Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” says a voice that opens the show this week.

It’s Marvolo and he’s looking at a mirror, stroking that red monstrosity he calls a mask.

“It’s Marvolo, isn’t it? You cheeky devil.”

“Actually, it’s El Numero Uno.”

Marvolo freezes, as if someone just hit the pause button. His eyes close and reopen but he’s still there, standing behind him, a man that looks almost the spitting image of Marvolo in attire, wearing a golden mask and silver sequin pants.

“You stole everything from me, perro. You stole my identity, my attire, my life,” says the man, his arms folded. “And you thought I wouldn’t come for you? I’m El Numero Uno and I am Uno!”

Marvolo spins around in a hurry but the man is gone. His adams apple bobs as he gulps a large quantity of air, terrified that a former nemesis has just arrived in Old School Wrestling. He storms out of the door and into the halls as we head to the ring for our first match of the evening.

Yuki rocks Triple J early on in this one with a huge snap suplex. With the mat still shaking she stays on top with a few big boots which keep the Juggalo grounded. Heading up top for some high risk, she launches herself at her opponent with a huge diving elbow. Jeckel manages to role out the way just at the last moment, and just like that the momentum in the tie changes. Swooping like a vulture onto fresh dead meat, he pulls Yuki over to the corner, and begins to climb the turnbuckles himself. Once at the summit he launches himself off.

SICKENING MUSHROOM STOMP. Straight into a cover, Jeckel is almost surprised when Shiroi kick’s out just after the two count. Scooping her up by her neck, HE’S setting her up for the CLOWN POSSE-PLEX, a german suplex. Just as he’s about to lift she throws an elbow over her shoulder which connects flush to his eyebrow, a patch of face paint coming off in the process, another one and he has to release. Yuki turns around to face the wounded opponent. Adding insult to injury she sets up a GERMAN SUPLEX OF HER OWN.

With Jeckel down, she heads up top again. Determined to hit a high impact move. With her back turned, Jeckel leaps up and reigns blows in on his opponent from behind. This leaves her sitting atop the turnbuckles. FRANKENSTEINER, Jeckel showing just how ruthless he can be by capitalizing while his opponents back was turned. Not finished, he rubs it in to the crowd every so slightly before bringing his attention back to Yuki. Locking in THE RIDDLE-BOX, Yuki valiantly tries to escape but the pain is too much. She taps, great effort from Yuki, but Jeckel with the win via submission.

In the backstage area the camera focuses on Brandon “Santelmo” Garcia who is preparing for his upcoming tag match.

We see him stretching in the hallway, in the background a silhouette of a figure can be seen getting closer and closer to Santelmo.

When the figure is only a few feet from Santelmo, it becomes clear that the figure is Ethan Bird! The RAGE champion pauses for a moment and extends his hand, placing it on the shoulder of Garcia. This startles Garcia, who pumps forward and turns around ready to fight.

“What the hell do you want!?” Santelmo yells, still startled by Ethan.

“Relax, friend.” Ethan raises both arms into the air, signifying he has no ill intentions.

“I just wanted to wish you luck out there my friend.” Ethan says, once again placing his hand on the shoulder of Santelmo who looks confused.

“I’ve been watching you over the past few weeks, making a name for yourself and forging your own path.” Ethan says as Santelmo pulls away.

“Thank you?” A confused Garcia replies.

“I’ll be watching you out there.” Ethan says as he walks past Santelmo and out of the frame.

Santelmo stands shaking his head in confusion as he returns to preparing for his match.

The bell sounds as Doctor D’Ville stands in the corner with his arms stretched across the top of the ropes. Marcus X stares at him with determination, but D’Ville just softly chuckles to himself as his icy blue eyes bore a hole through The Freedom Fighter. Finally, Marcus gets tired of the wait and approaches the newcomer. He throws a right hand, but Doctor D’Ville doesn’t even try to block it. He just takes it on the chin. X looks surprised as Doc just smiles at him and beckons him to bring it some more.

Marcus rears back and connects with two more as D’Ville just laughs at his fruitless efforts! Doc tires of it, grabs Marcus by the back of his head and throws him into the corner. His talons wrap around the throat of Marcus as he begins choking the life out of him! The referee gets in between them to get the clean break. Doc happily obliges as he smiles broadly. Marcus rushes out of the corner and nails a clothesline! Doc hits the mat but comes right back up for a second clothesline. Doc gets up again and swinging neckbreaker! Doc finally stops moving. Marcus wraps his arms around the neck and shoulder locking in a Tazzmission-like move.

TIMES OF CHANGE! He’s throwing Doc around like crazy! Doc begins laughing as he reverses it around to where he is facing Marcus. HEADBUTT! Doc wraps his arm around him and… the same move?! THE 302! Doc has it locked in, but Marcus gets to the ropes! The referee gets between them as Doc laughs and releases it. Marcus collapses. D’Ville climbs the turnbuckle. TREPANATION! The flying headbutt from the top! NO! BLACKOUT TO D’VILLE! DOC IS OUT! Marcus goes for the pinfall! One…Two…THREE! Marcus looks confident as the referee raises his hand. He walks over and grabs his book as he shows it to the audience before heading to the back.

For the first time in weeks, Axel the Shark is alone backstage. He is walking with a bagel in his hand (although how the hell he plans to eat it, the world may never know), before he is suddenly stopped in his tracks by Yuki Shiroi, who stands before him.

“Yuki-chan!” Axel calls, his mood jovial. “I never heard from you about our game.”

“Game?” Yuki says, walking forward with menace in her step. “No game.”

Axel begins to back up from Yuki, sensing the tension in the room. With a lopsided grin, Yuki grabs the bagel out of Axel’s hand and takes a bite.

“They’ve got a bunch in catering.” Axel meekly offers. She merely mutters in Japanese under her breath.

“Energy is important for a fight.” Shiroi comments as she looks at the bagel. She is clearly understanding the situation here better than her quarry.

“But I don’t want to fight you. The kids…” Axel is cut off quickly by Yuki.

“Sharks don’t play with their food. They just eat it.” To illustrate, she takes another bite of the bagel, before handing it back to Axel, who looks down at it.

