be released. Kersh rushes through the pain to stay on Bellator, and they begin to once again trade holds. This match is going to end by who gets to nail the bomb first, and they both know it. Lux maneuvers Kersh to the corner, and lays in with hard shots to stagger the Enforcer. With his opponent slumped into the corner, Bellator takes to the top rope, turning Kersh into the Powerbomb position. DISCIPLE MAKER!! NO! KERSH GRABS HIM! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT. ONE… TWO… THREE!!

His plan may not have worked to perfection, but The Enforcer has to be happy to have scored such a big victory for Team OSW!

We cut backstage to find Abdul Ahad holding a piece of paper and walking up a flight of stairs headed toward the roof of The School Yard. He looks at the paper as he walks, “The Roof. Ten Minutes,” he says to himself as he continues upward.

As he reaches the roof, he shoves through the door and out onto the tar covered space, looking around and no one can be found until suddenly the sound of twin turbine jets are head.

“What in the name of Allah is-“ he begins as he walks toward the edge of the building and suddenly, emerging from the depths below is Matthew Cories sat inside a replica fighter jet being thrust upward by a scaffolding lift.

This is straight out of…. Yep, True Lies.

“You’re fired,” Cories says, trying to imitate Arnold’s famously cheesy line completely out of order from the film’s events and then he clicks a button inside his replica and a make-shift missile made from fireworks lights and EXPLODES INSTEAD OF LAUNCHING!

Cories’ replica bursts into flames and he screams out “EJECT! EJECT!” as he leaps from the scaffolding onto the roof, rolling just in front of Abdul Ahad who only stares down at him with wild eyes.

“You think me to be a terrorist, just like the rest of your nation! You make me out to be some jihadist monster, a villain, but I am the one being victimized here!” Ahad barks out. “You disgrace Allah and now, you’ve pushed me too far Matthew Cories! I will be your Aziz and at Frostbite you will feel the anguish that has been placed upon me, put back upon you because Allah wills it and I ENACT IT!”

Cories then attempts to get to his feet but Ahad rushes at him AND DELIVERS THE ISHA! A double knee strike!

Cories drops like a fly and Ahad only shakes his head, his warning given but unlikely heard.

It’s finally time.


As Rain and Hannibal Corvin stand opposite each other in the middle of an Old School Wrestling ring, the fans are on their feet around them, building the tension with masses of cheers.

“LET’S GO CORVIN!” chant one section of the crowd. “LET’S GO RAIN!” chant the other.

The bell sounds and THEY LOCK UP! In an iconic moment, both men lock up and push away, Hannibal placing his hands into the air and Rain accepting the test of strength. They battle back and forth, Corvin dropping to a knee only to power back out and push Rain off into the ropes. The Monster comes bouncing back with a Clothesline that The Reaper ducks. He wallops a crushing right hand at him, another, another, Rain finally blocking and nailing one of his own. The whole ring shakes with every powerful fist these two men deliver!

Hannibal rushes forward with a knee, doubling his nemesis over, then spinning in with a quick Neckbreaker. The Reaper bounces back to his feet and meets Rain as he gets to his, kicking him low and hitting the ropes. He returns with a knee, but The Monster blocks it, pushing down on it and lunging forward with a thrusting uppercut. Rain powers forward again, another uppercut and a Powerful Jumping to standing Clothesline that sends Corvin straight to the canvas. Hannibal is back up, both men punching each other in the face at the exact same time.

They stumble backwards, then rush forwards into a collar and elbow tie up. Rain takes Hannibal into a Side Headlock but gets instantly lifted up and over with a Backdrop! Corvin knows better than to cover, getting back to his feet and dragging The Monster with him, nailing him with a right hand and then tucking under for a Suplex that Rain blocks! These guys know each other so well and it’s Rain now who lifts Corvin into the air and down with a JACKHAMMER!! Holy crap, what power!

The Monster gets back to his feet and grabs Hannibal by the hair, helping him rise. He punches him in the skull with a crunching right hand, another, but Hannibal this time powers out, nailing Rain instead. They stand there in the middle of the ring, bouncing their hands off each other’s skulls with such ferocity, normal men would crumble. Hannibal is the first to fall to a knee, Rain shortly following. They continue their brawl, sprawling out to their knees, punching away.

The referee dare not interfere, dare not move and simply watches as Hannibal grabs Rain and lands a Headbutt on the bridge of his nose. Rain falls backwards to the canvas and kicks up, catching Corvin in the jaw with the sole of his boot. This time it’s Corvin who falls backwards to the canvas. The fans are roaring now, they’re on their feet, arms in the air, watching in absolute awe as these two warriors destroy each other.

