Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. Tonight, Brandon Garcia takes on Vinnie Lane in a grudge match that has set twitter alight – inside a Steel Cage. Marvolo faces The DEAD and an impossible task in a Submission Match and Ethan Bird goes one on one with The Beast himself; Legion.

The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.

When the cameras open inside The School Yard, it’s to the click clacking of smart shoes as they stomp through the backstage area. The camera rises to a cheer from the crowd to reveal Errol Flint. He walks straight into his office, the very same office Jackson Slade has been calling his own and slams his briefcase down on the table. Jackson doesn’t know what to do at first and almost freezes, sharing an uncomfortable moment of silence with Flint.

“Get the fuck out of my office,” he says fearlessly and with as much aggression as you’d expect. “I’m not going to tell you again, son.”

Jackson hurriedly grabs some paperwork together and paces himself awkwardly around Flint. “I’ll leave, but you can’t stop the inevitable, Errol.”

“Maybe you’re right. I’ve been thinking about that, partner – that’s what we are now, right? Business partners? Only, you have a 49% stake in my company and I don’t remember selling you that stock.”

“Oh we’re partners alright,” Slade admits with a smirk. “And as soon as I have the power to do it, I’m going to turn Old School Wrestling into RAGE.”

Errol sneers at the proposition, his brow furrowed with some rage of his own. “I’ve had enough of the threats already, Slade. So at Dead End on January 25th, we’re going to do this for real. You pick five of your best, I’ll pick five of mine and they’ll fight inside a locked Steel Cell. if Old School Wrestling wins, you leave and RAGE will be disbanded. If RAGE wins, I’ll leave and you can do whatever you want with this company.”

Jackson can hardly believe it. He smirks, almost sadistically. “Deal.”

He leaves the room and we’re left with Errol Flint, clicking his neck. He’s just put everything on the line and in January, this OSW vs. RAGE feud ends. Who’ll be the five on each team? Who’ll take such a burden on their shoulders?

The bell sounds as Yuki rushes forward with a series of jabs and hooks that takes Cories off guard as a spinning backfist sends him down to one knee before a low dropkick knocks him down to the mat. Yuki pulls Matthew up to his feet, grabbing him by the head as she tries for a Russian Legsweep but Matthew fights out of it with a series of elbows to the side of the head. Yuki lets go of Matthew as Cories grabs her by the head, swinging her down to the mat with a lightning fast Snap Suplex.

Yuki gets to her feet, stumbling into the corner as Matthew tries for a Stinger Splash but he meets only steel as Yuki gets away in time. Cories stumbles out, holding his chest right into a Snap DDT as Yuki hooks the leg for the cover after impact. ONE…TWO..Cories gets the shoulder up. Yuki pulls the tag champ to his feet, stunning him with a knee strike before showing off her impressive strength, lifting him high up into the air with a Gorilla Press. She can’t finish the Drunken Drop though as Cories wiggles out of it, dropping down to his feet and as Yuki turns around, he drives her into the mat with a Spinebuster

Matthew drags Yuki into the middle of the ring, mimicking slowly pulling off an elbow pad before throwing it to the crowd as he bounces off the left ropes, bounces off the right before stopping, winding up GETTING JIGGY! The elbow drop lands flush as Cories signals for the end, urging Yuki to get to her feet and as she slowly does, he hooks both arms, yelling ‘Life’s Tough!’, GET A HELMET! It lands hard as Yuki looks to be out cold, Cories hooking her leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

When we come back from a commercial break, Errol Flint is stood inside the ring with Scarecrow, Reichous Marx, Vinnie Lane and The Hangman. The fans are completely on their feet, chanting for the company they love.





Errol carefully places the microphone to his lips and interrupts them.

“Thank you for the support,” he graciously says, stopping to allow a big cheer. “After everything this company has been through in my absence, the power play of Jackson Slade and his RAGE Invasion, my company was defended by a group of men that you’d otherwise never see on the same page. They stood up when I physically could not and when I heard of their firing, I ignored doctors advice and came back to work.”

The fans clap.



He nods in appreciation. “Just so I could reinstate every single one of them and defend my company too. Scarecrow, I know you want to get your hands on Brent Kersh, I know you want to crush him for his betrayal and on any other occasion, I’d be supporting that,” Flint states to the surprise of the crowd as Scarecrow tilts his head. “But if the weeks gone by have proven anything, to get to the head of the snake, you have to start with the men who created it; one of those men is Jake Jeckel. Therefore at Red Snow, in your very own Cornfield, you will fight the creator of this Invasion. You will take our first step to victory by destroying his heart and soul!”

The fans chant “YES!” in agreement as Scarecrow actually nods.

“As for you Vinnie, my future son in laws cousin, I know you aren’t in this to save Old School Wrestling. I know that your goal lies only with the defeat of Ethan Bird and I’m not going to stand in the way of that. That’s why at Red Snow, Ethan will defend his RAGE Championship against you and in exchange, if requested, you will join my five for Dead End,” Vinnie nods in agreement, suggesting that’s a deal. “Hangman, for you, I will deliver Lee Crowley on a plate at Red Snow, once and for all!” Errol says with a big grin. The Hangman doesn’t move an inch, but there’s no doubt he’s delighted. “And finally, Reichous Marx,” Flint says taking the All-Star Championship off his shoulder and handing it over to its rightful owner. “This belongs to you.”

“Hold it, hold it, hold it!” shouts a voice as Wes Warhammer steps out onto the stage with a microphone. “What do you think you’re doing? That title by decree of Jackson Slade belongs to Wes Warhammer!”

“Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon suddenly hits and Brandon ‘Santelmo’ Garcia steps through the curtains, his hands stretched out either side of him, his palms to the skies, ever-present grin in place. He snaps his hand back to his face with a microphone within it, shaking his head.

“Hold on a minute, toothzilla,” Brandon says to a pop from the crowd. “Last week you may of gotten one over on me because your boss was calling the shots, but tonight, things are a little different. Errol, there’s nothing I want more than to drive Rosary through this idiots face, so give me a minute in that ring and I’ll do everyone here a favour and shut him up.”

Both men go nose to nose, that is until Marx interrupt. “Wait a minute, just wait a minute. I have one Championship defence of my title left and what better way to celebrate that than with a Triple Threat Match at Red Snow? I can see that abominations like Wes Warhammer need to be put in their place and if nothing else, it is my duty to do exactly that. Errol, how about it?”

Flint nods in agreement. “You’ve got it Reichous.”

Marx music hits as Garcia talks trash at Warhammer, telling him that he’s going to get it as the scene comes to a close.

As the bell sounds, the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Williams wraps the arm of Wes before driving him face first into the mat with a loose DDT variation. Ash gets up quickly and watches Warhammer seemingly dissecting him. Warhammer quickly gets up not even showing damage from the move. He quickly rushes Williams and rakes his eyes. The referee admonishes him, but Warhammer just laughs and hits a knife-edged chop which is followed up by a stiff uppercut into the gut causing Ash Williams to bend over. This works to Warhammer’s advantage as he wraps the arm around his head and lifts the body of Williams up for a snap suplex.

Warhammer taunts the crowd after hitting the suplex as Williams gets up. The Cajun Crucifix is getting assaulted by the boos flooding the ring. He smiles broadly as he takes it all in. Williams gets up only for Warhammer to hit… NO! Williams grabs a loose headlock, cinching it in! Warhammer seems totally caught off guard by this and is frantically trying to get to the ropes. Williams shakes his head as he applies more pressure than before. To get out of the hold, Warhammer jabs his thumb into Ash’s eye, sending the Chosen One back.

Williams charges for a running knee strike, but Warhammer is successfully able to hit a dropkick to the other knee causing Williams to crash and burn. Warhammer jumps on Williams and begins punching him viciously in the head, but Williams isn’t able to cover himself. The referee pulls him off, but Warhammer is just smiling and taunting the referee. The RAGE star backs up and begins to pat his leg, signaling for the Warhammer. Ash climbs to his feet with a face full of fire as Wes charges. BOOMSTICK!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! The superman punch leveled the Warhammer, and Ash picks up a big win.

We are inside the boiler room again. We see The DEAD talking, but we can’t see his counterpart.

“All I know is that I overheard him saying that he is coming for you. Ash Williams entire purpose is to hunt down and destroy demons. I only thought it was fair to warn you.”





Finally, he steps from the shadows in an entirely different direction than The DEAD seemed to be expecting. The Beast speaks.

“Why would you warn me?” he says.

“We are different, you and I, but it isn’t right to let someone be attacked when they don’t deserve it. Ash was all over me just because he thought I was a Deadite, what would he go to you?” The DEAD answers.

“Stulte!” his head jerks to one side. “I am not concerned with one fool! He knows nothing of my kind…..our kind!”

“You could stop a man whose intent is to seek and destroy your kind. The other is just as delusional. They need to be stopped.”

Legion looks uninterested, “We care only to destroy!”

The DEAD “I normally wouldn’t do this, but they can’t be left to run wild.”

Legion seems to consider it. He looks deeply into The DEAD’s eyes, and nods.

Suddenly, Synn appears from nowhere. “They’re coming!”

Not far removed from beating The Solution at Frostbite, Axel and Royal now square off against each other. Nigel baits Shark into a tie-up, but kicks him instead. Nigel cinches in a side headlock, but Axel shoves him off using the ropes – but Nigel hangs on and floats Axel over with a takedown! Still trapped in the hold, Axel quickly gets a headscissors on Royal, who scrambles free. Wrestling Royalty goes for a quick clothesline, but Axel grabs the arm and wraps Nigel into a backslide pin! One – strong kickout by Royal!

Both men race to their feet and A STIFF CLOTHESLINE takes Axel down! Nigel laying the boots into the Kid’s Champion, grinding his heel into his face for good measure. The referee forces him away, and Nigel wipes his boots on the mat. He barges past the official and peels Axel off the mat – belly-to-back suplex! He keeps the waistlock in – another suplex… a third! Here comes the Flush – NO! AXEL DROPS BEHIND HIM! HE’S BITING NIGEL’S ARSE! The crowd laugh as Nigel tries to flee, Axel hanging on until the referee breaks it up!

A red-faced Royal kicks the ropes and mouths off at the fans, demanding proper respect. He turns around and EATS A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! One… two – shoulder-up by Royal! Nigel gets to his knees, but is immediately served with a SUSHI KICK! One… two… yet another shoulder-up by Nigel! Axel puts the edge of his hand to his forehead – getting a big POP from his fans – and climbs the ropes. Nigel turns around – FIN-NISH HIM! HOLY SHIT, AXEL DIVED RIGHT INTO THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Nigel with his patented crossface! Axel struggles valiantly, managing to roll both men on their back – BUT NIGEL ROLLS THROUGH A SECOND TIME, WITH AXEL STILL IN THE DUNGEONS! The Shark shakes his head as he taps out, having given it his all. Nigel demands the referee raise his hand in victory, before snatching it away in disgust. He gloats all the way up the ramp, while a disappointed Axel still salutes his fans with a fin, earning a respectful applause.

