Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster paying respects to our fallen wrestlers. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, unlit and unusually in silence.

The screen then fades to black with the words In Memory. Photographs start sliding in place, showing Reichous Marx, Legion, Wes Warhammer and Charlie Thompson. Shortly after, we head to ringside where Errol Flint is stood in the middle of the ring, the fans purposely silent around him as ten bells salute our fallen heroes.

The fans roar in approval as the final bell sounds, giving Errol Flint his cue to talk.

“Tonight, we honour those lost at Red Snow by putting on the best show possible. It’s difficult to fathom the events of-”

He suddenly pauses. Something about him is different.

“I just can’t do it,” he admits with a discouraged shake of the head. “I just can’t. I was going to come out here and do the right thing, I was going to say goodbye and keep my opinions to myself.”

The fans murmur amongst themselves as Errol continues.

“The authorities have deemed what happened at Red Snow to be an accident; a gas explosion. They’ve closed the book on it, they’ve decided that no-one could have prevented it; only I refuse to believe that. I know someone did it. I know someone is responsible for all those deaths and I’m not going to stop until I’ve uncovered the truth. Ethan Bird? Get your ass out here, son!”

The sound of the streets hits the PA system as the lights inside the arena go out. The arena is illuminated only by the fans cell phones.

The lights being omitted by the fans frantically search the arena to locate Ethan Bird, suddenly the lights find him entering through the crowd – with Brandon Garcia, Corey Black and Ozric Mortimer entering from different sections.

As they approach the ring, they become more and more visible being illuminated by more light from the cell phones. They jump the barricade and slide under the ropes.

“You rang?” he says with a snigger. The fans boo as Bird grins. “You should really watch who’re your accusing Flint, since if I’m as dangerous as you think I am, you won’t want to cross me again.”

Flint steps closer. “I know you did it, Bird. I don’t know how, I don’t know why but I know that you’re responsible.”

“Is that right?” Ethan says as he begins to pace in front of the Chairman. “Well then, Old School Wrestling might as well bow at my feet now. Don’t you see? RAGE are going to win this war and thanks to Red Snow, you’re short. You just don’t have the numbers, and by my count, that means you forfeit.”

The lyrics “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Darlin’ you give love, a bad name!” blast on the P.A. Just as the line ends, purple and green pyro blasts out of the stage. Bruce and Paige Van Chan appear standing on the stage as the fireworks die down.

They look at each other and walk down the ramp high fiving fans (one on each side) as they go, BVC talking himself up as well. At the last part of the ramp, BVC starts sprinting and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He walks over to Paloma who hands him a microphone.

“Forfeit? I don’t think so. I’ve been a part of Old School Wrestling for long enough to know that no-one on this side of the war ever gives up; unless your name is Brent Kersh,” Chan says to a huge cheer from the crowd. “And that is not my name. Mr. Flint, you need someone to fight for you and this great company? Well, you’re looking at him.”

Flint enthusiastically shakes the outstretched hand of Van Chan as the fans roar in the background. He stops and puts the microphone back to his mouth.

“So that’s Red River Jack, Mike Lane, Scarecrow, Bruce Van Chan and Nigel Royal on team Old School Wrestling for Dead End. That’s my team set, Bird. But I’m guessing it’s you that’s a man short.”

Ethan is about to respond when the venue goes dark. A wave of percussion, punctuated by a gong, heralds a spotlight which shines down onto the stage.

In the light, Tebowing, is Marvolo. He leaps up to punch the air, then heads for the ring with his index finger held high, to the trumpets of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. The spotlight tracks his route, Raquel slipping in and out of sight. Raquel takes the lead up the stairs, then sits on the ropes, holding them open for Marvolo, who wipes his boots on the apron and steps through them.

She quickly hands him a microphone as he walks towards the group of men now stood in the middle of the ring.

“Hold on just a second. If Bruce Van Chan is joining the losing team, it only makes sense that Marvolo joins the winning team, doesn’t it?” Marvolo says to boo’s from the crowd. He shrugs his shoulders and turns towards Bird. “How about it? Your team can’t truly be number one without Marvolo. So for one month only, RAGE can consider Marvolo #1 on the signup sheet.”

Van Chan mouths at him, calling him an “idiot” as Ethan grins, offering a handshake of his own.

Ethan turns to Flint and with a smile, continues. “See Flint? Anything you can do, I can do better. You pick up Bruce Van Chan, I pick up Marvolo. I will lead my team to victory at Dead End and with Jake Jeckel, Brent Kersh, Lux Bellator and Marvolo by my side, you had better get ready to hand over the keys to your broken kingdom. As for right now, you’re in my ring.”

The Flock quickly surround them, backing them towards one clear exit that Flint and Van Chan wisely take. Bird throws his microphone at him and stands inside the ring, surrounded by The Flock and Marvolo as the scene comes to a close.

Nigel Royal comes out looking angry after his failed U.S. Title shot at Red Snow. He rushes Yuki Shiroi and FOREARM SMASH! Yuki goes down and Nigel stomps a mudhole in her!! He walks to the ropes and yells at a fan holding a “NIGEL SUX” sign. He turns around and Yuki is there! CROSS BODY!! Yuki levels Nigel. She mounts him and begins pummeling him into canvas! BOSTON CRAB!! Yuki is trying to end this early! Nigel is in pain but is reaching for ropes! He reaches…….and just gets them! Yuki lets go after a five count from the referee.

She walks to the corner and readies for Nigel to climb to his feet. He gets to his knees and LIFTING KNEE STRIKE!! Nigel is down! One… Two… Thr! Kickout! Nigel kicks out, and Yuki pulls him to his feet. She uses her hidden strength and whips him to the ropes. Yuki ducks for back body drop, but Royal stops and FACEBUSTER! Nigel runs to the ropes and SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!! He hooks her leg….One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Nigel quickly to his feet and GERMAN SUPLEX, ANOTHER, ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER!! ROYAL FLUSH!!! One… Two… Three!