Upon the canvas is where they break, catching their breath, chests beating up and down with the race of their hearts. Slowly they rise, getting back to their feet and it’s Rain who wraps his hand around the throat of Corvin, lifting him into the air… TO DUST!! NO! HANNIBAL SLAMS HIS HAND DOWN ACROSS THE ARM OF RAIN AND BREAKS THE CHOKESLAM! The Reaper lands on his feet and thrusts forward with an uppercut…THE REVOLUTION!! STUNNER!! STUNNER!! He leaps into the cover…. One…….. TWO……. THREE!! NO!! RAIN KICKS OUT! THE MONSTER KICKS OUT!

The look on Hannibal’s face is that of history. He’s been here before but tonight, he refuses to remain there again. The Reaper pulls him back to his feet and throws him into the corner. He charges with knees to the gut, lifting Rain up and placing him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs to the middle, only Rain slaps his hand around his throat one more time. Oh no… TO DUST!! CHOKESLAM FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE!! CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM!! HE COVERS… RAIN IS GOING TO DO IT! HE’S GOING TO BEAT HIS NEMESIS ONE MORE TIME….. ONE……… TWO……… THREE!! NOOOOO!! HANNIBAL KICKS OUT! HE… HE KICKS OUT!

This time it’s Rain who can’t believe it. Rarely does anyone ever kick out of The Chokeslam, let alone a Chokeslam from the top rope! Rain gets back to his feet and raises his hand. He’s going to do it again. Hannibal somehow gets back up, stumbling, barely able to stand. The Monster slaps his hand around his throat and.. kick to the mid-section! REVOLUTION! STUNNER! OUT OF NO-WHERE! HANNIBAL HITS HIM WITH THE STUNNER! HE SLUMPS OVER THE BODY OF RAIN….. ONE…….. TWO…. CAN HE DO THE UNTHINKABLE…. THREE!! YES!! YES!! THE MONSTER HAS BEEN PINNED… OVER SIXTY MATCHES, OVER FIFTY WINS… RAIN HAS FINALLY SUCCUMBED TO THE REAPER!!

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant the fans in unison as Hannibal sits up, mouth agape, in total shock that he actually did it. Rain sits up only moments later, looking at his old nemesis with an eye of confusion. He was finally pinned; he was finally beaten.

Both men get back to their feet and stare at each other, the fans wanting one more match. “ONE MORE TIME… ONE MORE TIME!” they chant, hoping to coax these two guys into fighting again. Hannibal though offers out a hand, offering Rain friendship…

The venue goes dark.

What the hell is this?

A wave of percussion, punctuated by a gong, heralds a spotlight which shines down onto the stage.

In the light, Tebowing, is Marvolo. He leaps up to punch the air, then heads for the ring with his index finger held high, to the trumpets of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. The spotlight tracks his route, Raquel slipping in and out of sight. Raquel takes the lead up the stairs, then sits on the ropes, holding them open for Marvolo, who wipes his boots on the apron and steps through them.

Hannibal and Rain look at each other, absolutely astounded that some idiot would interrupt their moment. Marvolo meanwhile remains oblivious as Raquel hands him a microphone.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself, as if I need any introduction; I am Marvolo and I am, number one.”

Rain sneers at him – that terrifying, unrelenting sneer. Marvolo though simply pats him on the back, absolutely patronizing him.

“Now I see that you couldn’t get the job done here tonight, dear boy,” he says with his hand still on Rain’s back. “And that’s a shame. I know you were aiming to tie my undefeated record and because of this travesty, you were unable. Rest assured that at Frostbite, I will do what you couldn’t and defeat Bruce Van Chan to remain undefeated.”

The Monster suddenly snaps. He grabs Marvolo by the throat and squeezes that hard that ‘The Marvellous One’ falls to his knees. Hannibal meanwhile steps in, trying to calm the raging Monster down.




Hannibal nails him! The Reaper gets straight back to his feet and reaches down, grabbing Marvolo and launching him into the awaiting hand of Rain.



The fans are on their feet as Hannibal Corvin and Rain stand together, Marvolo at theirs. They shake hands, looking towards the backstage area as Bruce Van Chan runs out with a stretcher, wearing EMT gear. He stands outside the ring as Rain stomps Marvolo towards the apron, allowing Van Chan to roll him onto the stretcher and take part in his embarrassment.

Both men remain inside the ring to soak up the standing ovation as OSW goes to a commercial break.

We cut backstage to find Ethan Bird cooling down after his match with Mike Lane when suddenly the door bursts open and Father Pedro erupts through the door alongside Lux Bellator. “This is him?” Pedro asks and Lux nods.

“What makes you feel as though you could strike the hand of God?” he barks out, pointing at Bird. “Does it make you feel empowered? Or do you even feel a thing?”

Bird stands tall and stares back at Pedro with cold eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about old man; but I’m beginning to wish I did.”

“How DARE YOU stand there and lie to my face? We are the beacons of light and you wish to sin in our presence?” he laments.

“I’m tempted,” Bird says with a snarl. “But like I told your whipping boy here, I’m here to fight a war – and to lead it – I don’t have time for games, despite what you may think, but I’m willing to start if you are.”