“You say you’re the Kid’s Champion? No participation trophies here, Axel-chan.” Yuki mockingly reminds him.

“The Snow will be Red with Shark’s blood as the Kids learn of death. Of defeat.”

Yuki gets right up in Axel’s ear, almost inhaling him.

“I smell blood in the water.”

Axel stands clueless as Yuki walks away.

“I showered.”

We cut backstage to a shot of Charlie Thompson stood with Vinnie Lane.

“Ladies and Gentleman, joined with me now…”

Thompson is cut short by Vinnie grabbing her wrist and dragging her down the hallway.

“Vinnie, what are you doing? We’re live!”

“We’re not going to the bedroom, Sugar-Tits, we’re going to the ring.”

The camera man hurries to follow.

“I want to say my piece face to face with the fans.”

Vinnie busts through the curtain with Charlie in tow and the audio tech’s scramble to play his music. He’s halfway down the runway by the time “I Wanna Rock” hits and the fans are already full swing with their Boo’s. Inside the ring, Lane grabs the microphone from Thompson’s hand.

“You pathetic fools boo, me!?! A rock God! And yet you cheer a bum off the streets!?!”

The crowd cheers.

“That just goes to prove how idiotic you people are! And why taking the Rage Championship from Bird is going to be that much sweeter! Because I will…”

“I’ve heard about enough out of you!”

Vinnie is cut off by the voice of Ethan Bird as Bird walks out onto the stage.

“These fans don’t deserve to be mocked by the likes of you! Your beef is with me!”

“You’re right!”

Vinnie shouts before dropping the microphone and chasing after Bird… but Ethan doesn’t run anywhere but towards Lane… and the two collide into a mess of rights and lefts! Security attempts to break them up as the fans cheer wildly. Eventually their broken up – this match at Red Snow coming to a boil here!

Pig and Marx start this thing off with a Roman Greco lockup that “The Monster” takes control of quickly. Marx is spun in circles before being backed into the corner and Pig DRIVES a forearm smash into his upper chest. Irish whip now to the other side and REICHOUS explodes into the turnbuckles AND HERE COMES PIG! BUT HE MISSED! MARX MOVES AND PIG IS STUNNED AS HE TURNS AND HOLY HELL!!! REICHOUS MARX TAKES PIG OFF HIS FEET WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE AND NOW HE’S DRIVING FIST AFTER FIST INTO THE SKULL OF HIS OPPONENT!

Marx is quick to his feet AND HE HEADS TO THE CORNER WITH AN ELBOW SMASH TO THE JAW OF JAMES HUNTER! REICHOUS MARX IS ON A ROLL! Immediately he moves to tag in Garcia. Santelmo climbs between the ropes and as Pig gets to his feet HE NAILS HIM WITH A FLYING FOREARM! Pig stumbles back into the corner and THERE’S A TAG TO “THE QUESTION”! Hunter in the ring quick and Garcia is there to meet him with a spinning heel kick THAT HUNTER DUCKS! INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER! Santelmo goes down and Hunter makes the cover. ONE… TWO… MARX is there to break up the pinfall!!

The referee warns Marx back out of the ring and that’s going to Pig the opportunity to help Hunter double team Santelmo with Luther egging them on from the outside. Double irish whip sends Garcia to the ropes and “RELAX”! NO! GARCIA DUCKS THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HUNTER AND HE’S ABLE TO TAG IN MARX!!! ALL IN ONE MOTION! SANTELMO… “HAIL MARY” ON PIG!!! “HAIL MARY”! AS MARX HITS A RUNNING NECKBREAKER ON HUNTER!! MARX TO HIS FEET, LIFTING HUNTER WITH HIM! “HELTER SKELTER”! THAT MIGHT DO IT! MARX WITH THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE!! REICHOUS MARX AND BRANDON GARCIA PULL OUT THE VICTORY!!!!

After the conclusion of their tag team match, The Question and Pig stand in the ring as the sweat drips down their faces. Luther stands on the outside with a devious grin upon his face. He reaches beneath the apron and withdraws a large burlap sack and slides it into the ring. Luther climbs the stairs and enters as he looks at both men before lifting up the sack. James Hunter glances at Luther with a quizzical look on his face, hating the mystery.

Luther grabs a microphone as he holds the sack in his other hand.

“I know it’s eating you alive, the mystery within this bag. Isn’t it Hunter?” Hunter doesn’t respond but just gives him a look of disdain.

“Look, I know you’re sorry for threatening me. I recognize your apprehension for following me. I also… forgive you.”

Hunter turns to Luther with a scowl upon his face as he is handed a microphone.

“Forgive me?! For what? Not being a mindless sheep like this mute basket case?”

Luther laughs as his eyes never leave The Question.

“No. I forgive you for not taking my offer to continue The Solution under my tutelage. I also forgive Pig for what he’s going to do next because Hunter? VIOLENCE IS LIKE A PIG IN SHIT!”

A grin spreads across his face as Hunter looks perplexed for a moment. Realization sets in as he turns into THE MARCH OF THE PIGS!

Hunter hits the ground but Pig grabs him by the arm and whips him over the top rope. They hit the ground and Pig whips Hunter into the steel steps! With quickness, Pig grabs his face and begins slamming it into the top of the stairs! Over and over and over! Blood begins to pour from the temple of The Question! Pig grabs him around the waist as he lifts him up before ramming him spine-first into the steel ringpost! Question is in agony before Pig rolls him into the ring.

The Animal stands over his prey as he waits for him to rise once more. As The Question slowly gets to his feet, Pig lifts him up for THE DAY-Question rakes his eyes! Question in desperation gets some separation between them.

Question goes to his trusted ax but Luther places a foot upon it! He’s not letting him pick it up! Question grabs Luther by the scruff of his shirt as Pig suddenly has vision. His face transforms into absolute fury as he charges Question and strikes the back of his knees with a chop! Question collapses but Pig lifts him up for…

THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! Pig drags Question to the ropes and locks his arms in them. Question is bleeding profusely and is trapped. Luther walks over and takes the content out of the bag.

IT’S AN AX! Luther smirks as he brandishes the weapon and places the edge against the head of The Question. The crowd goes hush in anticipation. Luther brings it back quickly and swings it! The crowd gasps, but Luther just grins at his victim as he brings it slowly back to the resting place against his neck. Luther slowly leans forward.