NO! Yuki kicks out!!! Nigel can’t believe it! He holds up three fingers and shouts at the ref! He turns and Yuki is stirring. He rushed over and she ROLLS HIM UP! One… Tw.. Kickout! Both get to their feet quickly and but Nigel grabs Yuki and whips her to the ropes. But when she returns ORDER UP!! The flying clothesline levels Nigel!! She climbs to the top rope for an ELBOWDROP, but Nigel is up and rushes over. He climbs the ropes as well and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! Both are down, but Royal crawls over… DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! She taps out and Nigel rolls from the ring victorious!!

Backstage, LH Harrison walks among the damaged hallways of the School Yard, taking in the feelings of those whom he seeks to inspire. As he reaches a door way, he smiles and takes a deep breath. Before he can open the door though, a muffled voice comes from behind him.

“Almost makes you hysterical, doesn’t it?”

Harrison almost, almost, loses his cool as he turns around to face the masked outlaw himself, Erron Corvin.

“Revenge is for the weak. Someone who claims to be a peacemaker should know that.” Harrison responds.

Corvin’s eyes seem to smile as he leans on a wall.

“Peace comes with a price. A bounty, if you will. Your sad followers will latch on to someone else in the event you go missing.”

Harrison raises an eyebrow as Corvin approaches him.

“Every lost cause in area got a chub when you were in town. They needed that bit of verbal Viagra to live life to the fullest.”

Harrison smiles in the face of those words.

“Your path is not set, Corvin. Bullets don’t solve problems. Come with me, and you can have a new life. One free of the past.”

Corvin seems to ignore him.

“It’s always easier when the blood goes to one place. Quicker. I could take you out right now, Harrison. No one would come looking for you, you have no one.”

Harrison doesn’t lapse in his positivity.

“Who do you have, Erron?”

This causes pause to the outlaw, who walks away, his boots scruffing on the concrete.

The bell rings as LH Harrison smirks across the ring in his debut match here at XWF. Erron Corvin stares at him with a seemingly unshakable gaze. They walk to the center of the ring where LH Harrison extends a hand for a handshake. Erron takes it and pulls him into a throat thrust! LH Harrison staggers back before a superkick catches him on the chin! REGULATION! Erron goes for the early pinfall! One…TWO-NO! LH powers out right at two. Erron gets to his feet and pulls LH up as well. He hits the ropes to rebound for a big boot, but LH ducks under it.

LEAPING DDT catches Erron! LH quickly rolls over and locks in a sharpshooter! Erron quickly begins crawling across the ring until he grabs onto the ropes. LH releases the hold and allows Erron to get to his feet with a grin plastered upon his face. Erron looks focused as his eyes remain on LH as he climbs back to his feet. The two meet in the ring with a tie up, but Erron pushes LH into the corner. The referee breaks them apart but LH charges forward for a big boot only for Erron to duck under. He begins to turn…

LEMAT KICK! The discus big boot connects and down goes LH. ONE…TWO…NO! LH got an arm on the rope. Erron pulls him back up, but LH connects with a stiff right hand! Erron shakes it off and connects with one of his own! LH staggers backwards before hitting a superkick! Erron doesn’t go down! LH goes for another superkick, but Erron catches the kick and whips him around. Cyrus kicks LH three times in the side, once at the knee, then the ribs, and roundh- NO! LH backs away and leaps up… HOPE LANDING! The codebreaker caught Erron off guard as he falls out cold! LH rolls him up as he urges the referee! ONE…TWO…THREE! LH Harrison leaps to his feet! He begins celebrating with a tearful expression. The referee raises his hand as LH smiles largely.

Crouching backstage, amidst rubble and destruction, is the Bright Knight himself. The Kinsman seems to be looking through the rubble for any hint of what had caused this destruction.

There it is.

A skull, human, partially caved in on one side, blackened strings of muscle and flesh still clinging on to the smooth bone. Teeth still inset in the jaw, he can see a gold filling in the top left molar.

“A shame,” he sighs, lifting the skull up, scrutinizing it from the bottom.

The Bright Knight stands to his feet and looks around his surroundings, feeling a strange wind coming through the air. As he turns to look at the sound, he is no longer alone.

‘The Culture Boy’ Bobby Baxter stands before him, a curious expression on his face.

“Your first match. Yous return to the public eye, but all yous want to do is dig through junk?” Baxter comments, the two men circling one another.

“Boy, you on the verge of an ass kickin’. It’s time for you to be cultured. There ain’t no time for digging.”

Kinsman steps up to Baxter’s face, eyeballing the cocky Culture Boy.

“Something terrible happened here,” Kinsman growls, “and I’m here to find out what that was. When Kinsman acts, things change. There’s an evil here that must be exposed.”

Baxter merely grins a toothy grin in the face of that comment.

“You survive yous asskickin’, then we talk about exposin’.”

With that, Baxter walks past Kinsman, hitting him with his shoulder as he does so.

Kinsman and Bobby Baxter go toe to toe in their first match here at OSW. They lock up, Baxter uses his size and strength to push Kinsman into the turnbuckle and fire off a quick chop to the chest. Kinsman leaves his feet from the force and lands in a sitting position in the corner, Baxter pulls him out and tosses Kinsman across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex. Kinsman back to his feet and backs into the turnbuckles again, Baxter rushes in but Kinsman puts both feet into The Culture Boy’s chest! Bobby Baxter reels back, Kinsman turns and off the second rope with a heel kick knocking Baxter to the mat!