“The Question” James Hunter walks down a corridor in the backstage area with his ax placed upon his shoulder. His expression is one not to be trifled with.


The Question stops but turns around to see his Pig and Luther standing behind him.

“Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. What are we going to do with you? I offer you repentance and acceptance, and that’s how you repay me? Swinging that ax at my head?”

Question brings the ax down to rest it on the other hand.

“I didn’t swing my ax with intention to kill or even maim. If I had, you wouldn’t be standing before me. But it was high time you recognized that I’m not someone to be screwed with.”

Luther connects his hands at the fingertips in front of him in an analytical fashion.

“I am willing to offer you one last chance, Hunter. Give me your undivided loyalty, and I shall overlook these past few weeks’ worth of transgressions. Now, apologize to me and to Pig.”

Hunter glares at Luther as a moment or two passes. Neither of them budging nor showing an ounce of withdrawal. Hunter swings his ax forward as if pointing at Luther. Luther moves slightly back.

“Apologize? I am willing to work with Pig as I respect what he can do in the ring. As for you Luther? I’m through taking demands.”

Hunter brings his ax back to his shoulder as he slowly walks away. Pig tries to follow but Luther shakes his head.

“No, no. Now is not the time. The Question’s answers shall be revealed in due time.”

Three way action. Marcus X and James Hunter may be from different factions, but they both sense the danger that Reichous Marx will bring so an unlikely alliance forms early on as the two men team up. Kicks and punches reign down on Marx from all directions and its not long until it takes effect. Marcus X bouncing off the ropes, returns with a huge drop kick to the kneeling Marx’s face. James Hunter wastes no time though and as X gets back to his feet he’s quickly hooked up for a REVERSE DDT, Hunter attempts the pin.

Marx throws himself at the pin , thus breaking it up. Marcus X stays down from the previous move. Marx pulls the groggy Hunter to his feet from behind, places him on the closest top turnbuckle. He’s going for SKULL AND BONES. Whilst positioning Hunter, Marcus X pops up and stalks Marx. Just before skull and bones can be pulled off X pounces and locks Marx into TIMES OF CHANGE. Hunter slumps back into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. While Marcus X drains the life out of Marx with the tazmission style submission.

How much has Marx got in him? We see the life draining out of him. The Referee begins to lift his hand to see it if drops. It does, AND AGAIN. WILL IT DROP AGAIN. Ref raises it. Just before he can release HUNTER FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A DIVING DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF X. Marcus crumples to the floor having took the brunt of it, the force of the dropkick has bounced Marx off the ropes, the impact waking him up. Hunter stretches out his arm for the clothesline. MARX GRABS IT. HELTER SKELTER!! HELTER SKELTER. Cover One..Two…THREE

Backstage, we find Axel the Shark speaking to some youngsters.

“You see kids, here in the OSW, we believe in honor and doing things the right way!” Axel begins. “Remember that when you need a hero you can always look to a man like Brent Kersh!”

A stagehand nearby opens his eyes wide at that proclamation, and wanders over to whisper in Axel’s ear.

“Scratch that!” Axel says, perhaps embarrassed.

I suppose you are stuck with me as your hero!”

He poses for a moment before the attention of both Axel and the crowd turns to a newcomer. Yuki Shiroi has found her way into the picture, and she doesn’t seem very amused by Axel.

“Yuki-chan!” He begins, using the wrong honorific again, “Would you be interested in a game of Pokemon!?”

As we know, Axel the Shark loves the Pokemon card game. However, Yuki does not seem to take it in stride. She gets right up in Axel’s face, anger simmering from her. Or maybe just alcohol, who knows.

“Get ‘er, Axel!” Calls out one young man, pumping his fist. Yuki merely turns to shake her head at the boy.

She then kneels in front of a young lady, cupping the child’s face in her hands.

“Battle is no place for children.” She mumbles sadly.

As Yuki Shiroi walks away from Axel, the Kid’s Champion responds to the disappointment from his fans in the only way he knows how.

“Is that a new evolution? I don’t have that pack yet!”

The bell sounds as the two lock up. Lee isn’t playing the game as he nails Bruce with a punch to the nose. Bruce’s nose begins to drip blood! Bruce looks at the blood in a bit of shock as Lee nails him with a spear! SHOCK THERAPY! He goes for the cover. ONE… NO! Bruce isn’t even close to finished. Lee pulls Bruce up by his nose as The Real Freakin’ Deal tries to fight out. Lee goes for a short lariat, but Bruce is able to duck it and connect with a standing dropkick!

It dots Lee on the mouth as he hits the mat. Both men stagger to their feet before Bruce rears back and connects with a running Lou Thesz press. Lee connects with another solid right that sends Bruce off and into the corner turnbuckle. Smiley gets to his feet and rushes for a clothesline in the corner, but Chan is able to slide out. Lee hits hard and turns around just as Bruce connects with a Stinger Splash! Chan climbs the turnbuckle and poises for another move. Lee gets to his feet and… hurricanrana from the top!

Bruce goes for the cover, but Lee has grabbed the bottom rope. Bruce begins tugging on Lee, but Lee kicks him square on the nose causing Bruce to take a step back in pain. Lee gets to his feet with a sadistic grin upon his face. Bruce turns around as Lee kicks him in the gut, wraps his head, and… PSYCHOTHERAPY! Lee goes for the pinfall! ONE… TWO… TH-NO! Bruce barely kicks out. Lee looks distraught as he gets to his feet. The look of frustration is quickly replaced by a look of finality. Lee knows what he must do.