“Let this day be remembered as the day Luther let you live.”

Luther smiles as he leaves the ring with his Animal, leaving The Question to be tended to by the referees.

Ash Williams and Matthew Cories sit in their locker room trying to decide how to get the Necronomicon.

“We’ve got TWO Deadites to worry about now!” Ash exclaims.

“Don’t forget about Wednesday!” Cories states, dressed once again as Dewey. “She’s way creepier in real life!”

“It’s not Wednesday! That is Synn, and she is with Legion! They’re working with The DEAD, and they have the book! What are we going to do?!”

“What would Dewey do?” Cories asks himself.

“Seriously?!” Ash has had enough and pulls the glued moustache off Cories lip.


“That’s enough about Dewey! Be serious! We need to find a way to get DEAD away from Legion and get the book!”

Suddenly the door opens, and in steps The DEAD holding the second plastic, prop Necronomicon from before. Ash rushes at him, but Cories grabs him by the shoulder.

“Be careful! It could be a trap!” Matthew shouts.

As if on cue, Legion steps into the doorway.

“Smart, Cories! Maybe you should take a lesson from your partner, Williams.” the DEAD says.

“Give me the book and we won’t have any trouble!” Ash reaches for the book, but DEAD pulls it out of his reach.

“I’ll give you the book, but on one condition.” DEAD states.


“We want a match next week at Red Snow. If you win, I give you the book. But, if we win, then you have to leave both of us alone!”

Ash steps up face to face with DEAD. “You’re on!”

DEAD steps back, and Legion steps up “Videte quia multi sumus!” and slams the door.

“Don’t you realize that you just gave a title shot to a deadite that we don’t even have a problem with? Dead has totally bamboozled us!”

Ash says nothing, folding his arms as the scene comes to a close.

The bell rings and Mike’s cousin Vinnie blitzes the turncoat Kersh, who is caught offguard by his ferocity! Vinnie lays into him with wild shots, his arms and hair a cloud of movement. “I’LL GLASS YOUR WHOLE WORLD, BIRD!” yells Vinnie; Loverboy doesn’t give a shit about Brent betraying Old School, he just wants to get at Ethan Bird! Vinnie gets the backstabber in a waistlock, ready to hit the teardrop suplex – but the technician goes behind and takes him down! Vinnie throws a back elbow, but Kersh is already going for the step-over with Vinnie’s leg… FIGURE F– VINNIE BOOTS HIM OFF!

Both men back up now, and Vinnie rushes right into a fireman’s carry. Brent back to the legs, but Vinnie is under the ropes and the referee orders the traitor to relent. The Rock N Roll Megastar scrambles to his feet – right into a German suplex! ONE… TWO– shoulder-up! Vinnie sits up, and Kersh KICKS him in the back. “You’re not a WRESTLER!” yells the plain-trunks Brent, and he tears Vinnie’s headband off. He tosses it on the mat and wipes his boots on it. He heaves him to his knees, but a fired up Vinnie is Not Gonna Take It anymore!

Lane doubles Kersh over with a headbutt to the gut. He grabs his head and pulls him into a jawbreaker! Brent slumps into the ropes and ON THE REBOUND IMMEDIATELY SCOOPS VINNIE ONTO HIS SHOULDER! Old School’s resident Two-Face looks set to hit the Southern Discomfort, but Vinnie drops onto the turnbuckle! Kersh immediately turns and slugs Vinnie with an elbow to the jaw, nearly sending him crashing to the floor. The Enforcer climbs up, looking to hit a superplex, but Vinnie crowns him with an elbow! He hooks the arms and JUMPS OFF WITH A SECOND-ROPE STYLES CLASH! THE HEARTBREAKER! ONE… TWO… THREE! Vinnie Lane throws the horns in the air in celebration, having knocked off a formidable foe. The Enforcer himself heads to the back, brooding over his loss to a rockstar.

The cameras backstage catch up with Jackson Slade, who has a plan tonight. He’s standing across from Red River Jack, and surprisingly, the interaction looks relatively peaceful. Lux Bellator stands with him, arms folded, but ready for action if required.

“Thanks for meeting me here tonight Jack. I’ve been watching you for a long time and it’s become clear to me that men like you and Brent Kersh are the key to RAGE’s victory. We’ve done all the hard work, all we need now is to get across the line. That’s where you come in. DEAD END is a month away and we’re going win, but it’d be a hell of a lot easier if you joined us.”

Red thinks about that for a minute. He adjusts his shoulders and reaches inside his pocket for a pack of smokes.

“And what makes you think I’m loyal to either side, man?” he asks as he puts a cigarette to his lips.

Jackson laughs. “That’s why you’re here. What do you want, Jack? What will it take you make you a member of RAGE?”

The former World Champion doesn’t respond, he just puffs on his cigarette. Lux decides to step forward.

“Joining RAGE is joining the winning team, Jack. We’re going to pursue you or Mike Lane and with Errol Flint and Destiny back, how long do you think it’ll be until he turns on you for his real family? Think about it, that’s all we ask.”

Jack looks at him, stepping towards him with a grimace. “I’ll consider it.”

He backs away and walks off down the corridor, Jackson looking extremely pleased with himself. Will Jack really join RAGE? Could he?

Backstage our camera’s catch Marx walking down the hallway. The all star title glimmering while strapped around his waist. After the events of last week, understandably the champion continues watching over his shoulder. When suddenly he notices Santelmo walking directly in his direction. Marx lifts both his fists up without any hesitation.

“Relax, I do my talking in the ring.” Santelmo quips with a cocky smile on his face.

Santelmo confidently walks past the champion, being sure to deliver a stiff shoulder on the way by.

“You know what you’re problem is?” Marx asks quickly. “Your new found confidence blinds you.” Marx states without waiting for a reply from Santelmo.

With that, Marx strikes delivering a shot to the jaw and Santelmo and sending him staggering backwards. Marx grabs the head of the dazed Santelmo and slams it violently into the wall.

The camera focuses on Santelmo, who is bleeding from the forehead and trying to get back to his feet. When suddenly a pair of boots come into the frame. The camera pans up to reveal Wes Warhammer, his fangs showing upon his smiling face.