Kinsman on the offensive now, he knows he has to get high impact if he wants to beat The Culture Boy. Kinsman lines Baxter up, hooks the arms and hits a CRUCIFIX DRIVER folding Bobby Baxter over onto his stomach! Baxter to his hands and knees, Kinsman with a few kick boots to the ribs, and hooks Bobby Baxter up again – this time with a VERTEBREAKER – NO reversed! Bobby lands on his feet behind Kinsman and takes Kinsman’s head off with a short-arm clothesline! Kinsman is on the mat and Bobby Baxter hits a few stomps before pulling the Bright Knight up looking to end this match. Powerbomb position, Kinsman stops the momentum with a punch to the top of the head! Baxter walks forward and tries to throw Kinsman off which he does. Kinsman lands on his feet and hits a SUPERKICK!

Bobby Baxter doesn’t go down! Kinsman with ANOTHER SUPERKICK! The Culture Boy drops to a knee, Kinsman off the ropes and goes for a killshot but Baxter dodges and hits a European Uppercut! Kinsman stumbles backward into the ropes, Baxter rushes and eats another kick in the gut! Kinsman locks him up, ASAI DDT – THE BURN! That’s it! NO Bobby Baxter transitions it into a forward powerslam! Then Bobby spins Kinsman around in the air so that he’s in a piledriver position! JUMPING PILEDRIVER SPIKING KINSMAN’S HEAD INTO THE MAT! The cover! 1! 2! 3! “The Culture Boy” Bobby Baxter has won his debut match!

The scene opens up outside of the Lion’s Den, Yuki Shiroi’s bar in Las Vegas. Then onto the scene steps up none other than Axel the Shark. The crowd back in the arena pops.

“Ahh, here it is!” Axel says. He walks into the bar. As he crosses the threshold, the crowd gradually grows silent. The last to quiet down is the overweight man singing “Roar” by Katy Perry as he realizes the noise has tapered away. Axel gives a slow clap and the mood grows awkward.

“How dare you show up here!” the Bouncer says from behind Axel.

He turns as says, “Yuki!!!” He gives her a huge hug and lifts her off the ground. He sets her down and if you could see his face, you would see a huge smile. “I hoped we could bury the hatchet! I came to try this hot wing challenge I’ve heard about!”

Yuki doesn’t look thrilled, but at the sound of what Axel wants, a rather large smile graces her face. “Sit, my friend!” She snaps her fingers and a man comes from behind the bar with a bucket full of wings that look spicy.

Axel slaps his hands together and rolls up the bottom of his mask to expose his mouth. He grabs the first wing, and Yuki is beaming. He tears off a generous bite, chews a little, and…..

…..immediately spits and sprays fiery chicken bits all over, including Yuki’s face!

“Yuki, I’m so, so…..”

She grabs him by the back of his neck, drags him to the door, and tosses him out into the night.

“…sorry!” The scene fades.

The match begins at the sound of the bell with D’Ville and Williams wasting no time in coming together in the center of the ring. D’Ville lands a right jab right off the bat, but Ash comes right back with one of us own. Another shot from the Doctor AND ANOTHER FROM WILLIAMS! Back and forth they go. A FLURRY of fists in the center of the ring and LOOK OUT! Louis D’Ville gouges the eye of “The Chosen One”. Ash staggers away and D’Ville with a few quick steps INTO A RUNNING BULLDOG, DRIVING William’s face into the canvas!!

It won’t keep Ash down, but he’s definitely feeling the effect. D’Ville quick to his feet and Williams not far behind BUT D’VILLE IS THERE WITH A DDT!! He goes for a cover. ONE… TWO… HE WON’T GET IT! But he won’t stop there. Doctor Louis D’Ville is headed to the corner. HE’S GOING TO THE TOP! Ash Williams is down. He’s hurt and Doctor… “TREPANATION”! NOOO!!! WILLIAMS MOVED AND D’VILLE HEADBUTTED THE CANVAS!!! That’s going to slow him down and give Ash an opportunity to work to his feet. Both men slow to get up, but both do and ASH DELIVERS a headbutt!

AND A KNEE to the midsection AND A BRUTAL ELBOW to the jaw. Doctor Loius D’Ville is rattled and “BOOMSTICK”!! “BOOMSTICK” FROM WILLIAMS! HE MOVES IN FOR THE COVER! ONE… TWO… NO!! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! D’VILLE KICKED OUT AFTER THE “BOOMSTICK”! Ash is showing some surprise as well. He won’t stop there. Lifting his opponent to his feet and D’VILLE catches him with a kick to the gut! LOOK OUT! “LOBOTOMY” FROM D’VILLE! THIS COULD BE IT! DOCTOR LOUIS D’VILLE WITH THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE! THAT’S IT! D’VILLE PULLS OUT THE WIN HERE TONIGHT IN A HARD FOUGHT CONTEST!!!

Ash Williams gets to his feet after a hard fought match with Doc. The lights flicker before going out! Doc is gone! In his stead, Lee Crowley and The Hangman are standing with the other Crowley Family members. Lee smiles broadly as he raises his arms at his sides. The Crowley Family lunge at Ash who begins to fight back! Ash nails a right hand that drops Damien. Tobias grabs his arm, but Ash throws him into Piotor! He loads up his Boomstick but Hangman wraps his hand around his throat and… CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!

Ash is exhausted but is still trying to fight, but the sheer numbers of The Crowley Family is too much for him. Ash’s face drips with a mixture of blood and sweat as his arms are intertwined within the ropes. Lee walks up with that deranged look upon his face.

“Ashley Williams. It appears to me that you’ve found the wrong family. Those 90’s Guys simply aren’t the loving unit that stands before you. I pity you. For our family’s arms are always open.”

Matthew Cories comes down the ramp and tries to get into the ring to save his tag team partner, but Tobias, Damien, and Piotor are blocking him.

“Now you decide to enter the equation. Where’s your love, Cories? Where’s your HEART?! My family never leaves my side, yet where are you when your partner needs you most? Ash, remember this as your weak friend tries to break my ranks, you’re either family… or an enemy. And those titles that you hold? Will be in The Crowley Family’s hands, one way or another.”