He stalks his prey as Bruce slowly uses the ropes to get up. Lee lunges legs first at Bruce, wrapping them around his waist and trying to use his weight to drag Bruce down! Bruce isn’t letting his happen though! Bruce holds him in air. Lee begins pounding the nose with brutal blows, but Bruce isn’t letting this end. He rushes forward and Lee’s head collides with the second turnbuckle! He releases the hold as he crumples to the floor. Bruce stands up holding his back slightly. He pulls Lee up… NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! The fisherman’s DDT is hit with perfection, but Bruce isn’t finished as he leaps to the top turnbuckle. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! 450 splash followed by Bruce wrapping his legs! ONE… TWO… THREE! Bruce rolls out of the ring as the doctors try to tend to his nose, but Bruce isn’t studying them as he pushes them away to head up the ramp.

Those 90’s Guys have tracked The DEAD to the boiler room. Ash is leading the way, Cories still in his Dewey costume.

“Why aren’t you wearing the Gale Weathers outfit I got you? We are supposed to be a team!” Cories asks loudly. Ash looks back at him and shushes him.

“Quiet! This is supposed to be a sneak attack! Alright, we go in, I’ll take out DEAD, and you grab the book!” Ash says quietly.

“Got it! …..What book?” Cories responds.

“THE BOOK!! He’s not going to have a whole library!”

“Oh, right!”

They fling the door open and run in. It is completely dark except a small candle in the hand of Synn.

Ash instantly looks concerned after seeing Synn.

Cories asks, “What’s wrong with you, Ash? It’s just a little girl.”

An evil giggle escapes Synn.

“Matthew, don’t you know who that is?” Ash responds.

Cories looks at her quizzically. Then the lightbulb comes on. “Are you Wednesday Addams?!?”

“No!” Ash yells, “It’s Synn! She’s with Legion!” He takes a deep breath and looks around cautiously. “We’re.. uh… not looking for any trouble, little lady.”

“But trouble, you have found.” Synn titters, and whispers, “Run.”

She blows out the candle, and the room plunges into darkness. The sounds of a fight fills the blackened space. Finally, light breaks the abyss, as the door to the hall opens. Ash is pulling Cories out. Ash leans Cories against the wall and closes the door. Matthew looks up at Ash, dazed.

“Did you get the book?”

The match is underway with Jeckel and The Hangman converging in the center of the ring. It’s a roman Greco, NO! MY GAWD! Jake Jeckel just nailed The Hangman with a knee STRAIGHT TO THE GROIN! And now he’s shaking his head with a smile. Backhand chop from “The Juggalo”. AND an elbow. AND NOW A HEADBUTT! Jake Jeckel has started this one off quick and he’s started it off BRUTAL! A KNEE now to the midsection and Jeckel follows it up WITH A DDT! The Hangman is down and Jeckel goes for a cover. ONE… TWO.. THE HANGMAN presses out.

Jeckel with some surprised frustration there as he pauses in thought, BUT IT’S A MISTAKE! THE HANGMAN REACHES UP AND… DRAGON SLEEPER! THE HANGMAN GETS TO HIS KNEES AND HAS JECKEL LOCKED IN A DRAGON SLEEPER! Out of nowhere and Jeckel is in serious trouble. He, HE GETS TO THE ROPES! The hold will be broken and now both men get a chance to climb to their feet. Jeckel clears the cobwebs quick and CHARGES, BUT “THE MANSLAYER” CATCHES HIM WITH A SPEAD! AND INTO A COVER! ONE… TWO… NO! Jake Jeckel is able to slip away just in time, BUT IT WAS CLOSE!

The Hangman won’t waste type with theatrics. I’m not sure the man has ever seen a television. At any rate, both competitors working to their feet. The Hangman is up. Jeckel is up. The Hangman grabs the throat of Jeckel. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!! NO! Jeckel slips away. Jeckel with an elbow to the midsection AND NOW IT’S THE HATCHET! NO! HE CAN’T LIFT HIM! The Hangman drops to his feet and Jeckel drops to his knees! “JUGGA-BLOW!” HE GOT THAT ONE! The Hangman drops to the canvas in agony. Jeckel wastes no time with the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE! He got it!

We hit the backstage area to find Red River Jack walking towards the locker room of Mike Lane with the World Championship on his shoulder. He knocks the door and waits patiently for Mike to answer, raising his arms in a show of peace. Lane doesn’t look impressed but his mood appears to ease when Red hands him back the world title.

“Relax, man,” he says calmly. “I was just teaching you a lesson, brother.”

Red storms into the locker room, only to spot Destiny sitting on a bench. His grin turns to grimace as he turns back to Lane.

“What’s going on?” Red asks as Destiny stands up and walks over to him. “You’ve got company, huh man? Well I don’t know what these people have been telling you but you know as well as I do, everything I do, is in your best interests.”

Destiny storms over, immediately unleashing a vicious slap that Mike Lane manages to catch. “I need you to leave,” he sternly says to her surprise. Jack grins, watching as he releases her and she heads towards the door. “I need to have a conversation with my brother.”

With Destiny having left, Mike looks towards Red who’s grin quickly vanishes. He slams the door on the camera, making sure that whatever conversation they have stays firmly behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, Destiny walks into a little trouble.

Almost immediately after leaving the locker room of Mike Lane, Destiny angrily bumps into Brent Kersh. She tries to turn around but Brent quickly scoots in front of her, refusing to let her leave.