He actually bends down helping Santelmo up to his feet, only to deliver the WES WINDS to the already injured Santelmo.

“This should bring some memories of thay horrific injury! You can thank Wes Warhammer for the nightmares you’ll be having every night until red snow.” With that Wes steps over the body of Santelmo and continues in the direct Marx went.

He doesn’t get but a few steps before Marx appears from around a corner and floors Wes with the all star title, returning the favour from last week.

“Foreshadowing” he laughs to himself as he looks down at the bodies of both his opponents at red snow.

Heavy hitting contest here. Our World Champion wastes no time in setting about Scarecrow, tying up and throwing him off the ropes. Lane bounces himself off the other set of ropes and returns to Scarecrow with a huge Diving Elbow. Scarecrow bounces straight to the mat, then straight back up. Scarecrows turn for offense now and this time he launches Mike Lane off the ropes, almost copying the sequence from before, he launches himself off the other set of ropes and returns to Lane with a big boot. This sends Lane to the mat, but much like before he bounces straight back up.

The fans sound off appreciation chants, as the two men circle each other. A third tie-up is quickly ended when Lane scoops up his opponent and places him back down on the mat with a huge Atomic Drop. No getting up this time, instead of going for the pin though the World Champion applies a half Boston crab. Not looking good for Scarecrow as Lane really applies the pressure. Mustering up all his strength he starts clawing his way to the ropes. ONE MORE SCARECROW CAN HE MAKE IT?

HEARTBREAK, The ropes a mere grain of corn away for Scarecrow and Lane has dragged him back central of the ring. This must be it. Knowing he can’t be far from passing out, Scarecrow starts lashing out with his one free leg. Blow after blow to Lane’s upper leg and mid. Eventually enough damage forces Lane to release the leg. As if he’s had an adrenaline shot Scarecow leaps to his feet. Ever the champion though SHADOW KICK! NO SCARECROW GRABS THE ANKLE and shoots out an arm to the throat of the Shadow King. THE HARVESTER!! Pin attempt One…. Two… THREE!! Huge victory over the world champion here.

Scarecrow rises to his feet in the middle of the ring, his match over and done with.


Jake Jeckel calls out into the arena, his visage appearing on the video screen once more. Jeckel is standing outside the arena, in some seedy alleyway. Graffiti lines the wall, and Jeckel looks right at home. In the ring, Scarecrow seems intrigued by this development.

“Hay Man, let’s get right to it.” Jeckel begins. “At Red Snow, I’m stepping into your rodent infested place. Tonight, I want you to come out here, and I’ll show you how I used to handle shit on the street. Long Island, Motherfucker! “

Jeckel starts to pace back and forth while Scarecrow wastes no time. The lights cut out in the arena, and the sounds of crows signify the Invasion winner’s exit.

Outside the arena, Jeckel is ready for a fight, but a gust of wind takes him by surprise. As he turns around, he sees that the graffiti he was standing by now has an addition.

“The fuck?”

A scarecrow is painted on the wall now, one with Jeckel’s face paint on it. Jeckel clears his throat real good and hocks a giant loogey on it.

“I’m not scared of your ass.” He says as he turns with all of his force, LEVELLING SCARECROW!

The Hay Man was right behind Jeckel, and is now on the defensive as the Juggalo begins knocking Scarecrow into trash cans and other assorted plunder outside the ring. There is no contest here, as Jeckel has picked on a Scarecrow that just competed, and in his yard at that.

“Let’s finish this shit.” Jake says as he stands over the downed Scarecrow, unzipping his pants. “I still need to take that piss.”

Another gust of wind, and Jeckel turns to find a most surprising sight.

The entire alleyway is now filled with Juggalo painted scarecrows. The RAGE star walks towards them in disbelief before angrily turning towards his fallen opponent.

“Not again.”

Scarecrow is gone.

“I’m gonna piss on his whole corn field.” Jeckel says as he turns back around.

The alley way is empty, all scarecrows gone.

Marcus X is standing in a room filled with his brotherhood and a number of others. He seems to be having his own backstage rally.

“I’m sick and tired of the white man thinking he knows what is best. After all these years of struggle, they still think that they know the right way, but let me tell you something, brothers and sisters: The white man doesn’t know jack about us!”

The crowd eeewwws and aaaahhhs at the thought. A splattering of applause spreads through the room.

“Look at Nigel Royal. He thinks that just because he was raised with a silver spoon jammed in his anus, that he can tell you what to do. He referred to you, brothers and sisters, as “you people. You people!”

Grumbles and jeering from the crowd.

“Let me tell you something, folks. Nigel Royal is the embodiment of white privilege. He is all that is wrong with this white-bread world. He is wha…..”

Suddenly the door flies open and Nigel Royal bursts into the room. He sprints at Marcus; Marcus doesn’t flinch. Two large men step up and try to grab Nigel. Nigel hits the first with an elbow to the temple and the second with a kick to the gut. Two more grab Nigel from behind. Royal throws an elbow and catches the one on the right in the nose. Finally, a fifth man punches Nigel in the gut and doubles him over.

“Get that filth out of here.” Marcus says calmly.

Nigel screams at Marcus as his entourage drags Royal from the room.

The bell rings as Bird rushes forward, trying to nail Nigel with a clothesline. Royal sees it in time, ducking under as he grabs Bird low, taking him down to the mat as he tries to end the match almost instantly and lock in the Dungeons of London. Bird scrambles away, getting to his feet and kicking Nigel full force in the full as he tries to get to his feet as well. The God pulls the groggy Royal up to his feet, powering him over into the corner before squashing him into the buckle with a big running clothesline.