The lights flash and flicker before going out. They return only leaving Cories in the ring tending to his partner as the referees try to pull him out of the ropes.

Axel and the newcomer circle each other in the ring, red and blue, like a couple of Karat Fighters action figures. Axel rushes in and grabs Gator with a single-leg, but the Walking Disaster leans into the ropes, sticking his head to the outside, and waiting for the ref to call for a break… then drilling the Shark with a savate kick as he’s backed off! The kids’ champion is dropped by that and might be out cold! Gator goes for a quick and early cover! ONE…. TWO… Kickout by Axel at the last possible second! Almost a record time!

Gator admonishes the ref for a perceived slow count, and Axel gets to his feet… swift kick to Gator’s midsection! Forearm to the head! Gator is dazed, and Azel whips him into the ropes… Hurricanrana by Axel! The momentum from the move sends Gator clear through the ropes and crashing to the floor outside the ring! Look at all the kids in the audience cheering for their hero… as he turns his focus to the top turnbuckle! Axel scales the ropes, measuring Gator who’s still struggling on the floor… SHARK DIVE! Axel hit the big senton on the floor! Incredible!

Axel gets back to his feet, and he finds a kid in the front row, puts his hand behind the youth’s ear, and magically produces an Axel action figure! How nice! But oh no, Gator’s gotten back to his senses and clobbers Axel from behind, then slams his face into the guardrail! Blood splatters the little boy and his toy! The competitors fight back and forth and Axel hits a knee into Gator’s gut, then rolls him into the ring. Gator’s to his knees… SUSHI KICK BY AXEL! No, Gator ducked under and popped up… DISASTER DROP! ONE… TWO… THREE!!

Marcus X walks down the hall backstage with his brotherhood in tow.

“It’s a set up, I tell you. The man has once again put me into an unwinnable situation. A submission match with a man who feels no pain.”

His brotherhood grumble in agreement.

“But every challenge put in front of me as United States Champion has come and gone, but the Revolutionary still stands.”

This time the Brotherhood answers with murmurs of support.

“Once again, I will stand victorious this night.” He throws up a fist of strength and the brotherhood follows course. They round the corner and then Marcus throws his arms to the sides, stopping his friends. The DEAD stands leaning against wall next to Marcus’ locker room.

“Hey there, Marcus.” he says.

“What do you want, DEAD?”

The DEAD steps away from the wall and taps on the United States Championship belt that is thrown over Marcus’ shoulder. “I’m coming for your belt tonight. You’ve had a nice run, but you’d better say goodbye to your ‘bling,’ because it’s going to be around my waist after tonight!”

“My ‘bling?’ Are you trying to say something, boy?” Marcus steps up to The DEAD and gets in his face. DEAD takes a step back.

“Do you only hear through a racist filter? Give it a rest. Why don’t you focus on trying to figure out how to make me submit. Good luck with that, by the way.”

The DEAD walks past Marcus, bumping him harder than needed with his shoulder as he goes by. He pushes through the Brotherhood as well.

Marcus turns and stares him down as he walks away.

Bellator and Jeckel circle the ring as the bell sounds. They converge into a lockup and “The Juggalo” gets initial leverage pushing Lux towards the corner, BUT LUX REVERSES momentum into an arm bar. Nice execution there by the “Light Warrior” AND LOOK OUT! Jake Jeckel with a head-butt that completely catches Bellator off guard. And there’s a backhand chop. AND ANOTHER! An elbow smash from Jeckel and he has Lux reeling. Irish whip now will send Bellator to the ropes. Jeckel ducks and “DEUM LUCEM”! INTO A COVER! ONE… TWO… NO! Jake Jeckel is able to kick out before three.

Both men up quick. Bellator moves in… CHOKESLAM! NO! “PONY DOWN” FROM JAKE JECKEL! AND HE’LL MAKE A COVER! ONE… TWO… BELLATOR KICKS OUT, but boy was it close. Jeckel gives the official an eye as he wastes no time in pulling his opponent to his feet. An irish whip coming again! This time Lux hits the ropes and LOU THESZ PRESS!! AND NOW A SERIES OF ELBOWS! Bellator rolls off Jeckel and now both men are down, but working to their feet. Jeckel rolls over as Lux gets to his knees. Bellator up first. Jeckel quick to follow.

Bellator hesitates and THREE POINT STANCE CHARGE FROM JECKEL AND BOTH MEN GO DOWN AGAIN! “The Emmanuel” rolling to the ropes. “Triple J” landed close. They’re reaching out for them. Both men using the ropes for leverage. Both men working to pull themselves to their feet. Slowly they climb. Slowly they’re up!! Closing in on each other and BOOT to the midsection by Bellator INTO A PILEDRIVER!!! IT’S “THE DSCIPLE MAKER”!!! BELLATOR CROSSING THE ARMS OF JECKEL OVER HIS CHEST AND BOWING HIS HEAD FOR THE PIN! ONE… TWO… THREE! LUX BELLATOR DID IT! WHAT A MATCH AS BELLATOR PERFORMS THE “CATHOLIC CROSS” GESTURE!!

We open up to a pan of a gymnasium. The place seems empty, yet the lights are still on. Our cameras catch one solitary man, jumping rope with a pair of wireless headphones on his head. He is in blue basketball shorts and a black tank.

“I’ve been at this for a long time. I’ve started at the very bottom and I’ve been all the way to the top.”

He keeps a nice, steady pace. The man swings the rope sideways for a moment. Everything looks fluid and effortless.

“I’ve been through excruciating pain. I’ve suffered heart breaking defeat. In all of it… I’ve never faltered.”

The man increases the speed of the rope. His back is still towards the camera.

“I’ve kept pushing, pushing myself harder and harder.”

Again he picks up speed.

“Never settling… Never giving up.”

The rope is almost invisible as he goes faster. You can hear the rope cut through the air.