Lux begins to step toward Bird but Pedro holds him back. “This, I’m afraid, is a game you will lose.”

And with that, Lux and Pedro turn and exit the locker room, leaving Bird – fists clenched – irritated by the two; suddenly a toilet flushes and Bird lurches, looking toward the stalls when suddenly a chuckling Vinnie Lane exits, his [BLEEP] Championship slung over his shoulder.

“Well that couldn’t have gone any better,” he remarks with a sly grin. “To think, all I had to do was lay out a bitter old man with a bag of pennies to get Lux so raging pissed that he’d be ready to rip you limb from limb…. I should’ve done that weeks ago!”

Bird’s eyes widen. “You did it?”

“Who else? You said you don’t remember me; you say you don’t give a damn who I am or why I’m here, but I’m going to make you remember and before that night I’m going to make your life hell. I’m going to watch Lux give everything he’s got in that ring next week, and I’m going to lay in wait – and when you can barely stand, I’ll strike.”

Bird begins to step forward but VINNIE LANE HAMMERS HIM WITH THE [BLEEP] Championship across the skull!

Bird drops in a heap and Vinnie shrugs, smirking over him. “Or maybe I’ll just strike now.”

And with that, Lane exits, leaving Bird a complete mess.

The bell rings as the Iron Man explodes out of the corner, taking RRJ by surprise with a flurry of rights and lefts that stagger the world champion. Gordon ducks under a right, grabbing Jack by the back of the head and throwing him into the corner, but the following splash is met with only steel as Jack manages to get out of the way before a vicious clothesline puts Gordon down on the mat. RRJ pulls the Iron Man up to his feet and throws him across the ring, launching Gordon high into the air with a backdrop, but Gordon lands on his feet, rebounding off the ropes with a Lariat of his own that sends Jack to one knee. Robbie doesn’t let up, grabbing RRJ by the head and spiking him into the mat with a DDT. The Iron Man doesn’t cover, instead slowly climbing up to the top rope as the crowd begin to vocally cheer

LEAP OF FAITH! Gordon lands with the picture perfect splash as he covers for the first time tonight. ONE…TWO..Jack kicks out as the crowd begin to boo. Jack slowly gets to his feet as Gordon lands a powerful right before throwing him into the corner once more. The splash lands this time as Jack staggers out of the corner right into a kick to the gut. Gordon lifts Jack up, ROUGH JUSTICE! Red River Jack may be out as the crowd are on their feet, the referee beginning the count.

ONE…TWO….RRJ gets the shoulder up at the last moment as the Iron Man almost looks to be in disbelief. He pulls Jack up to his feet, attempting to throw him into the ropes but it’s reversed at the last moment as Jack tries for a clothesline. Gordon ducks as RRJ takes the referee out instead, a sadistic sneer coming over the Iron Man as Jack turns around, MIST! Gordon just spat a black mist into the eyes of Jack as the champ seems to be temporarily blind. Gordon backs up, trying for the Motion Censor but he falls to one knee halfway through as if the mist somehow took the rest of his strength. Jack wipes the mist away from his eyes as he pulls Gordon to his feet, and dropping him with the Wake Up Call. The Iron Man is lifeless on the mat as Jack covers, the referee slowly coming to ONE…TWO…THREE!

RRJ gets to his feet, grabbing his belt from the referee and rolling out of the ring as the Iron Man sits up, a completely distraught look on his face

Robert Gordon can’t believe it.

He put everything on the line tonight and came up short. His attention quickly turns to the entrance ramp where Jackson Slade, Freight Train Ferguson and Jake Jeckel appear. They make a focused walk to the ring, Jackson shaking his head with disgust as they do.

“Look, I know that I didn’t take care of business,” Robert pleads off microphone as they step into the ring. “But I gave it everything I had.”

Jackson just sneers at him. “And it still wasn’t good enough!”

FREIGHT TRAIN WITH A BIG BOOT!! HOLY FUCK! FERGUSON JUST ALMOST TOOK HIS HEAD OFF! The big man grabs him back to his feet by his throat and slam him face first into the turnbuckle as Slade directs traffic. Jeckel closes in and it’s Ferguson who throws Gordon to him, watching as he’s scooped up and DROPPED WITH THE HATCHET!!

“GET THIS PIECE OF SHIT OUT OF MY RING!” Slade yells as Bird, Bellator, Crowley and other members of RAGE make their way to the ring to assist. They drag Gordon out of the ring and drag him up the entrance ramp.

No-one can quite believe what RAGE are doing to their own. Slade follows as they drag him through the backstage and launch him through the exit doors, into the streets outside.

“You’re fired, pal. You’re done. I don’t want to see your face in OSW ever again!”

The show goes off the air, one week away from Frostbite, Robert Gordon motionless on the floor outside. RAGE head back into the arena, leaving the camera to study the ground where Gordon lays, only to see a pair of shoes stood next to him.

“Get up.” says the voice, as we come to a close.