Royal comes stumbling out of the corner as Bird lifts him up onto his shoulder, trying for the running powerslam but Nigel rolls down his back, wrapping his arms around Bird and taking him over for a Back Suplex. Nigel holds on, pulling Bird up and landing a second. He delivers a third as well but as he’s pulling Bird up for a forth, Bird begins to fight back, landing heavy elbows to the side of the head, before reaching back and delivering a modified neckbreaker. Bird slowly gets to his feet, shaking out the cobwebs as he tries to pull Royal to his feet as Nigel darts around to Bird’s back, ROYAL FLUSH! The bridge is complete as the referee begins to count

ONE..TWO…KICKOUT! Both men get to their feet as Nigel tries for a clothesline, Bird ducks under, hoisting Nigel up onto his shoulders as he drives him down to the mat with the Running Powerslam. The God signals for the end as he pulls Nigel up to his feet but finds himself taken off his as Royal pulls him down into the Dungeons of London. Bird tries to escape but he’s in the middle of the ring and with no way out, he’s forced to tap.

Ethan Bird gets back to his feet after that exhausting match and stumbles backwards into the ropes, snatching his RAGE Championship from the referee as he does. He smirks at the booing crowd and then suddenly, the lights shut off.


The fluttering of birds sends the entire audience into rapturous applause. The cheer is so loud that when the lights come back on and we see Scarecrow stood in the middle of the ring, his arms perched, it’s almost deafening.

Ethan looks at him in confusion, mouthing at him. “What the hell do you want?” as if The Scarecrow has answers. Instead of that, the camera shifts to what currently hangs from his right hand.

The Invasion Briefcase.

The Scarecrow’s head rises slowly to meet the shocked gaze of Ethan Bird, who hugs his RAGE Championship close and shakes his head. “You can’t… this belongs to RAGE!” he screams as the referee takes the case and signals to the ring announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The Scarecrow has decided to invade.”


And then, to Ethan Bird’s surprise, the bell sounds and he’s forced to defend the RAGE Championship – a World title in Old School Wrestling!

Bird doesn’t hesitate for even a second and runs at The Scarecrow, only to be caught with a thrusting uppercut that sends him stumbling backwards. The RAGE Champion is tired and rightfully so after that gruelling match with Nigel Royal. Scarecrow picks his shot, another uppercut that drops Bird to the canvas. He gets back to his feet as fast as he can and nails a gut to the shot of The Hayman. Another, another, another, Ethan backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring, only Scarecrow comes back with A MASSIVE BIG BOOT TO THE SKULL!

Understandably, Bird rolls to the outside and waves this one off. He snatches his title back from Paloma Ruiz and tries to walk away, only Scarecrow rolls to the outside and stops him. Ethan swings with the RAGE Championship but Scarecrow dodges, grabbing him by the throat and forcing the title from his grasp. The Hayman looks to pick him up but Bird slams a forearm down across him and breaks free. He slams ‘Crow’s head into the barricade, not once but twice, stumbling him. Therein lies his opportunity and he whips the challenger straight into the steel ring post.

Now he has a little momentum and rolls Scarecrow back into the ring, following. He’s tired and he’s fighting for his life here tonight. He drops into the cover… One….. Two… SCARCROW KICKS OUT! Ethan looks towards the referee and angrily claps his hands, telling him to make the count. Whilst he argues though, Scarecrow unbelievably sits up, slapping his hand around The Champions throat. They both get up and it’s Scarecrow who switches positions, lifting Ethan up underneath the arms and launching him into the air.. BYE BYE… NO!! ETHAN TURNS THAT INTO A DROPKICK! DROPKICK BY ETHAN BIRD!!

The RAGE Champion signals for the end, getting to his feet and grabbing Scarecrow. He pulls him close and WORLD’S END!! FISHERMAN’S DDT!! HE GOT ALL OF THAT! THE SCARECROW IS ABOUT TO LOSE HIS INVASION! THE CHAMPION COVERS….. ONE…….. TWO……. THREE!! NO!!! NO!! THE SCARECROW UNBELIEVABLY KICKS OUT! ETHAN BIRD TURNS TO THE REFEREE IN ABSOLUTE SHOCK! HOW DID THEY NOT WORK? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING MADE OF? He’s had enough and argues with the referee, giving RAGE the chance to interfere! Jake Jeckel storms the ring and hits the ring apron but Scarecrow is back to his feet!

The Hayman runs with a Boot, knocking Jake off the apron and into the barricade. He turns around to see Bird leaping at him, and turns that into a GIANT CHOKESLAM!! BYE BYE BIRDIE!! OUT OF NO-WHERE!! Scarecrow covers… ONE…….. TWO…. NEW RAGE CHAMPION… SURELY…. THREE!! NO!! ETHAN BIRD GOT A SHOULDER UP! WHAT THE FUCK? IS THIS GUY A GOD, JUST LIKE HE SAYS!? The Hayman doesn’t even hesitate, he pulls Ethan straight back up, grabs him under the arms and lifts him straight up into the air in one fell swoop, releasing and CHOKESLAM!! BYE BYE BIRDIE FOR A SECOND TIME! ETHAN CRUNCHES OFF THE CANVAS!! THAT HAS TO BE IT! SCARECROW COVERS…. ONE……… TWO…….. THREE! It’s done! The Scarecrow has done it, he’s just become the RAGE Champion. No-one saw it coming, no-one even thought that Scarecrow would go after the RAGE World Championship instead of the OSW Title!

The Monster gets back to his feet and is handed the title. He doesn’t exit, he just perches. The lights go out and he vanishes into the darkness, the sounds of crows left behind, squawking. There’s going to be hell to pay for this. Ethan Bird is not going to take this laying down.

When we arrive in the backstage area, it’s to a panic. Marvolo is briskly walking down the halls, checking every single corridor, every single door way, every single inch of the building for El Numero Uno. It’s then that he bumps into another nemesis, a man that last week he conned out of five thousand dollars; Bruce Van Chan.

“Concerned, are we?” Bruce says with a giggle. “I thought as much. I hear you’ve a visitor around these parts here today, huh? I can’t say that I’m surprised.”

“What do you want? Can’t you see that Marvolo is busy?” the masked one retorts.

Bruce looks a little disappointed but continues, pulling a piece of paper from his back pocket. “That’s no way to talk to a man that went out of his way to help you out, is it?”

Marvolo looks confused.

“Look, we’ve had our problems haven’t we? But a few weeks ago we teamed to great effect and despite everything, I don’t hate you Marvolo; I just want my rematch. So as a gesture of goodwill and with a view to end these games, I reached out to a personal friend of mine. He’s a Vegas judge and I phoned him an hour ago and asked if he could rush through a restraining order.”