“I’ve kept my head up. I’ve kept my mind focused on my goals.”

The man lets out a loud grunt as he presses through the rigorous exercise.

“My name is Alex Reese…”

He slams down to the ground with one last big jump.

“Failure isn’t an option.”

He drops the rope on the ground and walks out of your picture.

As the bell rings, Cories and Kersh circle each other. They have both been here since day one, and both quickly launch into a collar and elbow tie up. They waste no time in jockeying for position, a fight that the Enforcer wins with his superior technique and weight. With a side headlock cinched in, Kersh seems to not be taking Cories seriously. This allows the Fresh Prince to push Kersh into the ropes, and Cories catching the RAGE star with a running high knee. Brent Kersh has a small grin on his face as he straightens his gear before standing to his feet.

They go back in for a tie up, but Kersh ducks under and grabs Cories up for the Southern Discomfort. Matthew slides out and Kersh winks in his general direction. The table has been set and the veteran is clearly not going to discount the Tag Champ again. The two men charge at each other and launch into a plethora of holds, each one trying to maneuver the other into an inescapable submission. Cories uses his longer reach to keep out of punishing holds, but he can’t lock down Kersh either. It seems to be a stale mate before the men separate, a glimmer of respect in the eyes of the Enforcer.

That glimmer goes away quickly as he grabs Cories and pulls him into a brutal knee to the midsection. The Fresh Prince is rocked and Kersh quickly rolls him up, trying to get the win. One… Two… Kick out from Cories! Both men are to their feet after untangling themselves, and Kersh goes to grab him for the Southern Discomfort. Cories fights his way down, and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. He charges in. SHINING WIZARD! NO! Kersh grabbed him in the air. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Kersh comes up to a knee to nod down at Cories, perhaps a bit of respect earned in this contest.

Matthew Cories is standing in the ring holding his side after an intense battle with Brent Kersh when “I WANNA ROCK!” blares over the speaker system. Cories gets ready and looks at the entrance ramp. But as he stares in that direction, Vinnie Lane comes out of the crowd! Cories turns around but it’s too late! Vinnie connects with a superkick! Cories doesn’t go down, but Vinnie wraps him up and nails… OPERATION: MINDCRIME! Cories’ head spikes into the mat.

“Gardenia” by Kyuss begins to play as ‘The Walking Disaster’ Gator walks out to the ring while mouthing off to the crowd along the way. He slides into the ring and comes face-to-face with his old rival ‘Loverboy’ Vinnie Lane.

A tense moment between the two before Gator helps Cories to his feet… DISASTER DROP! Cories is laid out as Gator comes to his feet with a smirk. ‘Loverboy’ smiles as he extends his hand. Gator shakes it and hugs his old friend before they turn their attention to the crowd. The crowd boos furiously at the attack on their beloved Cories.

“What’s up fuckers? You know me as ‘Loverboy’ Vinnie Lane. But this right here? This is my little friend Gator! Together we are going to show these washed-up 90’s rejects that LOVE BITES.”

“And it bites hard. Those titles are coming home to The Walking Disaster and The Loverboy. The Crowley Family better move their bitch asses into the asylum they belong in. Oh, and fuck you Cories.”

Lane stands tall as Gator leans down and continually trash-talks the incapacitated Matthew Cories.

Red River Jack paces back and forth, eyeing Bruce Van Chan with disdain. Bruce winks at him as the referee removes his Hardcore Championship. Bruce watches his belt in transit, and Jack rushes him before the bell even rings! Jack floors Bruce and puts his heel to his throat, choking The Real Freakin’ Deal in the corner! The referee orders Jack away as a pissed-off Bruce gets to his feet, then calls for the bell before all hell breaks loose! Bruce heads right into the fray and he and Jack lock up, trading punches!

Jack gets a headlock, but Bruce pushes him into the ropes. On the rebound, Bruce goes for the drop toe-hold for the VAN CHANINATOR, but Jack steps over the arm for the SEEIN’ RED – BRUCE WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX! ONE… TWO – Kickout! Both men get to their feet, Bruce kicks Jack – but Jack grabs the leg! ENZUIGIRI BY BRUCE! Jack is seeing stars and hits the mat! ONE… TWO… THR– Kickout! The Hardcore Champion almost had him there! Bruce drags Jack up and sends him into the corner. He winds up aaaaand STINGER SPLASH! BRUCE’S HEAD WHIPS OFF THE TURNBUCKLE AS JACK DODGES IT! Bruce turns around hazily – SPARTAN KICK! Bruce slumps down between the ropes.

Jack leers at the crowd and taps his temple – they know what’s coming next! The Awakening’s leader goes to the floor and lines Bruce up… APRON NECKBREAKER – BUT BRUCE SLIPS OUT OF IT! Jack screams in pain as he lands on his tailbone on the apron – the hardest part of the ring! No rest for the wicked, however, as Bruce grabs him through the ropes and pulls him back in! NAP TIME! He drops him with the inverted DDT! Bruce points to the ropes, amping up the crowd as he climbs. He thumbs to himself – BRUCE! VAN! CHAN! – MID-AIR SPARTAN KICK! HOLY SHIT! Jack scrapes Bruce off the mat… SEEIN’ RED! ONE… TWO… THREE! Mark Crozer haunts the sound system as Jack redeems his Red Snow loss with a win over the reigning Hardcore Champion – who walks to the back with his chin up.

Bruce Van Chan stands in the middle of the ring after his match, mic to his lips and ready to address them.

“OSW needed personnel to help them, so I enlisted. I did it so that my federation would once again be OUR federation. It’s OSW, not RAGE!”

The crowd cheers him on as he seemingly tries to rally them towards OSW. He looks to speak again, only to be cut off.

“Shut the fuck up!”

Jake Jeckel appears on the titantron, sneering down at Bruce. Jeckel himself appearing to be in an alleyway.