“Hold on, please, I just want to talk,” Brent pleads. “I don’t mean you any harm.”

“How dare you! I can’t believe you have the audacity to even speak to me,” She snaps at him. “You turned your back on us. You turned your back on everything you stand for. You’re a disgrace, Kersh.”

“I wish it didn’t have to be that way, Destiny. You weren’t here, Flint wasn’t here. I made the best choice my family and I don’t regret it,” he says with no shame. “But I am going to regret this. I just wanted to apologize to you now, but in our eyes, you’re the only who can break Mike Lane free of the Awakening and right now? We need that.”

“W-What do you mean?” she stutters.

Lux suddenly appears behind her, throwing a bag over her head and grabbing her. She tries to kick out and scream but Brent grabs her legs, helping Lux drag her away down the corridor.

“This had better be worth it!” Kersh complains.

The scene comes to a close with Brent and Lux dragging poor Destiny away into the depths of the arena, making sure that tonight, she’s under their control. Whatever their plan is, it isn’t the perfect return to OSW for Destiny.

The bell rings with Scarecrow standing in the center of the ring, maintaining that “perched” pose he has become so famous for. Pig is hesitant, but prompted by the shouting encouragement of Luther from the outside he takes initiative and sprints across the ring to drive a jumping knee into the chest of Scarecrow who stumbles backwards into a ready position from the blow. Pig’s momentum carries him forward, but “The Hayman” has definitely awoken from his slumber when he delivers a neck breaking clothesline that results with Pig’s head snapping against the canvas. A boot to lower back precedes Scarecrow lifting his opponent to his feet.

On the way up; however, Pig catches “The Harvester” with a thumb to the eye AND NOW HE’S BITING SCARECROW! A vicious look in “The Monster” as Scarecrow is taken aback by the assault. Pig punching his opponent into the corner now. Head shots and body shots galore; Pig with RUTHLESS abandon. Backing up now. Pig setting UP A SPLASH! BUT SCARECROW CATCHES HIM WITH A BIG BOOT! Pig is out on his feet. He staggers before taking a long unconscious fall to the mat. Scarecrow doesn’t let him lay there long before pulling him to his feet once more.

Scarecrow LIFTING Pig into the air and DROPPING him to the canvas with a bodyslam. And he’s pulling him right back to his feet. “The Hayman” is not going to give him time to breath. An irish whip sends Pig to the ropes and ON THE RETURN A FLYING FIST! Pig may have been selling that boot a little. Pig quick to his feet. Still a little dazed. He moves forward to BE GRABBED BY THE THROAT BY SCARECROW! LOOK OUT! THE HARVESTER! SCARECROW NAILED IT! He makes a cover. ONE… TWO… THREE! “The Hayman” pulls out an impressive victory!!

We see two attractive, but questionably young, women standing backstage. They’re clearly smitten with whomever they are talking to. The camera zooms out and we see Nigel Royal. He seems to be in a better mood than the last time we saw him.

“Girls, I come from a very wealthy family. And a loooooong (he spreads his hands a foot apart) line of very powerful people.”

One of the girls, taller, blonde, opens her mouth. Nigel hushes her with his hand.

“Also, I’ve an immaculate estate just outside of London. Maybe you ladies would like to go out there sometime and ride one’s………thoroughbred stallions.”

The shorter of the two with dark hair and an “I

“Of course, there’s no need to wait until another time to see my estate. Why don’t you ladies come back to my locker room, and I’ll show you photos of my……property.”

They giggle. Nigel puts out his elbows and each girl puts her arm through his. He leads them to his locker room. Royal opens the door and begins to lead the girls in.

“You’re in for a treat, girls, you see……”

Nigel stops mid-sentence. The camera pans around the locker room. It is in utter disarray; belongings strewn everywhere, furniture overturned, mirrors broken, etc.

“What the hell is going on here?! Get out!” he yells at the girls, who flee, seemingly terrified.

Nigel slams the door, but when he does, a large, black “X” is painted on it. Nigel screams in rage, and punches a hole through the door and the center of the “X.”

Backstage we join Marx walking, draped across his shoulder is his All Star Championship. As he walks down the hall, he suddenly turns quickly, gazing behind him noticing nothing. He stops for a moment and props himself up against the wall and placing his title down on the table beside him.

His eyes glance downward, where he notices a stream of red blood ever so slightly creeping towards him. Marx decides to follow the trail, leading him down a corridor and finally to a dead end. Confused, he returns back to the table to fetch his belt.


Marx looks to his right and back to his left, when suddenly WHAM! Wes Warhammer levels Marx with his own championship belt. Wes stands above the fallen man.

“I don’t care what Flint says, Wes Warhammer is the All Star Champion!” He yells as he flings the belt over his shoulder and leaves Marx out cold on the cement floor.

The camera follows Wes as he opens the exit door and walks out into the parking lot. The instant the door closes, Brandon ‘Santelmo’ Garcia enters the frame and follows Wes into the parking lot area. He quietly opens and closes the door. After only a brief moment, the door swings back open and Santelmo comes through with the championship belt in his hand. Barely visible in the background is Wes Warhammer laying motionless in the parking lot.

Garcia walks past the camera and back down the hallway towards Marx, who is still laying on the cement floor. He drops the title on top of Marx, which brings Marx back to consciousness ever so slightly.

“This is yours…… For Now.” Santelmo says before walking away and leaving a confused Marx struggling to get answers and back to his feet.