The Marvelous One’s eyes light up as a man in a suit steps into frame, awaiting the signed document. Bruce hands a pen to Marvolo and tells him where to sign.

“All you have to do is sign there and give me my rematch and all of this goes away. El Numero won’t be able to get within fifty feet of you.”

Marvolo enthusiastically signs, throwing the pen back at Bruce. Bruce hands the document to the suited man who rushes off the other direction, likely to deliver the restraining order back to the judge. Bruce stands, awaiting confirmation of his title match.

“Oh, you actually thought Marvolo would stick to his word? Ha! Thanks for nothing,” says the Hardcore Champion, receiving boo’s from all around the arena as he struts off, still watching his back.

Bruce in the meantime, waves the man in the suit back – he was apparently hiding around the corner. Bruce takes the paper from him and slaps him on the back in appreciation.

“Thanks for that Steve,” Chan says, unfolding the paper. “And thank you Marvolo, for my rightfully earned title rematch!”

He folds the paper and grins, slotting it back in his pocket as the scene fades out. Bruce finally got one back over on Marvolo, though The Champion may have one or two other things to worry about.

Jackson Slade storms into the office of Errol Flint backstage, flustered, enraged, infuriated and absolutely ready to blow his top. He slams his hands down on the desk and lifts one to point at Flint.

“You can’t do this!” he shouts in a fury as Errol simply stares at him. “You have no jurisdiction over my Championship. Ethan Bird is the RAGE Champion and he didn’t deserve what just happened to him out there. You have no right whatsoever!”

Errol quickly interrupts. “I have no right? Do you see all of this, kid? This is mine. That floor you’re standing on, unless you somehow steal a percentage from me, is mine. The air you breathe inside this building is mine and you’re lucky that I’m allowing you to have it.”

“You don’t scare me, Flint. You have no right to let Scarecrow invade on Ethan Bird and you know it.”

“NO RIGHT? You dare to speak to me about NO RIGHTS? You’ve NO right to walk into my company, invade it even and then bring in your own World Championship. You have NO right, Jackson,” Errol says whilst slamming his hands down on the table and standing up. “Now you listen to me kid, alright? The RAGE Championship is a World Title and Scarecrow won the right to invade on a World Champion of his choosing. He chose Bird and he won.”

Jackson steps back, his brow furrowed. “You won’t get away this. Ethan Bird will come for you, he will come for Scarecrow and he will rip you apart to get back what’s rightfully his. Until that time, Scarecrow v. Jake Jeckel at Red Snow is now for the RAGE Championship.”

Flint shrugs as Jackson heads towards the door and storms out. He looks down at a piece of paper on his desk and grins, absolutely delighted that Old School Wrestling have started taking back this company.

Oh boy, it’s time for another SHOWCASE!

Rick Mad and Corey Black come out to tremendous ovation, slapping hands in the middle of the ring as they circle each other. The bell sounds and they lock up, Black taking Mad into a Side Headlock and wrenching on it. Mad pushes him out into the ropes and ducks a Clothesline on the return, Corey quickly catching him with a stiff kick to the mid-section. He drags him in close and flips him over with a Snap Suplex. Black into the cover.. One…. Two… Kick Out! The King Of Wrestling slides to the outside and lifts up the ring apron to a standing ovation, pulling out chairs, tables, steel cans and whatever else he can find. He stands up and BASEBALL SLIDE BY RICK MAD! THAT CAUGHT HIM STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!

Black stumbles backwards and that gives Mad the chance to grab a steel chair. He doesn’t hesitate to wrap it across the skull of his friend, dropping him to the floor in a crippled head. Corey tries to regain some composure, holding his head as Mad throws the chair down and pulls him up by his hair. He slams him head first into the barricade and watches as he slumps there, kicking him in the gut and running him head first into the STEEL RING STEPS! JESUS CHRIST! Rick once again reaches down and grabs his buddy, only Corey has had enough and starts swinging. ELBOWS! ELBOWS! ELBOWS! ELBOW TO THE THROAT!! Rick stumbles backwards and Black literally pushes off the steel steps with an ELBOW TO THE HEAD!!

Mad doesn’t know what’s hit him and here comes Black, reaching down for a steel chair and WALLOP!! SHOT TO THE HEAD! The King Of Wrestling grabs a table and slides it into the ring, grabbing Rick and making sure that he follows. He enters himself and sets the table up, grabbing Rick and bouncing his head off it, leaving him slumped there. Black lifts him up and onto the top turnbuckle, following up the ropes with the table behind them. They’re both on the top rope now, standing up… Black scoops him up and high into the air… BRAINBUSTER THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE!! BRAINNNNNBUSSTTTTERRRR!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FUCKING FEET!! Black rolls away from the rubble and comes back with a cover… One…. Two…. Three! He’s done it! Corey Black has beaten his mentor, friend and trainer in one hell of a Showcase Match!

Corey Black somehow gets back to his feet and helps Rick back to his, raising his arm as the fans celebrate their amazing OSW Showcase.

In the backstage area, Brent Kersh is taking one hell of a risk in walking into the locker room of Mike Lane. Mike jumps to his feet, ready to fight, only Brent comes waving his white flag.

“Please, just hear me out,” he begs to the fans boo’s. “I haven’t come to fight, I’ve just come to tell you something you need to know. You have to watch your back, Mike. Jack is considering a switch to RAGE and if he were to do that, that’d seriously strain your loyalties with Flint and The Awakening.”

Lane looks at him, puzzled. “What are you talking about?”

“Slade offered Jack a place inside RAGE. We’re going to win this war and we’re going to do it with or without you. I just know that if you think about it, if you really think about it, you’ll know like I know that RAGE is the place to be.”

The World Champion stands up and pushes Kersh backwards.

“Do you think I’m weak, is that it? Let me tell you something, Kersh; the Shadow King endures. Do you know what I have gone through to hold this belt you so covet?” Lane says holding up the belt. “It’s a hell like you’ve never seen.”

Brent just sighs. “All I’m saying is that you need to watch your back. Alright? Watch your back Mike.”

He heads to the exit and leaves The World Champion stood there, with a lot to think about.