“Bruce, you fucked up trying to mess with RAGE, you know. You aren’t a hero, you’re a fucking moron! And I’ll prove it to you. Not only is RAGE going to crush you, we’ll do it then piss on everything you love.”

Bruce walks towards the ropes, glaring at Jeckel on the screen.

“If you really think you can take me then get down here, and fight, or are you just going to hide behind your RAGE cronies again?”

Jeckel smirks and shakes his head, the camera panning out to reveal what the alleyway contained: Tied up in the back of the alley is Paige, Bruce’s wife. Bruce’s eyes go wide as he starts yelling into the mic.


Jeckel shakes his head and flips Bruce off.

“Like I said, I’m about to piss on everything you love.”

He turns around and the sound of his pants unzipping is heard, the crowd unsure what to make of it until JAKE JECKEL STARTS PISSING ON PAIGE! Bruce has no idea what to do, looking on helplessly until Jake finishes, zips up and turns around.

“If you want the whore she’s right back here. Smells like piss though.”

He erupts in laughter as the titantron turns off and Bruce makes a mad dash out of the ring and to the backstage area, hoping to save his wife from whatever abuse may just come her way.

The match starts and all four men remain in the ring in a stare down. Bird taps his partner on the elbow and Black looks over at Bird then slowly steps out of the ring. At the same time across the ring, Hangman takes a big step over the top rope to the outside apron.

Ethan Bird and Lee Crowley step around the ring, Bird looking focused and crowley with a crooked face staring back at him. The two lock up and Bird twists around him and lifts him up with a belly to back suplex, but Crowley lands on his feet. Bird remains behind him with his hands locked around the waist as the two back into an empty corner. Crowley throws a couple of elbows behind him across the side of Bird’s face breaking the hold and turns around hitting Bird square in the face with one. Crowley pulls on Bird and Irish whips him into the opposite corner, follows him, and crashes against him with a running lariat. Bird falls to the mat as Crowley slowly makes his way to the opposite corner and tags in Hangman.

Hangman takes one big step over the top rope and makes his way over to Bird as he’s slowly getting to his feet. Hangman grabs Bird by the back of the head, but Bird counters with two consecutive punches to the midsection. Bird then bounces from ropes beside him strikes Hangman acrossed the chest with a big forearm. He bounces off of him only to try again, but is caught with two hands to the throat and is thrown across the ring by the Hangman!

Ethan tumbles across the ring, but seems unscathed as he hops straight to his feet. Unfortunately, he’s caught with a big boot and is sent right back down to the mat. Hangman goes for a quick cover!! One!! Two!!!! Ethan Bird kicks out right after two. Corey Black made it most of the way into the ring before Ethan was able to kick out and it was enough to get the referee’s attention who barks at him to take a few steps back. Black stares the referee down for a moment before taking his place on the outside.

Hangman picks up Ethan and pushes him back into his own corner where he tags in Lee Crowley once again. Crowley goes to work on him on the corner with boots and fists before throwing him into the center of the ring. He follows up by picking Ethan back up to his feet and planting him again with a DDT. Crowley looks back at the Hangman and tags him immediately back in. The Hangman steps back in over the top rope and places Ethan Bird between his legs and readies him for a powerbomb.

As Hangman lifts Ethan up, Ethan fights back with fists of fury and sends Hangman falling to his back. Ethan continues to land fist after fist as he sits on top of Hangman before Crowley steps in and kicks him off. As Crowley turns around he’s met in the face with a big elbow from Corey Black and is sent flying to the outside of the ring! Hangman is on his feet and is hit with the same thing from Black! He teeters on his feet and bounces off the ropes to be hit with another one! The second elbow sent Hangman falling backwards and Bird grabs him.. WORLD’S END DDT!! HE NAILED IT! HE COVERS… ONE….. TWO… THREE! THE FLOCK WIN! THE FLOCK PICK UP THE VICTORY HERE TONIGHT!

Brandon Garcia walks alone backstage, the Flock nowhere to be found. He seems in a high spirited mood, and he nods as he opens the door to his locker room.

And stops dead in his tracks.

The locker room has been torn to shreds, benches hacked to bits all around him. Locker spaces have been destroyed, shards of them laying around the floor where they once stood.

“What. The. Fuck?”

Garcia’s shock turns to rage as he sees that there is writing on the wall before him. In what appears to be blood, the stark white wall has been stained with a word. Or an accusation.


Garcia’s eyes are bulging out his head with rage as he finds himself almost exploding. A wordless growl escapes his lips as a small television set, unnoticed in the corner turns on. The visage of James Hunter appears, wearing a very nice suit.

“Hello, Mr. Garcia.”

Santelmo heads for the TV with his fists clenched. The Question continues on.

“I hope you enjoy my redecorating. It was nice to take out my frustrations with my axe. I left your title.”

Garcia’s eyes dart around the room.

“You see, when I want something, I take it, and that title will be mine. You know a little bit about taking, don’t you?”

Santelmo’s anger is palpable as Hunter continues.

“How old was she, Mr. Garcia? Did she cry as you took her inno…”


The television is destroyed as Garcia fumes, looking for his Championship in silent rage.

The DEAD earned this U.S. Title shot with his Elimination Chamber win and he is not wasting any time. He rushes as Marcus X and SPEARS Marcus X into the corner!!! He drives shoulder after shoulder into his Marcus’ midsection. He moves and Marcus stumbles from the corner. The DEAD locks in a BLATANT CHOKE!! The ref counts 1… 2… Marcus is fading… 3… 4… The ref breaks the hold and backs The DEAD away from Marcus and scolds him. Marcus gains his feet a tries to catch his breath. The DEAD rushes him again, but Marcus is ready…EXPLODER SUPLEX!!! He covers…and the ref reminds him it’s submission only.