Lux Bellator is the legal man and Red River Jack forces Mike Lane into the ring to start. Lane and Bellator circle one another, neither wanting to slip up. Bellator shoots at Lane and trips up the Ring King. Lux pounces on Lane and MOUNTED ELBOW STRIKES!!! Lane’s head bounces off the mat, and Bellator quickly tags in Kersh. Brent rushes to a standing Lane and locks him in a SIDE HEADLOCK! Lane struggles and pushes Kersh off. He runs to the ropes and bounces back. Lane readies for a Back Body Drop but Kersh PUNTS HIM IN THE FACE!! One… Two… Thr… Jack breaks the count!!

The ref pushes Jack back to the corner and Kersh drags Lane to his. Bellator is tagged. Lux enters the ring and ATOMIC DROP! Lane stumbles but doesn’t go down. Lux bounces off the ropes to hit DEUM LUC……SHADOW KICK!! Desperation Super Kick!!!! Lux is down! Lane is down! The ref starts a count! 1… 2… 3… Lane is headed towards Jack …4…. 5… Lux crawls to Kersh… 6… 7… 8… both men dive for a tag!! Kersh and Jack both enter the ring at full blast! They trade huge right hands as Bellator and Lane recover in their corners. Kersh gets the upper hand on Jack and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Jack is tossed across the ring. Kersh covers: One… Two… T… Kick out!

Brent is to his feet. He whips Jack to the ropes who returns with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Kersh is down!! Jack pulls him up and DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIV….No!! Kersh counters with a BACK BODY DROP!!! Kersh lifts Jack up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!! One… Lane enters the ring to break the pin… Two… Bellator intercepts Lane with a Lou Thesz Press… THREE!!! Brent Kersh and Lux Bellator take out the Awakening!!!

“Roll up, roll up, authentic touched by Marvolo gold,” shouts a voice from a big scene inside the backstage area. When the camera arrives properly, we see Marvolo standing in front of a group, auctioning his Hardcore Championship. “This is absolutely authentic, worn by the marvellous Marvolo!”

“One thousand dollars!” shouts a member of the backstage staff, bidding quickly.

“TWO thousand!” interrupts another.

“FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!” shouts a familiar voice – a voice that appears to belong to Bruce Van Chan. Bruce storms in and chucks five thousand dollars down on the table, immediately dispersing the crowd. Marvolo, picks it up and nods. “Now where is it? Where’s my Hardcore Championship?”

Marvolo looks at him oddly, taking his gold watch from his wrist and handing it to Bruce. “There you go, that’s your prized touch my Marvolo posession. It may.. or may not be plated.”

“WHAT? What the… what’s this?” Bruce says dangling the gold watch. “Where’s the title?”

“OH, Marvolo knows what you thought was happening. You thought Marvolo was auctioning this?” he says tapping the Hardcore Title around his waist. “Oh no, not at all. Enjoy your prized Marvolo possession.”

The Hardcore Champion walks off, counting his cash as Bruce stands there enraged, holding a gold plated watch. “YOU WILL GIVE ME A REMATCH, MARVOLO!” he yells as the scene comes to a close.

Marvolo approaches The DEAD in the center of the ring, and puts his hand out for a shake. DEAD is hesitant, but shakes. Marvolo pulls DEAD in andCLOTHESLINE!! DEAD is levelled. Marvolo turns to the crowd and points to his temple indicating that he outsmarted him. Hisses and jeers answer back. He turns to find DEAD running at him! FLYING FOREARM!!! Marvolo is down and DEAD locks him in a LEG BAR!!! Marvolo is flailing, trying to reach the bottom rope and…..he does! The ref breaks the hold after a four count!

DEAD stands and so does Marvolo. He walks gingerly on his left leg. DEAD rushes his but ENZIGURI!! DEAD drops and Marvolo pounces into a CROSSFACE!! DEAD can’t feel pain and just sits there!!! Marvolo is really cranking back, but to no avail. He finally lets go and jumps to his feet. Before DEAD can get up Marvolo stomps and locks in the SURFBOARD!!! He lifts DEAD into the air and DEAD just sits there like he’s lounging in the sun! Marvolo can’t believe it!! He drops him to the mat and DEAD beats him to his feet!!

Marvolo kneels and puts his hands out in front of him to beg off! DEAD approaches and LOW BLOW!!! NO RESPONSE FROM DEAD!!! He pulls Marvolo to his feet and whips him to the corner! EL MUERTE!!! Marvolo seems unfazed though and stomps from the corner until FACE BUMP!! DEAD look confused but walks to the corner to untie the turnbuckle pad!! The ref tries to stop him, and succeeds! While they are distracted Raquel runs over and puts something into Marvolo’s mask on his forehead! DEAD pulls a woozy Marvolo to his feet and DEATH RATTLE!! Brutal headbutts to Marvolo’s forehead, but they are affecting DEAD, not Marvolo!!! DEAD drops! The ref checks…he is out cold! Marvolo wins!! Marvolo leaves the ring and celebrates with Raquel just as a steel plate falls from his mask!! Raquel snatches it up before the referee can see it!

We cut backstage to find Vinnie Lane stood around with three beautiful looking women.

“I know, I thought I was fired too!?!” Vinnie chuckles and his girls follow suit. “Then I got a call from Flint telling me I had a cage match with this Chupacabra Santelmo tonight!?!” The girls smile wide. “I was like…” The ladies smiles turn into frowns. “…what’s wrong? Is it my hair?”

Someone clearing their throat directs Vinnie’s attention behind him… where he ends up nose to nose with Ethan Bird.