Corey Black is exhausted, walking through the backstage area taking in this amazing occasion. He’s about to take his leave, leaving Old School Wrestling behind when Dr. Louis D’Ville appears, almost out of no-where.

“Hello friend,” The Doctor says with a big toothy smile. “I’m glad I could make your acquaintance. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Black just looks at him. “What?”

“Mr. Black, isn’t it? Though I understand that a mental break often causes you to slip into the delusion of a maniac. I don’t mean any offence by that, but it’d appear you could use my help and my door, is always open.”

“Feel free to slam it shut, or else I could do it for you,” Corey says whilst tapping his elbow. “See you Doctor types, you’re all the same. You think the world needs to be diagnosed and that you’re the man to do it. I’ll give you a shot, Doc. I’ll give you a chance at Red Snow to fix me.”

The Doctor nods in agreement, extremely pleased at the suggestion.

“That’s splendid. I’ll see you then, Mr. Black.”

He attempts to walk away but Corey grabs him by the arm. “But when your face meets my Elbow and you’re the one in need of a doctor, don’t say I didn’t warn you. For victory… or death.”

D’Ville snatches his arm away with a smile and continues his walk down the corridor. It looks like we’ve got a match set for Red Snow.

As the four men are in their pods, the two remaining stand across from each other within the squared circle. The Hangman and Ashley Williams are starting this thing out. They tie up in the center of the satanic structure, but Hangman whips Williams into the corner. Hangman connects with a spear pinning Ashley into the corner. Hangman grabs Williams by his throat and throws him over the top rope and onto the mesh surrounding it! Hangman climbs outside, but Ashley takes out his leg with a chop. Hangman falls to the ground and Ashley is on the attack.

Ashley mounts Hangman and begins striking with lefts and rights. Hangman covers up before reaching through the offense and grabbing the throat of Ashley. A stiff headbutt staggers Ashley as Hangman gets back to his feet. Hangman wraps his ginormous hand around the gullet of Ashley before connecting with CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Ashley’s back arches up in pain from connection with the steel mesh. Hangman grabs Ashley up and throws him over the ropes and into the ring. Hangman crawls in and goes for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…NO! Ashley kicks out as the lights fade out. The spotlights cycle around the arena before setting on… LEE CROWLEY!

Lee slinks into the ring keeping his fair distance from The Hangman who is staring him down. Lee and Hangman get right into each other’s faces as Lee begins smiling largely and striking the much bigger Hangman with a forearm smash. Hangman takes a step back, but he doesn’t seem fazed. He wraps his large hands around the neck of Lee and throws him into the corner! Hangman is about to charge, but Ashley comes out of nowhere with a BOOMSTICK! Hangman hits the ground hard! Ashley goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Hangman barely kicked out! Ashley seems in shock. The lights begin to circle again. They finally settle on…

THE DEAD! Dead exits his pod slowly as he saunters into the ring with an expressionless look upon his face. Ashley turns around on his knees to see The Dead has entered the ring. AGO-KNEE! The shining wizard to the face and Ashley hits the mat. The Dead goes down to his knees and begins choking Ashley with a hand around the throat. The Dead pulls The Hangman to his feet and nods at him, seemingly accepting him. The Dead turns his back on The Hangman, but The Hangman whips him around. Both men wrap a hand around the other’s throat!

MISSILE DROPKICK FROM THE TOP OF A POD! Unbeknownst to the other men in the match, Lee Crowley had crawled to the top of one of the pods and leaped off to knock both men to the ground! Everyone is down! The light wheel goes off again. This time it sets on… AXEL THE SHARK!

Axel comes springing into the ring with energy out the wazoo! He climbs the turnbuckle and leaps for a SHARK DIVE! The senton connects on Ashley and he goes for the pinfall! ONE… TWO… NO! Axel looks shocked! He leaps on Lee Crowley. ONE…TWO…NO! Axel puts his hands on his mask before leaping onto The Dead. ONE…TWO…NO! Dead kicks out! The trend continues as Axel leaps onto Hangman! ONE-NO! Hangman flings Axel off as the crowd is laughing now. Everyone begins getting to their feet as The Shark climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps and connects with a FIN-NISH HIM! The diving headbutt drops The Dead. The Hangman grabs Axel and whips him into the ropes. Axel returns with a huge knee strike to the face! Hangman hits the ground hard.

Lee grabs Axel from behind and whips him towards Ashley Williams… BOOMSTICK! Another one connects and the fueled attack of Axel has seemingly been pulled to a halt. The light wheel begins again as Matthew Cories enters the ring with a smile upon his face as the satanic structure beckons. He dives straight into the corner of Axel but at the same time, THE DEAD NAILS WILLIAMS WITH THE LAST BREATH!! BOTH MEN COVER…. ONE…. TWO… THREE! BOTH OFT HEM HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED! AXEL AND WILLIAMS ARE OUT OF HERE! Cories and DEAD are back to their feet, watching as The Hangman has Crowley by the neck.. CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM TO LEE CROWLEY! HE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!

WE’RE DOWN TO THREE! The Hangman gets back to his feet and see’s Cories and The DEAD behind him, only DEAD steps away. Cories looks at him like a deer in the Headlights and HANGMAN TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT! The Manslayer turns around to THE FINAL BREATH!! THE DEAD NAILS HIM!! He goes down but Cories gets back up, stumbles and The DEAD locks his arms underneath him to stop him from escaping, HEADBUTTS! HEADBUTTS! BRUTAL HEADBUTTS! THE DEATH RATTLE!! Dead drops him like a pile of shit and covers… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! AND WE’RE DOWN TO TWO!

Either The DEAD or The Hangman will earn themselves a United States Championship opportunity at Dead End here. Dead gets back up and meets The Manslayer, who grabs him around the throat.. CHOKESLAM!! NO!! THE FINAL BREATH IN MID-AIR!! WHAT A FUCKING CONNECTION! HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT? The Hangman literally falls backwards like a tree, hitting the canvas with a thud. DEAD dives into the cover… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! And we have a new number one contender to the United States Championship! What a win for The DEAD!

Hangman appears in the middle of the ring, the crowd cheering him on as his noose lowers him in the middle of it. The monster raises his head quickly, getting a small pop from the crowd as he prepares to to speak.