Marcus pulls The DEAD to his feet. SNAP SUPLEX!! Marcus to his feet quickly and begins stomping the DEAD! The ref backs him off and warns him. As soon as he lets him go Marcus resumes stomping! The ref backs him off again! Marcus returns to stomp again but the DEAD sweeps Marcus’s legs and the Champ goes down hard!! The DEAD pounces and LOCKS IN A LEGBAR!! Marcus writhes in pain but he’s too close to the ropes! The DEAD releases him and he climbs to his feet. He reaches down for Marcus, who grabs his arm and pulls him down into SEGREGATION!!!

The DEAD once again just sits there. Marcus quickly remembers who he is facing and lets go. He stands up and complains to the ref about how he could possibly win this. “Another case of the man setting me up!” He screams. He turns and DUCKS A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! THE BLACKOUT… NO! The DEAD counters and bearhugs Marcus… HEADBUTTS… DEATH RATTLE!!! Marcus is out as The DEAD drops him and stumbles into the corner to hold himself up. The referee checks on Marcus…he’s unconscious!!! The DEAD is our new United States Champion!!!

The Awakening are shown walking through the backstage in numbers. Red leads them towards a locker room, where they stand outside, Mike Lane looking rather apprehensive.

Suddenly they burst into the room, only their target isn’t there. Instead, Father Pedro stands alone.

“Get him!” Jack screams, watching as Hate and Manson storm into the attack. They beat him down, hitting him with a flurry of right and left hands, boots and elbows. Pedro hits the deck quickly, squealing in pain as The Awakening continue to lay kicks into him.

Red snatches a cross from the table and throws it to Lane, who immediately looks it up and down.

“What’s this for?” he asks.

“It’s time to make a statement, man. It’s time to put the cat amongst the pigeons. Beat him the holy hell with it.”

Mike bends down over him, raising the cross into the air. He hates religion, he hates everything Desmond Cross wielded against him with it. But he can’t do it, he just can’t. He shakes his head and stands back up, throwing the cross back to Jack.

“He’s had enough!” he spits, storming out and leaving The Awakening to stand there, surprised.

The bell rings and Vinnie and FTF lock up. Hunter goes after Marvolo who instantly leaps over the top rope to the outside. Hunter goes in pursuit. FTF throws Vinnie back into the ropes before following him for a solid two jabs to the chin. Vinnie tries to cover up, but FTF keeps on with strikes and jabs with screaming at Vinnie. “FUCK YOUR LONG-CUNT-HAIRED CAPUCHIN MONKEY MOTHER’S ASS!”

Vinnie ducks a jab to get around to the back of FTF before hitting a heart punch to the center of his back. Vinnie backs up a step in pain as he looks at his throbbing hand. Freight Train Ferguson slowly turns around with wide eyes. “You just try to sucker punch Freight Train Ferguson?! Bitch! I got a back of steel, MOTHER FUCKER!”

Meanwhile Hunter catches Marvolo and throws him into a standing ladder. The ladder and Marvolo hit the ground nastily. Hunter slides into the ring to see FTF glaring at Loverboy. CONTRADICTION! FTF hits the ground hard as Hunter gets to his feet… BAD MEDICINE KNEE DRIVER! Vinnie is the only man left standing in the ring! Vinnie goes outside and grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. He clamors inside as he stands it straight up. He begins the climb when he feels something tugging on his leg. Revealed below is Marvolo who is just holding tight. Vinnie begins pounding on Marvolo, but Marvolo yanks him off the ladder. Vinnie goes for a dropkick but Marvolo moves out of the way. Vinnie comes back up and Hunter comes out of nowhere with a RELAX! Vinnie is down.

Freight Train Ferguson rams Hunter into the corner and begins slapping the shit out of him. Marvolo sees his opening and begins climbing all the way to the… first step. He raises his foot very hesitantly as he places it on the second rung. He looks down and begins shaking his head as his whole body is tense as he climbs. Marvolo slowly begins climbing more and more as his whole body (and ladder) is shaking. He gets to the top and begins reaching upwards to the contract suspended above. Vinnie climbs up onto the other side of the ladder as they both are now at the top. Marvolo throws a punch, but Vinnie grabs his arm and pulls it down onto the top of the ladder. He punches Marvolo twice as he reaches for the contract.

Hunter grabs Marvolo and… POETIC JUSTICE! Freight Train grabs Vinnie and… Vinnie hits a tornado DDT from the ladder! Hunter begins climbing the ladder but Vinnie begins crawling over the top of Hunter! Vinnie slaps Hunter on the ass before climbing over and leaping! He grabs the contract and falls to the mat! Vinnie slowly gets to his feet with the contract raised, but Hunter looks pissed. Lane turns around and Hunter charges him! Vinnie hits the mat and rolls out of the ring with the contract in his grasp. Hunter glares at him from the ring as Vinnie looks smugly at Hunter as he climbs up the ramp.

On his way to the ring for his match with Brandon Garcia, Mike Lane bumps into a standing Brent Kersh. They stand in front of each other, nose to nose before Kersh slowly backs away.

“You were right,” Lane admits, talking about Jack. “I can see Jack for what he is – a violent vicious sociopath.”

Brent smirks. “I told you so.”

“But that doesn’t change a damn thing between me and you. You’re a coward, Kersh. You gave up on us, you gave up on Old School Wrestling.”

“I did what I thought was best. Don’t you get it? I joined RAGE because they’re going to win this war and I need a job. I need to be able to provide for my family and I can’t do that on the unemployment line.”

Mike scoffs at him. “You know that I’d of never let that happen. You know it. You can make as many excuses as you like, but the truth is, you were afraid.”

Kersh folds his arms. “You should know all about that.”

Both men stare each other and slowly head off in their own separate directions, a fair point made by both. What does this mean for Mike Lane and The Awakening? Can The Champion break free?

Either way, up next, he goes one on one with Brandon Garcia.