“Bird, what the fuck do you want!?!”

Vinnie takes a step back.

“I want what I’m owed, Lane.” Bird snaps, doing everything he can not to rip Vinnie’s head off.

“What, for that piece of shit you called a house?” Vinnie reaches into his pocket. “Here’s five bucks…” Lane tosses the note into Ethan’s face. “…make a new one.”

Lane laughs. Bird does not.

“Do you know what happens when you challenge a God? He brings your world crashing down around you.”

Ethan points down to his feet, in which he’s wearing silver boots, covered in what appears to be shit.

“Wait, you!?!” Vinnie doesn’t believe it. “Where the fuck did you get those?”

“Oh these old things?!” Ethan gets in Vinnie’s face. “Well after my house was burnt down, I took a rummage through the arena and a few people’s bags, and well, the rest is history. I hope you don’t mind but I took a walk in em and people these days, they just don’t clean up after their animals.”

Before Vinnie can say another word, Bird strikes with a right hand that sends him tumbling backwards. The girls scream as Ethan kicks Lane with his own covered in shit boots, stomping him in the gut until he falls down to a knee. The RAGE Champion winds up and knees him straight in the face, laying him out. He lifts one leg up at a time and takes a boot off, throwing it down on the pained [BEEP] Champion and walking off.

The cage surrounds the ring as the two men look around at their steel walls. Garcia makes the first move as he blindsides Lane with an axe handle to the back of his head. Garcia takes a step back, admiring his work. Vinnie slowly gets to his feet rubbing the back of his head as he mouths “Oww.” Santelmo comes in but ‘Loverboy’ nails him with a superkick! Vinnie doesn’t stop there as he grabs Garcia’s face and throws him over the ropes and into the cell! Garcia falls on the apron where he land roughly on his elbow.

Lane takes a step back where he blows a kiss at the large-breasted blonde on the front row. Garcia rolls into the ring, but he’s having to hold onto his right elbow. Santelmo charges forward as he grabs the arm of Lane from behind. ‘Loverboy’ reverses the arm wrench by punching the injured elbow of Brandon. Lane wraps his arm before placing his knee on the back of Garcia’s head and driving him into the mat! BAD MEDICINE! Lane snickers at Garcia as he begins to crawl up the side of the cell. He gets to the top and looks at the floor.

Lane looks down and sees Garcia on the ground. The crowd is going wild as Lane looks puzzled. He finally gets to a standing position. He shrugs. FROG SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Santelmo rolls out of the way! Lane hits hard. A few moments pass as Lane begins holding his ribs with a wince upon his face. Santelmo gets to his feet and begins crawling up the cage wall. His arm is nearly useless as he slowly gets to the top. Vinnie slowly follows as he also crawls to the top beside him. Garcia tries to cut him off but Lane socks him hard enough to suspend him on the top of the cage wall.

The two begin trading blows at the top of the cell. Lane nails an uppercut which stops the blows. Lane gets to a standing position where he squares Santelmo. He leaps into the air and… ROCKER DROPPER ONTO THE TOP OF THE CELL WALL! Santelmo is out cold. Lane pushes him back into the ring as he hits the mat with a thud. Lane climbs down the wall for the win! Lane staggers away from the cage holding his ribs as he walks over to the girl and signs her breast with his phone number. He walks away winking with one hand on his ribs and the other in the shape of a phone on his ear saying, “Call me.”

There is no pomp or circumstance. Only the sound of crows as the lights go down inside the School Yard. When they come back up, the crows have heralded the appearance of Scarecrow. The crowd seems to be on his side, happy to see him back after returning with Errol Flint just a week ago.

And Scarecrow? Well, he’s not happy.

“Brent Kersh, the foulest of all of my enemies.” The Hayman begins angrily. “He said he was sorry. He spent weeks crying apologies only to prove false in the face of adversity.”

As he turns, the crows seem to shift their calls.

“I will not be sorry, Brent. I will not be sorry when I rip your flesh from your living body, and tear you limb from limb. There will no apologies as I take the spoils of war from your carcass. There will be nothing that stands in the way of my ending you.”

Suddenly, a voice calls out into the arena.

“Excuse me?”

None other than Jake Jeckel is now on the big screen. The cocky Juggalo seems to be sneering right into the face of Scarecrow.

“First of all, I’d like to congratulate your ass on still having a job on a technicality. Truth is, you shouldn’t even be here.” Jeckel begins. “But Brent Kersh has been earmarked to get a shot at the OSW World Championship. I don’t give a shit if he wins it or not, but I’ll be damned if I let your ass walk around like you own the place. I own this place.”

The crowd jeers as the crow calls intensify. Jeckel doesn’t seem to care.

“This is my house, and if you want in the door, you have to go through me. You came up through a ring not that long ago to attack me, and I haven’t forgotten that. I am the one who will be ripping you limb from limb, you son of a bitch!”

Scarecrow seems to consider Jeckel’s words before offering rebuttal.

“Oh I haven’t forgotten you, Juggalo. Especially not after what you did last week to one of my remaining Scarecrows.”

Last week, Jeckel took a piss on one of them, before getting freaked out after it moved.

“What you didn’t realize Jake, is that you gave part of yourself up to that Scarecrow.”

The lights begin to flicker behind Jake Jeckel, who looks around to figure out what is going on. He backs up to the center of the room where all that remains is a sliver of light shining down on him.

“It’s time to take the rest. Where your eyes don’t go…”

From behind the camera, a form advances on Jeckel. The Juggalo boldly attacks, watching the scarecrow go up in dust, but when Jeckel turns around he is confronted by an amazing sight.