“Crowley has toyed with me, he has tried forcing fear into me, he tried making me participate in his sick version of Christmas. But I will not fall, for I have a present for him. I have a gift that you will love, Crowley…”

Without warning, three more bodies descend from the rafters into the ring, Tobias, Damien, Piotor, all three other Crowley brothers hung by ropes, visibly trying to fight as life drains from them. The crowd is mortified, but they cheer on his brutality.

“You are nothing without them, Crowley. What will you do without them? What can you do?”

The brothers try to fight their nooses, then the arena plunges into darkness, a sick laugh heard throughout.

“That’s a good boy, Jack! Be vengeful, be mean! Do unto them what they have done onto you, Jack!”

The laugh echos once more and the lights return, revealing the Crowley Brothers surrounding Hangman with their patriarch standing in front of him, a sledgehammer in hand. Hangman doesn’t try to fight, Crowley instead moving up to him and handing him the sledgehammer before backing away.

“You are a Crowley, Jack. You are one of us, and you will soon realize this. Take your gift, and at Red Snow I want you to use it with your rage, make it a Red Christmas, Jack. Enjoy your gift, I know you will.”

Crowley laughs again as the lights go out, coming back up to reveal the Crowley’s are gone, leaving Hangman to stand in the ring, holding the hammer as we cut to commercial.

It’s time for the Main Event and a battle of the masked warriors! Marvolo is out first, still nervously watching his back as he makes his way to the ring, forgoing his tebow and everything. With a lot on his mind, he’s distracted by watching the entrance ramp as the bell sounds and he’s grabbed from behind by Bellator. Lux spins him around and nails him with a right hand, kicking high into his mid-section and doubling over. The former RAGE Champion hits the ropes, leaping from the second and into a Hurricanranna, twisting Marvolo inside out!

Bellator drops into the cover…. ONE…. TWO… Kick Out! He gets straight back to his feet and rolls Marvolo to his, only Marv stops him dead with a sucker punch of a Low Blow that the referee barely saw. He backwards thrusts his head into the jaw of Bellator, stumbling him and then it’s time to strike. The Marvelous One rushes him with Machine Gun Chops, battling him back into the corner and then kneeing him hard in the gut.. DDT!! Marvolo pops back up with an impressive kip up and climbs the turnbuckle. He’s looking for the Double Foot Stomp and when Bellator gets up, he sets fly… NO!! LUX MOVED!! THE LIGHT WARRIOR SCOUTED IT! Marvolo hits the canvas with both feet and jars his knee, turning around to be scooped up and down with the Knee Assisted Shoulder Breaker!

The Light Warrior proceeds forward, grabbing Marvolo and dropping him throat first over the top rope, falling backwards into a Single Arm DDT. He’s working the arm over for the Arm Of God now and pulls Marvolo by the arm, yanking on it. It’s like he’s trying to pull the arm out of its socket and Marvolo puts a stop to that, raking his eyes. He shakes his arm free and gets met with a GIANT PUNCH TO THE JAW! Marvolo stands there for a moment before FALLING FLAT ON HIS FACE!! Lux drops into the cover… One…. Two… Kick Out! Bellator just can’t put him away. He gets back up and heads to the top rope.. BUT HERE COMES #1! Marvolo rushes the corner and leaps up onto the top rope, joining Lux there.

What the hell is he going to do? Marvolo grabs him.. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM THE TOP FUCKING ROPE!! MARVVVOLLLOOOOO ISSS NUMMMBEERRR ONNNEEE!! Both men crunch off the canvas and now it’s time for the pinfall. He crawls over but.. “I AM.. EL NUMERO UNO!” suddenly roars into the arena and Marvolo’s eyes couldn’t widen any further. He turns to look at the entrance ramp where El Numero Uno stands, his gold mask shining under the spotlight. He slowly saunters to the ring and meets Raquel on the outside. She tries to back away but he closes in. “YO SOY EL NÚMERO DE BIENES!” he screams. Marvolo quickly slides to the outside and spins him, only El Numero nails him with a headbutt.

The fans cheer as Uno slams him head first into the ring apron and rolls him back into the ring where Lux Bellator is waiting… Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors transitioned into a Single Arm DDT, with the float over into a Fujiwara Armbar!! THE ARM OF GOD!! Marvolo screams in agony, looking towards the ring apron where El Numero Uno stands, removing his mask to… THAT’S BRUCE VAN CHAN! THAT’S NOT EL NUMERO UNO!! THIS WHOLE THING HAS BEEN A PLOY AND MARVOLO CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Raquel hops onto the ring apron as Marvolo taps, forcing Bellator to drop the hold. He gets back to his feet and turns the referee, Marvolo quickly getting up and into the roll up! HE ROLLS UP BELLATOR, GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES.. HE’S CHEATING… ONE…. TWO…. VAN CHAN TRIES TO STOP IT.. THREE! HE STEALS IT! AGAINST ALL THE ODDS, MARVOLO STEALS THE WIN!

Lux Bellator gets back to his feet with Marvolo and company having cleared the ringside area. He’s about to make his way to the back when “To Get To You” begins to blare and out comes Red River Jack.

He makes a paced walked to the ring and gets inside, standing opposite Lux Bellator.

Is this the moment that changes everything?

Is it?

“For The Love of God” by Steve Vai suddenly interrupts them both, the World Champion stepping out onto the ramp with a glare like you’ve never seen. He heads to the ring and slides in, dropping his title to confront both Bellator and Jack.

THE LIGHT WARRIOR STRIKES FIRST! He nails Lane with a right hand, stumbling him backwards and into the corner. He beats on him there as Jack picks up the World Championship. Mike grabs Lux and drags him out, throwing him towards Jack only Bellator reverses and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE SKULL OF THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


The Shadow King is downed in an instant as Red looks on, his face telling no tales here tonight.

Lux slides to the outside almost immediately, giving Jack no opportunity to tell us what side he’s on. He stands over Lane with the belt in his hand as Brent Kersh heads out onto the stage to meet his companion. Red looks towards them, sideways, as Monday Night Showcase goes off the air.

Mike Lane lays bloodied, and you had better believe that Red Snow will flow like a river next Monday Night.