The All-Star champion takes it straight to Mike Lane after the bell rings with a Samoan Drop followed by a quick pin. One count and a kick-out. Garcia showing he means business and stays on the World Champion. Three quick boots to keep him grounded and Garcia heads up the turnbuckles. DIVING HEADBUTT… MISSES. The shadow king just rolling out the way at the last moment. Lane’s turn now to get some offence in, as Garcia clutches on to his skull. Keeping the match up on the mat, Lane locks in the STF!!

To close to the ropes and Garcia throws his hands out and grabs one. Both men are back horizontal now and a good old fashioned tie-up takes place. Moments pass but no man seems to gain the upper hand, that is until Brandon Garcia throws out a kick to the gut of Mike, and another and a third forcing the Shadow King to release the tie up. With that Garcia hits him with a snap suplex. Showing off to the crowd, he eventually goes for the pin, but the ever alert Lane rolls him through and Schoolboy pin attempt. One.. Two….

Kick-out!! Near fall for Lane. Mike Lane picks his opponent up by the neck and throws him off the ropes, hitting Garcia with a drop toe hold on the way back. Again going to scoop his opponent up, he gets a LOW BLOW for his troubles though. Garcia then starts hitting him with a flurry of European uppercuts, followed by locking the arms in and TRAPPED HEADBUTTS. After four, Brandon Garcia flings himself off the ropes and looking to return with a big forearm smash… SHADOW KICK, the weary and seemingly limp Lane hits Garcia with the Shadow Kick on his way back. COVER ONE…TWO… THREE!!!

We come back from commercial break to see none other than chairman Errol Flint speaking with Nigel Royal! The two seems to be arguing to some extent.

“Listen, Nigel. I get you want to invest in OSW to repair the wing, but naming it the Nigel Royal Wing seems disrespectful to the men who died.”

“How about this, Errol. We’ll still call it the Nigel Royal Wing and have a plaque above the entrance saying it’s in memorial of them. Fair?”

Before Errol can answer, the chairman is cut off by the number one; Marvolo.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? This should be MARVOLO’S wing?”

Errol looks to yell at him, but thinks otherwise, only for Nigel to put his arm in front of Errol and walk forward.

“Your wing? Piss off! This is the NIGEL ROYAL wing. Now leave or I’ll remove you myself.”

Marvolo laughs at Nigel’s insults, walking forward and staring down Royal

“You think you can take me? Marvolo is number one and when RAGE wins at Dead End, you’ll be unemployed and this wing obsolete.”

Nigel smirks and snaps his fingers.


Marvolo freezes in his steps as not one, not two, but three tazers hit him dead center. The Number One tenses up ans hits the ground, three more guards entering the scene, two beating him with baton’s, one pepper spraying him. As Marvolo lays in agony from the surprise assault, Nigel turns back to Errol and ushers him forward.

“And one more thing, with my investing comes security, that was just a taste. If you accept I’ll be hiring many more.”

The scene fades out as the camera pans back to the knocked out Marvolo.

As the bell rings, there is absolutely nothing scarier than a pissed off Scarecrow, who immediately lays into Ozric with some hard right hands! Ozric is taken for a ride as Scarecrow lifts him up high, dropping him hard with an atomic drop. The RAGE Champion is showing some rage of his own now, as he whips Ozric against the ropes before hitting a tilt-o-whirl slam on the rebound! Scarecrow picks him up, refusing to let up one bit as he slams Ozric down headfirst with a reverse DDT! The crowd is firmly behind Scarecrow as he starts to set up the Perch, but Ozric plants him into the canvas with a neckbreaker.

Ozric still looks dazed as he glances at the Perch with a sick smirk, before picking up Scarecrow and whipping him RIGHT INTO THE PERCH–but Scarecrow reverses, and it’s Ozric who runs right into it, instead! Ozric is in immense pain as Scarecrow picks him back up, lifting him high up into a vertical suplex. Scarecrow picks him up again, but Ozric responds by raking the eyes. With Scarecrow distracted, Ozric lays into him with some right hands before running the ropes…and right into a BIG BOOT by Scarecrow!

Scarecrow is angry as ever as he lays into Ozric with some more right hands before locking in the Triangle Choke! Submissions don’t matter in this match, but that’s not what Scarecrow aims to accomplish as he squeezes the life out of Ozric. Scarecrow breaks the hold, but only to look at the damage done as he lifts Ozric up high…and sends him all the way down with Bye Bye Birdie! He yells “It is finished!” as he sets Ozric up onto the Perch to the delight of the crowd! The ref calls for the bell, as the RAGE Champion picks up a huge victory against The Flock tonight!

As the ref brings Ozric down from the perch, Scarecrow climbs onto it. Ozric is now laid out at the feet of the RAGE Champion as the lights suddenly go out. Not long after, the lights come back on… and both Scarecrow and the Perch have vanished!

Ozric Mortimer slowly gets back to his feet, dazed and confused. The Scarecrow just took back his perch and there was nothing he can do about it.


The lights suddenly shudder to a halt and send the entire arena into darkness. When the lights return, so has The Scarecrow and he’s holding that barbed wire bat of Ozric Mortimer! He swings at him, catching him directly in the shoulder, piercing him like cloth.

Mortimer falls to the floor outside the ring, only Scarecrow follows, grabbing him by the hair and the bat and dragging him up the entrance ramp.

The vicious sight of The Hayman dragging his prey away is only interrupted by Ethan Bird, Brandon Garcia and Corey Black on the tron.

“Scarecrow!” Bird yells, getting the attention of his nemesis. “Do you think we care about him? Do you think The Sparrow is the first or last of our kind? The Flock is never ending, Hayman.”

The Monster just hisses.

“Birds of a feather stick together, but what you have right there, is the worm amongst the birds. We’re coming for you Scarecrow”

The show comes to a close with Scarecrow dragging Mortimer away whilst Ethan Bird laughs.