A row of scarecrows, all of their faces painted exactly like Jake Jeckel. They circle up around Jeckel, who seems to realize he is out of his element at this point. They swarm and Jake is overwhelmed by superior numbers, slowly being lost in a sea of Juggalo Scarecrows.

The lights suddenly dip all the way out both backstage and in the ring, and from the ring, Scarecrow speaks.

“Fear The Scarecrow.”

When the lights come back up, Scarecrow is nowhere to be seen and the Juggalo Scarecrows have all vanished. A battered Jake Jeckel is laid out in a mess of painted hay and straw.

The Hangman stalks the backstage, obviously looking for his next Crowley victim. He clutches his noose in hand as he closes in on the locker rooms, coming into a room filled with nothing but an over-sized jack in the box, a large tag on it reading

To: Jack Crowley

From : Your Loving Family

The Hangman shows signs of rage as he walks towards the box, only stopping as he sees the hand crank turn, a distorted Christmas Song playing as it does. The song slowly plays, the Hangman getting ever closer before being face to face when it finally pops! A distorted elf head pops from the box, laughing maniacally and causing the Hangman to bat the box away, landing it against a wall. Without warning, the box begins to talk.

“What’s the matter, Jack, don’t like your gift? What a shame, I thought you loved presents and gifts, what a shame. You keep turning away our family hospitality.”

The elf’s voice gets more and more distorted as it goes on, eventually causing Hangman to move forward and put the box out of its misery, crushing it for good. He turns to leave only to see the door slam shut behind him. He rushes forward to bust his way out, stopping once a drop of red hits his mask.

The Hangman looks up to see blood dripping from the ceiling, raining down upon him and covering him in it. A distorted voice plays over an intercom.

“What a shame, Jack. It seems you don’t want our gifts. If that’s how you want to treat us then get ready, it’s about to be a red Christmas.”

The dripping blood covers Hangman as he moves to keep trying to bust his way through the door.

The bell rings as Bird rushes forward with rights and lefts trying to knock down the Beast but they seem to be doing little, if any damage as Bird rushes to the ropes, landing a clothesline that forces Legion back a few feet. Ethan tries for a second but Legion grabs him around the throat, tossing him across the ring with massive force as Bird slams into the ropes, bouncing off right into a massive clothesline from Legion which turns Bird almost inside out. The God gets to his feet as Legion rushes forward, punishing Bird with a series of rights and lefts of his own that seem to be doing heavy damage.

Legion backs Bird into the corner as he destroys Bird with heavy shoulders to the gut before backing up and squashing him into the corner with a splash. Ethan slowly staggers out as Legion lifts him up high into the air before grabbing him by the throat and slamming him down onto his knee with a modified backbreaker. Bird grabs his back,yelling out a cry of pain as Legion shoves him back down to the mat, covering him as the referee counts ONE…TWO…Bird gets the shoulder up

Legion tries to pull Bird up to his feet but Ethan begins to fight back with rights and lefts that force Legion back as Bird gets to his feet, ducking under a clothesline as he grabs Legion by behind, drilling him into the mat with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Legion slowly gets to his feet as he’s dazed by an uppercut, before a superkick drops him down to one knee. The God rushes to the ropes but Legion stops him, throwing him across the ring into the corner but as Legion turns around, Bird quickly climbs the ropes, diving off at the Beast as he turns around, BIG BOOT! Bird just had his head almost taken off and this may be it. Legion pulls the limp Bird up, SMALL PACKAGE! Bird rolls Legion up out of nowhere as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

After that amazing Main Event, we head to the parking lot where Brent Kersh and Lux Bellator stand with Destiny. They’ve got her hostage and when Mike Lane and Red River Jack leave the building, they’re immediately confronted by them.

“I’m glad you could join us,” Lux says, holding Destiny by one arm as Brent holds the other. “We didn’t want to have to do this, but you need to be awoken. You need to understand what’s happening to you, Michael.”

Mike rushes forward but Jack stops him. “Let her go!” Lane yells. “You let her go, or else there will be no place on this earth you can hide from my wrath.”

Brent shakes his head, defiant. “Come and get her, Mike. She’s right here, come and get her.”

Lane looks towards Jack who shakes his head. “It’s not worth it, man. Don’t bow to them, don’t bow to their threats.”

“Don’t you get it?” Kersh says reluctantly. “We’re trying to help you wake up. He says that he’s enlightened you but the biggest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. Well guess what? The devil stands next to you.”

Red finally steps forward, having had enough.

“You can convince him that I’m the devil, man. You can convince the world that I’m the one pulling the wool over his eyes but the truth is, I’m saving him from the likes of you. I haven’t taken his love and used her against him, I’ve made his love stronger, I’ve shown him a family, a world without lies. Sometimes those lessons are harsh, sometimes those lessons are frequent, but man, I’m family.”

Whilst Jack talks, Hate and Manson appear behind Kersh and Bellator, attacking them. They knock both men forward, surprising Lane who didn’t even know they were coming. Red gets ready as Hate throws Brent into him and nails him with a kick to the gut.. THE WAKE UP CALL ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!! Manson meanwhile drags Lux towards Lane by the back of his mask and THE SHADOW KICK!! THE SHADOW KICK!!

The Awakening just saved Destiny!

The World Champion helps Red River Jack back to his feet and embraces him, only to turn away from Destiny and walk away. Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with Destiny stood in shock, The Awakening taking their leave as Brent Kersh and Lux Bellator lay unconscious on the floor.